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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    The JFK Stargate Mega Ritual

    JFK and twin octagons (Image from intro to Oliver Stone's "JFK")

    Michael Beck (the white Heath Ledger lookalike) and his gang, strut past a Coney Island 'carnival game machine' reading "Himalaya" in 1979's "The Warriors" (still above). Kira (Terpsichore) between the Twin Pillars (thus resonating Solomons Temple and 911). A Stargate is opened in multiple scenes in the center of these same pillars.

    Olivia Newton-John enters our world through a mural (image above) type Stargate (any space/time distortion (collapsing that which does not exist)). She plays Terpsichore one of Zeus' 9 muse daughters sent to inspire a struggling young artists, again Michael Beck, and start the nightclub Xanadu in the very 1980's "Xanadu".
    Note the Mountain and Octagon interacting with Olivia.

    We saw a "Dharma Initiative" octagon wearing teacher Olivia (Samantha Mathis who plays Princess Daisy inside the 2 K's sporting WTC in "Super Mario Bros") in OZ flavored "Lost" episode "The Man Behind The Curtain" (see Opening The Stargate Via Adam Sandler). (still above)

    Beck having already been through a Stargate himself (still below) stands inside Xanadu (still above) named after Kublai Khans (Double K resonating) summer capitol. Kublai Khan has entered our sync web before while investigating all things K2 (second highest mountain on Earth believed by Ralph Ellis to be the decoded reference point obtained by the correct understanding of the Great Pyramid, first attempted summiting tackled by Aleister Crowley, phew!) related, being a Double K himself and owning the Himalayan land on which K2 stood. Orson Welles as Charles Foster Kane is also equatable to this Khan as he built his own mansion called Xanadu in "Citizen Kane" (see the videos Why 2K Part 1 and 2 for details).

    I feel interesting context must exist between these syncs and the Hashshashin, as Hulagu Khan (brother of Kublai Khan) destroyed them in 1256. What exactly that is, at this point, I couldn't say. It has also been highlighted that Ian Flemming's Le Chiffre, played by Orson Welles in 1967's Casino Royale, is believed to be intentionally modelled after Aleister Crowley. Crowley's drawings of 'higher intelligences' or Holy Guardian Angels contacted during ecstatic magickal states look like the classic sci-fi grey alien.

    Praternatural Thingamagick - Lam

    Ralph Ellis notes his belief in "Eden in Egypt" that Pharaoh Akhenaton modeled himself after his interpretation of the creator gods physique, explaining the distorted elongated limbs and heads seen in some ancient wall reliefs of the worlds proto monotheist. The true secret of Masonry (I suspect Ellis is correct in this, not that I entirely agree with the secret itself) according to Ellis (who I admire for just saying it straight) that alien creator Gods (ancient astronauts) came to earth and in some way are responsible for our existence or evolution.

    The O.G. Master Mason and his progeny depicted with strange physical features.

    It is possible to imagine how a successive line of influence and knowledge has percolated through secret society networks and arcane belief systems uniting Akhenaton and Crowley. Believing all this to be metaphorically true, I would however reinterpret the overall thrust, adjusting for the probable influence of ego originated attachments to fear based belief systems that have corrupted the narrative. Crowley and Akhenaton are in my model key Stargate openers, that is, early pioneering contactors of the consciousness that is conscious of itself. They realized true Being, but when downloading the message into consensus reality, it had to pass through there belief systems which resulted in there version of god displaying a particular bias. That bias being that thought and belief (thus form) is primary resulting in a large cranium (containing that which creates thought) god with atrophied body.

    The thread has evolved into the 'Committee of 9' and 2001 Space:Odyssey type mythos (See Al-Noah) and the related ego based attachment of 'other'. 'Other' in the shape of and external God (aliens, higher consciousness, future beings etc (in 2001 represented as the black monolith)) being necessitated for our existence and evolution as opposed to the reality that 'other' is really just 'self'. When the Stargate metaphors (UFOs, higher consciousness, Gods, monolith) are recognized as your present awareness the disassociated ego disease of separation from Being (suffering) ends. The search for the 'other' (suffering) is intended to lead you into awareness, that is, your true self. That which you always have and always were to begin with! The snake eating its tail.
    It has been necessary for folks like Akhenaton and Crowley to use metaphors like Lam and Aton for Being, but consciousness is waking up inside us and the truth can be plainly told and understood. The truth of your identity beyond thought and form has been unveiled, the 911 Stargate Mega Ritual has collapsed the pyramid/tower with the eye above, symbolically decentralizing and freeing our consciousness. The eye/I is inside yourself, not the enlarged cranium of a Grey humanoid.

    How sucsynkt, in this wink Crowley (Le Chiffre) is the Grey itself, revealing in my mind how Lam is really just Crowley, thus human..

    A perfect sync wink can be found in "American Dad" episode "Tearjerker" (still above). This entire episode spoofs the James Bond films with Stan being 007 (John Dee) and regular character Roger, a Grey type alien, playing the role of Le Chiffre (Aleister Crowley). The pilot episode (still below) reveals that Roger is a sugar junkie bringing the mysterious candy syncs back into the sync web. It has been noted in "The K2/Giza Kandy Cane" that Crowley himself spent time honing his craft in Kandy, Ceylon while lollipops, Kit-Kats and numerous other sugary treats have been explored in "K2 Candy 1, 2 and 3". Roger is also an escapee from Area 51, the sight some conspiraloons (I say that with affection) believe real Greys from Roswell were deposited at. The Roswell Crash happened in the same year as Aleister Crowley's re-melding with the infinite 1947, more on this subject, I imagine, as things progress.

    The as inexplicable synchromystic presence of candy/sugar when investigating and the Stargate can be confirmed in "The Fly". After unknowingly splicing his genes with a fly, owing to teleporting his body with a Stargate machine, Jeff Goldblum starts eating sugar with a vengeance.
    In a famous 'gross out' scene our 'flyguy', like the Grey alien Roger from "Family Guy", grabs a donut and pukes digestive fluid over it.
    Doughnuts resonate the Stargate in shape (torus), the nuts part of the word and as popular brand name Krispy Kreme (Double K/K2/2K/KK). (Thanks Jim for the email and A Kean Eye post "Donuts")
    "Xanadu" (KK resonating as Kublai Khans pad) climaxes with Olivia standing on a octagon inside a flashing dance floor Stargate. She radiates light and disappears. Compare the "Lost" Olivia themes (octagon, KK) with these stills from "Xanadu", it is the same, the kaleidoscope of Being just jumbled a smidge.
    Marilyn Manson (MM roman numeral for 2000 thus 2K) sings about healthy living and the food pyramid in the unfortunately cut short animated series "Clone High". The tip or capstone of this pyramid contains sweets/candy/sugar.
    The cast member sharing this pyramid (image below) with MM/K2, finally after 2 years of avoiding the topic, is now ready for synchromystic investigation, relevant to this post note the jock in red and white stripes.... JFK.

    Clone High episode 2 - Election Blu-Galoo Part 4 of 4

    The above clip and stills from "Clone High" connect JFK, K2 and pyramids. These Stargate symbols, simply and elegantly unmask the mechanics behind the powerful attraction of JFK, second only to 911 in immediate impact media events. The JFK assassination was another Stargate Mega Ritual, meaning, a grand scale society altering consciousness focusing event. Where were you when JFK was shot? What were you doing when 911 happened?

    Marilyn Manson's 2000 (2K) album Holy Wood (name inspired by Aleister Crowley's poem AHA!) contains the song "King-Kill 33" (read AHA! MM is also K2 for details).

    "King-Kill 33" (2K/K2) is an essay by proto synchromystic James Shelby Downard putting forward the theory that Kennedy was assassinated as part of a giant ritualistic Masonic conspiracy. Using any source, street and river names, dates (and specific clock times), meridian lines etc searching for clues and meaning behind Kennedy's death is pure synchromysticism.

    Oswald means "divine strength." The diminutive form of the word is "os" or "Oz": denoting strength. The role which "Divine Strength" played in the Dealey "Goddess Rule" Killing of the King ritual should be given careful consideration.
    One should also note the significance of (Jack) Ruby's killing (destroying) of "Ozwald" in reference to the "Ruby Slippers" of The Wizard of Oz which one may deride as a fairy tale but which nevertheless symbolizes the immense power of "ruby light," otherwise known as the laser.
    King-Kill 33 James Shelby Downard

    This is a wonderful opportunity to attempt to explain a most subtle point about synchronicity and symbolism. "King-Kill 33" highlights in my mind the most pervasive error found in synchromysticism and related esoteric/conspiracy circles. This error, one that I have suffered under myself, veils a giant festering neurosis that needs to be brought into the light of consciousness in order for it to heal.

    The error is this:
    Finding symbolism and synchronicity that resonates with a certain group or subject (like
    Masonry) and then attributing its wellspring to similarly resonating entities instead of the true source of all symbols, Being or consciousness itself.
    Attributing a thing or form as source for stuff in space/time, when all emanates from beyond thought and form.

    Masonry (and any mystery school or order) did not and cannot create anything, Being (pure unconditioned consciousness) beyond thought and form creates and animates all things (symbols, signs, synchronicity). Masonry can adopt symbols, images and themes that resonate powerful forces and mysterious life cycles. It can however not claim singular authorship of these forces or there associated symbols.

    The eye above the unfinished pyramid can historically be associated with Masonry. Different schools and groups of Masonry and its detractors can argue about its particular meaning. Yet Masonry cannot claim to have created the eye (or the pyramid for that matter!) as Being beyond all form is the only no-thing that can animate eye/I and form itself.

    Realizing that the assassination of JFK entrains with ancient divine 'Solar King death rituals' like that of Horus, Osiris and Hiram Abif is an amazing feat and we cannot deny Shelby's gift of insight. These are the same cycles moving through the Sun, that most vivid representation of the true origin of all cycles, the waxing and waning of consciousness conscious of itself, the true Light of Being beyond our Sun.

    Groups who claim occult knowledge one can expect by nature to be involved with this symbolism and themes. Attributing the origins of these cosmic forces to these or any human agency is simply inaccurate.

    Does that mean that no element of Masonry was involved in the killing of Kennedy, the death of a Sun King? Does this mean that no Masonic elements were conscious of the Twin Tower (Solomons temple), Pentagon (Pentagram) symbolism of 911?
    How in the world should I know (do you think most Masons know)? It simply synchromystically does not matter even the slightest smidge whether Masonic or Illuminati types were involved in any of it. In fact it doesn't matter at all 'who' did any of it, we can always, in any case, assume Being did it, when all is said and done. Synchromystically the question is pointless, intellectually fascinating, no doubt, but symbolically merely an aside.

    In the same fashion the elusive crop circle question "who or what made it?" isn't necessary to investigate its sync wink potential, symbolically simply and elegantly it is there...

    I like how the 'Eye in the Triangle' covers Nicholas Cage's crotch, much like what happens on many Masonic aprons.

    Bruce Greenwood plays the President of the USA in the Masonic/Illuminati themed "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets". A strand of the sync web has been introduced highlighting Zebra's as the original name for Philip K. Dick's VALIS Stargate (consciousness focusing) entity (See Z is for Zebra and Opening The Stargate Via Adam Sandler). We see synchromystic verification of this theme, allowing us more confidence to compare VALIS with Zebras in 2005's "Racing Stripes".

    M. Emmet Walsh (MM?), who has appeared in the Philip K. Dick based "Blade Runner" alongside Harrison Ford, can be seen in this film as a supporter of our wannabe race horse Zebra.

    Further entrainment of Walsh with associated themes of the VALIS/Zebra thread, tantalizingly in conjunction with our Illuminati resonating Nicholas Cage, can be viewed in "Raising Ari(ZO)na" (note the ZO or OZ/77/Pan). In his short cameo as Cage's co-worker and machinist he describes a U.F.O. encounter (still below).

    "Anyway, we're approachin' the wreck, and there's a spherical object a-restin' on the highway ...
    ... And it don't look like a piece a the car."
    In "Racing Stripes" a baby Zebra is found and fostered by Hayden Panettiere's (note the Pan or OZ/ZO/77), of "Heroes" fame, father.

    Her father, seen below with our synchromystic VALIS, is the President from "National Treasure 2", Bruce Greenwood.
    Here's the rub, Greenwood has played the the president before in 2000's (2K) Kevin Costner headlining "Thirteen Days". In this film our Masonic/Illuminati President (National Treasure 2) VALIS (Racing Stripes) resonator plays JFK, thus our Stargate opening (consciousness focusing) Mega Ritual President. Kevin Costner, here playing a presidential adviser, doubles his JFK resonance noting his famous role as Jim Garrison in Oliver Stone's (also 911 resonating as "World Trade Centre" director and Olivia both in "Lost" and in "Xanadu") "JFK".
    The film focuses on the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK places a Blockade on Cuba, lots of folks don't dig what they perceive as America's hard line and ruthless attitude leading to protests outside the white house (still below).
    An amazing image as we can see the Double K (K2) on the placard reading "K and K must Talk!". "K and K" being US prez John F. (K)ennedy and the Soviet Unions First Secretary Nikita (K)hrushchev. Having the Stargate KK (see Why 2K? 1 and 2 for details) directly imposed over the White House containing our Illuminati/VALIS Greenwood JFK says it all, Stargate.

    There is another interesting element in this still worth pointing out. The NO under the triangle of the White House can easily become ZO by tilting the N 90 degrees, becoming a Z (See Aferrismoon's "Synking islands of Nyos , Lo-st One"). It is normal for our conditioned minds to have an aversion to taking something so far out of context, I find resistance to the idea myself. Yet I believe the unconditioned consciousness that animates all forms sees no human type barriers to information processing, so let's get down with the mega mind!

    We have already encountered the OZ/ZO in connection with Kennedy (and Raising Ari(ZO)na) in "King-Kill 33" (KK) thanks to James Shelby Downard pointing out :"Oswald means "divine strength." The diminutive form of the word is "os" or "Oz"". Thus Oswald resonates OZ.

    For more on the "OZ/ZO/OS/77/Pan" Stargate Mega-Ritual connection try The 911 Stargate, Rant In Z Minor, OS and Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler.

    Now, check this out...
    Gary Oldman as Oswald (OZ/ZO) is escorted by the police through throngs of news reporters in Stone's "JFK". He is about to be shot by Jack "Ruby Slippers" (still above).
    Oldman plays the villainous Zorg (ZO/OZ) in "The Fifth Element", confirming the Stargate OZ resonance of the JFK Mega Ritual.
    "The Fifth Element" is a perfect example of the "Checker Chariot of the Gods" or "Stargate Taxi" theme. That is, the ever present sync winks of iconic "Checker Cab's" (regular cabs/taxi's work too, the check pattern however resonates a little stronger in my mind because of the Masonic Tracing Board flavor) when investigating 'Stargate Mega Rituals' like JFK and 911.
    Bruce Willis plays a down on his luck, retired military dude, who drives a flying Checker Cab for a living. Milla Jovovich is a genetically modified alien (The Supreme Being and Fifth Element) who falls through the roof of our taxi. The synchromystic 'Checker Chariot (a flying UFO resonating version no less!) of the Gods' is fully realized in this sync. Genetic tampering and divine alien space beings, perfect. I feel the ancient astronaut theory is a metaphorical search for 'other'. The DNA/Coiled Serpent/Caduceus being deified when it is inseparable from your true nature beyond form. Just as the game of finding true love is a reenactment of 'realizing self' (the you divorced from mental noise/past and future or ego) the game of searching for 'other' life and creator aliens is symbolic. We are separate from our lovers and alien creator gods so that we can perpetuate the never ending quest for the grail, ark or Stargate. The reality being that you are always in every moment opening the Stargate, looking inside the ark or drinking from the grail. Separate only for the wonderful possibility of union, another expression being the sex game. Union during that powerful game can result in life itself!
    If you realize this and still want to enjoy the game of cat and mouse or peekaboo, do so with joy and peace, knowing you are whole already.

    That said, yes, you have a separate/individual seeming wife or girlfriend. Yes, I believe you have seen a UFO.
    An enlightened girlfriend or UFO will very likely agree with the view however that they are certainly unique aspects of Being but by no means separate from your true self, dig?

    For past Checker Cab references see primarily Checker Chariot of the Gods and The Contact Check videos, but I think all the subsequent videos had taxi sync winks... Let's digress from the JFK consciousness focusing event for a few more stills to 'knock' this Checker Cab theme 'out the park'.
    Death (Saturn), the Thoth resonating Moon, a match of fire or Lucifer (light bearer) all hovering above the Island of Manhattum.

    In the "A Christmas Carol" spoof 1988's "Scrooged" Bill Murray plays our miserly Scrooge type (the inspiration for Scrooge McDuck, but where not going near that can of worms now!) who is visited by 3 ghosts on Christmas eve.
    The first ghost, "The Ghost of Christmas Past", arrives and abducts Murray in a "Checkered Chariot of Gods".
    This particular cab is a time machine, thus a Stargate device. Anything that causes a time/space distortion in my book is a metaphorical Stargate.
    This Stargate Taxi in one scene passes magickly through oncoming traffic.
    Indulge my whimsy for a little while longer before we head back to JFK. Let's build some needed context for the kicker...
    This is a scene with Robin William near the ending of "The Fisher King". We see the 'Holy Grail' on Robin William's chest with the Valis/Zebra on the left. In my mind the grail and the Zebra/VALIS are practically interchangeable as both are just pointers, showing the location of a Stargate (consciousness focusing event).
    Aferismoon illuminates "Lost" episode "Eggtown", noting John Lock's choice of literature being VALIS (our Zebra) and Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes (HH see Island of Atum and Pairs) movie preference including "Xanadu" (Kublai Khan/KK). Lock's hand (image above) highlights the double K aspect of Philip (K) Dic(K)'s name showing how the Stargate sync winks swirl and play around each other.

    Yet another sucsynkt Mr Moon post has materialized since writing the above paragraph including valuable VALIS and Robin Tunney (RT) sync winks.
    In OS we saw how the last visible element of the "Lost" title sequence is the OS (OS) of L(OS)t (image below). "King-Kill 33's" Oswald/Oz observation has convinced me OS and OZ are synchromystically valid as interchangeable. This is all becoming pretty neat and tidy as the "Lost" island has been shown, time after time, as the symbolic equivalent of OZ (NY) and Manhattan (Island of Atum).
    Staring at this still (below) from the new Mayan (thus 2012 Stargate Mega Ritual resonating) flavored "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls", I noticed how the OS/OZ is present in R(OS)well. Remember that Crowley (writer of Liber OZ and Grey alien resonator) died the year of the Roswell crash.
    The very next episode of "Lost", "The Constant", involves some of characters, including actor Fisher Stevens (still below), coming unstuck in time (opening the Stargate).
    Mr. Stevens can be seen in another reoccurring sync web thread, "Super Mario Bros" (image below). We have seen the film come up in connection with "Lost" through, Samantha Mathis as Olivia (mentioned earlier and connected to Olivia Newton-John in "Xanadu") thus obviously entraining recurringly with "Lost".
    Stevens appears in the film as a henchmen of Dennis Hopper playing antagonist King Koopa (KK). We have see the KK imposed over the alternate dimension WTC (the synchromystic pillarmids), King Koopa's lair (image below).
    Other telling features resonating the pyramid Twin Tower connection are two giant pyramids inside Koopa's Pillarmids!
    Octagon sporting Olivia from "Lost" (Samantha Mathis, here playing Princess Daisy) is abducted and pulled through a Stargate that leads from NY to her imprisonment in King Koopa's (KK) Pillarmids by "Lost's" Stargate time jumper Steven Fisher (image below).

    Entraining with Olivia Newton-John from "Xanadu" ((K)ublai (K)han) who opens the Stargate on an octagon, this is another example of how the 'Kaleidoscope of Being' is the same eternal player of games, just infinitely rearranging itself into new forms. Its shape and beauty traceable through charting the sync web and appreciable through acknowledgment of synchronicity. Acknowledgment of synchronicity implies awareness if the intelligence in all things, the unconditioned consciousness of Being beyond form and thought.

    The Stargate narrative constantly reappears over and over, I just follow the syncs and repeat the process. The Stargate narrative is the symbolic journey of consciousness, from ignorance about its nature, as whole and not separate, back into knowledge of true self.
    Another worthy Robin, having already seen Robin Williams with Stargate symbols the Grail and the Zebra, can be found in Chris O'(twined octagonal ones in poster below) Donnel as Batman's sidekick.

    Twin octagons like the O's in Chris O'Donnel are reapeating themes seen in The Hudsucker Proxy (See Island Of Atum), Click(See Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler) and "JFK" (image that started this post)

    Chris O' Donnel's Robin syncnifficance comes into full bloom when we realize that he climbed K2 with the Stargate Queen and O.G. Zebra girl, Robin Tunney in 2000's (2K) "Vertical Limit".

    See Tunney Trillogy and Z is for Zebra for details.
    Robin and Robin inside a Buckminster (a man claiming telepathic communication with E.T's) inspired geodesic tent located at base kamp Karakoram, K2. Crowley attempted to scale this mountain while Ralph Ellis believes the Great Pyramid of Giza decodes as a map pointing towards this same peak...
    Marshal Mathers (MM/2K/K2) or Eminem reiterates and strengthens the K2 connection to Robin Tunney and Batman's sidekick in his video...

    Eminem - Without Me

    Tunney playing Zoe (ZO) plus a winking Zebra/VALIS in "Cherish". Lets not forget the pyramid hieroglyphic resonating lollipop/candy on screen, phew.. (see The K2/Giza Kandy Cane)

    O.K, thats enough context. For your consideration, witness, The JFK Stargate Mega Ritual 'kicker'....
    Patrick Dempsey as John F. Kennedy and Robin Tunney as Kathleen (nickname 'Kick') Kennedy (K2) in the mini series JFK: Reckless Youth.

    The Stargate Queen (a Zebra/VALIS) arrives home at the Kennedy manor, from helping the war effort, to greet her brother JFK (a Zebra/VALIS through Bruce Greenwood) sporting the Templar resonating American Red Cross (still below). The Templar Cross resonates the octagon as its origin is said to be inspired by the "Dome of the Rock's" overhead footprint.

    The octagon and its associated Stargate context was discovered at Goro Adachis' Etemenanki.
    The acronym ARC, invokes the Ark of the Covenant and Noah (cuboid Great Pyramid symbolizing Stargate boxes) which miss Robin Tunney has been sighted interacting with in Z is for Zebra (still below).
    Tunney voicing Carole Demas in a "Robot Chicken" spoof of "The Magic Garden". The box in this sketch has become the Ark emanating ghosts from "Raiders of the L(OS)t Ark" (note the L(OS)T)

    Patrick Dempsey (JFK alongside fair Robin) apartment in Disney's "Enchanted" displays a framed image of Mercury/Hermes /Thoth. Thoth with his spiraling DNA/Kundalini staff and as pillar/pyramid (pillarmid) architect is generally speaking the god of main interest in all things Stargate related.
    The H2O (2H's plus Stargate O) Door or Watergate.

    All very sucsynkt as the movie sees multiple Stargate jumps from an animated 'fairytale land' to the Island of Manhattum, NY/OZ. The type of Stargate device is the fountain 'Water Door' variety. See Steve Willner's new video Ouroboros, CERN, and A Trip Through the Water Door for many more H2O sync winks.
    The charming Amy Adams (A.:A.:/American Airlines resonating?)

    The specific local of "Enchanted's" Stargate is through a manhole in Time Square. Time Square has been connected to Stargate Mega Rituals before (see Island of Atum) as a key Y(2K) Millennium celebration location back in 31 Dec 1999. Giza was also shortlisted for Millennial consciousness focusing (massive world wide attention) celebrations (Mega Ritual). There is also the little matter of the alleged attempted Freemasonic Y(2K) Pyramid capping that was never to be...
    In one of these jumps between the animated 'magical kingdom' world and Time Square sees the Stargate manhole cover smashing into a giant Coca-Cola billboard. CC being similar in pronunciation to KK, Coca-Cola becomes another K2 resonating Candy/Sugar sync wink. (Thanks to Concrete Junkyard post Arnold, Ronald and Roland Coke sync wink)
    The film climaxes at a ballroom dance where our lovers from different worlds finally reciprocate each others desire to become one. Dempsey (JFK) from NY/OZ and Stargate Princess Adams from animated magical fairytale land reenact the dance scene from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", camera swooping down from behind a chandelier...
    A closer look at the floor reveals our JFK resonator likes to take his dates to the octagonal Stargate, clever fellow...
    The weirdest Stargate theme yet, the dance floor octagon. Remember that we saw Olivia in "Xanadu" doing the octagonal Stargate Boogaloo...
    Disney's "Gargoyles" episode "Eye of the Beholder" sees our night time Manhattum defenders being able to appear in public owing to the cloak of anonymity offered by Halloween. Gargoyle leader Goliath masquerades as 'The Beast' while officer Eliza Maza parades as 'Beauty' (image below). See Island of Atum for more "Gargoyles" WTC syncs.

    The 911 Stargate Mega Rituals Pillarmid's peak out behind, sync winking "Peekaboo!"