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    Sunday, December 30, 2007

    AHA! MM is also K2! (Amended)

    Marilyn Manson or MM like M&M candy can synchromysticly be viewed as resonating K2. The roman numerals MM represent 2000 or 2K/K2.

    MM's 2000 (2K/K2) album Holy Wood according to Wiki is probably named after something Aleister Crowley wrote in a poem.

    "The term "Holy Wood" was once used in a poem by Aleister Crowley, to whom Marilyn Manson frequently refers. It is also used as a mockery of Hollywood, as per the imagery in the album's cover art.Wiki

    A google search revealed AHA! contains the words holy wood.

    MARSYAS. I teach the royal road of light.
    Be thou, devoutly eremite,
    Free of thy fate. Choose tenderly
    A place for thine Academy.
    Let there be an holy wood
    Of embowered solitude
    By the still, the rainless river,
    Underneath the tangled roots
    Of majestic trees that quiver

    What Crowley is on about here is, as usual, quite inscrutable to me. The introduction (of this edition) by Israel Regardie however recounts some fascinating history about this spectacularly interesting man.

    Relevant to the current sync web being explored in these pages we read:

    Crowley, on his way to the Himalayas, stopped off first
    in Ceylon, ostensibly to meet once more his former teacher,
    Allan Bennett. However, while in Ceylon, they both settled
    down to an intense practice of Yoga under the supervision
    of Shri Parananda, the former Solicitor General of Ceylon.
    This bout of Yoga practice culminated for Crowley in an
    illumination known as Dhyana.
    When he came to write AHA! this Dhyana was described at
    some length. A part of that writing is:

    The adept secures his subtle fence
    Against the hostile shafts of sense,
    Pins for a second his mind; as you
    May have seen some huge wrestler do.
    Resistless as the whirling world,
    He holds his foeman to the floor
    For one great moment and no more.
    So-then the sun-blaze. All the night
    Bursts to a vivid orb of light.
    There is no shadow; nothing is,
    But the intensity of bliss.
    Being is blasted. That exists."

    Groovy then, as this means Crowley wrote part of "AHA!", the likely inspiration for MM's "Holy Wood" (2K dated) album title, in reference to experiences he had while journeying to the Karakorum. The mind boggles when we stop to consider that, as has been explored in the synchromystic videos, Crowley meditated in the Great Pyramid one year after a failed attempt at summiting K2. K2 has been sighted by Ralph Ellis (see "K2: Quest of the Gods") as a location directly decoded from the architecture of the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid refrencing for some, as yet unknown, reason the second highest peak on the planet. Which Crowley was the first at seriously attempting to climb! Does anybody else's jaw drop when considering these facts? Mine does...
    The Crowley pyramid event would shortly be followed by his reluctant dictation of "The Book of the Law". This thing contains the "Grid Page" which synchromysticly entrains with Robin Tunney and seems to be a map pointing at K2/2K and the millennial 911 Stargate Mega-Ritual (See Tunney Trilogy).
    In my mind this shows a non-local intelligence initiating the entire human species into the new Aeon through the 911 event, a simple elegant metaphor for the realization of cosmic consciousness in humanity and end of history. Yippee!
    Yes, people died and I do acknowledge that. Yet it happened the way it did, none the less.

    In 1904, during his visit to Cairo, he could not register at the
    hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Aleister Crowley. That would have been far
    too prosaic. Instead, he chose Prince Chia Khan (pronounced Hiwa

    Regardie gives us another amazing sync wink while discussing The Beast 666's less pleasant egoic traits. Crowley thought of himself as a Khan! (See the "Why 2K" videos and the Armand Van Helden post for Khan syncs.) As the Mongolian empire, at points, controlled the land on which K2 sits and one such leader was a KK/Kublai Khan himself, this is all becomes transmuted into pure synchromystic gold.

    2000's (2K/K2) Marshal Mathers LP (MM) featuring Marilyn Manson (MM/2K) and Eminem (MM/2K)

    Marilyn Manson feat. Eminem

    Marilyn Manson (MM) and Eminem (MM) both K2 resonators. These artist can synchromysticly be thought of as millennial initiators (both having careers peaking on or around 2K) entraining with the forces of the new Aeon leading up to the opening of the 911 Stargate.

    Our universe is alive and well and we are waking up to how it communicates with and through us.


    Check out Christopher Knowles brand new Wyrd New Jersey- The Tree of Death post for some tantalising synchronicities between A.C related work we posted on the same day.


    The Secret Sun said...

    OK, Jake? This is getting creepy. First Goro emails me and tells me he had been studying the Medusa and now you write about Crowley and Holy Wood.

    I see your post the minute after I post this:

    kevin lewis said...

    on the 9/11 "new aeon" tip, the office hit by the first plane (or whatever) was that of aeon insurance. i haven't really, to my knowledge, seen this mentioned in these circles, even though it's a pretty obvious synch, especially with your work.

    Gobbledygook said...

    'The number 93 is of great significance in the philosophy/religion of Thelema, originated by Aleister Crowley in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law.'

    OK, Flight 93 didn't crash in NYC, but may it still be part of the 911 MegaRitual?

    Editor said...

    Marilyn Manson's video This is the new S*** features MM dressed as a leather bondage Mickey Mouse... MM as MM of the Disney Empire.

    See it here:

    soundlessdawn said...

    Manson is also a big Alice in Wonderland resonator - As he is directing his macabre interpretation of the film: Phantasmagoria (which phonetically - makes me think of Disney's Fantasia (Phantasia) - played the queen of hearts in a stage musical - and has done numerous paintings of the Mad Hatter and the like.

    aferrismoon said...

    Crowley of course spent his time in Ceylon in ...............Kandy!!!

    aferrismoon said...

    The video '911 Criminal Enterprise and its Pattern' is very specific about the plane being directly aimed a Aeon's offices, as that was one of the specific targets, as opposed to it being the whole Tower complex.

    Just Me said...

    Manson and Crowley look at the new aeon here. A very interesting read.

    tony damico said...

    The Mushroominati on Reality Sandwich

    Hoodanity said...

    Lol, i noticed something, you showed us that Eminem was MM, marshall matters, his other nick is Ken Kaniff, as i read on wiki, 2K connection right there.

    Slim Shady is his other nick, SS, hmm it gets rather strange here. Think also of the MM logo of Marilyn Manson, runic, like the SS logo. MM & SS, i cant seem to figure this one out..

    Also funny is eminem backwards, it will say menime or cut it up me ni me (minime), it was funny cause it made me think of the character of austin powers.. Mike Myers

    Mike Myers, MM,, he played in the film Wayne's World, WW, upside down another MM...

    If i would be god, i would ban all coincidences :D

    OMG, what is it with those double letters pointing all to 2000:
    KK, MM, WW, (SS??)

    Eric Dubay said...

    Nice one Hoodanity and Jake. I'd already compiled my own list of MM's, just in case it's any help:

    Mario Mario (Super Mario Bros)
    Mother Mary
    Mary Magdaline
    Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Manson
    Mickey Mouse
    Minnie Mouse
    Mighty Mouse
    Mega Man
    Micro Machines
    Marky Mark
    Mickey Mantle
    MaxiM Magazine
    Michael Moore
    Eminem (Marshall Mathers)
    Magic Mushroom
    Master Mason

    You'll also notice that M = 13 numerologically and if you have MM, turned sideways, it looks like 33. Which are synchromystically significant...

    Wiindigoo said...

    Fueled by his interest in the Kennedy assassination ritual, M.M(anson) was influenced by James Shelby Downard and Michael Hoffman's *King Kill 33* article, and wrote a song of the same name. The thesis of KK33 is "that the ultimate purpose of that assassination was not political or economic but sorcerous; for the control of the dreaming mind and the *marshalling* of its forces is the omnipotent force in this entire of Kennedy was that entire scenario of lies, cruelty and degradation. Something died in the American people on November 22, 1963 - call it idealism, innocence or the quest for moral excellence - it is this transformation of human beings which is the authentic reason and motive for the Kennedy murder and until so-called conspiracy theorists can accept this very real element they will be reduced to so many eccentrics amusing a tiny remnant of dilettantes and hobbyists" (18). The death of the gunslinger, invoking the 911 megaritual...

    Eric Dubay said...

    Regarding the MM, WW, KK syncs, perhaps they are also "pillartainamids." The letter M looks like two Mountains or two pillars. Thus the WW resonates the same. As for KK, K is numerologically 11, so KK = 1111 which is 4 pillartainamids. MM or WW are also 4 pillartainamids. There are 3 at Giza and perhaps the 4th is the secret one sought by Crowley at K2?

    kevin lewis said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    kevin lewis said...

    funny you mention that, eric, as i was looking at the "benjamin moore" painting company's logo at a stop light today and it tickled me in the right way.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Fantastic comment folks. I am busy with a new video or videos please excuse my silence.

    aferrismoon said...

    Marshall Mathers , any relation to S.L. McGregor Mathers, The one time superior to Al.Crowley

    Just to get possibly overly complex about this thing with letters - Marilyn Monroe-Charles Manson so MMCM which = 2900. In Germanic languages Charles = Karl.
    Re> Dream destroyers , WINDIGOOs comment - the JFK assassination did seem to initiate a psychic change in the US's opinion of itself - hard to cynicism and disillusion I would assume. Manson's murders seemed to be linked to that very closely.
    The death of JFK - The President, even, cannot be protected
    Sharon Tate - there are now people who see no problem in stabbing a woman to death whose 8 months pregnant.
    Both those incidents get one up off the sofa, and doing wierd shit. Maybe u go drinking, get into a fight, drive the car fast, things happen.
    Silent Weapons, Quiet Wars [ found by Josh at Realm of Connections] seems to inquire into the psychic economic effects of events such as these.

    Just Me said...

    If Ws are towers just like Ms and Is, then what do you make of Nentendo's Wii? Looks like 4 towers to me. As does Mii.

    Don't forget the popular TV show "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire."

    Here are some more logos incorporating these letter combinations in interesting ways:
    WWMM, MMMM, WWWW, IIM, IIM again, IWI, and MCM and WV. There are so many more.

    Is this related to the overwhelming use of the time 10:10? I first noticed on the Colgate (I think – maybe it's Crest – I can't remember or find it online) toothpaste tube that there is a clock pictured with the time 10:10. Why is there a clock on the toothpaste tube? Because who brushes their teeth at 10:10? Then the other day I saw aTV ad for a watch and it showed the time of 10:10. Now I just ran across this photo. Her elbows point at the time 10:10. I looked and found a LOT MORE 10:10s on watches and clocks:
    Shmaltz Beer, Ten-Ten, Timebreaker, Dos Equis (this one is reminiscent of the Star of David), My Watch Kit (MWK), Very Magnetic Clock Co. (VMCC), Time to Time, Neighborhood Watch (heads point to 10:10), Black Watch (X in center points to 10:10), Earthlink and American Airlines watches, SkipKnot, Boston Red Sox, Logo Watches.

    Maybe it's about this - the octagonal Colgate Clock in Jersey City facing Manhattan? Or maybe the date 10/10, on which several interesting things have happened, such as the death of Superman Christopher Reeve, and which is officially Tom Cruise Day in Japan? Or maybe, since December is named for the number ten, it's December 10, Human Rights Day and the day Nobel Prizes are awarded? Kind of odd, if you ask me.

    Atlantean Times said...

    In the day after Tomorrow..while traped in the Library in NY thats FRO=ZEN in TIME, Donnie Darko our Time repeating Son of God i.e Dennis Quaid is left with plenty of information to burn as fuel but no food to nourish his body except for plenty of packets of you guessed it M&M's.

    The Day after ToMMorrow might just be Today!

    aferrismoon said...

    10.10 Clock -
    Just to add to this , 10.10 is also 10 to 2 [ 1.50] which is how Driving Instructors in the UK tell their students to hold the steering-wheel