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    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    Towering Millennium Pillartainamid

    Stargate realizers/entrainers (artists) the splendid writer Neil Gaiman collaborates with sublime illustrator Dave McKean on "Signal to Noise" (first published late 80's early 90's) . When I say 'artists entrain with the stargate' I mean, just as two grandfather clocks' pendulums put side by side will eventually sync up, swaying back and forth in rhythm. So will artist who by nature resonate intimately with the source of all consciousness, manifest work that furthers/focuses consciousness (the collective goal of which, I imagine, is the big stargate at the end of history). As we increasingly synchromystically map the data points that resonate with the stargate, thanks by and large to the Internet, we can see this process with ever increasing clarity...
    In "Signal to Noise" a film director who learns he is terminally ill, writes his final script for a film about the 999 millennium, this paralleling the 'end of the world' fears with his anxiety about dying. The movie he envisions sees villagers, in the grip of "Pre-Millennium Tension", preparing for the end of the world in the shadow of an snow capped mountain.
    The recent 2000 (2K) millennium has been extensively connected to the K2 icy Himalayan giant. That second tallest of earthly peaks which Ralph Ellis believes is encoded into the Great Pyramid of Giza and Aleister Crowley tried to surmount (see Tunney Tribute and Why 2K? videos). It is of great interest then to discover a fictional snowy peak so thoroughly intertwined with 'end of history' and millennial themes.
    The dying director laments his own temporal inability to reach and witness the 2K millennium, owing to his illness. The epilogue even showing us a newspaper with 2K headlining in New York city, the location of the following major stargate (collective consciousness focusing) event, the 911 Mega Ritual.
    As the K2 mountain points towards Giza and vice versa, pyramids resonate mountains. I am further in agreement with Ellis that Biblical 'mountains' like Sinai and Ararat etc. are all actually 'Egyptian' Pyramids, only strengthening the frankly obvious pyramid/mountain resonance. To push things a little further it has been suggested in these pages that the Twin Towers of New York resonated clearly the Twin Pillars (pyramids) of Giza. The mountain in Gaiman and McKean's narrative becomes a powerfull synchromystical, 'Towering Millennium Pillartainamid

    I Heart Pillarmids

    In the previous post (Pairs) I tried to make the case that the pillarmid pairs of NY and there consistent synchromystic connection to H, is a conciousness metaphor. The 2 wanting to connect and become 1.
    The theme repeats as James leaves this msg in the comments section of 'Pairs'. This also shows how artist entrain (sync up) with stargates (space/cosmic conciousness doorways).

    I am an Architect, I worked for Gaetano Pesce and we entered the WTC competition. His entry was an rebuild of the former WTC design with a heart included between to connect the towers in an "H" shape. There is no one link to direct you so here are the direction to see the images. Start by visting ""click "enter site" in upper righta new window should pop upclick "typological list"click "architecture"go to page 6 in the lower leftbottom of the list is WTCthere are a few good pictures