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    Saturday, August 9, 2008

    The Tenth Dimension and Synchromysticism

    Rob Bryanton is an interesting man who happens to share the Canadian prairies with me. He has composed music for Canadian television shows and has authored a book called "Imagining the Tenth Dimension".
    'a fascinating excursion into the multiverse--clear, elegant, personal, and provocative' - Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Greg Bear.

    Rob contacted me a short while ago and wrote on his blog about synchromysticism.

    Moving Dimensions and Synchromysticism
    Jake has developed a large body of work playing with ideas surrounding the hidden connections not just in the real world but from the work of artists and entertainment media, with the idea that we are all plugged into a giant web of connections across time and space (which means, as I've said before, that these connections are occurring at the fifth dimension, where our reality comes from, and this is why those instantaneous --faster-than-light!--hidden connections I listed at the start of this blog violate no laws of physics).

    I find the idea that synchromysticism can be viewed as compatible with higher dimensional physics a delight.

    I often get the feeling when I am exploring synchronicities that my in(ten)t intimately interacts with the patterns discovered, in one way of looking at things, creating the web of connections. It's as if my looking produces the patterns yet they are also already there, in the movies and media, somehow, mindbogglingly, there is no contradiction!? Perhaps we are seeing non-local facets of the higher dimensions when we investigate synchronicity.

    A fascinating development, that a, generally speaking, more rational physics model of reality, can agree with synchromysticism. This kind gesture by Rob also suggests the possibility that science and mysticism can in 'the future' start speaking the same compatible language.

    Try Rob's wonderful, mind melting, short video where he helps us imagine the tenth dimension.

    Imagining The Tenth Dimension

    Synchromystically the idea that there are ten dimensions resonate with the 10/X/A(ten) Stargate themes and the 1O sephiroth or spheres of the Tree of Life. Ten is also the number closely associated with the 9/11 Mega Ritual, the opening of the 911(Gemini)-2012(Sagittarius) portal, as 9-11 highlights 10 making it conspicuous by its absence.

    "Ten are the numbers of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten not nine, ten not eleven. Learn this wisdom and be wise in the understanding of it; investigate these numbers and draw knowledge from them; fix the design in its purity, and pass from it to its creator seated on his throne..."
    From Chapter 1 of the Sepher Yetzirah


    aferrismoon said...

    Great production with Steve - it worked well having 2 voices, and the material seemed effortless in its telling.
    Have just posted a bit using it and synchronously it contains stuff on the Tree of Life and 10.

    Marco said...

    old news, but this is still a very good video!i am sorry jake for the off-topic here.. btw, what do you think about the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympics and the simultaneous 1500 deaths in georgia? doesnt this smells to you like a ritual 9-11 style?

    Unknown said...

    watching the videos on the 10 dimensions there is a extremely basic mistake made with trying to visualize the 2nd dimension. The second dimesion doesnt mean being flat like a drawing on paper. We are 3 dimensional because there is always 3 parts to all aspects of this dimnsion; matter, anti matter, energy / present, past, future / 2 sides of a experience (eg good and bad) and the exprience of this. What makes us 3 dimenion is that there is always a positive and negative to each experience (first 2 parts) and then the oppotunity to experience it forged by the energy of the 2 sides attracting each other. In 2 dimension it would be a different form of experience, put simplely it could have things we experience missing as in love, war, ego, etc. It would be a 'simple' way to be in comparastion to this dimension. The laws of time and space as we see them are too simple for these dimensions as we are experiencing all at the same time, and can experience any at any time, thought we choose to experience the one we are currently in collectively (though the collective may be controlled) and will be moving what we choose to experience to a different dimension when one or all choose to. Chi is the energy of imagination, this is what you choose to travel and experience, you can experience anything and know anything through imaginations at any time in many methods... how can any of this be? there is but one truth to it all; the only truth is that nothing is true, but if the only truth is that nothing is true then the truth itself that nothing is true therefore is not true, which then gives the oppotunity for there to be truth again in everything and nothing which of course means the only truth that nothing is true is therefore true within truth and none truth. Everything is true, nothing is true, depending how you 'choose' to see. Life is not what you make it, it is what you imagine it. The energy of imagination is what all fight all over and live for...

    Unknown said...
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    Ben said...

    jake, your way of describing what i know as "being" is great.
    I am not sure how possible it is to defeat ego while in the flesh but enthogens surely do help a bit.

    Dedroidify said...

    Great stuff, everything's connected, indra's net.

    Any right brain activating practices Ben ;) Like meditation. Entheogens are one of those too, me likey hehe.

    Anonymous said...

    Those folds are called cusps in catastrophe theory. I've seen a bunch of this work by the Architect Gaudi. He has one called a "butterfly cusp", makes a nice vault.

    Unknown said...

    I just saw the new mummy film, The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, and I noticed a few things.

    The O'Connell family represents the trilogy, Rick is the father (Osiris), Alex is the son (Horus) and Evelyn is the holy sprit (Isis). The movie itself is rubbish but for a scene when they are handing over the eye of Shangra-la (eye of Horus?) to the double crossing Brit (an’t they all!) Roger. Now this is presented as the “key to eternal life” (Gensis = Gene of Isis), that can only be opened by the blood of the pure of heart. Knowing that Evelyn (Eve) is Isis, we have some real resonation with the Holy Grail, represented by the feminine V symbol (in the film V for Vendetta we have Evie), the blood of Christ and Immortality! Another interesting image in the same scene is when Rick is walking around and if you freeze the frame, you will see that a circle is visible in the background which is circling his head! A sign of cosmic illumination! We also have the Himalayas (K2), the search for Shangra-la (enlightenment) and the characters mention the opening of a gate in this area (stargate).

    Apart from that the rest of the movie is just social eugenics, the White male (Alex) being desirable to the pretty Chinese female, without any chemistry or reasoning. Why is it always the White male gets the exotic female and never the other way around? Even in news programs you get an female Oriental news anchor and she is placed with a White male on screen, never the other way around! Sorry for digressing.

    Anonymous said...

    cosmic map.

    Kether being galactic center from which all sprung from and shall return too.

    The universe started at a singularity and we'll return to a singularity

    Seek Truth

    Allen Smith said...

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