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    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Brad Pitt and the Death of Death

    On Christmas day I went and watched "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" with Brad Pitt.

    Father Time (Greek Chronos) none other then Death is a central theme in this film as Brad Pitt ages backwards relating to the movements of a giant clock.
    Brad Pitt's synchromystic resonance couldn't be spelled out more clearly then in "Meet Joe Black" where no interpretation is needed. He is literally the Angel of Death...
    Time, Death and the ego dance together in a seamless unity. The Observer beyond form, your true Self, lives in a place beyond time. The mind made limited self craves fervently and desires more Time. Time gives the ego an escape from realization of NOW or SELF. Salvation, heaven and end of suffering, to the mind, is always in the future. It could never be NOW. The mind and Ego says, "If I were whole and complete NOW I would die!"

    The mind made self or identity that believes it is the thoughts and forms of the phenomenal world imagines without more Time, all would die and the world would end. It is correct but only so far as that its death would signify the end of the illusion of the limited self. You cant tell this to the self that still believes it is the mind. It can only hear through the filter of the mind made self. If you have a sense at all of what these words are pointing towards, then you have already started to wake up from the mind made self. If not your mind is reading these lines, trying to outsmart them.

    Synchromysticism is not designed for your mind. Indeed the mind does not like such funny business.
    It is aimed at your Self.

    WE/ME are the indefinable essence of the present moment. The KKonsciousness that allows awareness of Self to be.

    Realization of NOW and the awakening of the species means the Death of Time.
    The Death of Death.

    Still, it seemed more time resonance was needed before the Pitt association became rock solid for ME.
    Last night while walking home from work -IPod on random - I heard a "Velvet Acid Christ" song using samples from the Brad Pitt StarRing "12 Monkeys". The angle my mind was taking on interpreting the film involved 12/21 being related to 42, the number of Jumpiter.

    'End of world' films give shape to the Self's desire to rid It from the illusion of form. If we understand the message of such narratives we can avert the clumsy actuality of having to live out such silly melodrama in the theater of the 'real world'. Although I love such things as entertainment, wouldn't it be rather disappointing if the story of humanity and PlanET Heart (Earth) turns out to have an ending like a Hollywood disaster film?
    If WE don't upstage our own films with a more inventive and original ending, I would feel ashamed at our lack of creativity.

    Last night I dreamed of this same "12 Monkeys" poster above, it demanding more attention in KKonsciousness.
    It was as if I had missed something very obvious...
    So many numbers.. "Se7en".. "Seven Years In Tibet"..."Oceans" this and that...

    I log on to IMPAwards to get a visual overview of Pitts' work for potential clues as to what "12 Monkeys" is trying to yell at me.
    Another big scarlet 12 jumps out sync winking, hello! "Oceans 12".

    Still not 'getting it' I decide to watch the new Steve Wilner vid (featuring Christopher Knowles), as I knew that it features Brad Pitt. Perhaps it would help shed some light on matters...

    Atenism, The Dog Star, Fallout, and The Birds of Paradise

    Once I see the Aqaurian waters reach the giant "Benjamin Button" clock, topped by 12, the penny drops.

    The 12 is another clear sync that signifies Pitts resonance with Chronos/Death/Time.

    The giant clock design of the "12 Monkeys" poster should have been more then enough, yet I was sleeping...
    So the infinitely patient and resourceful universe sends me on a mini tail chase this morning to discover what was already obvious.

    A fractal tale of the story of Awakening.

    Other new highly recommended sync gems, out on the web NOW:

    A Few Shots to Shaman's
    Natalie Portalman Pt.1: Plant Konsciousness

    Jim Sander's interview with Aeolus Kephas



    soundlessdawn said...

    Awesome Man! My mind was playing around with the Pitt 12's Syncs as well as his personification of death in "Meet Joe Black," but you just made everything click.. glad we could help each other in the spirit of PoPWoWMoM ~ Did I ever tell you I was struck by lightning 7 times? See ya Skype phone tag buddy.

    A Figure Eight said...


    Beautiful comments. I too saw this film on Christmas Day and absorbed in a very positive way its non-linear reality.

    The impossible is possible.


    Anonymous said...

    PoP reminds me of Douglas Hofstader's book Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, also the 12/21 is making me think ABBA.

    Jim said...

    wicked stuff. it just shed light on something i saw today to do with twelve. i will have to take a pic and post about it.

    later g8or

    Sensei said...


    I posted a short blurb on Jan 12th (!) with the title "Leary's Eucharist". The post has a reference in it to, what else, 10 Zen Monkeys!


    Check out the fractal intro to 12 monkeys…

    Yours in inspiration…

    - Sensei

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...



    The Clock Maker in Watchman...

    The Clock Maker in Heroes season one...

    1/2 New York City to be sacrificed.

    Justice is coming to all of us
    No matter what we do.

    K-Pax in both videos

    Love and Thanks

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Wait, wait, I got it Now. Please forgive me if I'm slow.

    We can say 12 is death. Saturn, father time. 42(24) we can get out of the alchemical symbol for Jupiter. Jupiter/Zeus is the only one not eaten up by time in the Mythos.Death is only Half of Jupiter. Think about A.C.Clarke having to move back the Monolith from Saturn to Jupiter.... From the strike of 12 (or Death) to the Jovial sphere. 2001 has the number for death in it. So does 2012. 2012 looming like the twelfth hand on a clock... The eleventh eleven hour.

    By being Jovial one defeats death!

    By the way for all those not used to my playful banter the early comment about

    Justice(league) is coming to all of us
    No matter what we do.

    Was from the Watchmen movie poster.... It's all in good clean Pun.

    Jim said...

    yep. the fact that to make the movie 2001 they switched Clarke's choice of Saturn to Jupiter is very revealing. The Universe had its own way with that for sure.

    Jupiter beats time/death again!

    Happiness in the Heart is the way...

    Jaspal said...

    Thank you for a great post, I hope that I/You/We can come up with a fitting end to this most excellent adventure.

    Captain Planet has been on my mind this week, a cartoon that I used to watch a lot when I was a kid. So while reading about it on Wikipedia, the following line stood out:

    'Captain Planet has a very impressive array of powers: he can fly, has great strength (enough to throw a small asteroid from Earth all the way to Jupiter)'

    To Jupiter hey? Our Blue Hindu God/Shiva resonating Captain Planet makes for interesting reading, especially when you consider that he gets his power from 5 kids who represent all the peoples of the world, and the 5 elements. Does that make him the self beyond self? The pure consciousness that we know to be God himself?

    'Captain Planet is an ancient entity, who has served with Gaia for many centuries. While his appearance and certain mannerisms are taken directly from the minds of the Planeteers, he is a sentient being, with his own will'

    The reason Captain Planet came back into my thinking was because of the little Indian kid, the one who had the power of heart.

    'Ma-Ti is the 12-year-old son of a leader of the South American Kayapo Indians and a white South American who pursued peace between the two cultures. When conflict resulted in Ma-Ti's parents' apparent deaths, he ended up living with his grandfather, a shaman of the Kayapo tribe in the rainforest. On one particular day, Ma-Ti discovered a trapped monkey, a jaguar advancing on it; he jumped between them and with but a gesture sent the cat away. Ma-Ti freed the monkey, who presented him with a ring with a heart upon its stone.'

    Monkeys! The pious MONK-KEY representing the spiritual and the key to end death/rebirth, while the Black Cat is the raw and untamed Ego. In Apocalypto, it is the Jaguar that is prophesied:

    ‘Beware the man who brings the jaguar. Behold him reborn from mud and earth. For the one he takes you to will cancel the sky, and scratch out the earth.’

    I always wondered why the most famous car company in the UK is Jaguar, it all starts to make sense. This is the origin of those who don’t want to let go, the British East India company that went around ‘civilising’ the world and ending the ways of indigenous people. Back to Ma-Ti:

    'Additionally, his power is also necessary to call Captain Planet in his full power. There is an instance in which Captain Planet is summoned in a lesser form. When Ma-Ti and Kwame are in space, their powers are unable to return to them and instead returned to earth and resummon Captain Planet. This shows that Earth and Heart is probably the bare minimum needed for Captain Planet's existence - Earth as his Body and Heart as his Soul. He also uses his power to allow the Planeteers to communicate with Gaia.'

    Earth and Heart!

    What you speak of when you talk about freeing the self from the mind is called Nirvana, every Bramhic religion has this aim, to stop the death/birth cycle and be free. But we experience time because that is the only way to evolve, in the Matrix the machines needed the humans because the humans experienced time in the Matrix, it was only when the human recycler Rama Chandra (Hindu name of God) gave birth to Sati (willing self sacrifice), while at the same time Neo sacrificed himself for no other reason that he “chose” to, that a new “Sun” was born and there was a new beginning,

    Anonymous said...

    Luke 17:33

    Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.

    Ed said...

    I've always kind of thought that when we die, we ascend to the fourth dimension, which is outside of time, so therefore we are there already.

    Jesus had 12 disciples, which makes 13 strange and mysterious. The number 12 has been used in film for a very long time.

    The Dirty Dozen
    12 Angry Men
    12 O'Clock High

    12 is the number of months in a year, when the twelth month is done we start over.

    The day ends at 12 midnite.

    There are 12 numbers on a clock, and a full revolution of the big hand means the hour is up.

    Perhaps your dream of the 12 Monkeys clock is symbolic for the coming end of one age, and the beginning of a new one.

    101 said...

    This post was he last thing I read before going to bed. The next morning I had a 5am start working outside so I switched the TV on to catch the weather report, as the screen flickered into action I was met by a still of the cover of Oceans 12 which was being shown on ITV nightview here in the UK.
    Laughter arose, in real laughter the mind ceases to function and puts us in the only true moment of Now.
    Try to worry, have a problem or be fearful while your laughing, it's impossible, lets laugh ourselves out of mind and into conscious awareness.
    As the Buddhist monk said to the hot dog vendor, "make me one with everything."
    He pays with a $20 bill and after waiting a while asks for his change.
    The vendor replies, "Change comes from within."

    aferrismoon said...

    I like that PIT reversed = TIP, making them geographical-spiritual opposites
    Goats when angry get a BUTT ON.
    Maybe even Death has an Achilles heel


    fshrrex SS said...

    Tangible Tangents!!!
    Please keep in mind that Obama's inauguration is 1/20/09, 24 hours later (or less) it is 1/21/09. Brad and Obama are related once again.
    Also, a website I personally subscribe to on politics/intelligence subjects and has been trustworthy and solid in reporting/validating subjects outside the mass media
    is currently reporting secret operations concerning road and bridge closings for mass evacuations NOT crowd control.
    Perfect time for a public "...test of this guy's mettle."
    It will be interesting to see how the "Collective Consciousness/Energy/Soul" latent in the throngs of people are directed/manipulated; in relation to Michael Tsarion's discussions on the Queen of England's coronation ceremony
    During the ceremony and after... the witches hours of 12am and 3am PARTY ON WAYNE!
    Wonder what bible Obama uses to take the oath?

    P.S. JAKE
    I am in the process of constructing my own blog for these types of tangents, that you don't need to concern your self with; but as I am a fan of yours...I am asking permission to drop quick links in the comment section from time to time in the near future.


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Hey yo Ed... Don't forget, 12 gods under Odin, 12 major Gods in the Greek and Roman pantheon, 12 adventures of Odysseus, 12 for Hercules as well, and in sacred geometry you can only fit 12 sphere's around a centre sphere....

    All zodiacal.

    Hey fshrrex SS I came back on to the Blob because after reading this post I saw Obama on South Park.... Total Oceans 12 theme. Got me all crazy. I can't believe what you just said.

    Thankyou Jake this post gave me permagrin... Everybody wanted to no what was wrong with me...

    I said "I'm being Jovial"

    tommy said...

    To test this 12 sync, I looked at the clock without thinking and it was 1:20. :)

    In Se7en, Brad Pitt and God (I mean Morgan Freeman) are fighting the clock (12 hour cycle) to find John Doe before he kills again. Perhaps 12 is the number of scheduled events.

    aferrismoon said...

    On Jan 14th 2009 , Jan Kaplicky died. A famous Czech architect he won the tender for the Czech National Library , a controversial building nicknamed 'The BLOB' for its design. It will now not be built.
    Aged 71 JK had a young wife who on the morning of the 14th gave birth to their daughter.

    In through the out door

    A Figure Eight said...


    Crash landing becomes Splash landing as we enter the age of Aquarius!

    Drudge: "Investigation begins in plane's NYC splash landing..."

    Jim said...

    Miracle on the Hudson

    "Commuter ferries shuttling workers between Manhattan and New Jersey were quickly rerouted to the crash scene, just offshore from the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum near 42nd Street in midtown Manhattan."

    aeolus kephas said...

    hey JK

    was sent a link to a piece that may be of interest to you, regarding the galactic centre and ESP - made me think of you for some reason ; )

    show'll be up tomorrow afternoon

    over & out


    Jake Kotze said...

    I went to do laundry today.
    This particular laundromat is directly adjacent to the restaurant "Stella's" where I first ran into Frank Albo (see Galactic Center Temple post, also talked about it in Black Star post..)

    I pipe burst dramatically 10 minutes in. The place was quite severely flooded and it caused a rather large commotion.
    Over the television, playing in the background, as all this was unfolding, the news reporter was talking about a major pipe burst and resulting flooding somewhere in Canada.

    Water, water, everywhere...

    I kept thinking that this is a sign that the age of Aquarius is upon ME/WE.

    I had to leave my clothing in the washer and return hours later when things got sorted out...

    ericswan said...

    The clock face is the compass face is E=3; S=6; W=9; N=12=360=NEWS.

    The miracle on the Hudson was sabotage..The 23 Bank of America and 3 Wells Fargo execs on board had just negotiated a 132? Billion bailout and Merrill Lynch buyout all under the TARP. This is a north vs. south or spy vs. spy
    Citi-Morg and associates for the NWO vs. Capt. America.

    Not to be confused with Hudson's Bay or the Age of Aquarius.

    RalphBuckley said...

    ....ah the world of curious connections....always led by the intention of the observer...
    "Silence is golden" is the sun...

    Your work has widened my lens immensely in these past few years.

    ...thank u 4 sharing the work of shaman & others...
    your generosity gives your light an even brighter luminance ...!!!

    "I am Malkuth. I wish to become Kether"...


    R.T. said...

    Hi people

    Sorry to break the row of happy applause here, but I sense that this analysis is somewhat without proper insight. It can even be dangerous in overlooking serious consequenses. The syncronicity of (reverse) clock, flodding and "12" is far more profound and astounding. I wrote a short new post on my blog as space here not sufficient.

    Jason (Jake) Horsley said...

    Jake: these thoughts from my book SECRET LIFE OF MOVIES may tie in with your Pitt-as-Death analysis:

    "Paradoxically, but rightly, to overcome Tyler [the narrator, Ed Norton] has to shoot himself, in the head (actually in the mouth, which is also correct, since the self effectively speaks the shadow side into existence). The narrator is destroying Tyler by becoming him. Since Tyler is the “purity of expression” by which the narrator’s true nature has been released, found form and inherited life, it is the false ego construct, not the unleashed id, that must die.
    This is Cain and Abel all over again: the slayer becomes the slain, the victim the victor. Absolve et coagula. Analysis and synthesis. Alchemical wedding. It is not Tyler who is dying here, but the narrator who must sacrifice himself that Tyler (his perfected self) be born. Hence the moment coincides not only with Marla’s reappearance and their long-avoided union as lovers (as opposed to demented sex partners)—his acknowledgment of the anima—but also with the final realization of Tyler’s anarchic dream, project Mayhem, that brings modern civilization to its knees. The age of repression is over. Civilization is the sacrificial lamb, the burnt offering on the altar of freedom by which the true self may finally be born, and the Other inherit its own. Tyler is dead. Long live Tyler."

    to0 many secrets said...

    Hey symc freaks, I just found a real descript image proving the masons use the KK syncs as a cipher.

    Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous said...

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