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    Wednesday, September 16, 2009

    Sounds From Sherwood Podcast Part 2

    Second (funny how 2nd resonates with what we divide a minute into...) part of a talk with Will Morgan or A Few Shots To Shaman and Jim Sanders at what is now called Sounds From Sherwood (once The Merry Men Podcast).

    Here Link Here

    Catch up with Part 1.

    Thanks again to Will and Jim for the Joy.

    Peace In and floW(RE) power to y'all.


    tommy said...

    wow, that picture is hilarious...

    The first podcast was awesome, I'm about to listen to this one now.

    Jim said...

    Yep. I look like I am about to puke. Suitable.

    SoapFan said...

    Jake, I immediately thought of you when a news story appeared on CNN today about a woman regaining her sight after a "Tooth" was implanted in her eye. I gasped and thought of your "Tooth" = "Thoth" analogy and the "eye" analogies you've made as well.

    I think this story really emphasizes the "healing" power the ancients associated with Thoth. I'm anxious to read what you think of this.

    It was strange, however, that this story appeared on CNN today because when I Googled "tooth implanted in eye," it seems that this has been a well-known procedure for nearly ten years.

    Here's a link to a post of the story:

    Thanks for the great posts and inspiration, Jake!

    Anonymous said...

    Great podcast once again.

    Ears enjoy listening friendly chatting and synchromystic matters.

    Hopefully you do more of them.

    Two phallic thumbs/towers up.


    aferrismoon said...

    Re: Kirsten Dunst and Kiki.

    Elton John did a song with KIKI DEE.

    Hector's House [ childrens prog] had a french frog called KiKi


    paul said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Nexus said...

    hi jake,

    did you note the worm in the background of your interview?

    paul said...

    I really liked how you all felt.

    I really appreciated the voice in the head and the last few lines you guys had. Makes it all seem natural, in a way, keeps it real - thanks

    Share and share alike, for whats in a word.