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    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler

    New Adam Sandler flick sees 2 amazing syncs, right of the bat, simply with it's title design. The ZO/OZ has stolen focus from the related KK (as Crowley climbed K2) for now (see Rant In Z-Minor). OZ connects to Crowley through Liber 77/OZ and we see the ZO including one of the three "Book of the Law" 'Grid Page' elements, the Stargate target inside the O, present on the "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" title. (Thanks eLLUMINATI BLOG for article highlighting the target..)
    We have seen this very configuration on the 2005 Robin Tunney "Zodiac" film poster, ZO and Stargate target inside O, this incident including also the diagonal line and grid, present on the "Grid Page".
    This no doubt to anyone new to synchromysticism or this particular theme must seem like a pointless jump of logic. Why would the "Zodiac" film poster have anything to do with Crowley's "Grid Page"? The logic of comparing anything perceivable similar with anything else is perfectly sound, it's just very alien to the mind conditioned by consensus paradigms. If your still resistant to the idea (as I was) I can explain briefly the causal chain that lead to the discovery of the "Grid Page" elements on this particular film poster which might help your mind see the relevance. I doubt I will convince the true sceptic, you already have to pretty far down the path of dis-identification with orthodox reality maps to even be reading this sentence.
    I got interested in Robin Tunney because she climbs K2 just like Crowley in the 2000 (2K) film "Vertical Limit". Just peeling away the outer layer of her syncronistic entrainment (synchronization) possibilities with other facets of Crowley and the Stargate bore such amazing children that I have developed a 'special fondness' for her, some vulgar types might call it a school boy crush. Crush!, cant a person watch every film an actress every made, dissecting it for symbolic significance and writing about her every week for months on end without being called names, the nerve of people...

    One fine example being seeing her in frame (this in my mind having stronger syncnificance than when the camera cuts from one thing to another) Zebra striped, with a Crowley type 'Magick' book ("Magick in Theory and Practise?") in "The Craft".

    The physical aspect of the mind of God (the sync web) does not file things away in discreet packages and categories like the human mind. Anything is relevant to everything and anything connects with everything. By removing the barriers of mundane context and following syncs you can get a sense of the shape of the neural pathways emanating from God (which is the no-thing beyond form and thought), plotting the course of anything as it moves through the sync web. Using synchronicities to follow a facet of the Universal Mind, like the aspect 'Crowley's Grid Page', leading towards and becoming the "Zodiac" poster, through the unifying Robin Tunney, we gain fresh insights from the newly associated context as the original shape of the aspect is rediscovered rearranged in a new form.
    We have connected Adam Sandler to the Grid Page/"Zodiac" sync web through the ZO and target symbol on his new film "Zohan". We can see him with the 911 Mega Rituals Pillarmids (towering pillar and pyramid resonators) on 2000's (2K) "Little Nicky". The dog resonates god (as anagram) which can be understood as Being/no-thing which has moved into humanity through the 911 Stargate. The ZO/OZ has been found directly connected to the Pillarmids in "The Wiz" (image below), placed on the Sphere sculpture which stood in a fountain in front of and betwixt 'Solomons Temple's' portal.
    Little Nicky is the child of Satan (Harvey Keitel), meaning he, like Aleister Crowley, resonates 'The Beast 666' (note 666 in T-Shirt on Metalhead above). He travels trough a Stargate (any space/time distortion) from Hell to Grand Central Station on the Island of Manhattum (Manhattan as symbolic mound/benben of atum). Manhattum was the setting of the 911 Mega Ritual (September 11th events) the most vivid planetary consciousness focusing (everybody paying attention and being present in the moment) catalyst of all time and the metaphorical opening of the collective Stargate of mankind.
    Sandler (our Twin Tower (Pillarmids) and ZO resenator) is pushed through Hell's Stargate by a Thoth resonating non human primate (image below). Thoth Kong was spotted atop the Twin Pillarmids (image above) resonating KK (King Kong), connectible to Jac(K K)irby and Captain America as the possible template for this particular Kong image (See King Kirby (KK) and The Living Monolith)

    A Thoth resonating Baboon (found by Steve Willner) can be seen connected to Stargates (symbols of enlightened focused consciousness/Being awakening in humanity) in a not a-typical Cronenberg tribute to human bodily excretion "The Fly". Confirming in my mind a pattern of Stargate themes connecting to non-human Thoth resonating primates (Thothmates?) for our current purposes centering on NY and the 911 Mega Ritual (consciousness focusing Stargate) through "Little Nicky" and "King Kong".

    Aferrismoon pointed out this fascinating sync (image below). NY one letter on in the alphabet reads OZ, entraining (synchronizing) with "The Wiz" and L(OS)T island OZ/ZO themes, suggesting the interchangebility synchromystically of NY and OZ.

    (OZ)zy Osbourne, the singer of Mr Crowley joins Adam Sandler (resonating ZO, Crowley, WTC) on Manhattum in "Little Nicky" strengthening the OZ/Crowley influence participating in the 911 consciousness focusing event.
    "How convenient. You know what I think, Ben? I think there is no Jacob. I think your people are idiots if they believe you take orders from someone else. You are the man behind the curtain, the Wizard of Oz. And you're a liar." John Locke "Lost: The Man Behind the Curtain" (image below). For "Lost" Island as interchangeable with Oz and Manhattan see Comic Book Cycle 5 A and B.
    In the most Oz resonating episode of "Lost: The Man Behind The Curtain" we can see the interconnected sync web (the physical aspect of consciousness) shout its Stargate message very clearly indeed.

    Samantha Mathis plays a teacher "Olivia", sporting the 'Dharma Initiative' octagonal logo. Octagons bring the overhead profiles of Giza, The Dome of the Rock and The Freedom Tower into play. Samantha is teaching her class, including young Ben (the man behind the curtain, according to Locke, thus the 'Wizard of Oz') how to make the cliche school prop, the mountain volcano. (The "Lost" octagon Stargate themes were introduced by Goro Adachi)
    In 1993's "Super Mario Bros" we see the camera zoom in on our Twin Towering Pillarmids, in another dimension, beyond a Stargate (See "A robin feathering his nest"). The one tower is destroyed invoking the 911 Mega Ritual, the other displays the double K of King Kupa. The double K resonates the K2 mountain that both Crowley and Tunney have climbed synchromsytically pointing out, in one scene, that K2, Giza and the WTC are all intimately connected.

    Zooming in, yet closer still, we see the captive prisoner, Princess Daisy, in a window right atop the Towering Pillartainamid (Pyramid, Pillar, Mountain).

    None other than Samantha Mathis, a 'Dharma Initiative' (octagon) volcanic (mountain) teacher, who passes by two K's inside the WTC!

    Our Zebra/Valis resonator (See Z is for Zebra) Stargate Queen Robin Tunney plays a teacher in the pilot episode of "House M.D". Her doctors, mystified by her ailment, refer to her as a Zebra.
    The teacher/classroom theme connects back to the 911 Mega Ritual through George W. Bush (sometimes sighted as Crowley's grandson!?). The President of the United States of America was reading about a goat, which has been connected to Pan (OZ/77) (See The 911 Stargate), in a classroom, sitting next to a teacher, with the Valis/Zebra winking at top right (image below). We can clearly see how the syncs entrain with each other, the same syncs that resonate the Stargate (OZ/KK etc) and are scattered all over the actual event and media related synchromystically to the event. Tunney as Zebra (and three times Zoe actress) in a classroom (House M.D), Samantha Mathis plus octagon and mountain (Lost) and George with Zebra (911 Mega Ritual) are symbolically equivalent, all being 911 Stargate resonators, the kaleidoscope of Being just jumbled a smidge.

    2000 (2K) Mini Series "The 10Th Kingdom" gives us a few syncs that took my breath away. The opening sequence sees Manhattan turn into a fairytale land, the buildings literally morphing into snow peaked mountains (image below). The title shot (image above) mezmerizes, the reflections of this island 'wonderland' including the Twin Pillarmids in place of a mountain!

    Later as the story unfolds we view a mirror type "Alice Through the Looking Glass" stargate (for others see "Midnight on the Island of Atum" ("The Craft" and "Gargoyles") and Rant in Z-Minor ("Return to Oz")).

    An enchanted dog/god (Being growing inside humanity) jumps through the Stargate penetrating worlds from a fairytale kingdom, through to NY (our OZ).
    The Stargate sequence is visually portayed as multiple flashing mirrors, framing the WTC! (Again, Wow!)
    The often noticed preference or particular highlighting of the South Tower can again be seen here (below). An actual tear in the fabric of space time right over this tower... (See the "Comic Book Cycle" for a few and "Super Mario Bros" KK tower already mentioned)
    Sneaky Sandler consistent with the pattern, apart from "Little Nicky", can also be seen involved in 911 Stargate themes in other films including "Reign Over Me". He plays a traumatized individual whose wife and children (plus their dog/god 'Spider') were on one of the planes that allegedly crashed into the Twin Pillarmids. We see double M's (2000 or 2K in Roman numerals) of McDonald's during the opening credits (image below).His original vocation, resonating Robin Tunney in "The Secret Lives of Dentists", was a Thoth (Tooth) resonating Dentist (see Sweet Thooth and Saber-Thoth and image below).

    Through rekindling an old friendship with Don Cheadle both 'lost souls' burn up their hang ups in the alchemical fire of friendship, much scmaltz ensues. Part of Don's 'stuffed shirt' character development includes learning to appreciate reading Captain America comics (image below).

    Captain America is a Jac(K K)irby creation and was shown connected to the "King Kong" WTC poster. Christopher Knowles at "The Secret Sun" has highlighted Captain America and his sidekick Falcon in numerous 911 related syncs (See Mindbomb 1, 3 etc). We have vivid confirmation of this Kirby pattern, emanating through the sync web, even in 911 themed films. I interpret this phenomena through the model that gifted artist like Kirby, by their very nature, open the mini personal Stargate (knowingly or otherwise) of focused growing consciousness (from which all art originates), which is connected non locally to the massive society altering Stargate and Mega Rituals entraining with and even realizing the eschaton. The ripples (non local effects) of consciousness, passing through these artistic Stargates (a union between artist and Being) influence all sensitive creative minds (by trickle down effect the rest of humanity as well), minds already entraining with the Mega Rituals and posited eschaton, the ultimate Stargate at the end of history.

    The film ends, neatly wrapped, with Sandler and Cheadle (plus love interest at far right in image below) playing "Shadows of the Colossus" (I think there is a giant Thoth type primate in this game?) eating pizza. While Colonel Sanders the KFC brand identity stares at us from the corner of the apartment. In bygone eras before mans total decent into object fetishism (thus history) brought on by the identification with thought and form (ego) you might have stood at Giza seeing the Sphinx staring at the position of some significant sun or constellation rising. Today however you can see the decaying lion, plus Pharaohs head, staring at a Pizza Hut/KFC. Even here in this seemingly pathetic image, through following the syncs, thus acknowledging the elegant intelligence present in every facet of existence (life), beautiful and profound meaning can be found. Synchronicity collapses the boundary between self and other, object and subject, the delusion of the thinker as separate from the knower. Synchronicity shows the reality of existence to be non-dual, we are as Alan Watts explained an "organism environment field".
    Adam Sandler, ZO/77/Pan connected through "Zohan" and Ozzy, WTC connected in "Little Nicky" and "Reign On Me" lives like the Sphinx in allignment with Pizza and KFC...
    Somehow, as if we needed it by now, the universe sees fit to sugar this pill. Bringing all these ellements together in no uncertain terms, witness dear reader, Adam Sandler in "Click".
    While fighting Death (or Saturn, being the planet most associated with the 911 Mega Ritual, see "Al Noah" and "Contact with Higher Intelligence and the Saturn Hexagon") played by Christopher Walken, in a graveyard, Sandler leans up against a headstone that reads "Newman" with a David Star directly above. I would interpret "Newman" as referring to the ever growing consciousness waking up in new-humanity and the star (perhaps originating from the two major pyramids of Giza, one pyramid representing triangle up and one down) symbolizing Solomon's Temple which was based on the Tabernacle which yet again in its turn was based on Giza (for clarification read Ralph Ellis' "Tempest and Exodus" and "Eden in Egypt").
    To escape the advances of Death, Sandler (as Micheal Newman) uses his 'universal remote control' to open a Stargate. Visually, on screen, this is shown as Sandler's image (including Solomons Seal (David Star)) zooming out into the blackness of sky/space as the camera pans to reveal a future Manhattum skyline.

    We are greeted by a cityscape with two octagonal Freedom Towers echoing very clearly 911. As the Twin Towers are the modern Solomons Temple (modelled after Giza) that which opened the metaphorical Stargate, the rapid acceleration of evolution and realization of consciousness, the symbolism is reflective of the 911 Mega Ritual and again synchromystically confirms the Giza connection to the WTC.

    On September 11Th 2001 the fragmented and noisy human mind was forced from all its daily activities, conditioned roles and patterns (ego). The amazing unity felt underneath the tragedy is nothing to be ashamed of, it is your true nature, consciousness free from mental noise and identification with form. Another such tragedy is not necessary to experience this feeling or phenomena. You are already this phenomena and awareness itself. 911 thusly understood can point out the inter-connective non-local meta mind or awareness that is your true nature. If you are reading this you are most likely waking up from the mental noise (i want, i need..) that keeps fooling us into believing we are isolated fragments, cut off from Universe, Awareness, Now, Consciousness, Life, God, Being. There is nothing to fear we are already exactly where we want to go and who we want to be. The realization might take 'time' to sync in....


    Some interesting synchronistic interplay between this post and Aferrismoon's "Lost" flavoured TrunKated

    Thursday, February 14, 2008

    The Facebook Stargate (Amended)

    On September 11th 2006 Facebook was opened to the world at large, immediately entraining with the 911 Mega Ritual, both having similar consciousness focusing results.

    "On September 11, 2006, Facebook became open to all users of the Internet, prompting protest from its existing user base." Wiki
    Just a quick peek at what happens when we synchromystically investigate the global society changing phenomena that is Facebook. Extending the capabilities of email and social interaction on line to the Nth degree, Facebook alarms and delights an ever growing chunk of the planets populace as you read this.

    Right where I am sitting now, I believe we are heading for a metaphorical quantum leap of evolution or rather a realization of true consciousness (Being beyond thought and form). This rapid evolution of communication fits snugly with the eschatological propositions of groovy cats like Robert Anton Wilson (Jumping Jesus Phenomena) and Terence McKenna (Time Wave Zero/Novelty Thoery), while entraining with the cosmic alignments, rising solar activity and all around '2012 themes' at the periphery of any metaphysical/occult conversation in the circles I move.

    Facebook (and social networks of its kind, this blog being another example), what ever your feelings are about its applicability to your personal social life, is connecting the minds of individuals globally on a unprecedented scale and in an amazingly short time span. This process can only speed up planetary interaction which leads to faster change of collective perception which leads to... who knows what?

    In a very short time Wikipedia, YouTube, Blogs and yes, even Facebook have revolutionized my entire life. Changing fundamentally the way I interact and relate with my surroundings, thus my entire perceptual universe.

    Imagine for example (macabre, I apologies) if a 911 type event happened today. The inferior state of connectivity that human consciousness had way back in 2001 (through primarily the antiquated television set) allowed probably the most dramatic psychic impact modern humanity has ever experienced. What if it happened today?
    Further, more importantly, what if something of equal or more immediate impact happened right now, but unlike 911 it was of a beautiful, instead of tragic nature? What would it feel like if all our minds were focused on a magnitude event (Mega Ritual) witnessed through current day collectively connected mind or the even more connected future world? Any ideas? Just hang on, I think we are going to find the answers to these questions sooner than later... Facebook represents only the tip of the pyramid of possibilities.

    What about the increasing dangers of predation on our children, invasion of privacy by corporate and governmental entities? Facebook is the tool of Big Brother Jake!
    Have you not yet discovered who's eye/I sits at top the big scary Illuminati pyramid? It's not Horus, Aten or The Great Architect. No dramatic initiation or code words needed any more, the 911 Mega Ritual (symbolic destruction of the pyramids and Solomons temple) has prepared us all for the truth, of it is your eye/I. If you already know this, synchromysticism will strengthen your resolve, if not it might just prove the case. If you are still looking to blame "The New World Order" you might be able to use synchromysticism to justify a conspiracy theory involving a combination of non-local ascended Illuminati masters, reptilian alien 'thingemagicks' from another dimension, time or planet. I doubt if you integrate the message of synchronicity fully that this charade will last very long.
    But aren't there 'evil' people, wars and poverty out 'there'?
    Comparing your body to society and our planet, please consider each of us as one of the uncountable unique and amazing organisms that compose your material physical form (body). Unique, unfathomable and beautiful beings (us and all organisms) but in no way shape or form individual. There is always a normal amount of seeming chaos raging within the body of current society as is the same with the human form or even the universe itself. As your cells divide, fight to protect, live and die you calmly sit and read this. Added to this natural process sometimes the organism becomes diseased, as is our planet with its collective ego (consciousness fully identified with form and thought). Disease like all facets of life serve Being (which is beyond any form or even concept) and we surrender to its seeming limitation, learning and growing through the process. Collective planetary society, like any other organism (again the universe itself included) does also, from time to time, experience a quantum leap of evolution...

    Facebook (like this blog) in an as yet unhealthy culture, might indeed help you justify sitting on your rear eating candy bars (like Jake) and ignoring your immediate family and friends (like Jake), I will admit that much. Those however are issues stemming from our collective disease of ego (identification with thoughts in our heads as ourselves) and separation from Being. The unhealthy mind will abuse and make unbalanced attachment to anything: sex, sugar, religion, movies, pets and yes Facebook as well. O.K, cutting out the ranting, role the film!
    The menacing H.P. Lovecraft inspired Necronomicon from "Evil Dead 2", sports a face ("bound in human flesh"), becoming our first synchromystic 'facebook'.
    Reading from this book opens a Stargate that sucks in our hero (Bruce Campbell), transporting him back in time. Considering Facebook is speeding up the process of the impending Eschaton (consciousness becoming conscious of itself) my favourite visual metaphor for this process being the opening of the vortex type Stargate, the symbolism of fictional 'facebook' is consistent with the function of the real life Facebook.

    A consistently syncnificant "The Simpson's" episode "Treehouse of Horror 3" again helps illuminate synchromystically. The Segment "Dial "Z" for Zombie" sync winks from the get go as ZO/OZ have been explored at length as Stargate resonators. Aleister Crowley wrote Liber OZ/77, in keeping with this rhythm we view Bart finding a "Book of Magick Spelles Vol 2" Magick being the Crowley originated method of writing the word.
    On opening the Crowley inspired book, we witness faces emanating from the pages. Yes, indeed we have a 'Great Beast 666' inspired synchromystic 'facebook'. Crowley like many Stargate actualizors before him, through directed participation in the cultivation of awareness of Being inside himself, by the very nature of such an undertaking, entrained (came into synchronization) with and furthered the realization of consciousness in the species. The Crowley resonating ripples in the collective pool of growing consciousness, the same ripples that grow into the massive planetary wide awakening, can be detected through synchronicity (or one thing resonating another, showing its true nature as emanating from beyond things entirely) an example of which is seen in this episode of "The Simpson's".

    The 'facebook' can further be seen emiting the concentric circle type Stargate resembling vortex, a visual time/space distortion that symbolizes the collapse of identification with thought and form (ego). Time and space being thought and form, true Being (consciousness) which moves symbolically through the vortex/Stargate is beyond time and space/thought and form.
    Crowley and other Stargate realizers (Buddha, Jesus, McKenna etc) entrain with Being and serve its function with often awe inspiring effect. However, the idolizing or mental identification with the channel of the message as Divine is denying the true meaning of the message of the Stargate itself. The message is that your true nature is beyond form or thought, no-thing can be added or taken away from you and we are already whole and complete. This can not be understood with more mental concepts but known though experience as the present moment or now (read Echart Tolle for wonderful and simple teaching). As McKenna says "so the dominator culture is not interested in the felt presence of immediate experience". Thinking Jesus, Muhammad or Crowley are God or a part of God because they explain the message of God is a complete misunderstanding of the entire point of religion or spirituality which is to point beyond things to no-thing. Crowley, Jesus and Muhammad are things, God is no-thing.

    You can think of Crowley's function in society as that of the brain in the body. It regulates and directs the operations of the organism. But all other facets of the healthy organism are as valuable and needed as the brain. Without a working stomach the brain is useless, without a toe, your balance is off. Meaning, weather you are a Stargate realizor (Messiah), gardener, celebrity, musician, librarian, mime or whatever, working well with attention and joy in what you do means you are working for Being and as divine as all else.
    Our culture, being hypnotized by the mind and its thoughts (ego), often believe the brain (the regulating organism) is of primary importance (sometimes unknowingly viewing it is God (See Rant in Z-Minor)) an attitude reflected in the veneration of 'holy men', presidents, royalty, judges and other authority figures.
    Men and the male solar energy having the rational charge are for the same unfounded reason still regarded as the superior sex.

    Two great syncs are enough, three however is even better.
    Macaulay Culkin can be seen between the Twin Pillars (resonating Solomons Temple and the Twin Towering Pillarmids of the 911 Mega Ritual) and standing on the rose cross variety Stargate circle with no less than three animated 'facebooks' by his side on the poster for "The Pagemaster". The film co-stars Christopher Lloyd a time jumper (Stargate) in "Back to the Future" while the pirate book is voiced by another Stargate veteran Patrick Steward (think "Star Trek: Next Gen").

    See Mac slip between worlds or open the Stargate of cosmic illumination in the clip below which in this version, tellingly, is populated by 'facebooks'. (Or just take my word for it, the movie sucks)

    The Pagemaster [2/9]