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    Friday, December 19, 2008

    Red Road

    JC as The Fool leaps with a smile into the Abyss, tethered safely by a red rope, on a "Yes Man" poster.

    Writing "Scarlet Dragon 2" keeps red fresh in my mind. With this in mind it makes sense that I would notice a strange pattern in current film posters, today, while standing in line at my local theater to see "Yes Man" (StarRing ZOoey (a OZ resonator who stared in "Tin Man", an OZ remake! Double OZ, nice!) Deschanel and Jim Carrey (JC)).
    The red tape swirls like kundalini around Adam (Great Father) and Eve (Great Mother), the human tree in the Garden. Christmas echoes this tree 'feel'.

    One of the walls of the theater saw numerous posters out of which emerged a red line/strip/band/tape theme.

    Another red ribbon around the neck of gifted DOG/GOD in "Marley An Me".
    "The Spirit" has this same red theme as tie around his neck, mysteriously released on the same day as "Marley & Me". Both Spirit and Dog resonate Being/NOthing and open on the day we celebrate the birth of this state of KKonsciousness, X-Mas day.
    "Hotel For Dogs" ads more depth and perspective to the theme..

    On mentioning this observation to Jim he reports:
    "the red road is the indigenous path for the good life. it is the path of the sundancer. respect for all life.
    healthy living etc.. it is the indigenous way..."

    "The path to wellness in indigenous communities is often referred to as the Red Road; a journey and way to well-being that First Nations people must travel in order to be truly well and healthy human beings. The Lakota traditionally embrace the Red Road, a holistic philosophy that integrates health-related phenomena in an inclusive, circular path of living and dying (Kavanaugh, Absalom, Beil, & Schliessmann, 1999). Likewise, the philosophy of the Red Road is embraced by many indigenous people from all nations as the proper way to live according to the traditional instructions received by Native people. For many, it is seen as the only way that Native people will continue to exist as nations, communities, and human beings, distinct from other surrounding cultures."
    Perspectives on wellness: journeys on the Red Road

    Winnipeg Sun Article

    Mmmm, interesting.

    I would interpret this as similar to what I recently heard Echart Tolle talk about when referring to the 'tightrope of the Now'. The awakened human stays alert and present, grounded in the ever changing eternal moment. He walks the 'tightrope of the Now'. Things (thoughts and situations) come and go yet an ever present sense of Self beyond all form remains.
    This is also the Christian narrow road to heaven and wide road to hell. The narrow road is a focused awareness which humbly honors the context of the Moment. Hell is the wide road, a sense of self violently tortured by the identity under stress of attachment to ever changing forms.
    Aronofsky's "The Fountain" speaks of this when the Mayan priest invokes the "Road To Awe".
    Dorothy Gale walks this same road - The Yellow Brick Road - from which she must not stray, on her way to OZ and the Emerald City (Heaven/NOw).



    Anonymous said...

    I've had a few syncronistic episodes very recently involving those red kabbalah bracelets all those stars are wearing that symbolizes protection. The holiest red bands are the ones that come from red cord wound around Rachel's tomb and then cut up to make smaller bracelets. Could that be related to all of this? When I saw this post, I couldn't believe it because I'd been seeing the red band popping up only this week. I did some digging into these red band institutions that Madonna's involved with and it turns out they are very corrupt. Anyway, it's fascinating watching these things pop up on your radar too. It's definitely something to keep an eye on.

    kevin lewis said...

    i think you'll find jim carrey's choice of musical about 2 minutes into this clip pretty...well..obvious now.

    kevin lewis said...

    by the way, jake, on the "older" topics of k2/sesame street/candy i almost couldn't believe when i saw this today..."aleister cookie"?! seriously??

    Unknown said...

    Not to dash on your observations which are mostly on point, but didnt dorothy travel down quite the opposite road?

    Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

    Was watching MTsar's 2012, Where History Ends (Origins and Oracles Series) last night and spent a minute on the red square, connecting it to the RED CARPET. He seems to believe that this is a symbol of the bloodline, red as it hits oxygen.

    Atareye said...

    I thought the same thing Jess. kabbalah bracelets. My family and I spent the night at Grandma's last night. Coincidentally this morning I was watching some of her black and white shows sporadically as the morning progressed. Ronald Reagan played a released convict, and upon arrival, one of his old crime pals says...

    " Sorry we din't have the red carpet rolled out for you..."

    Then Jake posts this article.

    Mstars Origins and Oracles red carpet theory came to mind as well.

    Traditionally colored cANDy canes swirling red and white.

    I can see this theme getting very interbreasting.

    Nice twisting and weaving Jake.

    Word veri code in a RED font "sesth"...

    aferrismoon said...

    The poster , in Azbuka, denotes him as DZYM KERRY , lmost presiDENTial


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    In Hebrew R is Resh.... It's the doer, making a word like Save, one who saves.... Savior. RR. Ronald Regan. R even begins the word Red, Red is the Chakra of doing.

    Jake Kotze said...

    R & R is also Rest and Relaxation.

    aferrismoon said...

    The Bungee Rope , in the first pic, also seems like an Umbelical Cord/Chord

    skrambo said...

    A lamp/torch in the room that I'm sitting in has a red bow on it for some "coincidental" reason. I believe (unfortunately) the red theme in movie posters is to stimulate the root chakra as in "your physical well being depends on this object/experience we are selling you"... To sell more tickets maybe? Excuse my paranoia.

    red = root chakra/reptilian brain/bio-survival circuit (in Prometheus Rising it's related to the most basic one-dimensional problem solving, towards the nourishing or away from the threatening), evil (in ancient Egypt, of course) and is associated with Mars (Energy) and all fire signs of the Zodiac. It is the color of War in Chaos Magic. Red basically means "go" or "move", as the traffic light system (red light = stop, red octagons mean stop... what??) has conditioned us not to notice.

    Relating red to detachment from form in recent screen-syncs:
    In the documentary Cat Dancers (in which I encountered a big cat mauling sync seconds into last night's Law and Order: SVU) Ron Holiday claims that he "saw red for 3 weeks after his wife's death" after the trauma of her blood being splashed in his face, a detail which stuck out to me. The white tiger that killed his wife was called Jupiter (Zeus), the god who damned Prometheus to eternal toil. In the movie Tremors, this theme is seen in the Graboid or subterranean tunnel worm (primitive natural consciousness, the main function of the root chakra, in a subconscious path), even including a 3-in-1 trinity, the graboid has 3 tongue-heads but one whole form which seemingly has 4 seperate minds, as in Jung's synchronicity of 4, and there are also 4 whole graboids in the movie. Let's not forget the theories of huge underground tunnels for "Reptilian" super fast trains...

    Returning to the Shattered Glass sync which is pretty much everywhere on american TV, I think you would love the DVD version of Unbreakable. There's a big sync surprise on the FBI warning screen, and it's nothing I've ever seen before on any other DVD. You can probably guess. It made me crack up.

    My word verification was "Takering". Take ring? Got it

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Fuck.... I need a little R & R!

    Re Laxation.... To become Lax again!

    Re means to do again in front of any word. OZsome!

    Man, I love the Blob.

    D7 said...

    Hi jake,

    i forgot to post this earlier here, anyway..

    In 2008 was also s movie called RED and about the dog. not some top rated production.. but still interesting it released on
    August 8. the day of Olympyc ceremony opening.

    Avery Ludlow, a veteran who hides his tortuous family history behind his love for his faithful dog, Red. One day while fishing, he is approached by three delinquents who try to rob him. Realising that he lacks anything of worth, the cocky leader of the pack, Danny, shoots dead his dog, laughs about it with his brother and friend, and then walks off. Ludlow is determined to get justice,

    peace, cheers and keep up good work

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