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    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Heal The World. Make It A Better Place

    My friend Jim Sanders invited me to join him at the Windy Hills Retreat Center where we would partake in two Ayhuasca ceremonies back to back on consecutive nights.

    This is part of the month long visit of Shaman Maestro Juan Flores from the Peruvian Amazon during which numerous ceremonies are taking place around Winnipeg.

    The visit is between June 11 and August 11 giving us the 11:11 or KK/K2, a signifier of Kosmic Konsciousness.

    See K2 and The 2012 Maya Mega Ritual for more about K2
    Jim eating Kellogg's cornflakes, who's mascot is 'Tony the Tiger', at the retreat.
    2010 is the year of the tiger in Chinese astrology which is regulated by the orbit of Jupiter. 2010 is also a film who's full title is "2010: The Year We Make Contact" set at Jupiter.

    Seeing as the "2001: A Space Odyssey" film entrained perfectly with the 911 StarG8 event, its sequel "2010" is logically suggestive of further global evolutionary impact in this year.
    2010/Tiger, the year We/Me make contact with Kosmic Konsciousness.

    That this might manifest on the physical level as actual honest to Bob E.T's is also possible.

    I don't believe synchromysticism needs predict anything, yet patterns arise like the sunrise and sunset. That the sun will set today is not a definite but it can be reliably suggested by the repeating pattern.

    See 911 Inside Job for more about 911 as StarG8 and the film "2001: A Space Odyssey's" amazing entrainment with the event.
    Jim is earning his Tiger Stripes/Sprites studying under Juan Flores following a path that leads to him becoming a Master himself.

    "Go For Gr-r-reat"

    Numerous Jim/Tiger syncs at Sync Whole Post Out Of The Blue

    The first night I had about half a cup of the healing Jungle Juice. This was one of perhaps 6 such experiences with Jim up to this date. This evening, the first of 2, proved to be the most intense yet. I was thoroughly washed and rinsed, yet there was still to be a repeat...

    The second night he asked me to give the first synchromystic live talk to the attendants.
    I documented to about 10 onlookers the following key syncs which had taken place recently in my sync web.
    The evening before leaving for the retreat I passed this penguin tag, with its red eye, on my way home to watch Tim Burton's "Big Fish".

    The Red Eye can become 'See Red' or even a Red C.

    See C-Ing Red and One By One The Penguins Steal My Sanity!
    In "Big Fish" we see Danny DeVito, the Penguin in Burton's "Batman Returns", dressed in red, standing inside a Red C shaped circus ring.
    The Seeing Red penguin tag I noticed earlier has re-arisen in Consciousness, elements just slightly rearranged, an hour later.
    Just to hit it home, seconds later, this cart pulls into the Red C circus ring with a Red C of Colossus.
    The penguin syncs above were put together in my mind only the next morning while lying in bed. I suddenly jumped up and checked my boxers, penguins!

    We also note that the "Big Fish" title is stylized as a tree connecting with Plant Consciousness and themes that circle Ayahuasca.
    Once arriving at the center I was blown away to see the Maestro/Master was wearing red sunglasses.
    Jim explained that Juan's wife Sandra had an eye infection, making her eyes red. Juan healed her and took on the infection himself. He was wearing these red rimmed glasses as he had red eyes.
    The Master is seeing red during this key healing phase!
    Above is Jim and Juan with his Seeing Red sunglasses. The reflection behind Juan contains three radiating lines or stripes/sprites.

    The framed birds with there simple outlined style reminded me of the Seeing Red penguin that started these syncs.
    Three stripes that echo the three feathers Juan wares on his crown during ceremony.
    The photo with the reflection behind Juan is an example of the visible aura of human being.

    Seeing Auras doesn't mean becoming aware of some mysterious field surrounding the person. It is seeing what is already present in a new light.
    From my perspective during the first ceremony Juan's three stripes kept bobbing in and out of Jim's crown profile.
    I believe this signifies Jim's process of becoming a Maestro/Master himself.

    15 minutes into the second session a handful of Aliens (the black serpentine creatures from the film franchise of the same name) were floating in the air above me, sniffing me out.
    This was the easy part of the journey.

    While reading Jennifer Palmer's Numbers Aren't Really Real I learned this about the same evening of this second Ayhuasca healing.

    We can see this historical reality of numbers playing itself out in numerology, astrology and synchronicity. For example the significance of an individual seeing the numbers 911 appear everywhere is attached to the historical story of the 9/11 terror attacks, which is itself tied to the historical situation whereby the numbers 911 are used for emergency calls in the U.S. This week the NYT ran a piece on the cultural significance of the number 40, and Reality Sandwich did a piece on the 7/22 lunar eclipse—the longest to occur this century. This once in a lifetime event was made all the more powerful because of the date on which it occurred—22/7 being “the authentic fractional number appointed to Pi - the Golden number of harmony”, and 7/22 being the ancient feast day of Mary Magdalens.

    This evening (of the longest solar eclipse this century and resonating Pi) the Meastro decided the whole room gets a full cup. Something Jim noted as unprecedented.

    I now realize my understanding of Ayahuasca's role on Earth was an intellectual one. I had a concept and idea, not a Knowing. I believed that the plant could heal and teach but felt it unnecessary and inelegant.
    I favored the gradual realization of God over the bombardment of Divinity on entheogens.

    After feeling Consciousness wake up inside me and the entire room I was humbled to death. I realized the planET is literally in need of divine intervention and Ayahuasca is just that.

    While my perception of myself was dying I crawled over to Jim and Juan. Jim cradled me in his arms as I underwent massive transformation.

    As I process this Jim and Juan have headed out to the sacred site called Tie Creek to do more ceremony with the people of Winnipeg (today Saturday 25 June at 10:30 pm).
    Tie Creek, 2 hours drive from Winnipeg, sees a collection of protected ancient indigenous petroglyphs some believe are situated on the oldest rock face on the planet. The original Tip of Pangea, Mound Of Atum or the Great Turtle's Back.

    Winnipeg's Legislature or Galactic Center Temple is the colonizers marker of the Heart of eartH, while Tie Creek is the O.G native equivalent.
    Above is Jim Sanders, Frank Albo and Art Ladd viewing the "Two Roads" pertoglyphs of the White Shell during our visit a few weeks ago.

    Frank is the author of The Hermetic Code, the book which unveils Winnipeg's Legislature as a Masonic representation Solomon's Temple.

    The formation above shows two paths becoming one and turning in on itself.

    This is Consciousness realizing its split between self and other and returning to its unified state in the Heart.

    Winnipeg Manitoba is in the Heart of the North American continent.

    A fractal of the Body and Galaxy, the centering process of Earth spreads from the Heart.

    God is waking up inside and through WE/ME.

    Peace Of Mind = Peace On Earth

    Peace In = Peace Out

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    Diet Soap Podcast

    Diet Soap Podcast #13-Synchromysticism Jam

    Jake Kotze of the blob coined the phrase Synchromysticism, and seeks out sublime connections lost in our kibble culture. We discuss Surrealism, Robin Tunney, 9/11 as Stargate, and the Titanic. Also featured are the voices of Chico Marx, George C Scott, Marlon Brando, Rip Torn, and Crosley Bendix. Plus I respond to listener email. Next week's podcast may be late.

    Did this podcast a few weeks ago and had allot of fun talking with Doug about a bunch of stuff.

    Gotta go paint another shed purple.

    Thanks Doug.

    L8er G8ors