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    Friday, March 20, 2009

    All Buttoned Up


    Jon Kidd said...

    Tom Hanks(Ankhs) is gonna have his finger on, quite possibly, the most important button in history. In June....

    WV 'nuthea' then 'scoilit' then 'unesse'

    StrangEye said...


    Don't forget the big red RESET - "Overcharge" Button that Hillary Clinton gave the Russians.

    Clinton Goofs on Russian Translation


    Anadæ Effro said...

    Hello? Mr Kidd? Did you just reference the Hadron Collider??? I had to sneak this in here. Enjoy ( :-)}

    PS ~ WV is "phipylym" & izzint that sump'n in Cymri?

    soundlessdawn said...

    Man Jon, That Tom Hanks thing is just so bizarre.. coming right from "Angels & Demons." Almost as weird as Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck's new Mock~U~Mentary of a fallen actor/Hip Hop artist. Fiction is being woven into Reality like never before.. and at an alarming rate.

    Jon Kidd said...

    You might find some interesting information on my post about it. Some help from some synchroheroes in the comments section.

    WV in green 'goner'

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Smiley Face button in Horton Hears a Who!!!! Your brilliant!

    Andre Heath said...

    Amazing synchs.

    Don't forget:

    Emily Button in Jesus Henry Christ in 2003.

    Push the Button in 2004 - Animated Short.

    Belly Button in 2004 - 6 strangers are drawn together at one moment, and their lives are changed forever.

    Button Pusher in 2008 - Short comedy.

    Hnappurinn in 2008, also known as the Button.

    Power Button in 2008 - A father tries to steer his son away from misogynistic television programming, but the boy is holding the remote.

    The ALIEN Project

    Anonymous said...

    Tons of button pushing in Lost.

    Heroes had a button when Matt almost blew up the capital.

    Richard Arrowsmith noted some buttons on a Rat recently.

    You recently hyperlinked to a Dan Akroyd movie with Aliens and brass buttons.

    Stephen Colber had a big red button for when Cramer came on the show.

    That randomizer button in H2G2.

    aeolus kephas said...


    Just to let you know that the last podcast ("Closing Time") and blog post ("the secret of seers", a dream experience from some years back that i kept private until now) are now up - the snake is shedding his skin. May we meet again soon in some new form or constellation! ; )

    Happy Spring Time!
    The robins are now here

    the stormy one

    Jim said...

    Dan Ackroyd is visiting Winnipeg this weekend.
    Cool. Maybe i will go meet him.

    Arrowsmith said...

    Hey Jake. Just put a new post up which revolves around a video about the Pineal Gland. Would you believe it but the guy in the video refers to the Pineal as a TV Remote Control. We change frequency/channel with each press of the button!
    Also couldn't help but notice all the references to the 'i' in amongst your button syncs.

    Great timing J

    p.s. I even included a Smiley Face in the post. Weird.

    tommy said...

    In an episode of Ren and Stimpy (dog and cat), a big red button erases history.

    Watch here, copy n paste:

    toure said...


    The usage and meaning of "button" has gone through quite a few changes throughout history; from currency to ornamentation to fasteners for clothing... in the modern mechanical age it has become something you PUSH to activate essence, a way to bring something from one binary state (inaction) into another (action), on/off, etc.

    Our communication online is made possible by a complex binary system of buttons we call a KEY-board. Curious.

    Tom Hanks is turning on the collider? Great find Jon. I agree with Steve; I can't help but think that the alarming rate of increasing synchage we're experiencing is connected to the growth of the synchromystic community...

    Jim said...

    biospheric tv - the question remains - who is changing the channels?

    channek surfer is a great analogy

    db said...

    Candy buttons linked to OZ/ZOBAMA Here.

    The DynaMen say, "It's time to push the Red Button!" to transform and join many into one entity.

    Terry said...

    great stuff. i kinda came across this theme as well a couple weeks ago with Boom goes the dynamite .

    A Figure Eight said...

    *snickers* Conversation I had this morning after I had a synch overload on my home computer last night:

    Natalie: hey whats up
    Katie(me): is there a setting on a computer which allows what you type to come out backwards. or rather, in reverse
    Katie: as if you were typing in a mirror
    Natalie: ive never heard of that
    Katie: ...
    Natalie: is that happening to you?
    Katie: it did
    Natalie: weird
    Katie: and i was wondering if i "hit a button"

    synch yay

    Anonymous said...

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