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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    The Red I Of The Blue ONE

    Synchromystic video highlighting an intimate relationship between the Red I/Eye of Blue SpiriT and the highlighted palm.
    The Blue/Red play highlighting the palms of Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus.
    Morpheus is another name for the Lord of Dreams or The Sandman.
    The Sandman's glasses reflect the Blue/Red highlighted palms giving our Guru the most interesting Seeing Red (and Blue) I/Eye.

    If we plug what happens in this video back into Fishburne's charachter in "Event HoriZOn"...
    In "Logan's Run" Micheal York 'sees red' (above) just before revealing his flashing palm to the audience.
    He is called a Sandman as his job is to hunt people down who try and run away from "renewal" (which is basically getting zapped to death by a funky crystal), 'putting them to sleep'.
    Funny enough there is a 2010 remake coming down the pipes.
    Holy sheizer I didn't make the Morpheus/Sandman connect while making the video... Too perfect.
    Both Morpheus/Fishburne and Sandman/Logan with highlighted Red SpiriT palms!
    The Sandman is also an awesome comic book character I grew up on created by writer Neil Gaiman.
    Logan/Sandman interacts with the ankh allot in "Logan's Run" here seen around the neck of Jenny Agutter.
    Again extremely susynct as the comic Sandman's sister Death, bears the ankh as necklace.
    This is floWing nicely, perhaps I will pop back in here during the day and go through some more of the video adding stills and words.
    Charlton Heston as Moses (probably in reality an Egyptian Pharaoh/Priest) becomes the Red Spot/Eye/I amidst the Blue of Red Sea and Sky in "The Ten Commandments".

    The hand is highlighted as Moses says : "Behold His mighty hand!"

    Once SpiriT parts the RED C, a play in KKonsciousness on Seeing Red, we hear this dialogue.

    Israelite Boy: "The Wind Opens The C!"
    Isrealite Man: "God opens the C with a blast of his nostrils!"

    This reveals the relationship between SpiriT (God), wind and air (symbolized by T).
    Then WE/ME jump to the Artificial Intelligence Red Eye pattern. The term A.I helps unravel this mystery. A I/Eye or A Self.
    The computer or machine becoming human and intelligent is the symbolic drama of the human organism - or better yet, all life as DNA program - becoming conscious of consciousness (KKonsciousness or the "I-I" as Ramana Maharshi puts it).
    Still the idea of machines becoming self and even Self aware could very well be on the table. Further yet, WE acknowledge that all is a Union and already Self aware.

    The Tinman's quest for the Heart/Centre tells this same story.
    The SchwarZENEGGer displays his Christ resonance with his wounded arm. Some crucifixion depictions favor the wrist above the palm area as location of The Mark, leaning towards this depiction of the androids highlighted arm.
    His single Red Eye mimics HAL 9000 above from "2001" and the Third Eye/I of Shiva. He sees himself in a cracked mirror. The mirror reflects form self, the crack distorting the reflection and symbolically the braking up of limited identity.

    See Jennifer Jupiter for JC Jennifer Connelly, a Jesus Christ resonator, dramaticly displaying this same pattern as well as JC Jim Carrey (lobbing a saxophone into a mirror in "The Number 23") In Robin Sparrow.
    More JC (Keanu Reeves as the NEO/ONE) mirror syncs in Live From The Logosphere's ARTifacts of Millennial KKonsciousness Video Project
    Christ Consciousness (note the CC or KK) is the process of moving beyond the mirrored reflection and realizing the Self.
    Christneggers StarGlasses brand is "Gargoyles".

    See Midnight On The I(Eye)sland of Atum and StarMummy for groovy Disney "Gargoyles" syncs.
    The Red Ball resonating the Red Eye becoming a synchromystic 'Red I/Eye Ball' signifies a future murder in "Minority Report".
    Tom Cruise as a "Pre-Crime" officer handles the Red Eye Ball, having them even in the palms of his hands resonating the "Logan's Run" and "Matrix" highlighted palms.
    This is followed very shortly by another exciting highlighted palm as he manipulates a futuristic computer screen with his hands.
    This unveils the recurring pattern of finding the Red Eye/Dot/Spot/Ball in close association with the highlighted palm as traditionally depicted on Lord Shiva.
    The blueness of Cruise's highlighted palm and the scene (hell, this entire film is blue..) in general also evokes the flavour of the blue SpiriT/God/Being.
    This didn't make the cut as it takes us a little off focus but above we see Neal McDonough handle the Red Eye Ball in the presence of Colin Farrell.
    Farrel relates back to the Third Eye (the red spot on Shiva) as character Bullseye (with target over his Ajna Chakra) in film "Daredevil".
    McDonough plays the Tin Man - Tin Being interchangeable with Jupiter, the location of the solar systems own Red Eye - character in Mini Series "Tin Man".
    Tin Man/Jupiter's roles the red eye ball right over the balls of his palm!

    Strangely this is not the only Philip K. DicK based film that would be featured in this video. I didn't realize this until after making the video and consider it to be another example of 'sync strange attraction'.

    Things are associated in Consciousness far beyond the scope of the mind. When my mind makes a connection you can bet there are infinitely more associations in Consciousness.
    This was already seen with the Sandman connect between "The Matrix" and "Logun's Run". Two movies I placed directly sequentially in the video only to discover they sync up through Morpheus/Sandman. This is an entirely natural function of Life just a little invisible to the conditioned mind until NOW.

    When I start to put syncs together I am picking media that resonates each other closely. Without exception more association jump out and others go unnoticed.
    That I would make a video about red spots, third eyes and blue spirit, only to entrain with Philip K. Dick means Dick is strongly associated to these themes in Consciousness.
    No doubt if we decided to find these themes in his works we would be flooded by connections with all the other material covered in this video.
    Next up we see the blue light radiate from behind Spocks' famous Vulcan Salute.
    A pop culture highlighted palm already found to resonate the blue color of Lord Shiva. Does it then associate with the red spot/ball, to complete the pattern being investigated?
    Indeed, dramatically so, as this big red blob is the material used to open Black Holes and cause the characters in the film to Time Travel.
    In Consciousness all time/space distorting phenomena - time travel, warp speed, teleportation (jumping), psychic phenomena, inter dimensional travel etc - are closely associated. I call them StarG8's.
    They are symbolic of the realization of Cosmic Consciousness.
    The realization of Cosmic Consciousness can be no more dramatic then sitting calmly, right where you are and just reflecting on the fact that you are Conscious of your own Consciousness.
    There is a misconception that being enlightened means being in some super human state all the time. This is a limitation as every state you are (or were) ever in is already this Cosmic Consciousness, we are just aligning with this insight right NOW.
    Of course the intensity of Cosmic Consciousness waxes and wanes due to context of Life situation. Sitting in a coffee shop, movie theater or doing the dishes in the state of Cosmic Consciousness can be very calm and low key, while jumping out of an airplane or taking ayahuasca can be extremely exhilarating.
    The point of becoming aware of awareness, of realizing the already realized 'I-I', is that It Is always present, regardless of your state of mind or context of environment.
    2010 The year of the Tiger (an orange and black striped animal (kinda mashed Zebra)) in Chines Astrology, a system derived from the 12 year orbit of Jupiter.
    Note the play here between the numbers 012 comprising the syncnificant dates of 2001, 2010 and 2012 (not forgetting 2011 (the year of the rabbit)).
    Out of the gate we catch up with the events of 2001 and are told about the discovery of the black monolith on the moon.
    Its location is the Sea/C of Tranquility. The C shape resonates the act of Seeing or becoming aware, awareness or Consciousness implies joy and tranquility.
    A quantum leap of C-Ing is taking place on Earth which is leading to Tranquility. Is 2010 to be a key year in this realization of Peace On Earth?, the syncs are suggesting just that!
    The film 2001 already entrained with the Consciousness manifesting events of 911 through the Milleneum Hilton Hotel at Ground Zero.
    The building intentionally designed to visually mimic the black monolith from "2001 a Space Odyssey" was flush with the Twin Towers that fell on September 11th 2001.
    That a real life monolith oversaw the 911 StarG8 silences the mind in awe.

    Perhaps this suggests the 2001 and 2010 dates and films as uniquely syncnificant and relevant to realization of Cosmic Consciousness.

    The future and playful ideas about it are perfectly harmless if you live in the NOW, the location of the future to begin with...

    See Jim's the Inside Job video for more on the Milleneum Hilton 911 StarG8
    Bob Balaban as Dr. Chandra puts his hand on a Red identity scanner. His radiating palm appears in Blue above this. The play of Red and Blue, repeating also as we see what this identity scanning device is protecting.
    SAL 9000 the new improved female HAL with Blue Eye. We could suggest that progress has been made from the 2001 angry Red Eye of fire to the calm Blue Eye of Water/SpiriT/Tranquility in 2010.

    This Blue Eye also resonates the look of the exploding Second Sun/Jupiter and the Super Nova/Black Hole explosions in "Star Trek". "Angels & Demons" also had the Blue Sun explosion as key plot device.
    I interpret this Second Blue Sun as Being aligned with SpiriT or Cosmic Consciousness. That the Second Sun pattern might also have some kind of 'external' reality seems entirely likely.
    We could suggest Sirius/Jupiter/Galactic Center as potential Second Suns.

    The Sun/RA/RE is also a big Red Eye/I. Thus the awareness of a second Sun/Eye/I becomes the symbolic realization of "I-I".
    The Red Spot on Jupiter becomes associated to the Red Eye/I of the Blue ONE. This is extremely fitting as Jupiter is sometimes associated to Shiva (with his red third eye) and Horus (with his single all seeing eye).
    Spock uses his Red Ball of matter to open a black hole in an exploding star or super nova.
    This is then compared with the events of the film 2010.
    In 2010 Jupiter forms a giant Black Hole on its surface. It shrinks, explodes, goes nova, becoming a Star and Second Sun.
    The Red Eye/storm on Jupiter and of HAL 9000 syncs with Spock's Red Ball, both films entraining with the themes of black holes and exploding stars...



    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Hey, homie, have I ever told you that your fucking crazy.... I've been researching the symbolism behind the Red Sea lately....

    "The Red Sea is a water of death for those of us that are "Unconscious", but for those that are "Conscious" it is baptismal water of rebirth and transcendence. By "Unconscious" are meant those who have no gnosis, ie, are not enlightened as to the nature and destiny of man in the cosmos"-Jung

    Think Red Blood of Jesus


    in red

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    I meant Einstein crazy and not trying to bite your own ear crazy... Just so we're clear.

    Atareye said...


    Loved the sound track fo sho.

    Killer signoff.

    WV.....not shitting red....


    Oh botha

    Arrowsmith said...

    Red Ball. Red Eye. Red Eye-Ball.

    You blue this one right out of the water. Home run. Superb.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Red Eye/I-BaLL!

    Didn't C it..

    Thanks Mr Smith and aLL.

    Marco said...

    Jake, do a research on the purple colour (the union of red and blue) you will be amazed.. i give you a link of an old post write by me on the subject, it's written in italian.. but maybe you will sort something out with wordlingo automated translator.. or maybe not.

    cheers, and keep it up!

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    killer vid. so strong.

    jim 2k

    Ed said...

    Slightly off topic, but I thought of you when I read this newstory.

    An interesting topic in this post. It reminds me that when I am photographed my blue eyes often become red.

    The Sandman is indeed one of hte coolest comic book characters ever created.

    Benni said...

    Love your posts! Great video also!

    Just started a blog about Sync yesterday... I intended to start with the blue / red color releationship first just because of it's meaning to deciding whether there are coincidences or not = truth (matrix - blue pill / red pill). I think the next level is reached, when blue and red finally join - red being the agressive but necessery step to start that process (pretty ugly for neo after taking the red pill, also hal is seeing red and getting violent, same in star trek with the red matter causing much harm and also the same thing about the red seeing terminator) - but finally (when the blue and red join) mankind has reached a higher / better level in onness and piece in matrix, 2010, terminator salvation - i'm not quite sure about star trek ^^


    soundlessdawn said...

    Great Syncs my friend! Remember that quote in Minority Report? "In the Land of the Blind, The One Eyed Man (All Seeing Eye) is King" ~ Some awesome stuff in that new Nightmare Before Christmas styled flick "Coraline" as well ~ Look for the Broken Oz Snow Globe over the Fireplace with Dual Eastern Stars towards the End. Loving it.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for the joy.

    Cool Steve.

    Saw Coraline, lovely film with groovy syncs. Another Neil Gaiman joint..


    Particleion said...

    "In the Land of the Blind, The One Eyed Man (All Seeing Eye) is King"

    Whoah, eerie stuff, ive been picking up on the same vibe.

    Deeper we fall into the rabbit hole will it end nobody knows.

    Benni said...

    let's twist it:

    you take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe what ever you want to believe (=your personal freedom!=)

    you take the red pill, you stay in wonderland (=not reality) and i show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remeber! All I am offering is the truth, nothing more...

    Indras Net said...

    Right on! I was just studying Chesed and Geburah today, Red=Change/Challenge Blue- Stability, Nurture. Then watched this great video, and caught my brother in law watching the Cleveland Cavaleirs VS Orlando Magic game, Featuring Labron James #23 with the Red C of Cavaliers on his back, with a bolt connected. And the Orlando Magics are blue, the score board on the tube looked like a half red and half blue pill hehe. Namaste brother be very well

    Dennis/87 said...

    Really liked the last Soundgarden rendition of Burden in my Hand. Mind's eye vibe. Dennis

    Benni said...

    i found a connection to our blue mother planet earth in the fifth element:

    the blue one (the opera singer) singing with the blue earth in the background...

    would love to see your visit over at


    Anonymous said...

    that's great, I love the slow soundgarden

    Benni said...

    the 33 is chasing me recently... can u tell what that number means?

    In your video we see tom cruise with his glove covering 3 fingers of each hand in black (=33)

    Jake Kotze said...

    I can't know what anything means in its totality as it has infinite depth.

    Sometimes we speak as if we can as it is a matter of convenience or habit.

    WE can give 33 context by associating things that also resonate it or are associated to 33.

    This gives us clues as to what its general flavor is.
    We can always discover new associations to 33 meaning it can infinitely grow in meaning.
    Like saying 33 is CC alphabetically which resonates KK and cosmic consciousness.
    We could also rotate the 3's as they are WE3 Spinners. 3 can be E,M or W, meaning 33 can be MM Eminem etc..

    33 is the number of vertebrae in humans, degrees in Masonry etc.

    No doubt its a great number.

    Use Your intuition and trust your Self to provide the specifically tailored dynamic meaning for You.

    The purpose of symbols are to point.

    We must learn to look at what is being pointed at and not the finger that is doing the pointing.

    Saint Santiago said...

    Jake, I hope you can catch The Soloist in the theater before it's gone. Great C-ing Red and OZ synchs with the tin-man Robert Downey Jr.

    Best use of Beethoven's music since A ClocKworK Orange. Peace!

    (Saint) Santiago

    Benni said...


    i don't know why... but it seems like we / i connected. You being my Sync master just like Richard and Jim // don't ego yourself when not mentioned... you / we 'll be. I felt like starting with blue and red, i did just had some notes about that theme... you had a video and i love it (it = i = you = we).

    I feel red about u (and the red is connected with love = one).

    Benni said...

    Spock is spreading his hand...

    Live long and prosper!

    We see the fingers of his hand: 1&1 (=X), 1&1 (=X) and his thumb (=one)

    XX 2 become 1?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yo Nexus

    My comments are general and intended in good faith.

    Your blog looks gr8.

    I love personal syncs from ones own environment.

    Be well

    Mike Clelland! said...

    Jennifer Connelly (JC) steps on a nail in HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG.

    Gate Keeper said...

    Awesome post!This made me think of NASA's latest photo of the 'Blue Hand' nebula that looks like it's reaching out to a 'Red Ball' galaxie. Some have entitled it the Hand of God?! You can google (Nasa hand of god) Thanks Blob!

    Amanda said...

    Very cool post! The Rune called Kenaz or Ken (written < ) is the equivilent of English C/K. It means "a Torch", (that by which we see). It is also the source of the word ken, which means "knowing". In magick, the runes are traditionally written in red.

    Benni said...

    just found something new about red and blue:

    Seems like red + blue = truth

    Remember Morpheus:

    "All i am offering is the thruth" - with the blue and red pills in his hands

    Also found a connection between Jake and blue (Connection found in the blues brothers)

    Keep up your outstanding work Jake! Thank U

    E. T. Hansen said...

    as I recall Total Recall also have a red pill that will enable Terminator to go back to his fake reality. But he doesnt swallow. Neither should anyone else...

    The Secret Sun said...

    Russ Tamblyn wore red and blue glasses on Twin Peaks. Apparently this was his own wardrobe choice. He explained that the red stimulated the left hemisphere and that the blue moderated the right hemishpere. The point was to keep the hemispheres in some kind of harmony.

    Atareye said...

    CK - I guess this adds new meaning to classic 3d glasses eh?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for the comment CK.

    Reminds me of the red and green glasses of the dude I always see on the cover of the comic book Transmetropolitan.

    Never read it..

    Benni said...

    again found something interesting:

    black and white are strongly resonating with time = checkerboard-theme

    when we become one we are beyond space and time (first ego needs to die after seeing / facing red, then we can give true love to the female = XX = fifth element)

    the place beyond time is oz where we have superpowers and become true x-men (blue + red = one / love = the ultimate power)

    The Secret Sun said...

    That's Spider Jersualem, JK- probably a tribute to Twin Peaks...

    Benni said...

    CHRISTopher Knowles is recently resonation strong with ONE:

    Note green = ONE and also the electric connection (movie "Short Circuit", Johnny 5 is alive (5 resonating with the "Fifth Element"

    also the black / white = time connection here

    Will be watching his blog closely... seems like you are about to find something big.

    Marco said...

    red and blue is also used in many superheroes themes

    super mario
    wonder woman
    optimus prime in transformers (optimus prime = The first and the best)
    the virgin mary sometimes wears red and blue

    and many others..

    and now.. here's the big ones

    (the last one is the adam kadmon)

    to me blue&red are the 2 polarities 1 and 0, man and female, we have to trascend the binary system and become "christ", and that's when the purple archetype comes in.. purple related to the "dimension of dreams" where the man in "nightmares in the witchhouse" of HP Lovecraft goes when he dreams..

    also, with red we can identify isis, and with blue osiris, both giving birth to Horus the purple one, alesteir crowley talked about the horus age..

    sorry for my crappy english.

    Benni said...

    i think i found the most important message - it's all clear to me NOW

    i feel strong connected with u jake, please help me to spread the message and help me to proove it is true - i think there will be a lot of resistance

    please read the message, challange it to proove if it is true! and if u will - help spreading it:

    Benni said...

    the last challenge has begun.

    Please mark my / I am words:

    ISS / Isis Space Station will be coming down soon

    (because truth always comes twice - the coming down of MIR = Isis being the first sign for the begin of the end of time, keep also in mind that the good guys used dressing black [always])

    after this it'll get pretty rough. but take your time for preparations. KK is with us, so don't worry.

    Benni said...

    There are 2 messages to be delivered...

    The I am is directing me = I am to unleash the powers with the fifth elements around her. The powers unleahed are strong.

    Mike Clelland! said...

    Leonard Nemoy has a special cameo in the TV show FRINGE. He has his office in a alternate reality World Trade Center.

    Benni said...

    peter parker = pp = peter pan = the fool becomes spiderman

    isis = fifth yelement= madonna = mary = mary jane = kirsten dunst

    note the movie history of kirsten with connections to star trek, vampires and mother mary

    guess what spiderman 4 is all about: the wedding in connection with a parallel dimension 'x'

    to be followed...

    Benni said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Benni said...

    just one note about osiris, isis, seth and horus

    osiris = black stars = ONE

    isis = fifth elemets = angels

    seth = clow = ego

    horus = x-men = daywalkers

    the story will end in another way as before this time.

    osiris and isis will win being successful this time. i am ready to give away my life to proove it.

    it is the death of death (resonating with brad pit and other ego resonating man (rocky = silvester stallone))

    may the I am be with u.

    open your third eye = way to true love = one, the third part of trinity: isis, the child and true love.

    avoid eating flesh, aspertame and fluoride, mobile phones and your third eye will open. it's your choice - free will and free decision.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Hi Nexus

    When filled with SpiriT one becomes Joy itself.

    The Self is eternal, infinite and realized regardless of what WE/ME do.

    Peace Of Mind=Peace On Earth

    A Figure Eight said...

    Wow. The videos keep getting more beautiful and more joyful. And the crowd keeps growing too. : )

    Soooo. This new video is referring to the Lucifer Project, no?

    As in the secret project that was planned to blow up Jupiter and turn it into a star? Its on the internets. Just hearsay sort of...

    But the synchs are pointing to it. Hmm...perhaps its like a synch echo of what might have been. Kind of like when they made those two asteroid movies at the same time, they really tapped into our collective consciousness and almost washed us of that fear. Some new age books says that was supposed to happen but we changed our course.

    And then.... there was an interview on Project Camelot with a Russian boy who claimed to have been in a past life on Mars and could describe his life there. He said they were trying to turn another planet (Saturn?) into a star as well but failed.

    Also, could 33 as CC be like another 11 synch? As in Ch(K)ristopher C(K)olumbus, the discoverer of New Worlds?

    Well done, as always. : )

    Benni said...

    jake... i am very proud of u. helping us so much to get everyONE of us to the next stage.

    thank u from the bottom of my heart.

    i would like to get deeper into those themes sync is delivering to us... but the main message is delivered. i have to act now, there are many friends and angels needing some help. i'll post only further insights if i can on the nexus blog.

    never forget everyONE - it's all about us.


    A Figure Eight said...

    and then there's the new lexus ad campaign:

    2010 Lexus IS C Commercial: "Hop In"

    Lexus is C. : )

    And the synchs just keep on coming

    Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

    JAke - Great work as always. For what it's worth, I noticed your connection between Sun/Ra/Re and the color red. In musical Sol feg, Re is associated with the second note... as in do RE mi fa sol la ti.

    When the Natural Major mode is anchored in the Key of C, "Doh" is associated with the C-Note and color red, according to the majority of esoteric tone-color systems.

    [RE], then, would be associated with the [D]-Note and color oRangE.

    This can be clearly understood in the following visual diagram:



    Benni said...

    angry ego death = samuel l jackson as mr. glass (-breaker) elijah in unbreakable (resonating elijah wood in the lord of the rings - where gollum is ego death in the end) vs. bruce willis (protector of fifth element) = LEOnardo dicaprio

    what happens when a sun = star = angel is dying? we get a white dwarf or a black hole = black star. as above so below. seems like the white dwarfs and black stars are acting like spiderman and venom - they can work together of fight each other. (pulp fiction, man in black)

    white couple: blues brothers, ...?

    also there are couples of black stars (bad boys, coming to america)...?

    will chase it when i got a little time

    Particleion said...

    Everything else is just child's play

    The One eye man is king

    A Figure Eight said...

    Love the Bill Gates one-red-eyed pic, Particleion. Incredibly odd synch. ; )

    Particleion said...

    An Unholy Alliance
    Thunder cats

    This synch is so intense.

    Benni said...

    Sync will be most intensed on full moon tomorrow. Try something which might sound crazy:

    dress in your favourite colors today (look at the simpsons which colors they wear and dress like your favourite of them) Have a silver coin or something out of silver with you, best is next to your heart.
    Don't eat today and drink beer this night until you got enough, then relieve yourself throwing up when drunk - or tomorrow morning.

    you know you will feel really bad tomorrow, but sync / I am will be with you like never before, if your third eye is already opened.

    the colors use the law of attraction, silver is the bridge to bring them together and the yellow beer helps you to get ego out for some time (remember that you have to stop and get it out)

    every full moon you can repeat the process, when it's most intensed.

    when 2 become 1 = wedding

    have you noted that today there are many weddings? and today is SATURday (SATURN-day). 06.06.09

    today is very very important. open the starg8.

    Benni said...

    tonight is the night of all nights. please give your toughts and energy to el = elijah = son of mary and mary self. they need u most tonight. tonight is the night of change.

    please trust and give your energy to them.

    mary has to face ego death tonight. she has to let got of her son - it is his decicion: coming back here or going home. please support her and him. respect free choice

    Benni said...

    g8ors... busting will u feel good! post it.

    A Figure Eight said...

    "Red Ball" ~

    Benni said...

    thank you if you had decided to help and also thank you if you did not choose to do so (why? thank you 4 being you)

    the turning point was reached and now the powers are unleashed for change coming in really hard.

    open your heart (you'll feel it pumpin like crazy when it is unchained - Joe Black singin' the song for this process) and you will see (Synchronicity too obvious). then open your third eye. then connect by activating it.

    elia and mary will now become one. the balance will be restored - in anyway necessary.

    Benni said...

    yin / yan = white / black = blue / red = I / I = Eye / Eye

    Benni said...

    have to snooze for some time... i scared too many people close to me and need to wait for the dust to settle down. in order to stop i had to take many third-eye closing substances like fluoride and have been eating flesh for the first time since november (really kind of missed it sometimes). sync is still around, but it's under a level of being annoying now (like i might have been to some of you ^^).

    please don't forget: it's okay to eat flesh, but it won't help opening the third eye.

    keep up your outstanding work! thank you! will be back for sure.

    Benni said...

    can't investigate this one on my own, but please someone do:

    - sphere of the world trade center
    - the movie "sphere"
    - the recent air france airplane crash

    -connections to the movie "the day the earth stood still"

    Unknown said...

    have you thought about The Fifth Element in relation to this? The gargoyle-looking henchmen wear red-eye combat specs, Milla Jovovich's christ-like character is reconstructed from a severed hand, and the stones are hidden within a blue diva / shiva character. I recently watched this movie, so it may come to mind only because of that, but I would love a Kotze-ing of Luc Besson's film sometime. I've always felt like it was attempting to say more than it seemed to.

    Chris said...

    Jupiter's storm as red/white yin yang...?

    Great vid/post, Jake.

    alistair mackinnon said...

    also check on the function of red mercury and the clour red in alchemy...
    red mercury is particularly interesting.. not as its purported use in fission but that fission is used to create it.

    its older use is here:

    Unknown said...

    Was to lazy to check if anyone mentioned this but Henrik had helen sewell on and she was talking about the upcoming astrological climate. She felt that 2010 would result in a more focused Aquarina/uranian energies. Being an Aquarius I felt like things have been more focused, spiritually stable, and anxiety becoming something of the past(most definitely c-ing red in the Chicago). That holy spirit of rebellion that tsarion speaks of is well on it's way in my humble opinion and the false's expiration date is here.

    Unknown said...

    Oh and about the blue eye sync and the seeing red aspect i.e. other meaning like anger I think can be positive. Tsarion has a concept of the blue flame of anger which resonates with me personally. The blue flame being a repersentation of the manisfestation of anger from K2 cosmic consciousness an instinctual feeling of lack of appreciation for the lie and falseness that keeps us from the self(Makes me think of the Mama bear analogy for positive anger that is in the tao de ching, u know protecting the cubs or i.e standing by what one loves). I noticed that the opening sequence of the dark knight uses the blue flame and of course there is that Dark Knight poster with batman standing in front of the Tarot tower card like burning building. just more of my two cents

    Benni said...

    Mark David said...

    Just found your blog today it's wonderful. This is a very entertainment blog. After watching this video again I saw a commercial for spreadable butter. They were doing a comparison with some kind of imitation butter and they had the disguise of glasses on the other butter. Where the eyes would have been were two logos, one was red and the other was blue. I am very happy to visit your site. thank you for posting and sharing it.

    Barry Kraft
    my site

    Squidward said...

    Hi. Watched the vid. The thing which jumped out at me was the 3D written on Shiva's hand with the crescent and star above it. Maybe the crescent and star sitting above the third dimension represents the 4th dimension?

    Keep up the interesting work.