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    Monday, June 23, 2008

    Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage

    The premise of "Hudson Hawk" (HH) involves classic alchemy, turning lead into gold. The machine that achieves this uses crystal and light broken into the spectrum (rainbow below).
    (Leo)nardo da Vinci discovers the technique accidentally while attempting to manufacture bronze needed for the horse discussed in the post Gemini.
    A vital component of his transmutation machine is this pentagonal crystal below.
    Alchemy is a metaphor for the growth of consciousness inside and through us. The universe becoming consciously aware of itself on the level of existence. The base matter is form and thought including the suffering which attachment to inherently transient things creates. The gold is unconditioned consciousness flowing freely unobstructed by belief and desire.
    The 911 Mega Ritual also involved a pentagonal structure, the Pentagon.
    Tracing board with pillars and pentagram from p109 of "The Secret Zodiacs of Washington DC" by David Ovason. The pillars can be associated with Gemini (The Twins) or Sagittarius and Scorpio the twin guardians of Galactic Center. The pentagram and radiating eye both pass as symbols of the Stargate or Galactic Center.

    When the news came through that American landmarks had been 'attacked' the entire planet focused there attention through the interconnected media network on the Twin Towers (Gemini Gate) and the Pentagon with its implied pentagram. Focus doesn't mean intense concentration, it means a mind silenced, in this case through awe. When the mind stops its constant chattering the obscured unconditioned consciousness can flow through unobstructed by the veil of thought. Never in the known history of the planet did so many minds become silenced and experience the ecstasy or joy of no mind at the same time. Practically this would be interpreted by the majority as shock and intense curiosity. It is fascinating to consider the objects receiving this special attention were symbolic Pillarmids (Towers/Pillars/Pyramids) and a giant 'pentagram'.
    This was the consciousness focusing affect of the 911 Mega Ritual leading to the biggest crack in the egoic shell of mankind and the 'start' of the ascension process culminating in the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual. The opening of consciousness flowing into matter through the Stargate Portal of the ecstatically silenced human mind and symbolically represented by the Twin Towers and Pentagon.

    The 911 Mega Ritual can also be fit into the alchemy model. The birthing of the 'golden' Being of no-thing through base matter and flesh surrendered to the extreme flux of destruction.

    Synchromysticism attempts to use pop culture a much corrupted egoic base material and transform it into the very doorway of the divine.

    Who brought down the Towers? Reptilian Illuminati Freemasons or Terrorists?


    We did it! No-thing beyond all form - our true nature - animates all.

    The pentagram is the ruling sign of the "The Craft" both the 1996 film and fraternal order. The pentagram is often associated with Isis and Sirius. Isis can be associated with the Milky Way and Galactic Centre.
    Thus in a synchromystic fashion - if we choose to allow our consciousness to associate thoughts in new and exciting ways - we are seeing Robin Tunney below, stepping inside the Stargate or Galactic Center in "The Craft".
    The Washington Pentagon (pentagram/Sirius) of the 911 Mega Ritual can in this fashion also be the Milky Way, the home of the 2012 Stargate.
    Even further John Major Jenkins writes:
    Perhaps more relevent are the facts that Spica and Galactic Center are almost exactly 90 degrees away and the Galactic Anticenter is on the same meridian as Sirius (associated with Isis) Galactic Center p195-196
    We can thereby associate the Pentagons Sirius representing veiled pentagram as connected to Galactic Center through Sirius' being on the same meridian as Galactic Anticentre.
    Bruce Willis plays Cat (Kat, K@, K2,) Burglar, Eddie "Hudson Hawk" Hawkins, named after the river that flows by Manhattan (symbolic Island of Atum) and the World Trade Center (the destroyed Pillarmids and now Octagonal Freedom Tower). He has just been paroled and is being blackmailed by the Mario Bros. (an Italian crime family, imaged above) to steel an original Leo(Cat/K2/Sphinx)nardo da Vinci small horse study model.
    Circle M is the symbol of "The Mario Bros", Nintendo's flagship character and game
    Bus Driver: You girls watch out for those weirdos.
    Nancy: We are the weirdos Mr.

    We see the double Circle M on the arm and jacket of actor Tony Genaro as Bus (mega chariot) Driver in "The Craft". MM is 2000 in roman numerals which can also be expressed as 2K or K2. Ben Fairhall was vital part of the infinite casual chain that lead to these MM thoughts.
    The 1993 "Mario Bros." film saw KK on one of the Twin Towers accessed by the Mario Brothers through a Stargate. The Towers in the film had also been damaged resonating the 911 Mega Ritual in a particularly vivid fashion.

    New here? Interested? What am I going on about 2K for? See videos like Why 2K?
    Briefly: Ralph Ellis writes in "K2" that the Great Pyramid decodes as a pointer towards the mountain K2. Aleister Crowley was the firsts person to attempt a serious summiting of K2. Mighty interesting, no?

    The poster shows the Mario pair, who along with the 2 Towers echo Gemini. In the previous post we learned that Gemini forms the lower part of a Galactic Center ('protected' by the twin guardians Sagittarius/Scorpio) and Galactic Anticentre (Gemini (sometimes Taurus)) axis.

    A Zodiac wheel from "A monument to the End of Time" and "Galactic Alignment" showing the Galactic Alignment and Equinox Cross.

    In this model 911 (a Mega Ritual) was the start of an ascension process moving from Gemini - symbolized by the Twin Towers - into Sagittarius (The Archer) and Scorpio, who's arrow and stinger point towards Galactic Center which famously aligns with the Solstice Sun on 21 December 2012 at 11:11. K2 or KK is also 11:11 as 11th letter of the alphabet is K. We note how the entire K2 phenomena as a double suggest and resonate Twins, while both the bottom of the Galactic Center - Galactic Anticenter axis as Gemini (below) and Sagittarius Scorpio (above) also display the sets of pairs idea repeated by the 11:11 sync.

    Major Mystical Pyramid Rant Alert!
    I view the Great Pyramid as having been constructed by entities (most likely humans) in great resonance and harmony with the universe. The Pyramid in comparison with a nautilus shell, sunflower or beehive displays magickal relationship of form and stunning geometry. The lack of mind needed in excreting natural harmonious objects, suggests insects, animals and plants as channel of the divine during their creation processes unveiling to me the likely true builder of Giza. Perhaps in a past Golden Age humanity lived without the ego noise of the self aware mind and universe excreted the Pyramid through these silent ancients.
    One often feels that the amazing architectural, spiritual and astronomical knowledge of the ancients were not as result of great mastery of thought, but lack of it. They were a clear channel for Being and no-thing, the true creator of all. As the mind became more paramount we fell into history and object fetishism, this being the destruction of Atlantis. Thoth as pyramid builder with his kundalini/DNA serpent staff unveils this mystery, humans with fully activated chakra pillars having, in this model, built the structure.
    Being even more bold lets suggest this as what we are returning to, having learned the needed hard lessons of materialism and technology. Technology, materialism and rationality was allowed to thrive until now, nature in its infinite wisdom organizing every facet in accordance with a plan unfathomable by human mind.
    Metaphors for the process underway - consciousness becoming aware of consciousness - include: 2012, The Building of the New Jerusalem/Zion, Aeon of Horus, Judgment Day, Age of Aquarius, The New Atlantis, Apocalypse, Opening of the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination, The Second coming of Jesus, Armageddon, Ascension, New World Order etc, etc...
    If we take that context, of Great Pyramid built by God/Being/No-Thing itself, it functioning as a pointer of K2 becomes massively more then just a map.
    Synchronicity is needed to realize the last step. Crowley as a magickian and messiah (Stargate realizer), who - just as a sunflower with its amazing fractal design also desires to do the Great Work (sync up with the universe itself) - climbed K2 to highlight it for our attention. Just as the sunflower doesn't need to think to entrain with the universe, Crowley didn't by necessity need to know all the facets involved in climbing K2.
    Through synchromysticism we can learn of our non-local inseparable consciousness that animates all in the present. The study of synchronicity unveils that K2 isn't just a pyramid shaped mountain, it is also 2K (the millennium) and 11:11 (the pointer of Galactic Alignment). The pyramid as a map of K2 thusly takes on a new meaning. K2 is the symbol of the Stargate of Cosmic Consciousness, the Great Pyramid as excretion of Being then, basically, points towards itSELF.
    The Pyramid charts a course which leads one to knowledge of our true essence beyond thought and form. In the same manner silent contemplation of a sunflower can illuminate.
    A relationship is noted between the pillars that bookend history, the Twin Pyramids of Giza and the Twin Towers of Manhattan. Further the resonance of pivotal pairs is repeated with the portal of Galactic Center aligning at 11:11 on 2012.
    No-thing will complete you.

    Who built the pyramids?

    We did it! No-thing beyond all form - our true nature - animates all.

    The infinite and space is invoked as we hit play..
    This production studio displays its mostly unwitting allegiance to the magickal forces of the universe. The entirety conspires to play the game called life. By making a movie you are mimicking the game Being plays and thereby entraining with it through sympathetic dramatic magick.

    On this fine day the 'Universal' grows - everything growing out of Being, nothing can ever be made - the film called..
    Galactic Center as serpentine Monster Mouth aligns with the solar orb behind Bacon.

    The snake like mouth of the Graboid or 'Dirt Dragon' attempting to swallow all that vibrates is Galactic Center. In previous posts we have compared the mouth of The Toad eating Hugh Jackman (First Father in the Fountain) and Micheal Douglas penetrating the gut of a crocodile with Galactic Center. Agent K was also seen being swallowed by a giant alien bug, my justification at that point for it being symbolic of Galactic Center being that its E.T flavor resonates Cosmic Consciousness. I want to extend the possibilities of these types of swallowing sync winks to any beast or monster. My justification, as does most of the new Galactic Center knowledge incorporated into the Stargate sync web, comes from John Major Jenkins "Galactic Center".

    "I mentioned earlier that the Astronomical reference of makara or mukha is probably to the dark rift in the Milky Way, which the Maya also identified as a monster mouth". p167

    The serpent mouth is also the Northern Lunar Node 'Rahu', but let's deal with that later in this post...
    Tony Genaro last seen having the honor of busing Robin Tunney to her seance in "The Craft" returns next to Mr 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon (proto-synchromystic activity) in 1990's "Tremors". Yes, your eyes do not deceive we have a KK winking smack behind Genaro's head, giving him a little 'sync smooch'. Double K means we need to pay allot of attention to what is happening in this scene and what is unfolding is very interesting indeed.

    Lets attempt a quick segue with a neat little sync..

    There is something tantalizing about the bottle of Orange "Crush" sync winking in shot with the "Tremors" KK. As seen above, this "Supertramp" album (Breakfast In America (1979)) highlights the Twin Pillarmids , viewed from a jet window, with a cup of orange juice, held by our Statue of Liberty/Isis waitress, over and the letters UP (or even IIP) behind the Towers. The orange juice syncs with the liquid candy orange "Crush". See The Wrong Way Wizard for groovy thoughts related to this album art.
    As explored in the post, Gemini, Isis resonates and represents the Milky Way and Galactic Center. The Twin Towers' (already connected to KK through "The Mario Bros." film) destruction can be seen as a the start of ascension leading to the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual on 11:11 (KK) 21 Desember 2012. The orange juice takes the role of Isis' Illuminating torch a symbol of our sun, Galactic Center and Cosmic Awakening. Concise imagery telling the tale of ascension, in this case however it is not the tale of any individual but our entire species. 911 externally symbolically expressed a particularly pronounced phase of rapid evolution entraining with a myriad of forces leading humanity into true knowledge of SELF.

    Lets scramble back to Bacon...

    Tunney's Bus Driver attempts to save Victor Wong from a 'Dirt Dragon'

    A giant freaking Milky Way representing snake or worm thing is eating actor Victor Wong. Spectacularly concise as the Double K is painted on his characters shop window and realizing that he yielded his physical aspect the very day after the 911 Mega Ritual (Victor Wong R.I.P 12 September 2001)
    Interesting to note Victor Wong's death in comparison with John Ritter's shedding of mortal coil (John Ritter R.I.P 11 September 2003). Both actors spotted on screen in frame with KK, both dying (death being a personal Stargate, consciousness freeing from form) in entrainment with the 911 Mega Ritual. Curious..
    Victor Wong died 12 September 2001 seen with KK in "Tremors". John Ritter died on 11 September 2003 spotted with KK in Stay Tuned. Stay Tuned has a character called Crowley working for the devil. I assume this is a knowing lampooning of Aleister Crowley.

    We see Bacon atop a candy resonating Pepsi fridge with Tigers on a tapestry behind him just as the Graboid Stargate mouth is about to eat Wong . Tigers are Cats resonating K2 (as @ and 2 are shared on your keyboard, K@), Leo and the Sphinx. Further we note the sugar pot (below the blue Tea Pot, top right in the image below) behind Bacon and Genaro.

    The sugar/candy Stargate theme continues to mystify and recur with nagging persistence. See it highlighted yet again in the most vivid and direct manor in a Cadbury's chocolate commercial (Thanks Atlantean Times).

    Cadbury Dairy Milk - Trucks (High Quality)

    Above is another still from "Hudson Hawk" (HH) expressing the consistent coincidence of KK and candy, in the vastly mysterious business card message reading "MY NAME IS KIT KAT THIS IS NOT A DREAM".

    Anyone still - inevitably inherently fruitlessly - seeking enlightenment. Print out this still and ponder on its deeper meaning beyond the mere context of the film... I don't recommend the activity of seeking any-thing you already have or are.

    The hand belongs to actor David Caruso who is a member of the Candy Bars, a 4 member strong gang of villains, who abduct Hudson Hawk and transport him to Rome. He communicates through these little cards while impersonating people and objects.

    Hawk and his partner Danny Aiello (Tommy Five-Ton) play a game, Tommy naming song titles Hawk repeating the exact track length of the requested song (above). This has a practical aspect - in the absurd context of the film, mind you- as they sing songs in unison while separated on 'jobs' to time there actions with perfect symmetry.
    Tommy: Xanadu?
    Hawk: 4 min 19 sec.
    *Xanadu is the nightclub and film where Olivia Newton John dances atop an Octagonal Stargate (see JFK Stargate).
    *Xanadu was Kublai Khan's summer retreat, note that Kublai owned the land on which K2 stands and is a Double K himself.
    *Xanadu is Orson Welles character - who resonates K2 mountaineer Aleister Crowley no less, as Ian Flemming's Le Chiffre in 1967's "Casino Royale" - Charles Foster Kane's mansion in "Citizen Kane".
    *Xanadu is also Illuminati member David Xanatos' hideaway in The Gargoyles television series. One of our Gargoyles who interact with a Stargate atop the World Trade Center is also Hudson.

    Hudson the Gargoyle jumping from the deck of the World Trade Center to retrieve the falling Stargate mirror which opens Cosmic Consciousness resonating doorways atop the Pillarmids of the 911 Mega Ritual. This particular episode, "The Mirror" aired on 11 September 2005 unveiling, synchromystically, its entrainment with the 911 Stargate opening. See video Island Of Atum for more.
    Our cat/kat/k@/K2 burglar with the same name as our WTC Stargate interacting Gargoyle skates down a checkered hallway which entrains with 2007's 'sync'nificant West Kennet Long Barrow formation.

    The checkerboard design often points towards profound heavy weight mystical resonance. The Masons borrow it for their tracing boards and lodge floors. Ralph Ellis believes its use stems from a polished black and white stone surface at the foot of the Pyramids of Giza. Scroll back up and view the tracing board with Pillarmid and Pentagon now noticing the other Stargate facet, the checker floor.

    What lies at the end of this cinematic hallway is the Horse that started my personal sync journey (see previous "Hudson Hawk" post).

    A horse of a different color (white) with wings will later smash Hawk (a hero and bird of prey thus Horus resonator) in the head.

    The horse was the 'engine' of the earliest versions of the chariot. All vehicles from bicycle to helicopter are decedents of the horse drawn chariot. (Leo)nardo da Vinci, horse sculptor and a pivotal part of causal reason we are even writing this, invented the bicycle and helicopter chariots.

    After the crack to the noggin our Horus Hawk Willis is seen being transported by emergency chariot over the Brooklyn bridge with the Gemini Gate of the 911 consciousness focusing Mega Ritual Towering in the distance.

    All these emergency horseless chariots (ambulance) display there magickal reality with pride. The Stargate staff of Thoth-Hermes Trismegistus - the DNA coil and spinal kundalini snake - inside a blue star, are always present (image below).

    All is magick, even science and technology. Or maybe you prefer all being science and technology, even magick. Science and technology merely chart the mystical effects in mystery universe that repeat with much regularity and reliability. The effects followed and created by the magickian are less tangible and more ephemeral but by no means less real. The will of consciousness even changes the relationship between reliability of effect and outcome in mystery universe over time. What was at one point considered magick is now science.

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

    Lovely and profound quote. Clarke could see no mystery inside Crop Circles even trying to prove they are man made. The synchromystic must try to heal this bias of evaluating phenomena according to the nature of its perceived creator. All (any-thing), whether crop circle, chariot or Hollywood film emanate from no-thing beyond form and would by necessity reflect the infinite regardless of the vehicle Being 'chooses' to create a form. Synchromysticism, as I interpret it, has no bias towards the perceived creator behind a synchronicity. A pop song by Britney Spears is as profound as a pyramount on the Moon. Indeed realizing Cydonia, K2, Giza and Church Etiquette are made by the same life force might release you from the wheel of Samsara, stop you from chasing your own tail.
    Being unhappy with the paramedics wanting to kill him, Hawk escapes, wheeling behind the Ambulance on a gurny. The yellow Taxi type chariot whooshes past.

    The whole theme and realization of vehicles as mystery magick chariots came from researching the Checkered Hallway Crop Circle as related to Checker Chariot Taxis. Willis (our Horus Hawk) transports the alien (thus resonating cosmic consciousness and the Stargate) Milla Jovovich in a flying version of the O.G. chariot in "The Fifth Element".
    Barely perceptible in this Crop Circle image below, but its there alright, on the green hill in the distance lies the Pewsey White Horse. Me and Ben Fairhall sat on this Hill nearly a year ago being told by Police not to enter the formation in the picture, which had formed the previous evening. Thwarted but still able to appreciate the beautiful fresh circle, a gorgeous view being afforded by the elevation of the horse adorned hillside.
    What ever their origin Crop Circles are, amongst many things, stunning mandala Stargates. The phenomena is charged by the attention (consciousness focusing or awareness) of many esoteric and metaphysical minds investigating the glyphs resulting in much realization of synchronicity. Synchronicity isn't something that happens from time to time during special moments. It is inseparable from the nature of the ever present moment you are embedded in. Honest open attention often reveals the interconnectedness of all things resulting in acknowledgment of synchronicity. Investigation of giant Stargate shapes will by the their very consciousness focusing nature result in realization of synchronicty.
    One of the most iconic, attractive and fascinating circles to date (this is a rare consensus in which I agree) was the giant Milk Hill Mega or Galaxy formation of August 2001. Crop Circles don't happen much later then that as the crop gets harvested at the end of the growing season. One cant help but feel a connection between this amazing Stargate and the 911 Stargate event which happened one month later.
    Relevant to this current sync web is the Galaxy reference in the name and shape of the stunning design and the white horse located nearby the event. The horse can be connected to the chariot, a Stargate vehicle of the gods. The alternate name for horse, equine, resonates equinox evoking sync connections with the movements of the stars and heavenly bodies. The 21 December 2012 Solstice Sun, John Major Jenkins in "Galactic Alignment" informs us, sees the formation of a heavenly cross formed by the axes of Galactic Center-Galactic Anticentre and Vernal and Autumnal Equinox (see the zodiac wheel above).
    A giant Galaxy Stargate Mandala heralding the opening of the Galactic Center portal in Gemini (911 Twin Towers), marked by the 'sync'nificant equine hill decoration.

    Crop Circles like the Checkered Hallway and Galaxy pictogram, along with Checker Chariots, were investigated in the Contact? Check! trilogy. Fox has removed part A for copyright violation.

    "Ownership is theft" Hagbard Celine in "Illuminatus Trilogy"

    1997's "Face/Off" sees nemesi villainous Nicholas Cage and hero John Travolta taking turns to assume each others physical identity making them synchromystically interchangeable. There faces are literally taken off and switched.
    Travolta (playing both Caster and Archer) and a white horse inside the bullseye type Stargate symbol.

    The film opens with Cage as Caster Troy failing to assassinate Travolta as Sean Archer killing Archers child instead. Travolta and his kid are riding a Carousel, Merry-go-round or Flying Horses. The idea of horses spinning on a fixed axis evokes the zodiac animal wheel and equine equinox (as a measurement of heavenly movement) connection.
    Castor's (Cage) brother is Pollux Troy. Castor and Pollux in mythology, astrology and astronomy are the Gemini Twins. Remember that the Galactic Center-Galactic Anticenter axis' base is in Gemini, which is part of the Equinox-Milky Way Cross marked out by the 2012 Solstice alignment. Gemini is also the sign evoked by the symbolisms of the Twin Towers.
    The Troy last name echoes the overall horse flavor being charted through the famed Trojan Horse.
    It can be modeled then that we are moving from the lower Gemini Twin Towers part of the axis onto the Aquarius-Scorpio Twin Guardian part of Galactic Center-Galactic Anticenter axis. Pairs of twins guarding both sides of the ascension Stargate resonating 11:11, K2 and HH.
    The Axis can also be viewed as a pillar or tree which functions as a galactic version of the kundalini spinal serpent system in the human body. This serpent imagery resonance is again seen in the film as Castor Cage's 'gear' is covered in dragons.
    Our Castor Star Cage can be seen clinching the connection between 911 and Gemini through being the lead man in the "World Trade Center" film.
    It's still just a normal day as our Gemini Star struts down the checkered floor to debrief his cop buddies and handout there workload for the day. The 911 Mega Ritual is about to dramatically change humanities seemingly enduring patterns...
    'Composite Character' Castor Cage Cop looks around in disbelief as the Gemini Gate smolders in front of his eyes. Another self reflective pair of twin pillars, a double Thoth staff on a departing ambulance chariot, sync wink the veiled symbolism of the Pillarmid Towers (image below).
    We are seconds away from the collapse of the WTC Pillarmids. The complex is about to be crushed with Castor Cage Cop and his deputies pinned beneath the rubble (below).
    Reflecting in a pool of water is the octagonal logo of Chase the consumer and commercial banking division of JPMorgan Chase.

    Ursa Major (containing the Big Dipper) and Minor (containing the northern pole star Polaris) mean big and little bear respectively. The Big or Great Bear (Ursa Major) is a circumpolar constellation meaning it travels closely around the North Pole Star or Polaris which resides in Little Bear (Ursa Minor).
    Polaris - the pole star in the northern hemisphere around which all others appear to rotate - was seen on Michael Douglas's jet ski in the post Gemini. He also penetrated the 'monster' gut of a crocodile resonating Galactic Center. The Pole Star as another heavenly center resonates Galactic Center (the truer center) very strongly.

    The 2012 Alignment forms a galaxy-equinox cross, again please see the Zodiac wheel above. Another way of connecting the equinox and Little Bear (containing Polaris) to 2012.

    Beyond all physical centers, beyond even Galactic Center or the likely Universal Center is your timeless essence. Being beyond thought or form, the infinite unknowable that can not be conceptualized or understood but can be felt and experienced as this present moment. You cant 'know' the true center, but you can 'be' it. YOU are the true center!
    "Kung Fu Panda" sees a big (Jack Black as Giant Panda resonating Ursa Major) and little bear (Dustin Hoffman as Red Panda resonating Ursa Minor) making it a strong northern pole resonator, intimately associated with the 2012 alignment.
    Po (Jack Black) - a circumpolar constellation resonator - excitedly enters "The Sacred Hall of Warriors". The hall is covered in pillars with spiraling dragon motif, seen above. The spiraling serpent pillar can be:
    -The World Tree/Yggdrasil (think also, the snake and tree of life in the Adam and Eve (Gemini) story)
    -The Spinal Column with activated Kundalini Serpent energy. (Also Jed Pillar or Backbone of Osiris)
    -The Twin 911 Pillarmids
    -The DNA coil
    -The Staff of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus
    -The Galactic Center-Galactic Antic Center Axis of the 2012 Galaxy-Equinox Cross (functioning as subtle body kundalini serpent of the galaxy)
    These are all fractally self similar representations of the same symbol system resonating each other intimately on different levels of scale.

    Oogway the Tortoise and Shifu the Panda reflected in the pool beneath a cosmic serpent octagon.

    Reflected in a pool of water, located inside "The Hall of Warriors", is a dragon inside an Octagonal Stargate. Stargates are consciousness focusing devices like circular mandalas, UFO's and Crop Circles. The Circle is the primary shape of divinity. Polygons like octagons and hexagons highlight different facets of the Great Circle/Stargate. All circles resonate the Stargate (consciousness focusing tool or representation) as do all polygons. The octagon has a particular affinity for showing up in affairs astrology and astronomy related. The motion of heavenly bodies are well charted by cutting a circle into four, like the four seasons, resulting in a cross through a circle. Cutting the circle evenly again results in another cross, quartering our divine circular Stargate into 8 segments. The octagon is thus a pivotal and beautiful representation of astronomical flavored Stargate motifs.
    Goro Adachi was a central part of the infinite causal chain that resulted in these thoughts.

    Now re-consider the "World Trade Center" Chase octagon, in shot with Castor (Gemini) Cage reflected in water seconds before the complex collapses. Reflect also on the fact that the giant torch being built atop the Gemini Pillars, the "Freedom Tower" is an octagonal structure to be completed on or near 2012.
    Both octagonal waterdoors seen inside the movies "World Trade Center" and "Kung Fu Panda" entrain the ascension of humanity through the 911-2012 Stargate with the dawning of the age of Aquarius.
    The Dragon Scroll said to contain the secret to unlimited power is placed smack center inside our Octagonal Stargate. This secret lies inside a hall with spiraling energy serpents, giant waterdoor octagon in the mouth of a monster. The mouth of the serpent monster, as hinted by the astrological resonating bears, gives away the true location being symbolized here, Galactic Center. The movie's Dragon Scroll secret - should you get to see it - unveils an accurate symbolic representation of the teaching pointed towards through the 2012 alignment mystery.
    Galactic Center, as serpentine monster mouth, comes smashing through Michael's rec room complete with Stargate checkerboard pattern in "Tremors". Micheal wears an 'Atlanta Hawks' cap in the film reminding us of that ancient Egyptoid Hero, Horus, so firmly embedded in the Stargate sync web, one more time...
    We already saw a turtle (Master Oogway) reflected in the waters of with an Octagonal Stargate in "Kung Fu Panda". Here are some more green Stargate heroes/Horus in a half shell.

    "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
    The Big Blow Out Part 1 (Some stills follow if you don't feel like watching the thing)

    Part 2


    Raybeam at the Synchromysticism Forum highlights "The Teenage Ninja Turtles" episode "The Big Blow Out" (youtube videos above) with this amazing Twin Pillarmid Stargate sync.
    Krang (an interdimensional Stargate being) and Shredder in their giant spherical "Technodrome" need to steal the cubic "Mount Rushmore Power Generator".
    The turtles thwart their attempts at destroying the mountain itself, but fail to stop them from nabbing the power cube. Below we see the quartered Stargate circle in its target persona imposed over the Giant disembodied president heads. A few Freemasons inside that Stargate ad some telling extra 'freaky flavor' to our synchromystic proceedings.

    Image of the Lunar Nodes from "Galactic Center" p 75 areas where the orbit of the moon crosses the apparent path of the Sun (Ecliptic). Eclipses happen near the these points.

    In the post "K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual" we were introduced to Ketu (The knotted serpents tail of Hindu Mythology) -the Southern Lunar Node located in 3 degrees Sagittarius near Galactic Center -, noted as K2 resonating in sound.

    The Lunar Dragon with its Tail (Ketu) in Sagittarius or Galactic Center and its Head in Gemini or Galactic Anticenter. Another serpent equivalent to the Galactic Center-Galactic Anticenter axis part of the 2012 Equinox-Galaxy Cross.

    In fact I now discover Wikipedia notes Ketu, the tail of the lunar snake ending in Galactic Center, as another name for the Mountain K2!
    Rahu as Dragon/Snake mouth often depicted as eating the sun or moon. This is owing to the fact that eclipses occur at the Lunar Nodes. Interestingly Galactic Center has already been associated with the monster mouth. Through Rahu being located at Gemini or Galactic Anticenter the monster mouth theme as related to the 2012 Stargate repeats.

    Its opposite in the heavens The Northern Lunar Node is Rahu depicted in Hindu Mythology as a giant disembodied head (often a snakes) riding a chariot.

    Rahu (Head) and Ketu/K2 (Knotted Tail), two of the Navagraha (The Nine Planets or Nine Realms). Relief Picture from Galactic Center p 81 above.
    Mountain, already somewhat resonates K2, but giant disembodied head (like those seen at Mount Rushmore) resonates Rahu, the head of the Lunar Dragon. Rahu being equivalent to Galactic Anticenter and Gemini resonates the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination.
    More on Rahu in the next "Hudson Hawk"(HH) post.
    The evil Ninjutsu Foot Clan logo can be seen on the front of the 'Technodrome' as it heads for New York city after stealing the power cube from Mount Rushmore.

    Image from p 111 of John Major Jenkins "Galactic Alignment".

    Another celestial marker of Galactic Center apart from the already much discussed Sagittarius arrow and Scorpio stinger is the foot of Ophiuchus which John Major Jenkins associates with Mithras and Perseus.
    Mithra's foot between between Scorpio and Sagittarius on the Zodiac of the Tauroctony. "Galactic Center" p 107
    Apart from the cube (resonating the Millennium Hilton, Kaaba and Sphere sculpture), the Foot also need the Twin Pillarmids of 911 to complete there plans to open an interdimensional portal. Peeling away the cartoonish but still amazingly succinct symbolism we can reinterpret what is happening here synchromystically. The Gemini Gate (Twin Towers) with the help of Ophiuchus' Foot can open the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination.
    The Technodrome has an all seeing eye surmounting its dome. In the image above we see the eye between the Two Pillars or Pyramids. This is amazing symbolism of Cosmic Consciousness waking up with the rippling Stargate vortex opening over the Towers. Compare image with Gargoyles "Mirror" episode, Crowley Tower Tarot and "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" Sauron Eye poster.

    K2 mountaineer's Thoth Tarot Tower Major Arcana 15 compared to LOTR: 2 Towers image. We have a Scorpio related dove (pointers of Galactic Center) and a fire emitting Dragon or monster mouth (Galactic Center), Rahu head.. People fall from the Pillarmid in mystical entrainment with 911.

    Let's briefly address the sticky topic of secret society involvement in 911 suggested by evil foot clan resonance and menacing all seeing eye of the 'Technodrome'.
    Yes it is a possibility that elite occult organizations might have had their hand in the 911 Mega Ritual. By no means does this imply that they would be all powerful and all knowing. It is very likely that Being (our own infinite consciousness) is using these groups beyond the scope of there personal knowledge of intent and outcome. That a nefarious organization can orchestrate a deception or ritualistically destroy public buildings is not beyond my belief system. This is however not at all what I mean by 911 Mega Ritual. I mean the intelligence that animates all that is in existence and beyond, becoming aware of itself in human form, metaphorically expressing its own awakening through matter during 911.
    The same intelligence that embeds naturally, subtilely and beautifully SELF reflective symbolism such as seen in the very 1989 "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" "The Big Blow Out"episode (airing December 22 on or near the solstice!) we are investigating. This intelligence orchestrates - right NOW - that I can highlight Leonardo, one of the four Turtles with a blue bandanna, is named after the same Leonardo who invents modern chariots and makes alchemical gold for his giant horse in "Hudson Hawk".
    Above is a giant Galactic Center pointing disembodied foot and Leonardo's hilltop studio in the Opening sequence of "Hudson Hawk". The explosion emmiting from the castle, in frame with our Stargate Ophiuchus foot, is part of the alchemical process. The alchemy being synchromystically uncovered here is transformation of planetary consciousness externally represented by 911 and Galactic Alignment.
    The ambitious "Turtels" World Trade Center gateway is so large it intends to transport the entire planet through the Stargate into 'Dimension X'. The entire species being initiated into Cosmic Consciousness through the Gemini Gate (Twin Towers) and the Milky Way-Equinox Cross, here portrayed as Dimension X. X being the tilted Stargate cross or target.
    A Gemini or Twin in "Face /Off" who passes octagons in "World Trade Center" on 911 finds South American style pyramids in National Treasure 2. Nicholas Cage quests for the fabled Cibola or 'City of Gold' located by our giant disembodied head collection, Mount Rushmore.
    Freemason Rahu (northern Lunar Node in Gemini and Galactic Anticentre) heads, already seen in "The Turtles" form the base of the "National Treasure Book Of Secrets" Poster. The Egyptoid Illuminati and dollar bill all seeing eye glares at us with apex ablaze imposed over the 'holy' Mountain. Isis, the Milky Way and Galactic Center, is invoked by the Black Madonna topped US Capitol Building's dome and 'Castor/911 Cage's' Illuminating Torch. Rounding off the image is the Pyramid representing Eiffel Tower (a French Pillarmid) and the ben ben obelisk clock tower Big Ben (British Pillarmid). The Treasure being gaurded behind all this symbolism is South American type ruins resonating the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual or the Cosmic Consciousness physically expressed as Galactic Alignment.
    In this symbols system and the context we have generated the Green All Seeing Eye can easily become Galactic Center itself, the sun behind our sun, as long as we bear in mind that all existing centers eventually lead towards and are pale reflections of the SELF or no-thing.
    Cage's last clue, that uncovers the 'City of Gold' atop Mount Rushmore, is an eagle or phoenix. Both birds resonate Horus, as rising son/sun, and the new age of Being born through humanity.
    The final 'face off' between good and evil approaches. Cage (once evil Gemini Twin Castor Troy currently good Shaun Archer) approaches the temple where he will battle John Travolta (currently Castor Troy) to the death. The Galactic Center Isis/Mary sync winks as the camera zooms in on the Star hero/Horus, framed by pillars/spears. White doves, the equivalent of Galactic Center marker Scorpio, fly over and past the South American pyramid adventurer. As Shaun 'Archer', Cage has become Sagittarius, the other Twin along with Scorpio who stands by the gates of Galactic Center. We will see vivid confirmation of cage as Sagittarius, shortly.
    Stargate Master - a Bodhisattva who raises consciousness in humanity - Jesus Christ sync kisses his blessing on our bright Shining One (or Star) Nicholas cage, moments before 'the clash of titans' ensues. Cage has become the entire Galactic Center (Sagittarius) -Galactic Anticenter (Gemini) axis entraining symbolically through the dramatic ritualistic magick of cinema with the forces emanating from Galactic Center. This whole process now perceivable through the technology of Internet and synchromysticism.
    The Stargate Milky Way-Equinox Cross in its Christian Ankh disguise, while Cage unloads at Travolta, between the Twin Candles (image above). The Candles on top of the Alter are the Twin Towers of Manhattan, Twin Pyramids of Giza and Twin Pillars of Solomons Temple. All symbolic portals of Being moving through us, entraining with the current planetary ascension of the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual Galactic Alignment.
    Travolta, like Jesus, shows us how the human body conforms and entrains to the Milky Way-Equinox cross. Isis above, doves below...
    A high speed boat type chariot race across the oceans of the cosmos unfolds. Nicholas Cage, the personified Stargate Axis' chariot bears the checkerboard trim and name 'Scarab'.
    "Khepera, the scarab-headed aspect of Ra, is often symbolized riding through the sea of the sky in a wonderful ship called the Boat of the Sun" Manly P. Hall "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" p 268

    The Astrological resonance of "Face/Off" couldn't be more clear. Again, I sincerely doubt John Woo or Nicholas Cage were aware (in the traditional sense of the word) of the forces they were entraining with when making this film. That is indeed the beauty and point of what I am trying to show with the symbolism encoded in pop media. Even the conscious (in the traditional sens) use of symbolism in movies such as "National Treasure 2" by no practical stretch of the imagination explains how Nicholas Cage has played all facets of the Galactic Center Axis or how perfectly it interacts through Mount Rushmore with the symbolism of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" episode addressed above. We can move beyond the limitation of explanation..
    The final blow is reached, Archer/Sagittarius as the Galactic Center Axis Alignment grabs a speargun and fires his 'Arrow' at 'bad guy' Travolta killing him. The antagonist in its purest unveiled form is our own ego, Travolta in this scene. Poetically the context of Cage looking at him self - Travolta wearing Cage's usual face - shows us how the ego, the false self, attempts to fool Being into believing we are the ego. By aligning with the true center and SELF the ego is overcome.
    The Ambulance Chariot makes its last appearance in this post as the dead Travolta Castor (Gemini) and living Cage Archer (Sagittarius) are transported to the hospital. The Paramedics Thoth Pillar (blue star shoulder patch) sync kisses Cage and all is well.

    The cosmic giggle throws us a dazzling sync bone, associating the consensus opinion 911 Master Mind with K2. (Thanks Jim)

    Terrorism: Bin Laden in Pakistan's K2 mountains, says report

    Bin Laden sul K2 - Osama is alive - Al Qaeda nuclear Jihad


    Next up Hudson Hawk travels to Italy! The Blob follows...