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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Rec Ice Live - JC Movie Synchromysticism

    Red Ice Creations resonates Galactic and Spiritual Alignment with their black sun/halo logo.
    We dip into the dark waters of Star/Goddess Jennifer Connelly's sync pool with Red Ice Live

    I enjoyed doing this show allot. Being able to play the clips live and talk with Henrik about what is happening on the silver screen is a wonderful progression in method of sharing this knowledge.

    First Segment Info Page
    We didn't get through a fraction of the Jennifer Connelly syncs we intended and there is much more to share, in some future form, about this amazing starG8 resonator.

    The show was intended to be on Saturday 15 but ended up being delayed until Sunday, resulting in me and Frank Albo being featured on Red Ice, the same day.
    Frank has unveiled the Winnipeg Legislative Building as a symbolic Solomon's Temple leading to my interpretation of the building as Galactic Center Temple.
    I believe there are numerous syncs, including Franks amazing discovery, which suggests Winnipeg as a particular nexus in the dawning of humanities next evolutionary step. Synchronicities such as both Frank and myself ending up on Red Ice, the same day, feel like entrainment and verification of this pattern.