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    Friday, November 2, 2007

    The Blob

    These comic panels are from Marvels The End series featured somewhere in the Comic Book Cycle videos.

    The Blob, my blog with no point or purpose. I just want to put some screenshots and ideas out there. Many things I never get around to saying in the videos. So many photos and stills that only exist in the crappy youtube quality videos I make. I enjoy reading the frequently updated blogs in the syncrosphere, thought I would try ad my two cents as videos by nature are few and far between. Maybe this idea wont work and I will kill it.
    Run! Do not walk from "The Blob"!


    JB said...

    Me loves comic books.

    616 is the plain truth.

    Anonymous said...

    Whatever your thoughts are regarding synchronicities and whatever other stories there are - i'm sure your userbase will love to hear them.

    At the moment what I do is combine your material with the video's from soundlessdawn, the material from Freeman over at and Goro Adachi's STRUG material.. sometimes even using hints of here and there. In the past I listened to coast to coast AM a lot, but I have to admit that they're either going off my radar, or I'm just getting too deep inside this rabbit hole / maze...

    I wonder about zetatalk though - is it a true story or are we just reading material made by another MJ12 or whathaveyou-type of agent? Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

    Maybe a good talk between you and your curious and sincere readers might help us find stuff. I have yet to find another place where this is possible...


    Jake Kotze said...

    Never heard about but having spent 10 min reading there stuff I am sceptical. Truth and insight is generally simple and ellegant. The whole Cosmic, Ashtar The 9, Keys of Enoch (J J Hurtak) resonating thing is not... in my opinion ellegant or simple. Full of innuendo and subtle games.
    But hey, maybe folks think the same about synchromysticm...

    Anonymous said...

    Ok, must be soundlessdawn then who spoke about the matter.

    I'm a bit skeptical too but we have to take in consideration that this woman has been doing this since 1995 with somewhat of a credible track record.

    On you can find her most recent postings - usually general questions from the audience. I'm skeptical as well but am also skeptical about her being a general freakshow. The source, whatever it is, is doing a pretty good job in terms of popularity...

    Jake Kotze said...

    I must emphasise that I only speak from a quick first impression.. perhaps I should reserve judgment, I just see a grey alien face and allarm bells start ringing. You know, I have had my own Grey experiences and I still think the whole thing is f'n silly.. It's just so Star Trek, space brothers who happen to be humonoid.
    I am open minded too, not trying to be dogmatic!

    Jake Kotze said...

    I love Star Trek but as far as 'contact' its for kids... A great show mind you. Contact is what Goro and sometimes (I hope) myself, is trying very hard to show folks. It's embedded in the fabric of space/time right here and now. This whole 'space brothers' thing is immature. Vast alien intelligences would very unlikely be humonoid or even material, maybe not even space/time bound! Read "The Stargate Conspiracy" this Grey thing is Crowley's msg being usurped or misunderstood by the power Elites to create a new religion. Be carefull of Hurtak folks! Even Hoagland could be unwittingly participating.
    I'm ranting, forgive

    Anonymous said...

    Appreciated, actually :)

    I share the idea that whatever alien invasion is planned, it is probably staged to a very large degree. However, we also can't say that this planet only has 3rd density entities - if this planet really is being ruled by beings who have oversight, I bet they are coming from higher planes.

    Yeah, it's a big discussion.. no need to get it all out at once.

    Hoagland.. well. I suspect him to be an occultist - concealing much more than he admittingly puts out. But that comes more from my own gut feeling than solid facts.. if any scientist is reading this, don't shoot me.. ;)

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yo Void!

    Thanks for being so kind while I use your comments to vent. Not cool.

    Yes, my primary issue comes in when folks claim a hierarchy of preternaturals that can be accessed through careful initiation and a nominal fee...(think Scientology) The higher in my view is ONE and the access is free to all. This is where I part company with all Thelema, Freemasonry etc. I love them but I feel there task is coming to a close.

    That's the secret of the 911 mega-ritual. Whoops, I let it slip, again...

    You have yourself a great day there

    Anonymous said...

    Oops, I guess blogger failed to email me about your comment!

    I agree with you on that idea: the higher we go to the top the more "oneness" in conscious there must be. However I also believe there are an infinite amount of steps in between "no consciousness" and what we call "the One Awareness".. so just how far along this path we are, I don't know.

    I have the feeling that planetary consciousness will be divided into, perhaps, 3 seperate ways... the "service to self", "service to others" and "unknown / a bit of both" type.

    I think the universe mirrors us. We came out of nothing and are very far along the Human path. First we learned how to use tools, then we grew a language, and for every "save point" we reached, a type of "icon" grew. See it like the tarot if you will: from the fool comes the magician, who in turn needs his high priest... they are all on the path of progression.

    Anyway.. I have read a great deal about 'consciousness' in, what some people see as the best manual for "oneness" currently available. It's "channeled material" but this time from a spirit complex called "Ra (a humble student of the Law of One)". You're invited to have a look at:

    Take care,

    Anonymous said...

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