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    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    11:11 Stargate Sync

    I had no particular interest in the 11:11 phenomena, but I believe the 'true synchromsytic' (what ever that 'is'..) follows the syncs, above all else. In recent work (see Why 2K) KK was connected to the K2 pyramount (mountain/pyramid) and the 2K ritual (the new years celebrations 2000), both intimately tied to the 911 mega ritual (WTC disaster), thusly the double K theme was discovered (see Tunney Trilogy). As the eleventh letter of the alphabet is K, 11:11 can also be viewed as KK. This allowed 11:11 to enter my awareness, promptly followed by my notice of it on watches and in films (see Island of Atum and still from "The Number 23" above).

    Still above from the intro to "The Number 23"

    Like the William Burroughs/Robert Anton Wilson/Discordian '23 phenomena', 11:11 like all synchronicities focus awareness on the present moment which allows consciousness to grow inside the species. The synchronicities fill the 'moments' between the mega rituals (mass consciousness focusing events) with increasing intensity leading up to the Escahton or Mega Mega Ritual (most likely the 2012 solstice), the transcendental Stargate object at the end of history through which humanity becomes fully conscious and enters the galactic community (insert own idealistic metaphysical projection here (or role eyes in contempt)). The synchronicties by nature and function entrain (synchronize) with the mega rituals giving them the quality of leading awareness towards the Stargate, indeed they help realize the Stargate. If you identify the Stargate with a thing/object such as group/conspiracy theory/aliens the syncronicities will lead your mind to view them as part of a giant paranoid time/space transcending mindfuck. As the Stargate is the physical aspect of what allows the nonphysical consciousness into humanity, identifying any time/space source as the fountainhead of the Stargate (formless/timeless consciousness being its true source) is a road to neurosis (ego/identification with form). I can say that over and over, yet the mind attached to its perceptions/identity will struggle to let go and we will have to deal with the Bavarian Illuminati (and its associated mythos i.e reptilians etc) and its usurping of the Stargate meme for a little longer. No worries, "A fool who persists in its folly will become wise." I had to run the Illuminati maze myself to realize consciousness/divinity, probably exactly what Crowley/Jesus and there kind had in mind...

    Jim Carrey, the green man Osiris resonator holds up a book in director Joel Schumacher's "The Number 23". Its cover sees the word Z00. Al ZO or OZ titles interest me as the letters have been found on the Kaaba symbolising ground zero Sphere sculpture in "The Wiz" film (a Joel Schumacher script!). The ZO/Oz is also 77/Pan in some numerical Kabbalah fashion, Crowley wrote "Liber OZ" (see The 911 Stargate). Zo was also spotted in Oliver Stone's "WTC" film as a "Zoolander" billboard. The syncstar Aferrismoon notes NY becomes OZ when we move it one letter 'ahead' in the alphabet combining beautifully with the "Lost" island having been symbolically shown as interchangeable with Manhatum (See Comic Book Cycle 5 A and B and Island of Atum).
    The Stargate Queen Robin Tunney settles all internal debate about the syncnificance of the ZO theme, having played Zoe 3 times in her acting career thus far and seeing all Crowley "Grid Page" elements converge on her name and ZO on the poster for Zodiac (See Tunney Trilogy and K2 Candy Part 1). More on ZO and Tunney in the next post, I believe. I wanted to put this new Tunney and ZO stuff into a video but I am through messing with Windows/PC and putting my videos on hold until I cross paths with a Mac and a better editor...
    In "30 Rock" episode "The Source Awards" we see comedian Wayne Brady share screen time with 11:11. 30 Rockefeller Plaza is probably the current 'key pillarmid' (Towering pillar/pyramid symbol) on the island of Manhatum pending the completion of the Freedom Tower. It has also been intimately tied to the island's Mega Rituals and Stargates (see Island of Atum). As the pyramid shaped golden mound of the Prometheus sculpture at 30 Rock attests to, we also have a strong pillarmount thus K2 theme. This all fitting very snugly indeed with Wayne Brady's 11:11/K2 sync wink.
    This becomes pure gold when more context is introduced, witness Wayne Brady in Stargate SG-1 "It's Good to Be King", stepping through the Stargate, the symbol of consciousness aware of itself. (See Atlantean Times for more Stargate show exploration and a simply amazing Aten find in "The Day After Tomorrow") There is no disconnect between observer and observed. All space/time phenomena are consciousness, even your awareness of phenomena. All can be understood as symbolic (no need for believing it's a dream or matrix). Space and time itself function well when viewed as metaphor (they are very real just understood as reflections of consciousness, dig?). Space and time symbolising the level of perceived disconnect between 'things'. The stars are distant, your lover is near...

    Through your lover however you can access the stars (by union and opening of the ecstatic 'physical' boundary dissolving Stargate of sex, for example).

    Space/time allow for the drama of separation conversely however also the joy of possible union (love).
    Even a physical space ship or Stargate is only a temporary concretization of consciousness.

    Image above from Atlantean Times article "Christ Quaid & The Heliopocopter Towers". I believe this is Dennis Quiad uncovering the word (part of a bigger word under the ice) on a signboard on Manhattan? Will try check it out in the future...


    Atlantean Times said...

    I became 1111 aware obsessed about 2 years ago...I did a search and found that people were writing about constantly seeing that number. since then though it is 3333 that i see all the time...

    Anyway cheers for the plug..the Aten word is from the Staten Island Ferry. He is standing beside the statue of liberty and the ferry is frozen half sunk in the water beside him.

    so considering the fact that the letters are small and the hull of the ferry very large we can deduce the director wanted us to see the words Aten or Staten because otherwise it's a fill in shot of no relevance to the plot....there were other ships there he didnt go lopping ice of their hulls to find out their names...I rambling great post jake. cheers gav

    Atlantean Times said...

    On sg1 and predictive programming.

    on 31 aug 2001 the sg1 episode entitled "2001" aired..The episode was about a race that offered us advanced tech and life saving cures for our knowledge of the turns out though that they are planning to wipe us out slowly very fabianesque by making all the women infertile. This episode is closely linked with another episode called 2010 which involves sending a message back in time to warn ouselves.. for episode guide..In 2010 carter our mary figure is attempting to ignite Jupiter into a second sun.

    Then of course there is the episode wormhole extreme which first aired 2 days before 911. in this episode the military allows a tv programme based on the real stargate programme to be broadcast.

    I.e the stargate programme is made public and goes mainstream 2 days before the real stargate programme i.e 911 kicked off.

    The episode you talked about with brady leads to the discovery of a Time ship that ends up being used in Moebius 1 + 2 were the lads travel back to giza 3000 years ago in order to retrieve an ancient power device from the pyramids.

    oh and that season starts with episodes called The New Order.

    The Secret Sun said...
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    The Secret Sun said...

    Excellent post, per usual. I'm glad to see that someone out there shares my appreciation of the divine Ms. Tunney, who I've been smitten by since The Craft.

    One thing I'd like to say- not sure if this is an amendment or an addition- but through your work I've come to see the Stargate archetype not as symbolic as we understand the word, but a sort of mechanism that bridges the gap between our reptilian brains and the Universal Mind. In that I see it as a Jungian symbol- a device that triggers greater associations, not simply an abstract stand-in.

    I'm trying very hard to avoid reductionist language, because the Greater Mind makes no distinctions between a bird and an image of a bird. In fact the image can become far more loaded than the actual thing.

    Your work has shown me how what we think of as symbols are better seen as Triggers. We are all very sensitive not to be seen as being delusional, but to me there is nothing as intentional deadening and disempowering than current consensus reality. I fully believe that our current view of reality has been intentionally engineered and forced upon us through lapdogs and shills in the universities and in the media to disconnect us from the Collective Conscious and Unconscious and force us to kneel down and acknowledge their power over us.

    They have all the money and the power, which is why it's all the more important to be rigorous in our research. So thank you for opening new doors for me, Mr. Kotze.

    Mark 16:16 said...

    congratulations on the good work youre doing- as both a fan and a skeptic, i readily admit to not having any awareness of what seems to be known as synchromysticism until stumbling across your site and those like it. i can now safely say i'm still struggling with (but am wholly engaged by)your jungian postmodern take on the information of culture. but i believe this type of work/labor can truly be the new economic engine in these days that lay ahead of us. we have to understand that in order for us to have a dialogue of syncnificance and its relationship to our collective destiny, we have to allow ourselves the process of disseminating this kind of information to those least likely to read it. let's not wear the masks of elitists and pretend this is only ours; like our hidden history and man's ancestry itself, it deserves to be on the lips of all who dare to speak its truth.

    Editor said...

    Through your lover however you can access the stars (by union and opening of the ecstatic 'physical' boundary dissolving Stargate of sex, for example).

    This reminded me of the Dane Cook comedy show last night on Comedy Central. One of his jokes was talking about how he wanted to have 18 kids, "That's right" he said, "I want my wife's vagina looking (working?) like a Stargate..." Certainly an unusual combination....

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yo Atlantis
    Thanks for the explanations and further Stargate show context, sounds like great stuff to me.

    Very happy to hear such wonderful things CK. I love how you interpret and re-interpret synchromysticism.

    Much thanks and indeed I share your sentiments...

    Wow, I would like to see one of those myself

    aferrismoon said...

    Just a briefy on dem numbers
    O = 70, Z = 7
    so OZ = 77

    Though PAN is Greek it can still be numbered via the Hebrew letter/numbers as long as they/re represented via the English Transliteration
    P = 80, A = 1, N = 50
    PAN = 131

    Due to Secret Sun's thing with 17 I feel it wise to let u know that the Hebrew for Capricornus = GDY [ I think its pronounced like Geddy, though I prefer G'Dy - which means we can have G'Day Oz like some wierd synchromystic Australian Breakfast TV show
    G - 3,D = 4, Y = 10 thus 17

    And Staten Island . Anyone remember the Singer CANDY STATEN

    Atlantean Times said...

    One other thing worth mentioning is that Brady works for Lord Ares pronounced Lord Aries which brings us perfectly back to our Egyptian tribesmen. If he is a follower of aries by dint of their origin we are straight back to Giza and aten.

    Also the whole point of that episode is Prophecy with Maybourne or should it be Mary Bourne becoming King Arkhan pronounced ARK KHAN..

    altogether we then have ARK KHAN ARIES and Time Travel in the same story combined with the power of Prophecy. The time Travel ship is called a Puddle Jumper and is named after the very REAL US General Jumper who also has appeared in the show.

    FilmNoir23 said...

    Have you seen the Hexagons on Mercury yet?

    Unknown said...

    Having seen 11:11 for years and following it, it lead me to mk ultra and mind control experiements. Interesting to see the information coming through on film, amazing how it is all edited together.

    For the life of me I don't understand it, its all about magicans, freemasonary and other rites of passage.

    I have no idea if its good or bad, but i suspect it is some form of brain washing, along with mind control. Promoted throughout the media, and given the New Age Religion label to make it more ediable.

    Any more information you ahve about this I would love to follow. Crazy how this all ties into the 9/11 tragedy as well. Absolutely smacks of being planned and thoughtout before hand.