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    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Strormy Weather Part 2 and some words ON Being Lost...

    Part 2 of the recent interview with Aeolus Kephas up at Stormy Weather NOW.

    Part Two of AK's chat with Jake Kotze picks up where part one left off, with the question of "madness" as an inevitable aspect of gnosis, covers mind-made realities, forming new consensuses within consensus reality, the dangers of being targeted as a carrier of the "virus", the resistance of consensus to new ideas, synchromysticism and the goal of Zen, working under protection of the Spirit, the difference between fear and awareness, walking the path of the warrior, enlightenment as the path of least resistance, the natural state, Brad Pitt as a resonator of death, the different faces of Apocalypse, cracking the shell of identity, gnosis momentum, personal death and ways to meet it, using death as an advisor...

    Hope you enjoy listening, ME (interchangeable with WE as a WE3 Spinner) and Aeolus had a blast Being involved in its creation.

    22 Jan 2009... Tomorrow is my 5 year anniversary of being sober. I walked into rehab on 23 Jan 2004 due to a severe attachment to alcohol. My identity had merged with the substance and I felt incomplete without it. The dependence was taking its tole on my physical and personal life. My love interest at the time was starting to loose faith in me as every call from her in Winnipeg, to me in South Africa, caught me drunk as a sailor.
    Inexplicably - from my current perspective - I just walked into my doctors office one day and asked for help. With the invaluable support of my MOM I was sent to rehab. A few weeks later I quit my dismal run in film school and headed of to Manitoba...
    Jan 22, today, happens to be the Birthday of this same lady, a dear friend, who attracted me to Canada, I will be joining her soon for celebration.
    White Stars emanate from the Black Star's head.

    We see Obama and "Lost" on the cover of 20 Jan 2009's Winnipeg Free Press newspaper. This was the day that a Black Star was inaugurated as Prez of the U.S. (as us, U.S. resonates WE). I feel the current alignment of humanities consciousness with the Galactic and Spiritual Heart is being expressed on all fractal levels including the political theater.
    Our solar system (Horus the Moonchild of the NOW) is aligning with the black hole/star in the center of the Milky Way (Isis our MOM/Spirit). Spiritually this is form and thought acknowledging the void or NO-thing, infinite and eternal depth of Being. Space and Objects in Space/Time coming into balance.
    Thus Obama is a public echo of what is happening to our collective consciousness. WE/US Being lead into the N.W.O/N.O.W, the Newly Ordered World and synchromystic equal of the fully realized NOW.

    See Black Star for some more depth..
    Having the start of new season of "Lost" entrain perfectly with the rein of Black Star unveils much. WE are still collectively Lost but are rapidly Being Found.
    The Plant KKonsciousness is coiling its vines into symbiosis with our awareness. A new species is evolving on the Heart (Earth).
    I just rewatched Season 4 and couldn't ignore how big a part plants play in the show. Most of the time spent on the island sees the characters surrounded by jungle.
    The Dharma station that teleports - a time/space distortion, thus StarG8 resonating - the island, in the 4th season finale, sees an octagonal logo with a spiraling or concentric circle plant Heart.
    Spiraling plants resonates all the axis mundi or Dragon Axis up and down the fractal ladder of existence, particularly DNA/Serpents and of course Ayahuasca.
    The 8 sided Dharma logos with there black dot centers resonates the Galaxy's Heart (a black hole) and Manitoba's Legislative Building Pool of the Black Star.
    Both "Lost" and Obama resonate harmoniously through there Milky Way flavor.

    See Galactic Center Temple for Legislature details.
    My friend Jim Sanders has shared his dreams about taking Ayahuasca with Obama in Manitoba. The same day he told me about this I had passed a television set where Obama was in frame with the letters ZO/OZ while the American flag's stars emanate from his crown. I believe this Kosmic Konsciousness Obama resonance will materialize, maybe literally or like many sync patterns, not exactly as WE envision, the elements perhaps poetically rearranged...
    On the day of the inauguration Jim sent me this sync (below) which blew my mind. I had been watching "Star Trek The Next Generation" episode "Tin Man" that same day. The episode is primarily centered on First Contact, which fits beautifully with Tin's resonance as Jupiter (the alchemical symbol for Jupiter and Tin is the same). First Contact is the equivalent of Kosmic Konsciousness, the Tin Man susynctly being the Being contacted by the Enterprise crew in this episode.
    Remember that Jupiter is the planet most associated with the StarG8 (think "2001: Space Odyssey") and that "The Wizard of Oz's" Tin Man is looking for a Heart.

    Jim had realized, timed perfectly with the commencing of presidency by the Black Star, that MANITOBA - the Keystone prairie province in Canada which contains the North American Continent's Heart as the City of Winnipeg and its Galactic Center Temple - is an anagram for TIN OBAMA.
    WOW MOM!


    Yesterday (which is NOW Jan 22), while shopping with the Birthday girl, mentioned earlier - the same lady who's charms lured me to Manitoba - I had another wacky Obama sync cluster. Futilely attempting to convey the excitement of some of these 'fringe' Obama ideas to her more rational intellect - always a sobering and needed re-balancing experience - I saw a book cover of the Milky Way swim into my perceptual field, entraining with the mention of the new Prez. Then, a few minutes later, she was trying on a piece of clothing made of BAMBOO fiber when I exclaim, BAMBOO is OBAMA!


    tommy said...

    That was a great interview. I made sure to keep a more open mind this time, and didn't feel any sort of negativity from your words.

    I'll be at the party.

    ...the who cares girl... said...

    Say, January 23rd is my 1 year anniversary of being booze-free. Craaaazy, man.

    Christopher Knowles said...

    Congrats all around, Jake.

    Ed said...

    Congrats on the 5 years of sobriety. It can be rough, I know from experience.

    (has anyone looked into the word verification syncs? Mine right now reads "traps".)

    Jim said...

    in that pic that aeolus uses for your show,
    the snake is native to the amazon. i have video of one that looks just like it that crossed our paths the day we left the jungle. anyone see the new lost episode. i do love it. they are skipping through time right now like a skipping record. sound about right...

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for the thanks

    Maybe I will catch the new Lost this eve...

    Just saw Kate Winslet next to a giant 42 in "Redemption Road". I instinctively try and take screen shots but then realize I'm sitting in a theater...

    Synchromystic Review:
    5 Stars!

    Accidental Alchemist said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Accidental Alchemist said...

    I laughed reading your comment. I often click 'undo' or control 'z' at work.

    Good mellow interview.

    I compare synchromysticism to decoder glasses.

    I hope I see you all at the party, as in I hope I make it too.

    aeolus kephas said...

    congrats on the sobriety - opening a space for a new brand of intoxication to enter, perhaps?

    robin makes spring, flower makes nectar

    soundlessdawn said...

    Oscillating heartbeat holographic lifespan. The least scary version of the lapse of life, or "on" "off" switch relates to the novice flowering annual horticulturist. When the buds are full and vibrant, at the peak of it's growing cycle ~ It is cut down to be enjoyed & a small clipping from the plant can then be used to clone a practically identical vegetation. Nobody weeps for the "mother" plant's death cycle ~ because the next space in the eternal life gradient can be seen within seconds ~ No time to mourn ~ Because a new sprout is poking out to see the sun for the first time. :p

    R. T. Hansen said...

    Good interview, nice once the initial nervousness settles, always interesting to listen to the sound of enlightenment, the ONe-all mindset!

    Here's an observation: regarding the important lossing of fear, the quote "there's only NOthing to be afraid of" etc..

    Actually this is the only fear there is. That NOthing exists, the preliminary childish mind, ego is afraid of the existence of nothing outside it self (outside ourself as ONeness). So to sum up ONe should say: "let go of fear" or if one have to use negation "there is not ANYTHING to be afraid of". Then were adopting subliminal messages into language and realising NOthing is NOwhere, just in our ignorant fear. To provoke a world of fear. Zen is a religion of nothingness BTW.

    Joy & delight to Y'ALL!

    R. T. Hansen said...

    and regarding "Redemption Road" shouldnt it have been "Revolutionary Road"? Someone asked me yesterday if I wanted go check it out..

    So if thats the case, maybe you should check out "Redepmtion..":

    "Uncared for by the community, Rick, recently mad, is looking for somewhere warm to commit suicide. Instead he finds George, a downtrodden doormat of a man, recently separated. In turn they stumble upon the embittered, man-mountain that is Joe, recently bereaved. One game of pool and several drinks later these three disparate men are thrown together on a journey no-one wants to take, to a destination no-one believes exists, chased by a man no-one should meet."

    "How do societies and individuals heal the profound psychic wounds such acts inflict? Jonathan Stack's intimate journey with them captures the courage and dignity with which these women seek their own path to forgiveness and redemption - to, in the words of one, "become a human being""

    The world is so full of this. Bliss.

    YOSHIKO said...

    great interview. hiding behind the impenetrable 'science of synchomysticism' jake speaks more and more like a zen master... love .s

    Jim said...

    just saw The Reader last night. k8 is in that as well.

    noticed the TinTin comic in it. (JupiterJupiter)

    also it is a Tin box that is used to open the heart between k8 as a convicted nazi and a grown up jewish former prisoner of a death camp.

    otherwise i saw the movie from the front row so everybody had really wide bottoms and little heads.

    word verification: coffers

    Anadæ said...

    I'm happy to note & proud to share your sobriety with you, Jake. One of the Twelve Steps sutras that awe-ways helped me in the beginning of my own road to Recovery was, "WHY stands for Won't Help you!" Welcome to the Family & all the very best to you in aught nine & far, far beyond. Keep coming back, it works if you work it, so work it, you're worth it! ~ Anadæ ( :-)}

    Terry said...

    nice interview, always good too here.

    Anonymous said...

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    Ishmael said...

    I'm glad I read this today.
    make first contact (everyday!)
    wonderful knowing you Jake.

    crystal rose said...

    truly amazing! so interesting to see where life will lead you. i was happy to read this post today after it was reposted on fb, it made some of the connections more clear. also, wondering what year your friend was born? i have the same birthdate, january 22nd - was born in 1981 -->1+22+19=42. pretty sweet!