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    Sunday, June 1, 2008

    Sync Eko

    Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje plays a thug in service of sinister occult forces attempting to unlock Imhotep (The Mummy) to control the Scorpion King in "The Mummy Returns". Above we see the box - with winged triangle and eye/I motif - he needs to find the Oasis and Pyramid of the Scorpion King. This is of course the primary symbol of Egyptoid Illuminati influenced conspiracy related themes. I/Eye view this as the I/Eye of consciousness itself, the aware universe looking in/out at itself. There is always - I/Eye concede - intent, in this case of the film makers, with which the symbol is used which often doesn't reflect the interpretation of The Blob. I would however put it to you that the conscious universe speaks beyond any personal intent through the symbols we use. It is indeed impossible to separate who uses who, we the symbol, or the symbol we...
    In "Lost" Adewale plays Eko who dies by the anthropomorphic hand of the mysterious guardian smoke monster. The 'Lost' island resonates Atlantis/Giza, and ManhAtum (Manhattan being the symbolic creation Island mound of Atum) thus synchromystically resonating the 911 Mega Ritual.
    In "The Mummy Returns" he dies in the oasis of the Scorpion King. The Scorpion King (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and his Anubis army, after being defeated, turn into black smoke which rises out of a pyramid with an anthropomorphic face (that of the screaming Scorpion King, below).
    In the previous post we discussed how Scorpio's tale points towards the area of the sky shared by Galactic Center the posited Stargate of the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual. It is then very valid to consider anything scorpion related as Stargate themed. (See Steve Willner's Trilogy "Southland Tales, Sri Yantra and the Butterfly Effect" for more on Scorpio)

    The Twin Towers can be interpreted as symbolizing the twin pillars of Solomons temple. The portal/Stargate of the Aeon of Horus, the dropping of the veil of Isis and Maya. The symbolism of Solomons Temple and the First Degree Tracing Board are likely evolved from Giza's pillars or pyramids (Read Ralph Ellis' "Eden in Egypt" for details). It is through this reasoning, and the obvious evolution of pyramid to skyscraper, that justifies one calling the Twin Towers 'Pillarmids' or symbolic pillar and pyramids.
    Fascinating then, taking all this into account to note the anthropomorphic smoke images virally spread through the concreted mind of God (World Wide Web), of the Twin Pillarmids. This process being realized through the consciousness focusing technology generated by World War 3 (WW3 or WWW).

    More coming soon, flux of Being willing.