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    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Greased Lightning


    Superjudge said...

    Go greased lightning... just never mind the Satanic hand signal by the guy on the back of the car.

    Anonymous said...

    Anything do to with the Travolta's tragedy in the Bermuda triangle?

    The steepest peak in the world is there if you took away the ocean, next to the Devil's Tongue where three tectonic plates meet.

    Jim said...

    nice. John TraBolta.

    In Spanish the V is said like a B.

    soundlessdawn said...

    "You know.. I spend a lot of time on my hair.. and he hits it.. he hits my hair."

    Jaspal said...

    Hope I am not going off topic here but I have a few syncs I need to get off my chest.

    I saw Gran Torino and loved it, amazing film and a quite fitting way for Clint to finish acting. Something then "drove me" to watch Apocalypse Now, which I hadn't seen before.

    Quite a few interesting syncs between the two movies. The Brando character is called "Walt", you have a deck of cards with the same logo as the one on Clint's lighter, the 1st Airbourne "All the Way Brigade", and then the killing of the black bull/taurus (ok water buffalo but it damn sure looked like a bull). I noted with interest that the kid in Gran Torino was called “Tao”, meaning “the way”, Tao-rus anyone?

    Other strange things such as the card Martin Sheen picks up, it is the 7 of hearts, he also had a heart attack while the movie was being filmed. Then there is the journey along the river, they meet a Tiger (2010), then playboy bunnies (2011) and then the dragon himself (2012). Martin Sheen kills him with a machete, which looks a lot like a sickle/7, juxtaposed with the killing of the Bull.

    One naturally thinks of the castration of Uranus, but death appears to be killing time.

    Terry said...

    nice find, interesting.

    aferrismoon said...

    GL = 33 - Wave

    To bolt also means to 'run away'


    Jake Kotze said...

    I wasn't consciously (that's the awareness of the little me, as opposed to the KKonsciousness of the totality..) thinking about Travolta's current thread in the popular news. I haven't been following it at all.
    I felt it was more influenced by my new roommates who are dancers and own a bunch of interesting musicals (a 'guilty' pleasure, second only to U-boat movies) on DVD.
    Yet, NOW it seems more relevant..
    I really like the Universe.

    tommy said...

    Jaspal - "I noted with interest that the kid in Gran Torino was called “Tao”, meaning “the way”, Tao-rus anyone?"

    Cool, we synced up on watching Apocalypse Now as I viewed it a couple of days ago, and one thing I picked up was how the boat driver gets a symbolic spear through the heart, along with Kilgore's obsession with "waves" and napalm (water and fire, right brain) during the Helicopter (Air, enemies are on Earth, left brain) attack scene. In Gran Torino, Walt also calls Thao "Toad", like the frog mouth/GC resonator Jake talked about last year, and it's interesting that the last thing Thao does to Walt is yell at him, evoking a large opening of his mouth.

    GO, Greased Lightning

    Jake Kotze said...

    Toad is totally GC..

    So both poles of the Galactic Dragon Axis in Gran Torino (Chariot of the Gods)

    Torino is Taurus or Galactic Anticenter and 2009 as Ox..

    Toad is the center.

    Later Space Cowboys!

    toure said...

    One charged and two arrested after John Travolta is 'threatened by extortion plotters' over photo of dying son Jett

    not to be crude, but,did he name his son after his plane? such a strange energy around that kid's death.

    aferrismoon said...

    OX = NW [ backdial] so NWO = OXO.
    OXO Cubes add meaty flavour to a bland dish
    Own thyself, Oxo thy neighbour

    Jake Kotze said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Jaspal said...

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had an urge to see 'Acropolis' NOW Tommy! For more red, blue, fire, water madness, I suggest you mosey on over to afewshotstoshaman's blog.

    Ox-Ford (Ford Torino) has a football team with a very interesting logo:

    Bolt/Waves! Not to mention that the Thames is renamed to the "river Isis" while it flows through the great city that I lived in for two years.

    Word verificaion: UNIbing.

    Jim said...

    So the paramedic that tried to extort Trabolta
    is named Tarino Lightbourne.

    Or should I say Torino/taurus/bull/ox Lightning.

    Here is the title "Torino Lightbourne CHARGED..."
    I bet he is charged, he is if full of bullish lightning!

    Anonymous said...

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    niq said...

    Watching Saturday Night Fever. Songs by The Bee Gees (27.) Remember that picture of the bee hive and the G? The night club they go to is named, 2001 Odyssey. heh. also made in '77.

    (added this on a new post, but recall TraBolta posts, so I'll add it here too.)