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    Thursday, January 14, 2010


    Interested in the number 27 (72, 77 (two 7's dig?), G(7)G(7), B(2)G(7) etc) lately.. The trip to SA - whos country code is 27 - seems to have awakened the number in my sync awareness.

    Jared Leto is in the film "Chapter 27" wich is about JL playing Mark David Chapman (note for soonish relevance: Mark is a variant of the name Mars) aka the killer of Beatle John Lennon/JL.

    John Lennon JL/Jared Leto JL

    The name is inspired by the fact that Chapman carried a copy of "The Catcher In The Rye" on him when slaying Lennon. The book has 26 Chapters. "The Catcher In the Rye" is often asociated with high weirdness. Mel Gibson has a collection of them in "Conspiracy Theory".
    Gibson is a Blue Star (painted blue) in "Braveheart". Julia Roberts has been following me like a Duck to water also. More on this thread soonish...

    Further Lennon was obsessed with 9 and its multiples, 27 being "the triple 9".

    Musician Daniel Johnston was also obsessed with 9...

    Anyway, Jared Leto has this singular eye strange attraction.
    WE/ME see his poster line-up below.
    The united eye/I of all seeing Conciousness.
    Another "All Seeing" singular eye in pyramid, asociating with Leto at the OZtralian Music Awards in 2007 (again 27!).
    Just like Planets and Gods, Movie Stars have cosmic number associations and other signifiers. Leto, as we have shown, resonates with 27 and singular eye.
    Our Conciousness makes and notes these associations. Trust what you see and make your own. Sometimes valuable connections are found in the old school essoteric and occult litterature but by no means should such knowledge be considered primary or necessary. Occult is pop and you are NOW the master who makes the grass green.
    What does it mean when what is out of the ordinary is pop or commonplace? Witness the time of miracles!
    His new film, to be released in 2010, continues Leto's singular eye/I rez.

    Other relevant picks that come up for an image Google of "Mr Nobody".
    A yellow flower, recent pivotal sync strange attractor (See all the Kirsten Dunst material).
    Susynctly this image is 72k.
    Another Mr Nobody pic has the Jupiter finger pionting towards WE/ME.

    Leto's popular band "30 Seconds to Mars" latest album cover sees the 2010 tiger, "growl"!

    Tiger is the Chinese Zodiac animal for this year. I have seen Tigers every day since the start of 2010.

    Love the word Mars.
    MARS is the WARS planet as well as having the sign of the RAMS. The M rotates to form words all clearly related, displaying the underlying elegant intelligence in nature*.

    Happy New Year & welcome to 2010!

    *Nature: All that exists in Conciousness.


    Wermes said...

    see you soon jake. i sense a new flow to you. we look forward to you returning to the centre. l8er g8or

    Anonymous said...

    JL, Jay Leno (in the press quite a bit lately)

    Christopher Knowles said...

    Leto was the mother of Apollo and Artemis, sun and moon. JL was also astonishing in Requiem for a Dream, followed by a role in Sol Goode.

    Anonymous said...

    rubix cube is a 3x3x3 cube

    J = 10
    A = 1
    K = 11
    E = 5

    JAKE = 27

    27 is part of the Bible Holographic Generating set. Taking the numbers terms in Hebrew you find the nested platonic solids and depths of occult knowledge.

    This all integrates with the revelatory quality of (Hagidah) which is translated as "tell us", tell me", "hath told", and so forth, depending on context. It is cognate with Hagid = 22 (The Number of Revelation).

    Pure/Clean [S# 2134]

    Light (Ord) [S# Gen 1.3]

    Hath Told [Isa 45.21]

    Riddle [S# 2420]

    Quench [S# 3518]

    Weep/Bewail [S# 1058]

    27 is the cube inside a 37 hexagon inside a 73 star ... 64 is inbetween them somewhere

    they all form a nested stack of Platonic solids, like Dan Winter talks about

    73 is GC or Galactic Center

    2,13,43 is another holographic generating set used by the bible

    JC is 103 or 13, Jesus Christ

    DId you see how Professor Knowles' recently did a post about JC and GC

    Marc said...

    I was surfing the web for some manga artbooks. My hobby is to draw.. and i use them for reference. Plus i've loved them since i was a child.

    Anyways i was looking to get some artbooks on cowboy bebop and stumbled upon this page:

    Anyways the moment i saw the golden boy it distinctively reminded me of your post way back when. And to be honest i reread that post and its amazing how much of it i remembered.
    Anyways it can be found here:

    side note:
    Jake, thank you! you and everyone else (all your fellow bloggers) for enlightening me, so. I see the world in such new light.

    But i haven't been doing your work justice by ignoring it so. My life has kept me away from it for too long. I need to read more!

    Jake Kotze said...

    Awesome and thanks all, great info and kind words in those comments.
    I've been crazy busy on vacation. Need a vacation from my vacation and all that.
    Havent been able to sit down and explain the syncs very well. Thinking of recent work as updates for those who follow this closely. Will write more open in future posts.
    Had an extatic experience here in Amsterdam at the Van Gogh museum.
    The paintings were sending messages and stuff, like really. But then all things become like that with sync awareness... Still I had to pray and flow like a mo-fo to walk calmly through that mega-temple.
    Being humble, healthy and humoured will keep you sane.
    Working on one or two of those right NOW!
    Peace and love to you all.

    Arrowsmith said...

    Glad to hear you've enjoyed your travels. I've been to Amsterdam twice and absolutely loved its vibe. Would definitely go back. Never had a chance to visit Anne Franks place as it was mobbed out, but I did manage to tour the Van Gogh mega-temple. As an aspiring artist it was quite the eye-opener.

    p.s. thanks to your recent posts the number 27 keeps appearing on my radar. Will blog about these encounters soon. Be very well Jake!

    Jon Kidd said...

    Just a reminder...

    Janis Lyn Joplin(Janus means archway)
    Jimmy Henrix born November 27, 1942
    Jim MoRRisON

    and the 27 curse...

    The Quark Observer said...

    I am so out of touch with new movies, singers etc. If it wasn't for these kinda blogs I would have never known who Lady Gaga was.

    Damn that dude got mad fat for that roll. Wasn't that guy in 'My So Called Life' with Claire Danes?

    Terry said...

    well you solved my mystery of the bad album.

    Plus theres this:

    Anonymous said...

    just watched 'an education' the other day, thought i'd share a few prominent yellow flower sightings.

    Mary Miranda said...

    Jared has some attraction to the "mistery".
    He does use the pyramid, phoenix, and other symbols on the covers of his albums and/or in his life.
    I'm a mistic too, sometimes, and do love Astrology!
    For example, I know that my zodiac sign - Capricorn (as Jared Leto)is receiving a great "vibration" from stars, planets around the Universe! haha
    The world wide conspires to us!...
    I've noted that "JL" that joins Jared to John.
    It's so "weird", isn't it?
    I love Jared above all!
    Mary. :-)

    A Figure Eight said...

    Can't believe my eyes. But what should surprise me now... I actually saw Jared Leto, or he saw me, in Miami on Jan 1st. And that was wierd to me because I had heard of his new band just before xmas break, and he seemed to be heavy on the sync in his videos (see Kings and Queens), so I was curious about him. I went to California and the day after i come back, we had a brief moment of accidental eye contact as i waited with my mom for a movie on South Beach. All so innocent, but so strange. And so your blog is a bit unnerving in the alchemy of the universe.

    Also, I have been following the relationship between the number 37 and the number 27 for some time. Been noticing marriage/divorce synchs. Movies like the Proposal/Star Trek/17 again amongst others include them. Some kind of discrete pattern emerges.

    This is all so wierd....

    Immortel said...

    Very SMARt!

    To ARMS!

    (p.s. SAuRuMAn, SMARtieS, AMSteRdAM)

    A Figure Eight said...

    Z said...

    one more- the greek equlivalent to MARS is ARES (the E spins to an M)!