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    Sunday, January 6, 2008

    Stay Tuned (Slightly Amended)

    Just sat down to watch "Stay Tuned" (I grew up on this movie) for kicks, it had no particular relevance to any synchromystic investigation, but... Ritter (passed away on 11 September 2003, thanks Peggy for the comment) and his wife 'the Knable family' are sucked into a satanic TV network through a Stargate. Stargates in my mind being practically any space/time distortions... We see the Double K (K2/2K/11:11) above as each Knable sports a golden winged K.
    The Double K about to penetrate the stargate as the unsuspecting Knables couple are about to step into the "space or cosmic consciousness" representing 'television static' stargate.
    Behind the scenes at hells television network Eugene Levy (centre) plays Crowley an obvious nod to 'The Beast 666' Aleister Crowley.
    Crowley gets sucked into the television stargate himself... Crowley climbed K2 and liked to think of himself as a Khan. (Read "AHA! MM is also K2!" for details)

    The KK stargate scene, inside a wrestling arena mentioned above, reminds me of this frightening show I have been hearing about. Sporting an octagonal fighting arena, witness Ultimate Fighting Championship. (For more about octagons as connected to Stargates see Goro Adachi)

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