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    Sunday, December 30, 2007

    AHA! MM is also K2! (Amended)

    Marilyn Manson or MM like M&M candy can synchromysticly be viewed as resonating K2. The roman numerals MM represent 2000 or 2K/K2.

    MM's 2000 (2K/K2) album Holy Wood according to Wiki is probably named after something Aleister Crowley wrote in a poem.

    "The term "Holy Wood" was once used in a poem by Aleister Crowley, to whom Marilyn Manson frequently refers. It is also used as a mockery of Hollywood, as per the imagery in the album's cover art.Wiki

    A google search revealed AHA! contains the words holy wood.

    MARSYAS. I teach the royal road of light.
    Be thou, devoutly eremite,
    Free of thy fate. Choose tenderly
    A place for thine Academy.
    Let there be an holy wood
    Of embowered solitude
    By the still, the rainless river,
    Underneath the tangled roots
    Of majestic trees that quiver

    What Crowley is on about here is, as usual, quite inscrutable to me. The introduction (of this edition) by Israel Regardie however recounts some fascinating history about this spectacularly interesting man.

    Relevant to the current sync web being explored in these pages we read:

    Crowley, on his way to the Himalayas, stopped off first
    in Ceylon, ostensibly to meet once more his former teacher,
    Allan Bennett. However, while in Ceylon, they both settled
    down to an intense practice of Yoga under the supervision
    of Shri Parananda, the former Solicitor General of Ceylon.
    This bout of Yoga practice culminated for Crowley in an
    illumination known as Dhyana.
    When he came to write AHA! this Dhyana was described at
    some length. A part of that writing is:

    The adept secures his subtle fence
    Against the hostile shafts of sense,
    Pins for a second his mind; as you
    May have seen some huge wrestler do.
    Resistless as the whirling world,
    He holds his foeman to the floor
    For one great moment and no more.
    So-then the sun-blaze. All the night
    Bursts to a vivid orb of light.
    There is no shadow; nothing is,
    But the intensity of bliss.
    Being is blasted. That exists."

    Groovy then, as this means Crowley wrote part of "AHA!", the likely inspiration for MM's "Holy Wood" (2K dated) album title, in reference to experiences he had while journeying to the Karakorum. The mind boggles when we stop to consider that, as has been explored in the synchromystic videos, Crowley meditated in the Great Pyramid one year after a failed attempt at summiting K2. K2 has been sighted by Ralph Ellis (see "K2: Quest of the Gods") as a location directly decoded from the architecture of the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid refrencing for some, as yet unknown, reason the second highest peak on the planet. Which Crowley was the first at seriously attempting to climb! Does anybody else's jaw drop when considering these facts? Mine does...
    The Crowley pyramid event would shortly be followed by his reluctant dictation of "The Book of the Law". This thing contains the "Grid Page" which synchromysticly entrains with Robin Tunney and seems to be a map pointing at K2/2K and the millennial 911 Stargate Mega-Ritual (See Tunney Trilogy).
    In my mind this shows a non-local intelligence initiating the entire human species into the new Aeon through the 911 event, a simple elegant metaphor for the realization of cosmic consciousness in humanity and end of history. Yippee!
    Yes, people died and I do acknowledge that. Yet it happened the way it did, none the less.

    In 1904, during his visit to Cairo, he could not register at the
    hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Aleister Crowley. That would have been far
    too prosaic. Instead, he chose Prince Chia Khan (pronounced Hiwa

    Regardie gives us another amazing sync wink while discussing The Beast 666's less pleasant egoic traits. Crowley thought of himself as a Khan! (See the "Why 2K" videos and the Armand Van Helden post for Khan syncs.) As the Mongolian empire, at points, controlled the land on which K2 sits and one such leader was a KK/Kublai Khan himself, this is all becomes transmuted into pure synchromystic gold.

    2000's (2K/K2) Marshal Mathers LP (MM) featuring Marilyn Manson (MM/2K) and Eminem (MM/2K)

    Marilyn Manson feat. Eminem

    Marilyn Manson (MM) and Eminem (MM) both K2 resonators. These artist can synchromysticly be thought of as millennial initiators (both having careers peaking on or around 2K) entraining with the forces of the new Aeon leading up to the opening of the 911 Stargate.

    Our universe is alive and well and we are waking up to how it communicates with and through us.


    Check out Christopher Knowles brand new Wyrd New Jersey- The Tree of Death post for some tantalising synchronicities between A.C related work we posted on the same day.

    Saturday, December 29, 2007

    Grey's Anatomy

    "Sophia" by Alex Grey

    I happily received my Alex Grey year calender from my best friend, 3 years running this X-mas. Combined with this gift and yesterdays perusal of Christoper Knowles blog (Secret Sun) article "Nine Eleven Ten Thirteen" I was influenced to write this post.
    Actually everything influences everything else, but to make reality cognisable we edit it into a convenient narrative.
    Mr Knowles investigates the most classic of all 911 sync winks, the infamous "Lone Gunmen: Pilot Episode". Second only, in my mind, to excellent rap outfit "The Coup's" 2001's pre-911 "Party Music" album Cover.
    The original album cover art depicted group members Pam the Funkstress and Riley standing in front of the twin towers of the World Trade Center as they are destroyed by huge explosions; Riley is pushing the button on a guitar tuner. The album's planned release date was just after the events of the September 11, 2001 attacks, and the cover art was withdrawn hastily. The cover art was finished in June 2001; there was no connection between the band and the attacks. The album release was held back as alternative cover art was prepared. (Wiki, The Coup)

    The Coup - Ride the Fence

    Great track "Ride The Fence" (video above) from this millennial album further entrains with 911 in this manner.
    We see the Giza/Dome of the Rock/Freedom Tower octagon. (See Goro Adachi for the octagonal theme origins)
    The emergency telephone number 911 with the line "911 calls the Antichrist". Nothing spooky here. The Antichrist is simply a stargate (as Lucifer, light bringer, 666, Venus or the Sun etc) symbol, dark flavoured but actually quite harmless.
    I believe the elegance and magick with which these symbols entrain with stargate events like 911 is due to the underlying consciousness of space/time or NOW. Consciousness beyond thoughts and things, which indeed gives rise to the relatively small facet of life we call things or stuff. That with which our current culture is obsessed, the object (ignoring the inseparable subject). Leading to insanity such as mental separation of self from other, commonly know as ego.
    Alex Grey's 1989 painting "Gaia" shows two opposing facets of earthly existence separated by the Tree of Life. On the side representing life out of balance our visionary artist chooses to represent the decadence of humanity through the smoggy skyline of Manhattan Island complete with the 'Twin Pillarmid Stargate' and two jet planes. Its amazing to contemplate how this scene has already changed post 911, symbolising to me the re-awakening of consciousness in humanity or birth of the godhead into matter. Notice also the grid symbolism present in Crowley's "Book of The Law" "Grid Page" adding OZ/77 flavour. (See Tunney Trilogy and 911 Stargate) The life in balance side (above) again synchromysticly entrains with the pillarmount (WTC Tower as Mountain (K2)) theme explored at lenght recently in these pages. Three major mountains can be seen resonating Giza. A perfect juxtaposition to the WTC pillarmids.
    On the dark, death and 'modern era' side's top half we see the Saturn planetiod. The planet which keeps synchromysticly popping into the 911 Stargate Mega-Ritual sync web with its Omphalus resonating polar hexagon.
    Proving the point yet again we see a pre 911 Sega Saturn console standee with Manhattan Island (the Pillarmids present and accounted for) destruction theme.
    Creative artists like Alex Grey and The Coup open the stargate of cosmic Illumination becoming agents of consciousness in varying degrees. They entrain with and realize the stargate object at the end of space/time and history. All creative pursuits will bear this resemblance by its very nature as emanating from consciousness itself. The message might be encoded obscurely and dark flavoured like The Coup's "Party Music" song "Ride the Fence" or elegant and more overt like Alex Grey's "Gaia" painting.
    Either which way the story is the same.
    For more musings about artists synchronizing with stargates see K2 Candy 3
    "Namaste" by Alex Grey

    Friday, December 28, 2007

    Green with Syncnificance

    There are many incarnations of the Green Man, the O.G however as far as I know is the reincarnating sun metaphor (think Jesus/Horus and Hiram Abiff) Osiris.

    The Resurrection theme is present in many of the independent figures linked to the green man. Foliate heads, and masks have served as images for Rome's Bacchus, Egypt's Osiris, Greece's Dionysus, Britain's "The Green Knight" and Jack in the in all of these separate artistic representations of foliate heads, with similar death/rebirth themes spanning millennia of time in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. (Wiki)
    Jim Carrey has played the green man three times by my count. First as a modern magical Loki in 1994's "The Mask". (Thanks Violator and Soundlessdawn for Carrey leads, see comments of Armand Van Helden post)
    One year later he's dancing (with much prancing) around K2 mountaineer Chris O'Donnel ("Vertical Limit") in "Batman Forever". (See "Tunney Trillogy" for O'Donnel K2 syncs)
    The theme peaks in 2000's (K2) snowy mountain featuring Ron Howard film "The Grinch". See previous post (and Al-Noah) for more Carrey sync winks.
    This theme could heat up even further as we learn Carrey stars in another upcoming Dr. Seuss story "Horton Hears a Who".

    Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    Armand Van Helden (Amended)

    Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena 2K

    Music producer and club scene remixer Armand Van Helden's song above again displays the 2K/K2 theme. This is a remix of the titular track of the 2003 "Funk Phenomena" album.

    On the millennial (thus 2K/K2 resonant) 2001 year (and the time period of the 911 Mega-Ritual) Van Helden brought out Gandhi Khan. The cover sees our DJ sitting behind "the wheels of steel" inside a triangle. A creative eye might spot ways in which the background cuts the triangle into a capstone. Khan connects with KK through Kublai Khan land owner of the K2 pyramount itself. (see Why 2K?)

    The Wrath of Farrakhan - Star Trek parody

    Jim Carrey cut his comedic teeth in the often hilarious "In Living Color". In the clip above he takes on the role of James T. Kirk encountering Farrakhan spoofing "The Wrath of Khan", most folks favourite Trek film.

    Carrey can be seen on the mother of all Himalayan peaks, Everest, encountering Morgan Freeman as God. Connecting Holy Mountains and Khan through this actor/comedian.

    Steve Willner forces this most relevant addition by pointing out Carrey as "The Grinch" in 2000's (2K) film version of the classic Dr. Seuss Christmas tale. In the movie Carrey, as green man (thus Osiris resonating), lives on a snowy mountain peak which also sees the climax of the narrative. Thus adding more mountain resonance and K2 flavour...

    Armand van Helden - Koochy

    Armand uses a sample from 80's classic "Cars" by Gary Numan in "Koochy" from his 2000(K2/2K) album "Killing Puritans". In the video we see the enigmatic use of Logan's Run's 'Box' a crazy killer android.
    Micheal York (recently spotted inside the Kit Kat (2K) club with Liza Minnelli in "Cabaret" (image above)) kills the menacing freezing (Mr Freeze resonating, see Tunney Part 3) machine and escapes to the ruined mall of post apocalyptic Washington DC. Box has a large X on his casing making him an Xbox resonator (this is acknowledged on his wiki page).
    On your Xbox you can sit down and enter the conspiracy world of "The Da Vinci Code" or the underwater Atlantean themed city of "Bioshock" created by developer 2K.
    The charming song below hypnotised me into doing this quick Armand Van Helden investigation.

    Armand Van Helden - Hear My Name

    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    K2 Candy 3

    Shirley Temple - On The Good Ship Lollipop

    Looks like there is at least one more post to be had in the "K2 Candy" series as Michael from Gosporn ads this sync (Not to mention questioning my sexuality!) to the tasty synchromystic sugary desert forming around the lollipop McGuffin. Child star (kinda creepy concept) Shirley Temple sings "On the Good Ship Lollipop" (which is actually a plane in the 1934 film "Bright Eyes") her trademark song.

    A friend of mine would often quote this scene from a 1st season "Next Generation" episode, it being his favourite. Mine usually involve Picard or Data, but to each his own...

    Star Trek: Next Generation - Arsenal of Freedom - Lollipop

    How does this sync up to the K2 Candy theme, explored at length in the previous 2 posts? I'm sure there are many inventive ways, but this one came up 'organically' just recently while viewing Kit Kat commercials.

    'Thunderbirds ARE GO' - Nestle Kit Kat

    The connection to the Star Trek clip being that actor/director Jonathan Frakes (Riker) directed the recent live action film of Thunderbirds. Confirming this K2 (as Kit Kat resonates K2, dig?) sync wink through Thunderbird star Bill Paxton a, get this, K2 mountaineer along side Robin Tunney (didn't I confirm my hetero status with my tribute?) in "Vertical Limit"

    Thunderbirds (2004)

    Steve's back with a new swanky site and video.

    Tesla, The Black Cat, and The Doors of Perception

    Two things highlighted in his new material become very relevant to the work being done here. Both candy related, the first is his observation of the 2001 monolith being substituted for a Wonka Bar in the new "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movie.

    The Monolith obviously connects with the millennium (2001 being the film title and date setting) and resonates 2k (2000) or K2. The 2000 vs 2001 debate as 'real true millennium date' being flat ignored here as it is just plain silly. The monolith is probably also the most iconic and elegant stargate metaphor extant today. But there is also the peculiar Millenium Hilton (intentionally designed to look like Kubrick's brick placed flush with the WTC Pillarmids) affair.. (see the "Why 2K","Al-Noah" videos and Mark LeClairs genuis new post Nothing Ever Happens: Understanding Kubrick's '2001' )
    In Steve's groovy pay video we learn about Mountain Dew (which he recognizes as K2 resonant) and their mascots, Spy vs. Spy (White and Black checker resonators).

    This is something which I had been chewing on as well and can take this opportunity to expand on, given the candy nature of 'The Dew'. Peter Kuper's excellent artwork and hilarious autobiographical "Stop Forgetting to Remember" helps us sychromystically connect the dots. On the cover we already see the Twin Pillarmids and the stop sign Octagon.
    The graphic novel of our real life current Spy vs. Spy (checker resonating) artist recounts intimately this New Yorkers fascinating experience of 911.

    Kupers' alter ego Walter Kurts is actually illustrating Spy vs. Spy, thinly veiled as Ebony and Ivory, the very moment the stargate ritual takes place!

    Spy vs. Spy lends its name to an entire series of commercials for Mountain Dew, the most relevant of which is the helicopter version.

    Spy vs Spy - Mountain Dew Commercial - Helicopter

    Mysterious helicopters were seen above the Pillarmids moments before they collapsed (See 911 Eyewitness documentary).
    We now have the liquid candy Mountain Dew resonating mountains, 911 and Helicopters. Another K2 candy sync wink. (See the sync-vids like "Illuminati Propellerheads" and "Al-Noah" for more heli high weirdness)

    Amazing documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" shows again, as was seen in Peter Kuper's case, how artists who open the personal stargate of illumination (through drugs and creative pursuits) can entrain with the bigger society altering gates/rituals like 911.
    Unfortunately Mr Johnston's personal attachments (religious dogma, consensus morals etc) and environment (friends, family) left him vulnerable and ill prepared for the experience resulting in a rather dramatic downward spiral. I say that sympathetically, it very nearly happened to me.

    Daniels art is smothered with the sacred symbols that animate the human psyche. Then poured into the psychedelic blender of a pop-culture kaleidescopic funhouse...
    People who personally entrain with the stargate will further its collective fruition through which ever belief systems they have inculcated.

    The anti-Christ and 666, all symbols of cosmic/space illumination (becoming conscious of consciousness) turned on their head. Many follow the 'dark side' into the stargate. 'Dark' and 'Light', the checker floor. All different sides of the same coin. I try not to be biased to which way folks are inclined. I do think the light, or even better yet the balanced (both light and dark) path is more hip, but its a style opinion. Like chocolate vs vanilla, Kirk vs. Picard, Trek vs. Wars, Spy vs Spy...

    Daniel has, like many mini Messiah's, expressed all the stargate events of history through his resonance with the Godhead. We see the ancient Giza pyramid capstone stargate event... (above)
    The recent 911 Mega-ritual stargate... (The Twin Pillarmids (WTC) of NY in image above)

    The not uncommon presence of fascination with 9 and Beatles (more mini musician Messiahs). Daniels internal architecture shows resonance with other 'stargate openers' who became overwhelmed, like Andrija Puharich and Charles Manson.
    Below are some of Mr Kupers' (again from the wonderful "Stop Forgetting to Remember"), far more controlled and elegant journeys through the gate...Pyramids, checker floors.. the usual stuff. Ill try and remember how nonchalantly I said that the next time this happens to me!

    Most relevant however to this investigation is Daniel Johnston's obsession with Mountain Dew. Giving us even a K2 gate entrainment. Wow, what an amazing doorway this guy became!

    The Devil And Daniel Johnston - Mountain Dew Song

    (A great little song as well!)

    Rounding up part 3 here is one more amazing candy/holy mountain sync from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Please note how (could it be otherwise?) synchronous the three major stargate events of history (thus far) are. K2/Giza/911 Mega-Ritual all mountain/pyramid(pillar)/tower interchangeable. An obvious fractal self-similar repeating of themes and metaphor.

    The Great Glass elevator zips past an iced capped fudge Candy Mountain with little Oompa-Loompas mountaineers!The traditional candy Lollipop swirl (see Micheal and ViolatR's comments in Part2) are stargate symbols. All levels of magnification of material existence display the self similar vortex as galaxy, cyclone, whirl pool etc.

    The candy related stargate in "Charlie and the Chocolate" factory above and "Cherish" with Stargate Queen (see I am all man, right?) Robin Tunney below.
    As ViolatoR points out we see a swirl at ground zero Oz, right where the Munchkins (note the Oompa-Loompa resonance) and Lollipop guild induct Dorothy.
    The six armed swirl and dessert nature of the Cake Master logo which passes behind Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, seen from inside the checkered chariot, makes this great sync wink yet again relevant and expands its contextual syncnificance.Shucks this could go on forever, but lets stop for now and enjoy the sugary solstice celebrations!