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    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Tube Triptych

    Me and Steve Willner's 4th video. See the first three and more here.

    Genetic Hybridization, The Nines, and The Amnesiac Godhead

    Blogger "A Few Shots to Shaman" unveils his wonderful first video. I really hope we see more!

    Isis Incognito

    I loved the inclusion of the peacock as I had recently seen this poster around town. What originally attracted my attention was the heart in front of a toad. I noticed the peacock feather, imagined a phoenix connection, while wishing I knew more. Viola! The JC stuff is also very much in play at this point. Good stuff.
    The heart was guiding force of STARMUMMY and Scarlet Dragon, me and Jim from Nosis's collaborative effort. In both pieces the WTC and Winnipeg Legislature are connected to the heart which in tern is explained as a symbol of Galactic Center.


    I picked the films, compiled the key scenes and narrated, while Jim skilfully edited and produced all the other elements. The music, apart from the pop songs, is "DJ Brace" on the album "The Electric Nosehair Orchestra in Nostomania" from Balanced Records. It is obvious how much extra force this synchromystic video has owing to the knowledgeable technical execution. Jim also has a firm grasp of the subject matter which one can tell by his subtle arrangement of elements. There are many little touches multiple viewings will unveil. I feel the syncs shine brightly when presented with such finesse. I am very happy with this strange little gem.


    Thuth said...


    I saw the nines video last night. Great, as always. I'm surprised but delighted to see you and steve combining forces for the good.

    New theory: The cube is the box of space-time which we can see. It is not all of space time, but those frequencies which we can register.

    "Break out of the box"

    The Caba is black because we can't see through it with our five senses. What lies beyond is the other side of the matrix. We are in the cube, but need to tear it down.


    Jack Wednesday said...

    Jeez slow down guys, with the speed of the words and the images flashing in and out, the whole thing just looks like matrix code after a while.

    You can't take information in like that, slow it down.

    soundlessdawn said...

    I agree Jack ~ The Pace of "Starmummy" is more what we should be shooting for.. and will be in the future when we are able to work on more lengthy arrangements, hopefully working in the same creative space instead of via email.. but for nowat least ~ the youtube community has been able to follow along quite well.. and they even point out syncs.. I didn't even recollect splicing in there.. which is quite rewarding.. and in a way the subliminals and hypnotic speed really "hook" people into looking more into these esoteric topics on their own time.

    Peace. S. Willner

    Editor said...

    Genetic Hybridization, The Nines, and The Amnesiac Godhead was simply stunning. When I watch your videos I am left with two recurring thoughts: 1) I want to know more about concept "x" he mentioned in passing (ie. in GH9AH the bit about "are you an 8, a 9 or a 7"). Can we get a post fleshing out this concept more or links to sites that have already done it? 2) WHAT MOVIE IS THAT? Some are named others aren't. A screen cap with the movie name or a credit at the end of movies referenced would be great. As it is I am going on an IMDB hunt for the guy that played in Van Wilder now.....

    soundlessdawn said...

    Here's a movie list of everything that was used ~ I'll be putting up some better explanations over at my blog soon:

    The Nines
    Amityville horror
    Chaos Theory
    Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls
    The Thirteenth Floor
    Blade 3 (Trinity)
    Donnie Darko
    The Hulk
    Kung Fu Panda
    Be Kind Rewind
    2001 A Space odyssey
    Alex Grey: COSM

    with inferences to:
    Tropic Thunder
    Iron Man
    Babylon A.D.
    Planet of the Apes

    Hope that helps.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Thanks for the kind response Jake. I must tell you that I nearly pooped myself when I saw Karen Allen in your post.... The things that you posted helped me understand certain things that I had done but didn't know why. And when I saw your work on hearts I couldn't help thinking about all Kevin Bateman's hearts in Hancock. I've been thinking about the heart joining the WTC and the Hancock heart on the Moon all day.

    I like the pace and set up of Mr. Willner's stlye.... Doing my first video made me realize the amount of work goes into a library of his size. And Nosis is just re-god-damn -diculous, I mean they should show Starmummy in schools!

    Jake Kotze said...

    Its weird when you realize alignment implies the natural process of syncing up with the totality. Your current awareness of what I am saying is the center of the mandala/Stargate. When we let this sync in we start seeing the beautiful shape and design we are.
    There is infinite space here for expression and belief. No need for fear of any thing or any entity.
    WOW! (upside down MOM) I cant help but sound like a spaced out 'head' today. Will jsut have to let it work its course.


    Unknown said...

    came and checked all the heart/arrow symbolism plus that "Few shots to Shaman video" mentioning Superman as a solar deity and a fews moments before i had seen the new season premiere of Smallville which shows a de-powered Superman being mortally wounded as the "Bowman" superhero "Green Arrow" pierces an arrow through the heart of superman (aka the solar deity superhero). Superman is then saved through another alien superhero, the "Martian" Manhunter.

    Jake Kotze said...


    The Green Arrow resonates the resurrection sun or Osiris.

    "Martian" Manhunter (MM/K2) or John Jones (JJ/nine twining) is also green. Reflect on the blue Dr Manhattan on Mars...

    I'm sold, Smallville you say? HHMmmm..

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    Hey Jake & company. I was so sorry to see you precluded from speaking at the Harvest Festival, esp. whenafter so many of us were anticipating your reception there. It drives me to the end of being flustered that jealousy has eased its regurgitated hue into your mystic, crystal-clear dissertations. Oh, and that I'm still resorting to the anachronism of dial-up, it taking "forever" to download video feeds. Be that as it may, might I still offer some observations w/o having seen your newest offering yet?

    Nine. The number of completion. There was a group of allegedly discarnate beings referred to as The Nine back in the eighties whose pronouncements were well sought after by many a luminary of the day. One such person was Dr. John C. Lily, author of "The Center of the Cyclone" and its follow-up with much input from his wife, Antoinette, "The Dyadic Cyclone", each tome well known in the psychonaut sphere. Also, Dr. Lily had created the Janus Project, a computer that actually translated Delphine, the brrt's, clicks, whistles, and laughing cadences that constitute the language of the dolphins, into English!

    There's also another offshoot of the (steadfastly atheistic, despite its appellation) Church of Satan, the Order of the Nine Angles, which gets into Trapezoidal physics á la HP Lovecraft, hence, dimension-crossing.

    The peacock, according to Hellenic (Classical Greek) Mythology, acquired its eye-like tail feather patterns whenafter Hera, the Queen of the Olympians & Zeus' sister/wife (!) scattered them thereon, Her faithful watchman, the hundred-eyed Argus, having been slain.

    In the Middle East, we still have the pre-Islamic Yezidis, a religion that follows the Peacock Angel (otherwise catalogued as the Fallen One everywhere else) as the Good Guy, the Creator, or Demiurge, cast as the big baddie.

    In the Feri Traition of Paganism, the blind Scotsman & bard, Victor Anderson, taught that the Blue God of the Elves was identifiable with the Peacock Angel, too.

    And of course, as you well Gno your(s)elves, genetic hybridization of merging the forms of animals with that of other animals, or even people with our four-leggéd cousins, may be a carryover from that once world-spanning civilization sometimes refered to as Atlantis, as more souls from that epoch who were then proficient in that science once again attain to the modern world.

    Please see maverick archaeologist Graham Hancock's 2002 release, "Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization", for a clearer assessment of this perspective.

    Continuing highest regards,
    ~ Anadæ

    Unknown said...

    Hey that last comment was good and bad news. Good to see Anadæ can comment again, :D but I'm dissapointed Jake didn't get to speak at the Harvest Festival, I was really excited to hear that there would be a live performance of synchromysticism; perhaps for another time then?

    I'm sure I don't need to point out the checkered floor behind that Frog-Heart poster... The Egyptian creation deities were sometimes depicted as pairs of frogs and serpents which was called the Ogdoad, or 8 creation gods. Their unbalanced activity lead to the ninth god Atum which then lead to the Nine, or Ennead, as well as the Nine realms of the Egyptian universe (7 heavens and 2 lands).

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Holy MOM mother of WOW.... How much can happen in one day. I heard some one mention Dolphins, I've been practically overridden lately by them(check the This Tape Is A Lightning Bolt From God post for some nut so crazy bang bang comments on lightning bolts and Dolphins.) I Didn't Know the elves blue god peacock connection (elves are all over lately, Phillip K King of the Elves and Hellboy 2 for a taste....)

    RR is what Rorschach from Watchmen signs all his notes with.. They're reverse mirrored of each other. At the end of the book they say RR is running for president. It turns out to be Robert Redford.

    I just came home and watched Shriek with my daughter.. The first movie I've seen on VHS in a grip. Anyway I knew it had Eddie Murphy but nothing special, I mean a few disembodied heads but nothing to get excited about, that is until he mates with a big Scarlet Dragon of course.

    aferrismoon said...

    RR@ , now where's that pesky ark

    Chloe said...

    Hi Jake, Keep it coming!

    I’m really syncing up with your Nine stuff from a different direction. I explore the syncnificance of The Ninth Doctor Who (the first to appear on TV in Nine years), played by Christopher Eccleston - who also played an amnesiac God. Here:

    I just watched the DVD too, which I loved. I might have missed it if it wasnt for you guys...

    Occult Mosaic said...

    wow kriss kross lmao, i remember that shit from 95'.

    Anonymous said...

    During the video i remembered that Mos Def´s first single is called "universal magnetic". Cannot explain fully how i just feel this necessary to express. Maybe something comes out of this. Thanks. Great video by the way.


    Chris said...

    Gwar, the apocalypse, twin towers, giant dinosaurs roaming the streets of new york, aquarius-energy sinewave symbols and more

    check it!

    fshrrex SS said...

    Hot off the Press!!!!
    Ryan Reynolds just MARY'd
    SCARLETT Johanson
    He was previously engaged to Alanis
    - according to Robert Graves the English surnames of Morris, Morrison etc
    are a pagean/heathen holdover of Druids who worshipped the "GREEN MAN" in the sacRED oak groves. He was sacrificed for the Faire Queen(Bridgid) to purify the fecundity of the land.
    John(Johan) translates as "gift from GOD"---Johanson/JOHNSUN
    The GREEN MAN has a corelation
    Robin Hood, archetectural motifs, the stars and myths of CASTOR and POLLUX, Galahand(?)and the GREEN KNIGHT / Round Table lore

    If dolphins give you a tweak keep in mind Graves and Joseph Campell both refer to them as being instrumental in the original Monomyth reflected in all religions.

    The bit about being a 7,8 or 9
    suddenly reminded me of that joke as akid ---
    WHY is 6 afraid of 4...

    Sorry I'm getting dizzy...
    I'll continue later