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    Monday, July 7, 2008

    New Red Ice Interview

    Lovely chat with Henrik from Red Ice Creations about synchromysticism, "Nosis" documentary, K2, 2012 and the realization of consciousness. We also take time to cover the divine Robin Tunney.

    Thanks to the brothers Palmgren at Red Ice who have supported and influenced this work from the outset.


    Z said...

    thanks for attempting to communicate what is by nature beyond communication. it takes a very special spirit to stumble around so close to the truth with style and grace. and each time someone tries to speak the unspeakable we get a little closer. keep pushing the envelope.

    Phenom said...
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    Phenom said...

    gr8 interview, a potential sync winc i just noticed in my perennial unhealthy obsession with the WWE's christ-undertaker character is this commercial for the 1994 Summer Slam event I told u about wherein the character died (was put in an octagonal Casket). Anyway in the storyline the comedian Leslie Nielson was hired as a detective to "solve the mystery of the Undertaker" and for the PPV wherein he resurrected they had this commercial with Leslie Nielson sitting at his desk investigating the mystery and then he gets a knock at the door and its the grey-gloved undertaker) & while nielson is not looking or paying attention (as he does not realize its the undertaker) he puts an octagonal dominos pizza box on his desk (as the event was sponsered by domino's pizza). I figured that commercial definately has sync winc written all over it since nielson is investigating a mystery (as we are) and he gets an octagonal pizza box with a pizza "pi" inside of it and you talk a lot about pi...they had it on you tube but it was deleted...i'll try 2 find it again if u find it interesting....nonetheless gr8 interview...i am delighted 2 see a buffy sigil on your site I do hope that foreshadowing that u are going 2 investigate her show I am a big buffy fanatic.

    Brendan said...

    Really great interview Jake, have you had the enlightenment experience yourself yet? You talk like you have, I was being hit by multiple synchronicities while I was listening.
    We are all one consciousness experiencing life subjectively, that I have witnessed and 2012 is when like the hundred monkey syndrome we become fully present in the oneness of our totality.
    All points lead to this and everything in this world is as it should be, it can never not be.
    Cheers Jake.

    aferrismoon said...

    Fine interview, lots of openness and openings.
    Over the Rainbow at the end = a beaut synch
    Agree with Z, difficult to put into words and yet keep it non-static and manufactured.
    The journeys through the synchs I enjoyed.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to entrain with the conversation and sync winks.

    Peace Outro

    Jake Kotze said...

    I AM Being a busy bee with the new Hudson Hawk (HH) post...

    soundlessdawn said...

    I happened to be working on a Video on the Age of Aquarius when I listened.. So I think I'm going to put a clip or two of your interview in the vid with your permission.. I think it's too fitting to pass up. Hit me up on Skype some time ~

    Newspaceman said...

    There is a more obvious and logical reason why this one-ness you speak of is impossible to communicate to others in language that they understand, and that is because you don't actually know what it is and therefore you cannot describe somthing you have no real concept of. i.e it does not exist, except in your mind

    Will everyone be marked in order to buy, sell, or make movies in this great new beginning for humanity ?

    Barrack Obama, America - the new Christ spirit, my arse. America was established to what it is doing now, act as the fall guy for the freemasonic/atonist/ House of Windsor enslavement of mankind - this time with a technological twist.

    To claim that world wars and 911 are part of a "good thing" in terms of "progress" for humanity is illogical,imhuman, and in fact playing into the hands of those who desire to control you further.

    You and your buddy Tolle should jump on the plane to Scotland, I will put you right as to our pre-planned slave based future.

    No disrespect intended but you remind me of Moses the Raven in Orwell's Animal Farm.

    Maybe it's the Sugarcandy mountain sync.


    Jake Kotze said...

    You are right Newspaceman that is a more obvious and logical reason.

    I know now, after much suffering, that the more joy your belief system brings you the more accurately it reflects the true nature of things.

    101- I will answer your questions in future posts, as we continue, flux willing.

    Steve - Please, do what thou wilt, with any material I have ever made. That goes for anybody else.
    I would be happy if you used it (taking into account the wishes of other parties involved in said media). I do however humbly request that you try and use it with joy.

    Thanks Z and Mr Luna, groovy K@'s

    Bigevil- About Buffy, I have a great sync, I am hoping to put it in a future video...

    Atareye said...

    I've been reading Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior. I read this book a couple years ago only half way. Now reading it seems easier in light of my new understanding of things. Heres a quote from the first page...
    "From the great cosmic mirror
    without beginning and without end
    Human society became manifest.
    At that time liberation and confusion arose....."

    To add to the joy you talk of, this book talks of gaining a true sense of humor. Not the joking kind but having a "light touch with reality" not beating reality into the ground. Finding humor in the mundane within your life. Chogyam Trungpa says that saving the world is not enough. We have to become an enlightened society.

    Thanks for the brain food.

    A collaboration project from You and Steve would be a good thing. Just my two cents

    soundlessdawn said...

    I'm going to put an extremely satanic slant on your words.. Even backwards speech.. people are really going to get the wrong idea about you. ;d heheh

    Unknown said...


    Interesting interview.
    At some point in the interview though you make a statement which is sort of like a freudian speak coming from your unconscious. it is at 1 hour 4 minutes and 42 seconds into the interview:

    you say: " Part of that is suffering, part of that is until we completely let go of that attachment to the idea that we are NOT separate from the universe"

    Mmmmmmm I am sure you consciously meant the opposite of that statement........... hehe :)

    maybe you ares still divided within.

    Brendan said...

    When we discover the NWO and the plan for global enslavement we go through a period of denial matched with an insatiable appetite for more and more information to really find the truth of who is controlling the world. We then realize that yes this dark force which operates within the shadows really exists and is hell bent on total global enslavement.
    We then look for a way to wake other people up to what is going on in hope that if greater numbers of us unite we can bring the system crashing down and start building a free and righteous world.
    We then get ridiculed by our peers and told to STFU you mad man!
    So we realize we are never going to wake up enough people to make a significant difference, they are just too programmed to their view of reality.
    So go a step deeper, what is reality, if we can understand reality maybe we will find a way of defeating the NWO because we will never defeat them on their terms, within their structure of cut and dried belief systems.
    It is not until you understand your true nature that all becomes clear, what you resist will always persist as you are giving them the power over the reality you are currently in, in essence you are creating the NWO.
    Taking the power back is what you need to do, do not feel you are an isolated soul fighting an uphill battle against an invisible enemy you can never defeat. Realize you are quite literally all of creation and you have created the NWO in order to wake yourself up. The NWO from this perspective can be viewed as a catalyst in the enlightenment process and the whole process much like a Zen Koan leading to awakening.
    I've struggled with this for 20 years or so and it is hard going at times but since my first glimpse of my true nature I've found myself consciously creating my own reality with thought alone.
    Coincidence should be taken out of the dictionary because there is no such thing. Synchronicity is in our face shouting at us "we are all connected" trying to wake us up out of our slumber.
    If I could give any advice at this point in time it would be, be careful what you think because what you think determines the reality you will receive, thought becomes form and in my case at least, my thoughts are becoming form very quickly, some good, some bad but always initiated by me.

    Z said...

    cool comments, 101. You have summarized a process very nicely- one that really deserves to be fleshed out in detail. Someone should attempt to do so, maybe I will...

    Newspaceman said...

    You have been anorexiacized z; or still mustering an attempt at communicating an uncommunicable intangible nonsense ?

    Gonna get the chip Jake? - and more suffering alongwith ?