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    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Heart City

    The amount of influence Jim Sanders had on Heart City is incalculable. The decision to not credit my friend in the video itself was conscious.
    I feel we are moving away from the idea of ownership of ideas and Jim has expressed similar sentiments to me in person.
    I am very happy if anybody uses any idea or concept they have read at "my" blogs in any way "they" see fit.
    Of course not all would agree and I have been accused of plagiarism by a great man of sync.

    Feel free to express your thoughts on these subjects in the comments.

    The nature of sync is negating the concept of ownership itself, nay the very essence of Self is Being challenged!

    I for one no longer feel the need to be sighted when I fellow sync blogger mentions C-Ing Red, 911 StarG8 or whatever unless its needed for the context of the sync at hand.

    What ever feels appropriate in order to best floW.

    Namaste/I acknowledge the God inside You.


    Jim said...

    Glad you just got this up pronto Jake. I thought you would and I am now going to smoke some wacky tobacky and check it out.

    There is a Heart City in All of Us.



    Jake Kotze said...

    I hope you like it my friend. You were so right about including My Winnipeg.
    Hope we can work together on a video unveiling the Peg Leg.

    Jim said...

    I like when Homer says he will tell them who the one true gods is he is pointing up with his "jupiter" finger.

    and yes my winnipeg and the spirit are perfect

    nice stuff, but i am biased.



    p.s. the next collaboration is coming soon for sure.

    Ed said...

    Watching your videos always brings forth different synchs in my mind. As the Homer, Apu, Flanders clip faded away, Ned asks Napu shy he didn't just call out for Hawkman, A comic book character patterened after Horus. His original base of operations was "Midway City".

    I don't know what the 42 means. 42=tin or ten. 42 + 10 = 52, which is the number of weeks in a year. 42 x 10 = 420 or 4:20.

    Perhaps the universe is a novel that was written by a 42 year old man?

    Terry said...

    great stuff as usual.

    A Figure Eight said...

    The Silent "H"/Fickle H:

    Eart(h) ~ (H)eart

    T(h)inker ~ Tin-ker/Tin man

    Heart of Gold is the Spaceship in Hitchhiker's Guide, lest we forget.

    And the Tin Man dance somehow resonates for me quite strongly the onscreen antics of Colbert and Conan. (Now equidistant on the continent)

    Beautiful. Earth as woman. Heart at the Center, no less. Micro and macrocosms meet up once again.

    A Figure Eight said...

    I feel like I can draw a straight line from Egypt to Canada and the Spirit Center:

    Was wondering about the (11)K-9 connection, as in 9-11, as in K9/Canine/ Dog, or God, or Dog Star/Sirius. The Ca-Nine, or Ka-Nine resonates the Ka, the Egyptian Spirit Guide personal to each of us. And the origin of Ca/Ka-nine, is Canidae, or Canida/Canada, in resonance to me.

    Maybe? Going South, the Lone *Star* state's true love, Football, resonates the KA in the Touchdown symbol of two hands raised, and the goal posts. Houston, we have touch down.

    Wiindigoo said...

    After I watched Heart City for the second time I went out and the only celestial body visible in this current hazy sky, particular balcony configuration, and personal vision capabilities was Jupiter. But it is All Saints that is so emotionally resonant to a wiindigoo in Cambodia often in love with "my" suffering. Those sweet ladies/mothers are home.

    Indras Net said...

    Beutiful work Jake! Loved it, good to hear your voice again, brings me back to the BNWO dayz haha. Really great stuff in this ONe, Im in agreement with you about the nature of "owning" synchs and memes, ive had a recent experience where someone thought i was robbing whole concepts from the great synch himself as well, shouldnt we all understand by now that everyone is entraining? I definatly feel its cool to give credit where hard work makes it due, but i mean at this point were all synching off eachother and themes synch as soon as they enter kkonsciousness. Thankyou for all of your hard and loving work! for realz! looking forward to more! Namaste brotha

    Jim said...

    Heart of Gold is not only the spaceship in Hitchhiker's Guide, but is also the name of an album and song of a famous former Winnipegger, Neil Young.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Lovely comments thanks.

    Douglas Bolles said...

    I almost put Harvest on the pod this morning.

    So the thing that I find interesting is how you equate Jupiter w/ heart. Well maybe I should check out your video again. (well I guess I don't get that chance. Good that I watched last night.)

    Tinman/Jupiter/42/Heart/Central City-Winnipeg

    In my cosmology Mother/Earth is the heart. Jupiter is father, but I question his means.

    Anyway, The king needs a return to mother to acquire heart. maybe. The hollow men. The hollow generation. peter pan and pirates playing juvenile games.

    2010-we make contact.

    Maybe we should have synchro conference in heart city in 2010, eh? You know, make contact.

    -one interesting thing. One of Joseph Campbell's fundamental developmental figures was Black Elk. As a young boy Black Elk realized that Harney peak in South Dakota was the central mountain of the world. He then also realized that Harney peak was everywhere. The heart is where you are Jake!

    The Nez Perce indians in the state where I live have a sacred rock in the center of their homeland. They call it The Heart of The Monster, and it is where life began and where the people emerged from the lower world to this one.

    The interesting point JC would make though is that our tribe now is all of humanity, thus my only guess about what could be the world's central mountain which we all look up to and unites us all is the moon.
    That's probably why our tribe is filled w/ such lunatics.
    -sorry you about your troubles
    good luck to you.

    Jim said...

    2010 sync conference in the Peg it is then.

    Done deal.

    wv: corship.

    Douglas Bolles said...

    I spaced why I wrote.

    You haven't mentioned to my knowledge the dark mark on the king. Jupiter was struck with a comet when you were doing you ceremony a few days before the eclipse.

    interesting eh? The king shot? The king got smashed?
    I think about it.

    I put jupiter at the throat. His word is law. He is our vocal authority.

    Who is trying to silence the king? MJ was called the king. Hmmm.

    I should probably do my speculating on my own pages.
    be well

    Indras Net said...

    Bummer your link is down due to fox, you should try vimeo Ive moved all my videos over there cause Youtube is so sensitive.
    good luck, cheerz.

    Just thought about something and I wasnt sure if youd realized yet that the Hebrew Letter Kaph is attributed to Jupiter whos color is blue and sphere on the tree o life is blue, Kaph means Hand!.

    Anonymous said...

    Credit where credit due. Having the source of written form allows us to see where thought filtered through the big mind and ended up being typed away with specific person's hands. Gives us a name. Allows for the dots to connect in a way we can explore another level, where desired. to compare and contrast, we can work out repeating patterns. not just the person but the name itself... letters are lines created by divisible black on white. lots of history to a language, to have the source of the name, the date and time written, the birth date, etc. might help. point is we can do as we want, but to ask is ok?

    blog youime
    raybeams forum psychnro

    Jake Kotze said...

    Feel free to attribute and give citation or not depending on the context of situation and insight about the moment your involved in. I highlight one extreme (not citing) as a re-balancing in a an environment attached to attribution. Many times crediting someone is awesome and I love doing it. What ever brings most Joy should be our guide not intellectual debate about wrong or right.

    Anonymous said...

    thanks jake. can you name a favourite movie of your youth? It'll really help a fellow synch-sensor. just the name
    cheers, paul.

    Jake Kotze said...

    My favorite film as a kid was the The Empire Strikes Back.

    As an adult its been Miller's Crossing. I have a bit of a rule never to sync it, its too holy to be sullied by any attempt at insight.
    Who knows, I might do it one day.

    Ever so often one stands out.
    City of God a few years back, Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf, Leaving Las Vegas, Oldboy, The Fountain, The Departed...

    Strictly Ballroom by far this year.

    Love most movies.

    Jim said...

    Break the rule Jake, break the rule.

    Anonymous said...

    thanks jake. the basis of strictly ballroom, with the hidden dad, the latin family, the pompous youth, I like the characters.

    Can I ask if you have any specific blogs that you keep coming back to? Any particular one more than another.

    there is a reason for this question following up on the later, appreciate your comments. paul.

    Anonymous said...

    The Matrix, begins and ends in the "heart of the city" Motel. May help with the represented meaning of the phrase - being a well noted movie and all.

    Weak Peg/Matrix connections.
    Carrie Ann Moss Film Chumscrubber... with special effects work completed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    Keanu... choosing to play the title role in a Manitoba Theatre Centre production of Hamlet in Winnipeg, Manitoba

    UK ad, car travels through Xagon to jump 7 years. "future complete". Fits Stargate so well, may be a
    nice intro to expand on the synch for newcomers?

    Anonymous said...

    Eisner's spirit is one of my all time faves...fell in love with sand saref at a very early the central city thang considering the Spirit was done some 69 years ago...

    Also i checked the word `Manitoba` which is related to the First Nation native word `manitou` which means spirit.
    Love your banana as it were

    Jake Kotze said...

    I read most of the posts done by people who I link to here at The Blob and certainly the Merry Men at The Sync Whole.

    stillwalking82 said...

    Just a thought about another meaning of the number 42:

    42 is the angle of light refraction needed to create the red spectrum of visible light in a rainbow.

    "The light is first refracted as it enters the surface of the raindrop, reflected off the back of the drop, and again refracted as it leaves the drop. The overall effect is that the incoming light is reflected back over a wide range of angles, with the most intense light at an angle of 40°–42°."


    A Figure Eight said...

    Love is in the air...

    Particleion said...

    Good suff

    Anonymous said...

    happening is now, are u on board?

    (need rely here)

    Arrowsmith said...

    Feckin awesome vid Jake!

    A while back while writing about the Blue Hand I stumbled across a film by Guy Maddin (My Winnipeg) called Cowards Bend the Knee or The Blue Hands.


    Break the rules know you wanna.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Synch Travelers.

    On the "Whip-It" Trailer I am taking it to pieces in an attempt at deep synch.


    Hoping to make friends in this subject, thanks, paul, ciao.

    PS Got a bit drunk last night, expect I gotta get myself on board first. laters.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Jake, need your keen eye for seeing red.

    have been deeply looking at the "Whip-It" Trailer on the WholeSynch, have seen something, can you help us?

    my source,

    @51 seconds in the clothes shop; three roller girls and dummies and people shopping.
    First, see a red scarf on the male dummy disappear from the initial shot, and reappear on the cashier. the girls are looking at the red scarf on the cashier with big smiles. Also count the faces with frame by frame as they appear and reappear. there is always six. dummies have faces, and blue hair, yet the male dummy in shot has no face. So go back to the beginning, and there are six bride gown wearing girls, six chairs seated as they put makeup on. I'm not all the way through the move, it is at bloggerinthemovies.blogspot i think there is much more to the red and blue/six/3 dummy faces/3 roller girls. note the jester girl is the one that turns in the first shot, as they move toward the dummies in the last supper style frame.

    thanks jake and other synchminds.

    As much as seeing red is relevant, i have been seeing the compliment of red and blue.

    also, there is a red apple and blue milk on the tray of spiderboys girl. is that what he looks at?

    ericswan said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    ericswan said...

    Vimeo looks like the heart got a by pass. You might be interested in "The Manitou Stone" He looks like your Tin Man.

    I went to see it. It's spooky. Looks like a head. I just posted a pic with a blurb to my blog...

    Jon Kidd said...

    Wicked musical score.
    Loved the video.

    I just now now watched the video. What timing.

    Years ago when I lived in Calgary I was called a Tinman by a native man who was visiting at my Mom's house. There was a death in his family. And he was expressing hostility to me because of my lack of an emotional response to the death.

    That always stuck with me. I felt like shit because of it for years. I do feel that I'm gaining my spirit back and find myself getting teary eyed over the beauty of life's small things now.

    Having little Kidd's has helped.

    A Figure Eight said...

    So, TIN is the TENth marriage anniversary symbol. Maybe as in Twenty Ten... the 42/tin correspondence to Jupiter and the movie 2010: The Year we make contact. Ya? YA!?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Sounds good to me!

    Anonymous said...

    "I have been accused of plagiarism by a great man of sync"

    whom is this? steve willner?

    i seriously dont know who would even consider ownership of any synchromystic idea or ideas, foolish to me..

    Anonymous said...

    super p.s. - I am so glad to hear you doing voice overs to explain phenomonon, its great having you back Mr. Kotze....

    and really, tell us, or at least me (hah) who this plagurism "Mr. X" person is, please!!

    Jake Kotze said...

    I was talking about Goro Adachi who runs the website Etememenanki.

    Peace In

    Jim Ricks said...

    Well done again! Your style is evolving. Although still not a fan of the flashing red letters.

    All the best,

    Stephen said...

    Just got back from watching 9 it had everything you guys talked about in the pod cast in addition to all the alchemy symbolism All hail the FLOw lol great stuff