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    Sunday, December 16, 2007

    K2 Candy

    I have been thinking about double K's because of the K2/2K syncs investigated in the last few videos.

    I eat chocolate bars at my day job (I should probably not eat such crap, but I am addicted to sugar right now..) While eating a Kit Kat I realized it is, like King Kong and Kublai Khan, yet another double K. It seemed a little trivial (nothing truly is trivial, it depends on the amount of presence you have in the NOW) until I also saw the fantastic animation of the Mika 'Lollipop' song. Included in said video we view 'The Lollipop Girl" passing a stylized Kit Kat bar with the 2 (not to mention a funky H) adding some extra K2 resonance to this bar. The H syncs originate from Gosporn (how is that pronounced?) articles here and here and have been expanded upon at The Blob and Concrete Junkyard. More about the highlighted H, perhaps in a future video.

    Mika - Lollipop

    Muse, Miss Robin (K2 mountaineer in "Vertical Limit") Tunney (see the Tunney Trilogy) is another Lollipop girl as her job in "Cherish" is animating a lollipop girl!

    Notice please the Zebra behind Robin Tunney as Zoe, a black and white animal/sphinx resonator to be found on the Chariot Tarot cards. (again, see the Tunney Trilogy for explanation)

    At Mika's website you can join a secret society.

    "Zoolander" was such an iconic 2001 film that Oliver Stones' "World Trade Centre" used it to visually transports us back to September 11th. In this scene, even used in the trailer, the shadow of a plane passes directly over a "Zoolander" billboard (image above). Titles that start with ZO like "Zoolander" are fascinating in themselves as I have encountered them in the mega-ritual before. Stargate Queen Robin Tunney has played characters called Zoe 3 times in her career and has all the Aleister Crowley "Grid Page" elements pointing at her name and the ZO of "Zodiac" on this films poster.

    ZO or OZ is also Pan/77. The OZ is present on the Sphere sculpture in "The Wiz" (See the "911 Stargate" video)

    In "Zoolander" Will Ferrell becomes a 'lollipop girl' while programming male model Ben Stiller to be his 'Manchurian Candidate' assassin.

    Will Ferrel has played the Masonic god influenced 'The Architect' in a clip from the 2003 MTV music awards. Where hosts Justin Timberlake (recently also seen here) and Sean William Scott were intercut with footage from the film, "The Matrix: Reloaded". He has also been George W. Bush on "Saturday Night Live", these syncs were investigated here

    As George W. Bush has been sighted (on questionable and flimsy evidence, none the less stimulating..) as a possible grandson of Aleister Crowley this sync is interesting. George has been connected to the 911 mega ritual and Pan/OZ/ZO/77 through his reading of "The Pet Goat" as the planes (or whatever) hit the buildings.


    Vieze Frans said...

    Well, ...I actually tried several of my email adresses at Mika's site for the secret society, but all time he said; not recognised.....

    does it collect the adresses? Damn page!

    Jake Kotze said...

    I don't know. I couldnt get it to work either...

    aferrismoon said...

    Kit-kat - the name given to porttraits of a particular size. The size adopted by Sir G.Kneller for painting the members of the KIT-KAT Club, which used to meet at house kept by CHRISTOPHER KAT { HAYDN }
    'Kit' is for Christopher , literally Christ-bearer
    - The Concise Dictionary of English Etymology - WWSkeats.

    A different explanation at Wiki, but I remembered this.
    So Kit = Christ.
    I wonder if Christopher and Lucifer are related.
    By the way ,the word verification - klfmndhk

    Chris said...

    Jake, please tell me you are aware of the rune named "Eihwaz" whose symbol is none other than the compound double 7 or 'Z'. Is this a valid connect?

    Jake Kotze said...

    I am aware of nothing of the kind, sounds interesting. Everything is a valid connect.

    Unknown said...

    Heres a pic of Eihwaz:

    Its the rune of Yggdrasil/World Tree apparently. "Yggdrasil will tremble and groan during Ragnarök, the final conflict between the gods and giants"

    Interesting connection.

    FilmNoir23 said...

    Don't forget the OZ resonating lollipop Guild. Hidden in Plain sight...

    I find the Zebra appearing quite amazing, not to mention that she has played a Zoe three times??? Wow, those things REALLY stand out to me Jake.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Lollipop Guild! How obvious.. I will amend. Thanks Todd

    Hoodanity said...

    Anyone noticed the 2 broken bars on the picture of the kitkat? Connection to the pillarmids? K2 + 2 pillars