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    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Stormy Weather Podcast

    Part 1 of a new Stormy Weather Podcast with Aeolus Kephas.

    First part of Jake Kotze's return to Stormy Weather for a two hour galactic special. Jake talks about his latest synchromystical trails, his experiences with gray aliens and inorganic beings as aspects of the Higher Self, the inevitability of projecting onto the Other, applying oneself to the moment, the ebb and flow of consciousness, crop-circle hunting in England, creating the context for self-transformation through ritual, the difference between information and ideas, intellect and imagination, joy as a guide for living, Jake's LSD meltdown and the dangers and perks of psychedelically-induced overload, premature identity loss, the question of social context as to whether a consciousness shift has to be apocalyptic, and the joke of fear.

    Part two of this interview will be up on Wednesday the 21st.

    A short while after Aeolus asked me to do this interview he sent me this message.
    Aeolus is highlighting this as he knows the Robin is my familiar. Anything Robin related in my 'organism environment field' is of particular syncnificance.
    The day of the interview, shortly before, I was shopping with a friend and ran into this lovely shoe brand logo.
    While last night, the day the interview was released, I watched the "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke playing Randy "The Ram" Robinson.
    In one scene he is embarrassed to work in a deli with his name tag reading "Robin", his boss refusing to change the label...

    Thanks Aeolus and everybody taking the time to listen.


    Accidental Alchemist has made his smashing first video.
    His style of echoing the sync winks through the successive loops of repeating pattern gave me goosebumps.

    Jokerman Saturn patern

    "DOG!, DOG!, DOG!..."


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    I love the question's this guy ask.... Can't wait to listen. I thought I saw a commercial with Robin Tunney saying... "There is no such thing as black magic"

    Made me laugh.

    Jake Kotze said...


    I think the alchemy of interview worked this time around for me and Aeolus..

    That quote is in this weeks ridicules Mentalist episode.

    Tunney returns to her Crafty roots and investigates Wicca.

    She interacts with pentagrams, Pan and much else.

    Best "Mentalist" syncs yet.

    HOWMusic(k) said...

    Gearing up to listen now...

    Accidental Alchemist said...

    WoW MoM
    I hope Popi puts this on his ipod!

    This interview sounds golden.

    It is a true honor to have my artistic opinion highlighted by a mind master like you Mr Kotze. I don't mean to patronize to much.

    Zo thank you good sir!

    Later masterg8tor ;

    tommy said...

    What do you mean when you say it's "just a joke" at the end? Is that sarcasm? Just wondering

    HOWMusic(k) said...

    Great - wonderful interview - good questions and thoughtful responses. One of your most interesting discussion yet, Jake.

    "Why should I fear exactly what I want?"

    I'm reminded of the scene in A Brave New World where John finally has a chance to engage with a woman that he admires (Lelina) and backs away from her sexual advances with disgust.

    "Energy goes where attention flows".

    Accidental Alchemist said...


    I think you do agree with the term. According to Michel Tsarion Apocalypse means, "leather covering" or our metaphorical skin. The time when we shed our skin and see whats inside. The unveiling etc. Attachment to thought and form.Etc...


    Ben said...

    i listened to this yesterday.
    dug it.
    glad you arent shy about admitting that most people are close minded...
    i had sleep paralysis last night.
    saw a demon type fast.
    hadnt happened before.
    check out my blog.
    you're a big inspiration

    Jake Kotze said...

    In the end of the interview, when I say its a joke, I am referring to the 'human condition'.

    Not a cruel joke.
    A sacred and mysterious joke.

    Why do we create suffering for ourselves instead of peace?

    This is the joke.

    Synchromysticism tries to point toward the mechanics of the joke.
    It tries to end suffering by unveiling, so that WE can 'get' the joke.
    Then WE can be 'in' on the joke, which is the point of Life.

    eugene said...

    'Wall Street Voodoo' Op-Ed Piece 1/18 invokes Gotham group

    "She la Bear" of FDIC

    "N word - Nationalization" = Fascism

    "Zombie banks reanimated" = Frankenstein

    Gotham is 1074 and this would be "Nergal, Chief of the Tresuary" and the great dog and the list goes on and on.

    Chief of the Treasury is responsible to collect the flock into one mass, in this case to gather all into the bank of Hell, ie the Aggregator Bank.

    Nergal's implements are club and sickle and to eagle the course this would be you knew it was coming!

    Fellow sink o knots will you be so happy, so carefree, so cartoonish when Nergal comes calling asking

    US U R Y?

    Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

    Jamie Jones said...

    did you see all the symbols put in the Google Martin Luther King pic?

    Not a Blogger said...

    About the AKUM thing, in the Cartoon Network series "Samurai Jack", his adversary is called Aku:

    The series is brilliant.

    lancifer said...

    Jake, I'm the same Lance that emailed you about a few months ago. I just wanted to let you know that development is continuing on the site.

    aeolus kephas said...

    ho jake - part two is now up, enjoy the image, feel free to use as you see fit. You might want to apply your SM lens to the two images which Mrs K has done for the SW show, robin over heart followed by snake held at distance, the two directions on the road, soft Jake and hard Jake, and such. There is a division hither homeward.

    Also you will find I think personal alchemical keys in Lynch's Blue Velvet, Jeffrey's journey into mystery, the tryst with Dorothy followed by arrival of Frank - "there will be trouble until the robins come."

    There may be a key here for your immediate future, integrating the Shadow, spec. the next 3 years leading into Saturn return?

    Just passing thoughts from a fellow psychonaut.

    enjoy the show.

    PS. Some penetrating leads & questions for you at the SW blog. ; )

    Anonymous said...

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