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    Tuesday, January 29, 2008

    "A robin feathering his nest"

    The double pillarmids (modern towering pillar or mountains (like any building)) of Manhatum (The concretized Island of Atum) with the South Tower (often favoured in these pre 911 syncs) destroyed in a precognitive scene from 1993's "Super Mario Bros."
    As the film moves in for a close-up we see the North Tower with the King Kupa Double K! (Thanks Tigno323 for lead). These particular cinematic pillarmids are located in another dimension on the other side of a Stargate.

    The double K (KK/2K/K2) 'sync wink' theme was discovered by following up synchromystically on Ralph Ellis' theory that the Great Pyramid decodes as a map of the second tallest mountain on earth, K2 (see his book "K2: Quest of the Gods"). By synchromystically decoding Aleister Crowley's (the first dude to try and scale K2) "Grid Page" from the "Book of the Law" as partly a map pointing towards Robin Tunney (a K2 Mountaineer in film "Vertical Limit") the Y2K Millennium celebrations was included in the double K sync web. (See Tunney Trilogy)The pattern has been proven relentlessly rock solid and supremely vivid, time after time, entertaining with (if not explaining!) the 11:11 phenomena (K being 11th letter of the alphabet), Jac(K K)irby (see here, and here) and syncs like ones seen in "Stay Tuned". In another 'hellish' dimension as always accessed through the Stargate the character Crowley 'jumps' channels (symbols of 'weird' consciousness, which is actually just your normal consciousness unobstructed by thought or things and rooted in the present moment) while the Knables couple, sporting K's, retell the same double letter theme, elements just somewhat rearranged. John Ritter makes the sync blatant by realizing he relinquished his temporary human form on 11 September 2003. If you look at the "Super Mario Bros" North Tower KK again comparing it to the Knables still, you might realize consciousness digs telling the same tale when following patterns and disregarding time/space and consensus context limitations.
    Almost superfluous, but lets do it anyway... We see Keanu Reeves or Neo (the 'One'/Messiah from the mass consciousness impacting "Matrix" film) sitting outside the double K of the Circle K in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". This scene happens mere moments before a Stargate (consciousness growing in mankind) opens..... Below we see the double H inside twin octagons on a Manhatum pillarmid in "The Hudsucker Proxy", the film is temporally placed near new years (resonating 2K). As H is the 8th letter of the alphabet plus the number of sides of the Freedom Tower and Great Pyramid, all becomes self reflective of all else...
    So, H resonates 8 and octagon. (Octagonal theme from the work of Goro Adachi)
    The often sighted H (the twins reaching to become one) as synchromystically connected to the O.G. NY pillarmids (see for example the Simpson's parody poster of Woody Allen's "Manhattan" (the original films Manhattan skyline font is the same)) makes even more sense including this octagonal (8 sided Great Pyramid/Freedom Tower) insight. (H theme from the work of Micheal Gosporn)
    Confirming and solidifying the pattern, we view the alternate reality of OZ (NY one letter 'back' in the alphabet, thanks Aferrismoon) in "The Wiz", where Manhatum is OZ and the yellow brick road ends right at the connected 'H pillarmids' of ground zero and the Kaaba representing Sphere sculpture. The Sphere and Kaaba are both Great Pyramid resonators (see here for details).
    The 77/Pan or Oz motif is seen imposed over the Sphere with pyramid shapes surrounding and adding more emphasis.
    Our K2 mountaineer and Stargate Queen, Robin Tunney, who has played the character of Zoe 3 times (see previous post) has all Aleister Crowley "Grid Page" elements (diagonal line, target/cross and grid) converging on her name including the ZO on the "Zodiac" film poster.

    Yummy Tunney (our ZO resonator) seen in "Cherish" next to 2000's (K2) "O Brother, Where Art Thou's?" Tim Blake Nelson, playing lovebirds.
    The semiotic elements simply reorganize and "Hey Presto!", Tim Blake Nelson framed by the OZ of ZomCon in the Zombie comedy film "Fido", groovy.
    The headquarters of ZomCon displays a double OZ/Pan/77/NY 'thingemagick' between a connected WTC resonating H style pillarmount.
    More on Z and lovely Tunney a.s.a.p.
    You all be well and come back now, ya hear?