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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    Subaru Galactic Center Sync Wink

    I'm on my bicycle, 'charioteering' of to my evening shift at the Community Center on 101 Pembina - the pay job - when I notice the Subaru logo of a motorist, thinking Pleiades!
    The company is named after the star cluster Pleiades; in Japanese the name is "Subaru", which roughly translated into English means, "to govern", "unite," or "gather together".
    Wikipedia Subaru
    The Pillars Of Hercules Monument at Gibraltar resembling the 101.

    Recently a post about 101 by The Stygian Port has made me see deeper meaning in this number. I think of it as Pillar (1) Stargate (0) Pillar (1) while the Center part of my job's (Supervisor/Caretaker) location makes me feel it is resonating Galactic and Consciousness centering.

    I had just spent the afternoon with Jim from Nosis, showing me all his amazing footage of 'real time' syncs. I was so pleased with the results, it seems to have inspired me to experiment 'on the fly' with some of my own.

    Subaru Galactic Center Sync Wink

    Cross-Quarter, associated to Stargate themes, is something I first heard of from the work of Goro Adachi. Goro has made public some concerns about me which relates to the use of these ideas. I feel they are necessary concepts and hope this rift can in time heal or at least find equilibrium.
    A Zodiac wheel from "A monument to the End of Time" and "Galactic Alignment" showing the Galactic Alignment and Equinox Cross. Note that if we imagine a line in 3D Space, plotting the Galactic Center-/Galactic Anti-Center Axis (or Dragon) it would extend from Sagittarius' arrow through us moving directly towards the shoulder of Taurus, The Seven Sisters or Pleiades.
    Pleides Subaru (above)
    Sagittarius The Archer (above)
    The 'Scarlet Dragon'

    See Galactic Center Temple and Scarlet Dragon for needed context.


    Michael said...

    I love "automograil" synchs. I've often wondered about the Subaru logo, thanks for clarifying.

    101! Exactly! I had the EXACT same idea this week!

    That probably means we are finally in college - Freshmen. All their classes are at the 101 level.

    Cheers, Michael (always a good student, though not above bribing the teacher with an apple).

    Jim said...

    101 is interesting and for some reason I feel it syncs with what I was thinking about when I as staring at my water bottle last week and it had H2O on it. I thought double H, but the O seemed to become a stargate or opening mouth in between the two Hs - HOH = 101 = WaterG8...

    I know Hs are 8s, but they seem to lead to 1 either way
    perhaps one with infinity...

    anyways - nice stuff

    Jaspal said...

    Room 101 in 1984 is where people are confronted by their worst fears, the point at which Winston Smith gives in (Orwell wanted to call his book The Last Man in Europe, the main character resonates with Will Smith, another WS, as the last man in I Am Legend. We also have a shop here in the UK called WHSmith). Conversely, Room 101 is a TV show here in the UK where people dispose of the things they don't like i.e. A representation of what they don't like it put on a conveyer belt and sent through these doors never to be seen again (a gate of some kind?).

    I also mentioned Rik Clay in a previous post of mine, what I didn't know was that he had died in August and had his ashes scatters on Sep 11th. In one of his last interviews he spoke about the only 3 films to get 11 Oscars, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Titanic and Ben Hur. He also spoke about Project Blue Beam.

    Anonymous said...

    Neo lived in room 101

    Trinity first appears behind door 303

    Paloma said...

    How in tune your are with your surroundings is admirable. Makes me ponder synchronicities I'm currently encountering in my life.

    I look forward to learning more from your blog.

    Particleion said...

    Have you ever thought of all this in reverse? What do i mean, well we are constantly trying to center our self to the sinchronicity of the world outside us. Yet we must not forget that the entire universe exist inside of us. What you experience as matter and or everything in the exterior universe is what your brain has been able to process.

    Well what I'm proposing is that all the synchronization that we observe is a direct interface with the mind and the universe. The act of centering oneself would then be the act of co-creation. What we observe as a sync would be end up being a direct mental manipulation of the universe.

    Now I'm not stating that the syncs are in your head, what I'm trying to convey is that you mind is somehow directly the cause of the syncs and the universe is the effect. Yet when we observe the syncs we tend to belive its the other way around the universe is inhibiting moments of non chaos that our minds are able to translate.

    I find this point important because with all of our rational science and philosophy we can not determine that what we are experiencing is 100% real! Remember to the Hindu all of reality is just the Maya or the veil.

    see (Maya wiki)

    Yet in any case it is important we try to find a way to disprove chaos, by doing so it can be shown that everything and I do mean "everything" in the universe reflects into self. This is the very same reason your able to stare into a cup of tea leaves and determine something in the future that should be a byproduct of chaos.

    Seek Truth

    test chaos...

    Jake Kotze said...

    No Doubt the 'small mind' and the Buddha Mind of Being are one. It's an important point we are learning here.
    Alan Watts and Robert Anton Wilson were correct in stating 'the map is not the territory' or 'the meal is not the menu'.
    Yet one can further clarify by including that the 'map' and 'menu' form a very small yet interconnected part of the 'territory' or 'meal'.
    'Map and territory' are parts of one continuum.

    I think small me and big I are becoming ONE through alignment.

    A Figure Eight said...

    Not to name drop, but when I was in Hawaii this summer with Alex Collier, the Andromeda contactee, I noticed his necklace had the symbol you point out, Jake, the circle with a cross inside it, and I asked him about it. He said that it used to be a crucifix, but he changed it to this symbol because the other civilizations say that is the symbol for Earth. So that when he meets new 'people,' they know where he is from.

    Cool, huh. I'm glad I asked him that randomly. : )