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    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    A Tribute To Robin Tunney 2

    Tunney as Photographer in the Twilight Zone.

    She takes photos of targets through her camera bulls eye..

    Tunney becomes Princess Dianna resonant as a crash victim of the Paparazzi. They take photos of her with the crosshair of their cameras trained on her. She is also centred in the target on the poster (below).

    The Zodiac killers symbol is also the rose cross or target like the Aleister Crowley "Grid Page" element.
    The grid on the poster emanating from the killers third eye.

    The diagonal passing by the target and ending on Robin Tunney.

    The diagonal can also be seen as separating the ZO or OZ of Zodiac. Tunney has played characters called Zoe 3 times thus far in her career. For example...

    Tunney as Zoe in Cherish with the bulls eye on her leg.

    This crosshair is the location of Robin from a scene in the film.

    In House MD's pilot (first image above) we see Robin with the Philips logo on heard head. Directly above we see the target of the Philips Head screw.

    Again a target as x-ray crosshair on Tunneys leg in House MD.

    Tunney through the globe toped portal in Prison Break (Episode 22)

    On the Checkerfloor above (E2) and inside the Checker Cab (E21) below

    The Earth bound chariot of the gods.

    To follow this context see the videos below.

    Checker Chariots of the Gods

    The Contact? Check! (Trilogy)

    The heavenly chariot, the spaceship.

    Spaceship interdimensional gateway jumping in "Supernova".

    The Tricky Tunney Target. As part of a medical crew the target is seen on all member uniforms.

    Wow! All Crowley "Grid Page" elements over James Spader ("Stargate" film Protagonist!) in this same film.

    "The Stargate Queens'" latest Hollywood role in "Hollywoodland" (above) can be connected back to the Himalayas. She becomes engaged to the original Superman actor George Reeves (Ben Affleck) in the movie. This lets her synchromistically resonate Lois Lane.

    Lois Lanes' (Tunney resonator) 1996 Himalayan adventure leads her on a quest up a holy mountain where she decides to marry Superman!

    We learn of Supermans' travels seeing Giza and the Himalayas side by side.

    This pattern we quickly learn is firmly synchromystically confirmable as Superman and Flash race (1967) each other passing Giza (above) and the Himalayas (below)

    Please note: The octagonal cross-quarter references in this series stem directly from the research of Goro Adachi

    Superman has made many memorable synchromystic appearances in the past including this gem from the musical "Godspell". Jesus Christ in a Superman T-Shirt dancing atop the unfinished World Trade Centre! Many more super-syncs in the video below.

    (More mind bending Superman super-syncs in this video)
    911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension (Comic Book Cycle 4)


    aferrismoon said...

    Last week saw the 2nd part of a Family Guy 2-parter -
    Lois kills Stevie
    The whole thing is total faux-hollywood, definite Terminator covers and the whole 2 episodes turn out to be a Total Recall Sim.
    Nevertheless a Robin Tunney type character [ I guess], at home with baby [and husband, I think] wearing a GPS anklet, has the anklet shot off by a stray bullet. She throws the baby onto the sofa, jumps out the window, runs away free. As I haven't done a Ulysses [ like you] and tied myself to the sofa to be terrorrised by B-Movies, I can't say if its an RT parody.
    The Crowley line and circle squared represents a sublime take on the Book of the Law [ for me], and then doing what u have done with it so far.
    It synchs with me thisways - It's Verse 47, the number of columns in the twins and floors of Building 7. Also its page 16 which = the subelements that the 'animals' before the Chariot represent. In a way this links to Zoe or Zoo-ey.
    The ZO was in the Twilight Zone too.
    The Mock-Masonic ritual was for DEB, short for Deborah the Hebrew for BEE.
    In Episode 2 , following the words '...finally driving off in a checkercab' she lies down on a sofa or bed next to an octogonal table which has an octogonal 'plate' atop. Perhaps there are far too many synchs to mention
    Great productions, fun, lightens the mood, lots of areas of study to follow up on should I wish, old studies to review.
    I think it might prove a fine way for children to learn and educate themselves. Rather than have Education at school and Cartoons as fun at home , amalgamate them both , create electronically linked schools, a sort of Synchromystic Sesame Street.
    McCluhan claimed that this type of programming will takeover from the storyline, its like a commercial, lots of images and ideas loosely connected allowing each viewer to put on the clothes of mythology and take part in its construction.
    The odd comment seems to expect some ' answer' from you . How can u have the answer when we all take part to agreater or lesser degree. I am grateful for the mytho-river that is provided through the vids, I have a boat, catch u in the port , al.

    synchrobrarian said...

    thanks for doing this new blog jake, while i greatly enjoy your videos i can't really watch them at the reference desk but i can read away

    i wonder how hard it would be for you and/or soundlessdawn to try captions on your videos

    anyway, i do sometimes miss your long posts and this blog is a nice go-between

    Newspaceman said...

    Superman looks remarkably like Richard Branson.


    Unknown said...

    I dont remember if this was in your movies, but I was watching "Stargate," and:

    In the movie "Stargate," the computer screen in the scene when they "dial-in" the gate has the cross-hairs in the center of the graphic display of the Stargate. There's also a display of the universe with a grid and concentric circles and a couple of more cross-hair symbols on Earth and the other planet.

    Also the explanation of how the stargate works involves 6 points to plot a cube in space, with a seventh point as the point of origin outside the cube.

    Anonymous said...

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