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    Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    The Living Monolith

    The monolith's, from both the "2001" film (lately also the Kirby comic book) and the 911 Mega Ritual (as the Millenuim Hilton Hotel), elements rearrange, but acquire some telling new context in "Revenge of the Living Monolith" a 1985 Marvel graphic novel. See Illuminati Propeller Heads for its first synchromystic mention.
    The Monolith has entered the sync web in other fascinating ways, one such being the cloaked hideout of a Khan in the Alec Baldwin starring "The Shadow". A cloaked New York Art Deco building called the Monolith ties in very well with the 911 Mega Ritual as basically all space/time anomalies are Stargate resonators in this bloggers mind. Much more context about this sync in videos "Why 2K:2" and "Island of Atum". .
    In "Revenge of the Living Monolith" the Pharaonic Monolith's henchmen abduct the Fantastic Four (created by Jac(K K)irby) with a pyramid shaped teleporting Stargate who's 'capstone' penetrates the structure.
    The Monolith tears out of a jet (below), having freshly arrived from Egypt. As I currently consider the 911 event to be a reenactment of historic events connected to ancient Egypt and beyond, going so far as to dub the Towers pillarmids (pillar/pyramid symbols), the ultimate goal of which is to initiate the final stage of consciousness realization (the ultimate collective Stargate opening) the event itself being dubbed the 911 Mega Ritual, these depictions sync up flawlessly. We have thus far seen a Pharaonic Monolith (a Stargate symbol) arriving by plane and teleporting pyramids atop Manhattan skyscrapers!
    Like so many beasties before (King Kong) and after (Cloverfield) the Monolith reenacts 911 by destroying Manhattum (see Aferrismoon's "Eye Can Dee" and the video "Island of Atum" for more on Manhattum) landmarks including the WTC pillarmids.
    Our A.W.O.L. island defenders (FF 4) leave a vacum that has to be filled by...

    Captain America (co Jac(K K)irby created) is called in to assemble the heroes to save the city and the FF 4. The only panel inside the book (apart from the cover) showing the Twin Pillarmids sees a speech bubble yelling over the skyline "And That's it in a nutshell, Cap". The nut refrence is its own important subject, needing to be explored more shortly, for some context read "Nuts".

    The possible 'Kirby King Kong sync' pictured above.

    Captain America has been connected to the Towers and Stargates in numerous amazing Kirby related syncs this past week at "The Blog" (here and here) and at "The Secret Sun" (Mindbomb 1, 2 ,3). My favourite Christopher Knowles finds being his Zero Street panels from Kirbys "Captain America Night Poeple" (a story arc directly following "Madbomb" (possible WTC King Kong pose) I believe).
    You see, the Night People had their own Mega Ritual, transporting their asylum on Zero Street to another dimension, along with a healthy chunk of Manhattan's bedrock. Zero Street is now a fenced-in Ground Zero, its native soil replaced with alien atoms. (The Secret Sun Mindbomb 3)
    And another great Secret Sun Sync, Captain America emerging from a Stargate (above) mirroring the 'Madbomb WTC pose' seen on the advertisement on the left (close up below). Considering this Stargate/911 context connected to Cap, how cool and concise then, to see him battling a giant Pharaoh called the monolith, in Manhattum?Both Captain America and Thor display there connection to the deities of ancient Egypt through the wings on the side of their heads, just like Thoth descended Mercury (think of the wings on Flash's feet). Sculptures like the seated Khafra (below) show the protective wings of Horus on the sides of the 'god on earth' the Pharaoh. It is easy to see how this symbolism has worked its way into our current deities, super heroes (and the closely associated movie 'star' actors).

    Thor (co Jac(K K)irby created) is also involved with WTC pillarmid destroying the Pharaoh Monolith. His connection to ancient Egypt and Thoth made possibly even stronger through his hammer.
    In Ralph Ellis' "Tempest and Exodus" we learn of three ways of writing Djeheuti (Thoth).

    One variation includes what Ellis believes is the Axe, displaying quite probably the deities often attributed association to Metrology.

    "In affect, the axe symbology of the Minoan and Egyptian gods was most probably derived from the concept of the divine being cutting the perfectly proportioned stone block from a rough ashlar; which is yet another masonic metaphor." p131 Tempest and Exodus

    The visual and 'masonry shaping' connections between both Axe and Hammer feels obvious.
    Thor has been spotted interacting with WTC pillarmid destruction themes in another comic context, "Damage Control".
    Yet again a giant monster (of transforming robot variety) attacks Manhattum, coming to rest and damaging the Twin Towers. A character called Robin is referred to on the same panel as this precognitive pre-911 scene. If you assume I believe this is entraining with the K2 mountaineer, bride of Christnegger and Stargate Queen, the lovely Robin Tunney, you would be correct. (See Tunney Trilogy and Comic Book Cycle for more context)

    The mighty thunder god gets a visit from Isis, Osiris and Horus in a 1975 Thor comic. They simply pop out from underneath the city streets in a giant pyramid, now (in sync with the pillarmid theme) sitting amongst the buildings of New York.
    Helicopters fly around its summit much like the real life pyramid destruction event of 911. (See Illuminati Propeller Heads)
    After sorting out this pyramid disturbance, Thor flies of past the real life equivalent of what would be witnessed (elements just slightly rearranged) during the 911 Mega Ritual.
    Warning major "Marvel 1602" spoilers to follow:

    In Neil Gaiman's 'vibrating with syncnificance' "1602" we learn that Thor is no less then the legendary treasure of the Knights Templar. This makes even more sense now, given the masonic (Djeheuti/Thoth flavoured) influence connected to his hammer.
    Not to be syncrhomystically outdone by Thor, Captain America (in 1602 as Rojhaz (below)) is unveiled as a time traveller (Stargate jumper) from the future.
    Captain America thusly gains even more heavyweight syncnificance, as a Jac(K K)irby World Trade Centre disaster precognitive juggernaut, now in close proximity to Templar/Masonic themes and Stargates (not to mention being a Mercury/Thoth resonator himself!).

    Warning, major rant alert!

    As masonic themes (and Freemasonry) are closely interlinked with the Stargate (consciouses becoming aware of itself), being in many cases custodians of access to such knowledge (and its historical development/growth) it should seem no surprise to see traces of masonry in ones environment and pop-culture when dealing with esoteric issues. Secret societies and fraternal orders by there very occult nature and interaction with the 'birthing consciousness' (the Stargate) will entrain with symbols and themes ever present in the process of realization of consciousness beyond mind/matter. To see these symbols and themes as pointing towards the orders themselves (and individual members or groups of members inside these groups) and their often petty goals is "putting the cart in front of the horse". Believing a conspiracy embedded in media and culture because of the presence of the symbols of the Stargate (a potentially healthier pointer towards the guiding force behind everything, including fraternal orders) seems to be a fear based attachment to thought or form (ego). I have myself been firmly hypnotized by such fear based paranoid B.S (belief systems or bullshit), convinced 911 was a Freemasonic conspiracy to enslave our minds while contacting there alien creator space god (all workable metaphors or pointers towards the 'truth'). Now I believe the intelligence at work behind 911, no matter who the actual perpetrator, is the same intelligence that grows an apple and animates every moment of the mysterious adventure called 'this infinite moment' or 'space/time' (NOW). Don't take my word for it, just follow synchronicity and listen to its message, beyond your personal desire to interpret its meaning... Namaste


    Secret Sun said...
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    Secret Sun said...

    Wow- this is overwhelming.
    As you inferred both Captain America and Thor are Jack Kirby creations and through their winged helmets- Hermes/Mercury/Thoth resonators. Both are also closely modeled on and/or tied to the big Masonic hero icon Captain Marvel, as is OMAC. Kirby went to Captain Marvel well continuously.

    It's funny how the Archetypes used the disreputable medium of comics to reintroduce themselves into the mass consciousness. Sort of like how Mithraism was introduced to Rome through a band of cutthroat pirates, or Christianity was the province of cobblers and fishmongers and slaves.

    Bravo Jake- hopefully people wil start to see what an incredibly resonant medium comics once were and can be. Nearly all of today's writers are too self-conscious to wield the Archetypes effectively, either that or too untutored. In between unconscious naivete and the expertise of a Grant Morrison is a pretty lame place to be. Unfortunately, we're all too surrounded by esoteric symbolism these days to go back. There's no way out but forward go. I hope comics writers are reading your blog...

    I would also add that my own New York based comic series was about a girl named Robin! I put that picture from the comic of the fallen angel Thomas (twin) in front of the twin-steepled St. Patricks' on my blog a bit ago. And that was all unconscious- it was published in 1996!

    Adam Star said...

    Interesting to see Thor compared to Thoth. Indeed his winged-helmet is much akin to the headgear of Hermes, as is the case with the original Golden Age Flash. Of course Thor naturally resonates Jupiter directly as corresponding thunder/sky gods representing the same planet. Thursday = the Latin Dies Iovis, the day of Jupiter. Jupiter is certainly no small matter. It is, for example, the film stand-in for Saturn in the novel of "2001". The direct Hermes/Thoth of the Norse pantheon would be Odin. Not to deny your astute observation in any way, merely trying to show the deep well of symbolism underlying Kirby's Thor and Asgard material.

    The Living Pharaoh/Living Monolith originally appeared in the Roy Thomas/Neal Adams run on the X-Men, in fact in very close proximity to a major storyline involving Ka-Zar and the Savage Land. The Living Monolith is directly tied to the X-Man Havok, a living stellar energy channel. See "Marvel Team-Up" #s 69 & 70 for more Thor and the Living Monolith as well as the transcendental initiator Spider-Man. Amazingly it is the blue, ape-man the Beast who directs Thor to this adventure.

    kean said...

    good rant

    Secret Sun said...

    Two things

    Jake: The next issue after that skyscraper/Stargate shot in Kamandi, ben Boxer is transformed into a Colossus himself from the the energy created by the bomb on the plane exploding in the Stargate. There's Apes at hand as well, battling with the Tigers.

    Adam: Funny you should mention KaZar, the shameless Tarzan knockoff. I'm thinking of the famous Egyptian saga in the old Tarzan strip where Tarzan is seen by the Ancient Egyptians as the incarnation of Thoth

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks Sun for the kind words and continued inspiration. A comic about Robin in NY, cool. I will look for Kamandi, looks great..

    Hi Star, I love your 'database' of knowlegde.. Denis Leary and Woverines Sabertooth plus Beast as ape-man, great leads!

    kean, cool

    Might make a new video soon, enjoying this medium right now...

    But I have some sync ideas for a video.

    Atlantean Times said...

    Shadows and Dust
    Shadows and Dust

    wherever you go that's where ya are...

    Dennis Igou said...

    Dudes, the comic syncros are taking over the syncromystical blogs. I see the importance, however I think that real time events are more important to investigate. Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yo Dennis
    I follow my bliss, intuition and of course most primarily, the syncs themselves. Real time events (I assume you mean news (what 'they' call news anyway) type stuff) will be investigated - like anything else - should it 'feel' relevant.
    I must confess I find most 'news' so boring and usurped by vested interest (current affairs, gossip, politics etc), I have practically no idea what (or why) people are talking about it most of the time. I 'feel' the net is creating a world where your personal interest become your news. Not what Ted Turner or Rupert Murdock (a small group of elites) decides is news. Right now I feel Robin Tunney, Candy and Jack Kirby is news and 'real time', to me at least. I understand if this doesn't seem relevant to most others. I am sure if you are patient you will find synchromystic attention turning towards things you find more relevant. It's an interesting issue you raise. Relevant to many folks out there.

    Vapo said...

    Hello Jake ~ This has nothing really to do with this post but perhaps interesting none the I apologize for the intrusion. I watched Time Cop (Jean-Claude Van Damme) last night.. two things.. they travel through a Octagon/Timegate/ the last 5 mins the evil character melds together with himself(past and future)and creates a Yellow/Red Blob..other than that I would rate the movie a Y (yawn)

    That is all

    Have a great day!


    aferrismoon said...

    The Real News = a Kneel Ruse.
    Gets one to believe that u can only get the NEWS 2nd-hand. The word NEW is implicit in the word NEWS. TV News etc is reported and often uses sources who may remain unknown BY LAW. News agencies have business affiliations with non-News Corps. Advertising is the new news , dincha know.
    Some weeks back a blogger 'humbly' wondered if we shouldn't concentrate on the mario Bros so much, at a time when MarioWario was around. A few weeks later this Blogger is investigating Westroads Mall shootings - to me its like the blogger got a bit of info early but not in a rationalinear sense and as such has been ignored.
    I agree long, full investigations into world events cannot be ignored but the effect is that we will then have to read and take on everything which of course is the dissolution of rationality due to the amount of info required to 'see' the whole picture.
    Comicking transcends this by keeping on moving rather than turning some real event or real person into a cult by focussing so much on one thing.
    I notice that the news tends to 'tell' the same stories time and again. Reach for the cycles and the sky will look after itself.
    I cannot call much of it news
    Focussing on the particular is a trick to get people to relinquish their transcendant natures. It was invented as a way of stopping Scientific thought from discovering any thing the Rulers didn't want known.
    I imagine people saying to Galileo - hey get on with some real science, like describing Signs of the Devil instead of that monkey-brained Heliocentric comic book cycle.
    I also don't think COMICS are the main thing, they work now, and work well with added fun. Who know how we will NEWS each other.
    Importance = that which is IMPORTED and as such it proves difficult to have one thing more important than another, esp. when no measurements have been taken.
    Both comments about trepidation over overly-unreal investigations have been given with 'humbleness' and 'respect'. I can't reciprocate those feelings at present.
    The age of linear investigative techniques cannot deal with the information load surrounding any and all events. Shall we not investigate WW2, the Holocaust, JFK, 911 etc etc for another 40 years. Reporter guys , u just find more facts and add them on to the end.
    Yours Robin Atum Nut Tunney

    aferrismoon said...

    Further to my uncontrolllable ranting [ butterflies for breakfast] I DO only rant for myself.
    None of my comments represent others or Synchromysticism , so I'm NOT defending it or them .
    WrongWayWizard noted that Eyes Wide Shut EWS = NEWS without the North - Saturns realm on the magic circle.
    Thor its noted is pronounced Tour as in Tour De France [ from a comment on one rider called Thor in the Tour de France]
    Tour in Old French = Tower