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    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    The Coup inside 'The Pyramid'

    Above is the great "Party Music" album cover "The Coup" 911 sync. The image was designed before 911 and shows the Pillarmids being exploded in distinct resonance with 911.

    What are Pillarmids?
    Three distinct pyramids at Giza, having over time evolved and been incorporated into the symbolism of the three pillars of Masonry seen on tracing boards. The 2 greater Pyramids have become the Twin Pillars of Solomons Temple also reflected by the Twin Towers of 911. Meaning the Twin Towers can be considered symbolic pyramids or "Pillarmids".

    See the books of Ralph Ellis such as "Eden in Egypt" for details of Pyramid/Pillar/Tower interchangeability.

    The poster notes a performer named Hot Dogg. See Personal Stargate for Hot Dog related syncs. Dog is god backwards, connects to Sirius the Dog Star and K9 (resonating K2). K is 11th letter of alphabet thus K9 becomes 119 or 911 backwards, thanks Bigevil.

    Jim Sanders - another local of my hometown Winnipeg - one of the creators of the Nosis "Inside Job" interview clip (the clip used this same "The Coup" album cover) sent me an email on June 24 asking me if I had noted the red pentagram logo on the album cover?
    The pentagram is veiled by the other 911 landmark the Pentagon. In the previous post I suggested the pentagram - thus also the Pentagon - as a symbol of Isis and Sirius makes it a pointer of Galactic Center. We then have all major 911 Mega Ritual symbols, as well as Galactic Center, present on this precognitive piece of 911 Hip Hop (HH) art. (For more 911 Hip Hop)
    I replied to Jim, telling him I had never made the wonderful connection with red pentagram. I then wondered if he was aware that "The Coup" was performing that very same evening (one week ago) in our home town at the "Pyramid Cabaret"? He did not, he was simply entraining - coming into resonance - with synchronicty.
    Delighted at this sync I went down to have a look for myself.

    Ride The Fence (Live (Short Clip)) - The Coup

    I took this quick movie with my digital camera to give you a sense of the vivid nature of this real life synchromystic experience. We see front man "Boots" Riley, last seen at the exploding Twin Towers, performing "Ride The Fence" inside "The Pyramid". This connects the WTC and 911 with Giza, made vivid by the sync web, yet again.
    "Boots" Riley of "The Coup" between Tut and Pyramid.

    Two Sphinx and a giant Mural of King Tut (a.k.a RoboTut) flank the band as a brick backdrop with Pyramid design frame the Stargate entraining artists singing a song from the same 911 sync album.
    Right ahead of me (picture above) in the crowd was some dude wearing a sports jersey with the name KHAN present on the back.

    Both Kublia (Xanadu builder) and Genghis Khan keep popping up synchromystically when we research the Stargate. Syncnificantly they owned the land on which K2 sits.
    Winnipeg theaters in entrainment with these events just started running the Academy Award Nominated foreign language film "Mongol" (Ghengis Khan bio-pic), The Blob intends to slither over to the cinema and assimilate the experience...

    See the Why 2K videos for more on K2, Xanadu and Khan.

    Why 2K? - Part1 - Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle-K

    Why 2K? - Part2 - K For Khan

    Giza mural outside "Pyramid Cabaret" as "The Coup" play inside.

    Some extra thoughts on "The Coup" and "Ride The Fence" in the post Grey's Anatomy.


    aferrismoon said...

    The COUP ON is subtly integrated into the Lisa with Magazine picture [ the famous one with 9 and the Twins making 11]. In the bottom right it has an ad with the word 'coupon', thus coup on.
    Winni-peg, well horses 'whinney' .
    Sweet soul synching serenades my soul - cheers

    Phenom said...
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    Phenom said...

    there was an old WWF tag team (u can tell i'm obsessed with wrestling) named the Twin Towers from the late 1980's...
    I'm looking 2 c if there is any 9/11 syncs in their career I cant really find any yet other than the fact that one of them has a police officer character (the Big Boss Man) hence perhaps 9/11/K9 resonant...I'll inform u if i find anything else interesting with them when i get my mind 2gether...

    Jake Kotze said...

    I saw a clip once of Hulk Hogan (HH) fighting the Twin Towers. If I remember correctly he kept shouting "I'm going to tear down the Twin Towers" "I'm going to destroy the Twin Towers", stuff like that. I have been meaning to blog about it for months but never get around to it. I think its great that you analyze WWF, wonderful! If I get the clip and time I might bring it up soon. Keep up the good work.

    Phenom said...

    thanks, i will try...yea, the thing i'm most interested in understanding is the New World Order/WCW storyline bc i wonder if it might somehow be (2 some extent) a precognitive mirror of what we can expect in our future and more importantly the archetypes/symbolism behind it...perhaps what we can do about it (if anything at all) i'm still a novice at this tho i suppose i'll get better as we get more info...HH (Hulk Hogan) was the leader of the new world order & he fought Zeus in No Holds Barred...he was in a lot of movies i guess i'll try 2 analyze them too...

    A. Magnus Publius said...

    Here's something from left field: 9/11 is another way of denoting Tisha B'av, the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70AD and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. It is the 9th day of the 11th Hebrew calendar month, which when written in the European date convention is 9/11. It's also something I see several times a week whenever I look at a digital clock - never fails.

    Interesting note about Hulk Hogan fighting the Twin Towers and then heading the NWO. Members of the NWO always wore black and did things like driving a firetruck into an ambulance carrying an injured wrester who'd been taken down by the NWO earlier in the night's show. They always marked their victims with a black spraypainted X as well.

    Given that most SWAT teams wear black and given the prevalence of Skull and Bonesmen in politics and business (whose symbol is the skull and crossbones - an X), and given that this storyline took place not long after 9/11 in the WWE, you could say there is a lot of 'foretelling' going on in popular media.

    Phenom said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Phenom said...

    yea, that was early 2002. The Rock was the wrestler that they drove the truck into, that was prior 2 Hogans match with the Rock @ Wrestlemania X(8) and that was around prior to the release of the Scorpion King. In wrestling there is also Y2J (obvious play of Y2K/K2). He debuted in the WWF in late 1999 interupting the Rock. He was also interestingly at the end of 2001 a few months after the ritual/December) the first wrestler 2 become the Undisputed WCW/WWF Champion as Vince Mcmahon merged the two organizations that year after buying WCW.

    Eugene said...

    Mongols also resonates with how to conquer an Empire as 'immigrant song'.

    Falling from Empire's Tower....

    Over the weekend the "Russian Rapunzel", ie Ruslana Korshunova, fell from her 9th floor balcony at 130 Water Street, Manhattan district NYC.

    She was born in Almaty, ie "rich with apple", of Khazakstan, the very place where 'white' Russia ate the apple of judaism and where the Kazakh Khanate was founded!!!

    Some 'suspect' ties to Russian Mafia due to their 'supposed' control of young models and sex trafficking. Russia's mafia is of course jewish!

    Z said...

    Pyramid Cabaret- cabaret invokes the kaba. In fact in German it's spelled kabarett. Most people are familiar with Bob Fosse's 1972 film which takes place in pre-Nazi Weimar Republic Germany. In the film Liza Minelli performs at the Kit Kat Club.

    Phenom said...

    So far I have this...Hulk Hogan & Macho Man (MM) Randy Savage are the Mega Powers w/Elizabeth vs. the Twin (Gemini) Towers
    ...dont kno if Elizabeth can be connected 2 Isis somehow...Macho Man (MM) was world champion at this time and the belt had a eagle (Scorpio) on it...he used to put elizabeth on his shoulders and put the scorpio world title on her shoulder...hmm...need 2 find better clips...

    fletcher said...

    great blog.
    wildly entertaining and
    I can completely relate with the synchronistic thinking, also referred to as magical thinking by psychology..
    usually considered akin to delusional states of mind where one sees connections in the mundane, this thought style can become obsessive compulsive tendencies.
    Or at least that's what they want you to believe.
    shine on you crazy diamond.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks Fletcher

    This work brings me much joy. Very groovy then when it is interpreted as such by others.

    kevin lewis said...

    funny also fletcher, that, synchromysticism is actually defined pretty much exactly how "paranoid schizophrenia" is. as explored by the brothers mckenna in "the invisible landscape", shamans are basically what our society deems "paranoid schizophrenics" who can also accept "reality" and integrate themselves in it for the better. i think it's very important the way we understand synchromysticism, and jake is foremost in actually providing an understanding behind this sometimes seemingly scary stuff.
    the last few posts posts were especially awesome, keep on.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Jake,

    Adding to aferris' comment.

    The word 'coupon' is often pronounced 'KEW-pon' This changes the word 'coup' with its silent 'p' into the homonym for the letter 'Q'. Q as the 17th letter harmonizes with H as the 8th. The typo for a capital Q looks like the top of the number 8.

    8 seems like the perfect 'stargate number' as it implies the leap to infinity.

    I am intrigued by the idea of a H-olographic stage, operated by 'Q' the TNG character,and the barrage of paradigm tests that 'HE' inflicts upon humanity.

    I remember a comment (could've been here at 'the blob') where someone mused that the events of 9/11 might be a holographic illusion. Could it be true!!!???

    Did humanity at large, on 9/11 somehow enter a hologram that also induced 'almost' complete amnesia of the pre-holographic state of being. This could include 'into the brain stem' downloads that encourage a memory of lifelong sync-winks.

    Is there any way to trust one's own memory?

    Peace Dude

    Da WWWiz

    gorppmc said...

    Jake, you might like to check out miss kittin's songs "pollution of the mind" and "wash 'n dry" (try searching they seem to allude to certain ideas you've frequently explored here.

    the album "tagline": "13 tracks about my uplifting journey through change. Let the bats fly out of your head, goodbye old ghosts! In the light shadows shrink, time for a new perception, a world of intuition."

    pretty interesting, yeah?

    Newspaceman said...

    Hiya Jake, saw snoop doggy dogg at t in the park a couple of years ago.

    Curiously, they have a "tent" - musical stage - there called King Tut's Wah Wah Tent.

    Club in Glasgow provided name.


    soundlessdawn said...

    Trying to put on a Mind Bending Sync-Con Mega Festival in Banff, Alberta in a few months ~ I'll keep you on the up and up.

    Atareye said...

    Went to the Calgary stampede yesterday. Calgary is home to the tallest twin towers in Canada. Calgary also has the mushroom resembling Calgary tower close to these twins. I saw a ride called Tuts fury which was covered in hieroglyphs and toped with an all seeing pyramid. Its one of those ships that pivot up and down. On this ship the bow was tuts golden sarcophagus. I had to snap a picture of this ride with the twins in the background. Hows that for obsessive compulsive schizophrenia? My wife pulls the Beautiful mind card on me once again.

    zenbrooklyn said...

    Hi Jake ~ had you ever been to "The Pyramid" before?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yes, I remember seeing Buck 65 there. I also went to a 'David Lynch appreciation' evening and a '911 Truth' type event...

    Peace Outro

    Jake Kotze said...

    I forgot to ad in this post that at the end of the evening I grabbed one of 'The Coups' drummer's sticks that was throne into the crowd...

    Be well

    Indras Net said...

    Great article Jake, a 3 dimensional synchromystic experience it sounds like fun!
    I wanted to run an article of mine by you at

    i go into symbolisms in obama, hancock, 2k as the dawn of the age of aquarius relation to this elections Uranus Saturn alignment and some more. Id love some feedback. great red ice interview too by the way. Blessings, be well

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    Mr. Blob, I don't often pop in over here, but, whoa, after thissun, why, Aye tink Aye jus' mite! ( :-)} I oft thymes peruse Mr. Battling-the-Behemoth's & Mr. Gott's Porn's (neé Michael's, whose name in Hebrew MEANS "He Who Is Like G-d"), leaving several pertinent Keyes to the locks on the doors as they jingle.

    I like, too, Mr. Lewis's observation above, or below (the Hermetic axiom being, "As above, so below") about, erm, uhm, so-called paranoid schizophrenics & "our" synchromysticism bein' linked or at the very least misidentified as similar. Wm Burroughs once said, "Paranoids simply have all the facts!" Mr. Lewis also has good utilization of the silent film screen queen, Theda Bara's pic as an "avatar"; as you well must "Gno", her name wuzz a clever stirring of the characters in the whirreds "Arab death" ... curiouser & curiouser.

    As an aside, I wuzz once asked to (k)NOT(work) post any longer on an internet hyperboard for longhaired dudes, all ages, nonpartisan, all strata of society, for frequently reflecting ON synchromysticism, too often away from the site's main purpose, which wuzz simply chronicling users's hair-farming efforts. What a buncha conservo-fascists that THOSE moderators really turned out to be.

    I also like your observations on Amanita muscaria & the Lost Empire of Atlantis elsewhere. Thanks, Jake ( ;-)} R. Gordon Wasson would be proud. He probably is.

    randogg said...

    fascinating stuff. The site "etemenanki" also goes into how world events are directed by syncronicity and the alignment of the celestial bodies. I have been interested in this subject for a long time. Keep up the good work.

    Anonymous said...

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