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    Monday, February 16, 2009

    1 Paw 2 Pentagrams

    For all context see Black Dog Star's amazing "Paw Prints and Pentagrams" Part 1 and 2.
    The blog mentions Mr Arrowsmith's recurrent sync pattern of running into a paw print and 2 pentagrams...
    Just saw a paw print on an Iams (I AM/Self/Being) ad...
    If you click on and enlarge this image you can see both the paw and 2 pentagrams in one shot. The time display on the microwave oven reads 7:11, the biggest chain store on the planet and ratio of the great pyramids base to its height (See Scarlet Dragon 2 fo mo).

    O.K., so where's the two pentagrams?
    Oh, right over there!
    Pretty sure this means we have 2 suns.

    Whether we interpret this second sun as Sirius, Polaris, Galactic Center, Jupiter or Conscious Consciousness, all seems fair play to me.

    Peace Out

    (This was post 142...)