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    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    The Facebook Stargate (Amended)

    On September 11th 2006 Facebook was opened to the world at large, immediately entraining with the 911 Mega Ritual, both having similar consciousness focusing results.

    "On September 11, 2006, Facebook became open to all users of the Internet, prompting protest from its existing user base." Wiki
    Just a quick peek at what happens when we synchromystically investigate the global society changing phenomena that is Facebook. Extending the capabilities of email and social interaction on line to the Nth degree, Facebook alarms and delights an ever growing chunk of the planets populace as you read this.

    Right where I am sitting now, I believe we are heading for a metaphorical quantum leap of evolution or rather a realization of true consciousness (Being beyond thought and form). This rapid evolution of communication fits snugly with the eschatological propositions of groovy cats like Robert Anton Wilson (Jumping Jesus Phenomena) and Terence McKenna (Time Wave Zero/Novelty Thoery), while entraining with the cosmic alignments, rising solar activity and all around '2012 themes' at the periphery of any metaphysical/occult conversation in the circles I move.

    Facebook (and social networks of its kind, this blog being another example), what ever your feelings are about its applicability to your personal social life, is connecting the minds of individuals globally on a unprecedented scale and in an amazingly short time span. This process can only speed up planetary interaction which leads to faster change of collective perception which leads to... who knows what?

    In a very short time Wikipedia, YouTube, Blogs and yes, even Facebook have revolutionized my entire life. Changing fundamentally the way I interact and relate with my surroundings, thus my entire perceptual universe.

    Imagine for example (macabre, I apologies) if a 911 type event happened today. The inferior state of connectivity that human consciousness had way back in 2001 (through primarily the antiquated television set) allowed probably the most dramatic psychic impact modern humanity has ever experienced. What if it happened today?
    Further, more importantly, what if something of equal or more immediate impact happened right now, but unlike 911 it was of a beautiful, instead of tragic nature? What would it feel like if all our minds were focused on a magnitude event (Mega Ritual) witnessed through current day collectively connected mind or the even more connected future world? Any ideas? Just hang on, I think we are going to find the answers to these questions sooner than later... Facebook represents only the tip of the pyramid of possibilities.

    What about the increasing dangers of predation on our children, invasion of privacy by corporate and governmental entities? Facebook is the tool of Big Brother Jake!
    Have you not yet discovered who's eye/I sits at top the big scary Illuminati pyramid? It's not Horus, Aten or The Great Architect. No dramatic initiation or code words needed any more, the 911 Mega Ritual (symbolic destruction of the pyramids and Solomons temple) has prepared us all for the truth, of it is your eye/I. If you already know this, synchromysticism will strengthen your resolve, if not it might just prove the case. If you are still looking to blame "The New World Order" you might be able to use synchromysticism to justify a conspiracy theory involving a combination of non-local ascended Illuminati masters, reptilian alien 'thingemagicks' from another dimension, time or planet. I doubt if you integrate the message of synchronicity fully that this charade will last very long.
    But aren't there 'evil' people, wars and poverty out 'there'?
    Comparing your body to society and our planet, please consider each of us as one of the uncountable unique and amazing organisms that compose your material physical form (body). Unique, unfathomable and beautiful beings (us and all organisms) but in no way shape or form individual. There is always a normal amount of seeming chaos raging within the body of current society as is the same with the human form or even the universe itself. As your cells divide, fight to protect, live and die you calmly sit and read this. Added to this natural process sometimes the organism becomes diseased, as is our planet with its collective ego (consciousness fully identified with form and thought). Disease like all facets of life serve Being (which is beyond any form or even concept) and we surrender to its seeming limitation, learning and growing through the process. Collective planetary society, like any other organism (again the universe itself included) does also, from time to time, experience a quantum leap of evolution...

    Facebook (like this blog) in an as yet unhealthy culture, might indeed help you justify sitting on your rear eating candy bars (like Jake) and ignoring your immediate family and friends (like Jake), I will admit that much. Those however are issues stemming from our collective disease of ego (identification with thoughts in our heads as ourselves) and separation from Being. The unhealthy mind will abuse and make unbalanced attachment to anything: sex, sugar, religion, movies, pets and yes Facebook as well. O.K, cutting out the ranting, role the film!
    The menacing H.P. Lovecraft inspired Necronomicon from "Evil Dead 2", sports a face ("bound in human flesh"), becoming our first synchromystic 'facebook'.
    Reading from this book opens a Stargate that sucks in our hero (Bruce Campbell), transporting him back in time. Considering Facebook is speeding up the process of the impending Eschaton (consciousness becoming conscious of itself) my favourite visual metaphor for this process being the opening of the vortex type Stargate, the symbolism of fictional 'facebook' is consistent with the function of the real life Facebook.

    A consistently syncnificant "The Simpson's" episode "Treehouse of Horror 3" again helps illuminate synchromystically. The Segment "Dial "Z" for Zombie" sync winks from the get go as ZO/OZ have been explored at length as Stargate resonators. Aleister Crowley wrote Liber OZ/77, in keeping with this rhythm we view Bart finding a "Book of Magick Spelles Vol 2" Magick being the Crowley originated method of writing the word.
    On opening the Crowley inspired book, we witness faces emanating from the pages. Yes, indeed we have a 'Great Beast 666' inspired synchromystic 'facebook'. Crowley like many Stargate actualizors before him, through directed participation in the cultivation of awareness of Being inside himself, by the very nature of such an undertaking, entrained (came into synchronization) with and furthered the realization of consciousness in the species. The Crowley resonating ripples in the collective pool of growing consciousness, the same ripples that grow into the massive planetary wide awakening, can be detected through synchronicity (or one thing resonating another, showing its true nature as emanating from beyond things entirely) an example of which is seen in this episode of "The Simpson's".

    The 'facebook' can further be seen emiting the concentric circle type Stargate resembling vortex, a visual time/space distortion that symbolizes the collapse of identification with thought and form (ego). Time and space being thought and form, true Being (consciousness) which moves symbolically through the vortex/Stargate is beyond time and space/thought and form.
    Crowley and other Stargate realizers (Buddha, Jesus, McKenna etc) entrain with Being and serve its function with often awe inspiring effect. However, the idolizing or mental identification with the channel of the message as Divine is denying the true meaning of the message of the Stargate itself. The message is that your true nature is beyond form or thought, no-thing can be added or taken away from you and we are already whole and complete. This can not be understood with more mental concepts but known though experience as the present moment or now (read Echart Tolle for wonderful and simple teaching). As McKenna says "so the dominator culture is not interested in the felt presence of immediate experience". Thinking Jesus, Muhammad or Crowley are God or a part of God because they explain the message of God is a complete misunderstanding of the entire point of religion or spirituality which is to point beyond things to no-thing. Crowley, Jesus and Muhammad are things, God is no-thing.

    You can think of Crowley's function in society as that of the brain in the body. It regulates and directs the operations of the organism. But all other facets of the healthy organism are as valuable and needed as the brain. Without a working stomach the brain is useless, without a toe, your balance is off. Meaning, weather you are a Stargate realizor (Messiah), gardener, celebrity, musician, librarian, mime or whatever, working well with attention and joy in what you do means you are working for Being and as divine as all else.
    Our culture, being hypnotized by the mind and its thoughts (ego), often believe the brain (the regulating organism) is of primary importance (sometimes unknowingly viewing it is God (See Rant in Z-Minor)) an attitude reflected in the veneration of 'holy men', presidents, royalty, judges and other authority figures.
    Men and the male solar energy having the rational charge are for the same unfounded reason still regarded as the superior sex.

    Two great syncs are enough, three however is even better.
    Macaulay Culkin can be seen between the Twin Pillars (resonating Solomons Temple and the Twin Towering Pillarmids of the 911 Mega Ritual) and standing on the rose cross variety Stargate circle with no less than three animated 'facebooks' by his side on the poster for "The Pagemaster". The film co-stars Christopher Lloyd a time jumper (Stargate) in "Back to the Future" while the pirate book is voiced by another Stargate veteran Patrick Steward (think "Star Trek: Next Gen").

    See Mac slip between worlds or open the Stargate of cosmic illumination in the clip below which in this version, tellingly, is populated by 'facebooks'. (Or just take my word for it, the movie sucks)

    The Pagemaster [2/9]


    Christopher Loring Knowles said...

    Yes, the Internet is finally starting to begin to live up to the hype. If it can't connect people on a meaningful- that's *meaningful*- basis then it's just another form of television. What we are doing is building the Global Brain and the effects of that are going to bleed in and out of the electronic data stream itself.

    One of the squillion posts I have on tap is called "Conspiracy Theory is Finished." Now we all know the nature of the power structures and all that is left to do is figure out the differing arrangements in detail so you can begin to use this knowledge to your advantage. So much of conspiracy theory comes from the Christian Right, but the Christian Right always has been and always will be a control mechanism of the same elites they claim to oppose. I wrote in my blog today about how all those pilgrims Americans are taught to lionize were simply useful idiots for giant corporations even in the early 17th Century.

    So you're right on Jake- it's time to play with these amazing new toys.

    Chris said...

    I certainly recall hearing about a certain trend in the middle ages involving binding certain books with the skin of officials convicted of treason or other. Yes, no?

    aferrismoon said...

    Working Well with Attention and Joy - Cheers

    Synchwise though I notice RT displays ever-widening nets with Robin Tunney - SG Queen, Rose Tyler - Tardis Space/Time Traveller and now Richard Tyler, who insists on falling on the Star rather like your previous photo splayed out , which lends an image to 'JK' criss-crossing with RT which , or a flickering: JK on star, RT on star; and the plethora of info that jiggles. Quite Amazing.
    He comes in on the Star from the North [ playing a bit with WWWiz's Eyes Wide Shut - EWS motif] but he falls , head to NW [ I think] which invokes New World .
    Then he gets his head in a Telephone KiosK [ like Key-Os - K].

    soundlessdawn said...

    If I remember correctly - In "Army of Darkness" Mr. Cambell has to choose which book is the correct version of the Necronomicon - The three books are placed on three pillars of various heights - Another Masonic/Giza connection perhaps?

    kean said...

    new movie based around a magical book full of fantastical faces. quite timely.

    waffle waitress said...


    On the ZO thing, not to mention related spaceships, stargates, and floatinmg pyramids, did you ever mention (I can't recall seeing it), Zorg, the Howard Hughes/Hitler amalgam played by Gary Oldman in the film the Fifth Element? There's a scene where he's standing in front of a round window with his corporate Z logo and starts to bleed what looks like Hershey's syrup out of his brain while talking to "Mr. Evil", who just recently exploded a solar system. Surely that character and film belong in the synchromystic pantheon, so to speak.

    Keep, uh.........reading!

    Props to Bill Hicks.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yip Zorg.. already have the screenshots. Just been waiting for the right time and place, maybe next post.

    "What you reading for?"

    aferrismoon said...

    If u don't know for certain at present, I had a copy of Magick in Theory and Practice with the purple plasticky dust jacket, feel sure that's it, [not my copy , unless my friend has sold it]
    OSama Bin Laden Obama Barack - apologies O BLOB

    aferrismoon said...

    Bit of a wierd thing with ZORG, backwards it reads GROZ which invokes the Chechen capital GROZNY which has had a fair few air attacks of its own.
    Grozny = Terrible [in Russian]

    The Metamerican said...

    Jake. I'm a long-time reader though rarely a contributor. I couldn't help myself this time.

    We all noticed the big, liberal parade that was the movie Juno. Juno of course rings bells as the Roman name for the idyllic feminine known also as Hera, Isis, Astarte, Esther, Ishtar, etc...

    Well our new little Juno, Ellen Page, just happens to be hosting Saturday Nigh Live on March 1st. Wikipedia has something interesting to say about March 1st and Juno...

    "Every year, on the first of March, women held a festival in honor of Juno called the Matronalia . On this day, lambs and other cattle were sacrificed in her honor."

    So we have consciousness focusing events combined with blood ritual and figurehead / totemic proxy worship of the sacred feminine.

    What do you think?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Sounds like your right on track to me.
    In Juno you can also see our pregnant goddess siting on an orange tiger rug. This makes perfect sense following Goro's sun/birth orange stuff.
    I like how you call SNL a focusing event. I would consider any such mass watched shows (like the Oscars or Superbowl) focusing events (Mega Rituals) of varying degrees.
    Peace out

    QWX0TC said...

    is there any place for skepticism in your worldview? do you accept wholeheartedly that characters like Crowley, the secret societies, and the assembled programmers of hollywood/television are on a mission to free us all? It seems to me that in a sense "synchromysticism" is the opposite of synchronicity, the latter being highly personal messages from the universe, the former being an artificial media reality created by human programmers. of course it could be argued that these programmers are instruments of the universe, is that what you would argue? does synchromysticism imply adulation of The Program, for better or for worse? I enjoy very much the work of you synchromystic guys, but these questions beg to be asked...

    Anonymous said...

    Back to Juno. The first time I heard of this movie, before it came out, I saw a screen shot of the main character and her girl friend eating some fast food for lunch--burgers, fries, etc. The food was wrapped in black and white checkerboard wrappers!! I don't know if the restaurant was fictional or not.

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