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    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Opening The StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Dark Star

    Jennifer Connelly surrounded by the black void with the NO (ZO) above her head ON the poster for "Phenomena". Along with her dark hair this JC (resonating Christ) is strangely attracted to all things black.

    She attempts to escape a deformed 'monster' child with a boat type chariot on the Dark Waters.
    We are reminded of depictions of gods and goddess of old, traversing the skies with celestial boats.

    Eventually she has to abandon the boat to swim ashore.
    Her head sticks out of the black liquid. A Star dressed in white swimming in the Abyss, echoing the vision of the stellar counterpart.
    A void, like the un-manifested KKonsciousness of eternal Being beyond form, ripples and reveals. A liquid and mercurial concentric circle type StarG8, tell tale image of Kosmic Konsciousness here closely associated to our Kosmic Khristess, JC or Jennifer Connelly.
    The title "Labyrinth" takes shimmering shape over the dark.
    The Labyrinth is the winding path of realization, the uncertain twists and turns of the false identity, until reaching acceptance of all that is beyond the myth of myself.
    JC in the "Labyrinth"

    One of the hurdles of the labyrinth sees Sarah carefully crossing the black pool or Dark Waters of the 'Bog Of Eternal Stench". She then reaches the bridge guarded by Sir Didymus, a small squirrel-fox goblin...
    The labyrinth is the ever straightening, at some points glorified and others vilified, road of Spiritual and Galactic Alignment.
    The theme repeats as Jennifer Connelly talks to Dr Schreber (Kiefer Sutherland) over a labyrinth resonating rat maze in "Dark City".
    This maze doubles as symbolic metaphor for the "Dark City" while bearing striking visual similarity to the circular city itself. Indeed JC is again literally traversing a giant 'labyrinth' in this film.
    We catch her between two pillars, topped by pine(neal glands) cones (I think), talking to one of the Kosmic Konsciousness representing extraterrestrials called "The Strangers". This all happening at the shore of a Dark Water way.
    Our Star reflected in the mirror surface of the Black Pool or Dark Water. The void of KKonsciousness becoming aware of its own reflection through US. This Being NO less than the current purpose of the entire creation process. Note JC is the Star of both "dark city" and "dark water"

    The pattern becomes solidified in the most vivid of fashions as she Stars in a film called "Dark Water".
    Image from "2012 And The Galactic Center: The Return of the Great Mother" by Christine R. Page

    WE note a facet of Goddess Jennifer Connelly being Dark Star. She represent the crossing of the Abyss and entrainment with the Dark Road of Galactic and Spiritual alignment. We chart our course using the Star as guide through the ignorance and turmoil of misunderstood mind and form. As the alignment syncs in the darkness becomes clear, or lets do one better and recognize the role of both dark and light involved in the process of moving beyond both.

    Above we see the a diagram expressing the parameters of physical alignment directly comparable to the image below.
    A perfect image of Galactic and Spiritual alignment.

    The chariot travels down a Dark Road in a dessert, while being in direct alignment with the ON (OZ) of Jennifer Connelly, this is the title sequence for "The Hot Spot". OZ is Wonderland, the fully accepted present moment (NOw) through realization of Self. We move through the dessert, Abyss and void on our way to realization of Heaven.
    The image above cuts directly from the title of Dark Star JC to our local Star and Sun.
    Ben Kingsley speaks to his son/sun about JC in "House Of Sand and Fog".

    "The woman has tried to take her own life. We must help her.
    Pesaram, she is a bird, a broken one.
    Your grandfather used to say that a bird
    which flies into your house is an angel.
    You must look upon his presence
    as a blessing."

    The scene cuts to suicidal JC taking a bath.
    The waters ripple in between her spread legs. We saw our Earth Angel become the Star that guides us through the process of Alignment, the ON/OZ at the end of the Dark Road.
    NOw we see the liquid StarG8 symbol over the birth portal of the human body, fractal and direct counterpart of the Galactic Center as Womb of the Great Mother.
    The head sticking out of the murky waters harks back to the "Phenomena" scene we started with.
    Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer drinks his 'milky' white liquid (some kind of native alcoholic brew) in "Blood Diamond".
    Jennifer Connelly's profile has moved into position, directly behind this white substance. The 'milk' flows from the Dark Star's body. Sagittarius "The Archer's" bow is aimed directly at the center of the Milky Way. Leo as Archer has aims at aligning his physical aspect with our JC and Great Mother (in the vulgar vernacular of the present "he would like to 'hit that'"). The sex game is a direct fractal of the galactic alignment drama.
    In Black Star WE associated the Swastika, a much maligned Black Star, to the center of the Galaxy and thus the Great Mother Goddess.
    Jennifer Connelly our synchromystic JC, NOw also the Great Mother of the Dark Water, interacts with the Swastika twice by my count.
    She appears in the film "Higher Learning" who's poster sees the symbol in question.
    Although never appearing in shot with the Black Star, this image of a large Swastika and neo-Nazi skinheads above cuts directly to her walking hand in hand up a stairway.
    I like to in these cases overlay the two scenes, imagining the two as one. In this case WE would note the circular element and Black Star positioned directly over JC who then ascends the 'stairway to heaven' while dressed in blue.

    In "Rocketeer" she discovers her suitor, Timothy Dalton (007), is a Nazi spy.
    Here we actually see her in shot with the Black Star, much better...
    Bonus Theme: The Pier (My favorite Jennifer Connelly sync to date)
    Receding in perspective we see 'JC walk on the water' using the pier in "House Of Sand And Fog".

    Sky (Air and Aquarius) meets water (Pisces) with the guiding Star/Goddess, Jennifer Connelly at the end of the road where the two elements meet.
    Another Jennifer Connelly at the end of a pier in "Dark City"

    This is the first time Starlight has risen over the once "Dark City"...
    The poster for "Requiem For A Dream" awakens us to the knowledge that the pattern repeats, a heart stopping third time.
    The upper half of the image above sees the single eye, fractal of the entire galaxy with its black hole and symbol of KKonsciousness. The lower half sees our synchromystic Kosmic Khristess Jennifer Connelly, Earth Angel and guiding Dark Star.
    This variation has the Dark Star in her rightful position perfectly aligned with KKonsciousness and the Black Whole.

    Note the green iris and black pupil of the "Starbucks" logo. I must admit, I've been staring at JC so long its starting to look to me like one of her green eyes!

    Went to "Starbucks" today, grabbing me a little circular Black Pool of Java.
    We saw Jennifer Connelly's name at the end of the Black Road/Dark Rift in the title scene for "The Hot Spot"

    On the way out I notice the WWW service of the StarG8 resonating franchise is called Hot Spot. The O of the StarG8 even has the Sagittarius arrow pointing towards its heart while a stop sign type security sticker sync winks, another theme (the red and white stop sign octagon) associated to Jennifer Connelly in the previous post.


    More Galactic entrainment.. Buffy S5 E10 "Into The Woods". Dawn wears a lovely red heart, symbol of Galactic Center, on a blue shirt. Anya holds up a newspaper, she and Xander considering what film to treat Dawn to...

    For many frequent readers and 'sensitive' types this goes without saying, but allow me to try and prove the point of 'synchromystic entrainment'.
    How often does one find a pop culture reference to "Requiem For A Dream"? In my experience thus far, once, only once...
    How often does one write about "Requiem For A Dream" and its eye/I/Self poster? In my experience thus far, once, only once...
    How in the practical, consensus appraisal of the mechanics of the world WE inhabit do we possibly account for the situation where both these things can happen on the same day?
    Not that this is an isolated phenomena mind, indeed this is one particular reason for this blog, charting this reliably recurrent mystery. It is no doubt a reality as pervasive as gravity just screened out by the filters of the culturally conditioned mind.

    I wrote about the "Requiem For A Dream" poster and its Kosmic Konsciousness interpretation, hours later I am staring at the same eye/I/Self staring back at ME in "Buffy"!
    Yikes, the second!!
    "The Rocketeer" (Bill Campbell) 'steps up to the plate' at the South Seas club. 007 (the Nazi Spy addressed earlier) is trying to get with his woman, JC!

    Jimbo's new post highlights the black pearl as symbol of Galactic Center, our Great Mother.
    We see the blue interior of the South Seas (SS) is decorated with shells.
    One gigantic shell, opens to reveal the entertainment and a giant pearl.
    JC and 007 step inside a lovely mandala surrounded by blue checkers while the pearl sync kisses both Stars.
    Our Dark Star dancing, while a pearl sync winks its message of entrainment with the Black Whole or totality.

    Can you dig it?