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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    The Soul of a Saint

    Our super hero savior, Iron Man, displays the highlighted/vivified SpiriT Palm (just like Shiva below) and heart Chakra.

    C Black Dog Stars' SlumDog-Star for more Iron Man hand observations.
    WE/ME are starting to notice how WE/ME have been accentuating the subtle body - claimed by mystics and gurus all along - in our popular media all along.

    C the video All Saints for many examples the phenomena.
    A brief look into Robert Downey Jr.'s - most recently famed as Iron Man - sync web unveils that he is a solid resonator of the Holy Man or Saint.
    A Halo crowning Anton Yelchin (the father of JC John Conner a.k.a Kyle Reese in the upcoming "Terminator Salvation") also sync kisses Downey's face on the poster for "Charlie Bartlett".
    Downey is Seeing Red through his one lens, a Stargate or Kosmic Konsciousness signifier recently explored in C-Ing Red.
    The Halo on the left is balanced by the NO Symbol a veiled OZ (C post NO) on his right. OZ emanating and entraining with our Saintly Tin Man.
    Interesting that The Terminator would come up again in proximity to the C-ing Red theme as it too has the Red eyes...

    Halo's are a fashion iconically associated with Saints (those who embody/externalize SpiriT).
    The word Saint crosses Downey on the poster for the appropriately titled "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints".
    The heavenly light shines down upon our Star as another Halo sync winks hello.
    The title itself endows Downey with SpiriT "Heart And Souls".
    Bonus Soul Sync:

    The word Soul is very interesting and versatile..
    As Sole or Solo it resonates oneness and unity...
    As Soul it resonates Ghost or SpiriT. SpiriT is a pointer to your true Being beyond form and thought.
    The Sole of the foot or shoe is what WE/ME stand upon. The Soul rooted through the Sole in the eternal and infinite NOW.
    Sol our local Star is the externalized resonator of the light, power and majesty of SpiriT.
    Atlantean Ariel's best friend is the blue and yellow Flounder. Some types of Flounders are called Sole, according to Wiki.
    Sole are fish, like Jesus the human embodied Khrist Konsciousness.
    Soul is a type of music pioneered by Black Stars.


    Later G8ors!


    toure said...

    "enough", he says.

    Jake, I must say, I admire your restraint in the face of the abyss.

    Your soul-sole connection makes perfect sense, and also presents yet another wonderful contradiction. The Soul, as something that gives us all consciousness, resonates oneness, while also being that which defines the uniqueness of one's character and perspective.

    I've been working on a post on music and the 3rd ear gnosis for a while now (the final chapter of my hypgnosis series) and Soul Men crossed my path a few times. Soul music, like every other popular genre -rock, rnb, rap, country- was heavily influenced by the BLUES; the spirit-song of the afrikan slave. Cadillac Records -resonating BeeYonce- and the film Ray (Ra) both tell this story...

    Great post.

    wv: cramp (?)

    Michael said...

    Soul to sole/fish was great for me too.

    Re: Robert Downey Jr – it kinda goes without saying but both his personal life and movie role progression follows that of the archetypical man transmuting from lead to gold.

    It culminates in his role in Tropic Thunder which, arguably, is so in-your-face syncromystic that it appears to be a satire on the topic. I mean, the downey character’s name is KirK Lazarus (ie biblical alchemy) who is a white, Australian/OZ actor who literally turns his skin black to “authentically” play a role of a black man so he can win an academy award/gold. His character’s main crux deals with identity-who he really is. On top of that, the character Lazarus plays in the movie (it is a movie about making a movie for those who have not seen it) is Lincoln Osiris. Additionally, the fake trailer in the beginning of the movie is a different "Lazarus film" titled Satan’s Alley. 101

    Regardless, love your mind, as always.

    Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

    To expand upon sync relevance of Third Ear Gnosis just a bit...

    C is associated with red and is alphanumerically Third. The Indian Bindi is a red dot located at the center of the forehead (Third Eye).

    The note C is commonly associated with the color red in tone color systems, such as in the models of A. Wallace Rimmington, Isaac Newton's, and the Golden Dawn.

    The consensus SOL-feggio scale is pronounced "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do". As C is the natural key, featuring no sharps or flats, musicians commonly associate C with Do and G with Sol.

    Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

    Oops, I should also add that the painting of Shiva features a drum. See Layne Redmond for more on the use of drum patterns in ritual to generate a unified low alpha/Theta brain state during ritual. This allows people to enter and maintain a meditative mindset without falling asleep.

    Just Me said...

    musicians commonly associate C with Do and G with Sol.

    Could this illuminate the use of the letter "G" in Masonic symbols?

    Unknown said...

    Just watched Short Circuit recently... Johnney 5 is indirectly hit by a bolt of lightning causing him to become self-aware. His eyes glow red then, as they do when he uses his laser gun. While arguing whether or not Johnny 5 is indeed alive, the girl who found him says something along the lines of "I'm a machine, you're a machine..." Also while Johnny 5 is driving the girl's truck (with a rainbow sticker on the windshield), she calls him a "Hunk of tin." The Johnney 5 robots are referred to by the acronym S-A-I-N-T.

    Arrowsmith said...

    Hey Jake. I just mentioned the number 11 in my latest post and here I find you talking about Souls/Soles. It brought to mind this 11th Hour poster.

    Also had a quick look at the Soul/Soul resonating Happy Feet movie and found it linked to the words 'the Love became the Egg'. I think the Collective Heart continues to crack open as we approach Easter.

    Have a happy 'Palm Sunday' this weekend!


    Arrowsmith said...

    The last Happy Feet link didn't seem to work but this one should.
    The song became Love and Love became the Egg.
    Here's one more linking the Soul with the Egg.

    Heck...couldn't resist this. Enough already.

    toure said...

    Just watched Wall-E; the whole film revolves around johnny5 and eve protecting a seedling planted in an old shoe. The credits end with wall-e and eve holding hands under the tree of life. we pan down, and the tree's roots are still growing from that shoe. how perfect.


    StrangEye said...


    I thought it interesting that IRON MAN is also Fe Man. Which synchs to the "Gold-Titanium" suit (and makes him a Golden titan / Golden God-Man ). Fe Man also is PHI Man or the greek letter and mathematical formula from which is derived the Golden Ratio. (1:1.618)

    The golden ration is known to be the ultimate in beauty and perfection.
    (The Perfected man Become a "GOD")
    (discovery channel did a series on "The Science of Beauty" which focused extensively on the Goldn Ratio)

    Phi ( φ ) is made from the I (EYE) in the Circle.
    Oneness (1) with the ALL ( 0 ) - the conscious mind (I) connected to the ALL, to the SOURCE.

    the greek letter PHI φ is also the double P mirrored PP

    The greek letter P equivalent is called RHO.

    As in "ChI RHO" (pronounced the same as CAIRO) XP

    In Hoc Signo Vinces

    "EYE RHO iN MAN" or "EYE ROAN MAN". ROAN being a color common to the description of HORses (HorSes/Horuses)

    Fe (Ferrum / Iron) has the atomic number 26 in the Periodic Table of Elements and thus linked to the word GOD (G+O+D = 26).

    Fe Man = God Man

    Synching with my Al-Khemia that we discussed at BAR-EYE (PHI) is his red and gold suit.

    On a side note (that I found fascinating):

    The word BAR means SON/SUN of giving "SON/SUN of EYE"


    StrangEye said...


    to refresh your memory, here's the why behind the BAR-EYE...

    red stone


    WV: chroa = CHi RHO !!

    Tim1164 said...

    Hey Jake, just recently found your blog. Want to bring to your attention 2 things. Firstly, concerning the C with the star thread ive seen it in a James Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan, the one where the media mogul tries to start ww3 and his news outlet gets first coverage. His media company logo is a C with a sort of star in it. Secondly, im from Ireland and i noticed something about the crest of a town called Drogheda in ireland, type Drogheda into wikipedia and look at it yourself, its intriuging, it has the Islamic/Masonic half moon and star at the top, and it has the front of a castle also with a tower on each side of the entrance, twin towers. And guess what year the town was founded by Danish invaders in? 911AD! It has deeper syncs to me, like its first charter being in 1194AD and its links to Cromwell, but thats for another day. Keep up the good work Jake. I'd like to hear your opinion on this if you get the chance to reply.

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