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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Happy Birthday Robin Tunney!

    It's the Stargate Queen Robin Tunney's Birthday today, June 19. To celebrate we investigate the trailer for her upcoming film "August". Jesus Christ, a planetary consciousness altering presence or Stargate realizer passes his blessing over Tunney in "The Craft" (still above).

    "August" the eighth month (octagon resonating) and a new film featuring Stargate Queen Robin Tunney. The month is named after the first Emperor of The Roman Empire. Augustus, via synchronicity, was mentioned briefly in a recent Robin Tunney post Jesus 'Prince of Persia' and Robin 'Stargate Queen' Tunney at Cafe Paparazzi
    Much to my suprise but certainly not without precedent - I Being a long time synchromystic - Mr Ellis starts talking about Persia even saying the words "Prince of Persia". In this particular context he is referring to none other then Jesus Christ, Ellis being of the belief that Jesus was a Prince parented by the daughter of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar (J.C thus Jesus Christ resonating) who was diplomatically gifted to the Persian King by Octavian/Augustus (Oct/8 resonating).

    The poster features the Gemini Pillarmid Twins (WTC) with circular balls of light imposed over the structure.

    The 2012 solstice alignment traces a Galactic Center-Galactic Anticenter axis with its base in Gemini.
    Gemini to see how the WTC Gemini gate interacts with 2012

    Robin Tunney is a Gemini.

    August, Movie Trailer

    The Star Josh Hartnett is a slick dot-com owner trying to keep his company "Landshark" afloat as the market starts to collapse one month prior to the 911 Mega Ritual. We see him strut with shades (wannabee Grey Alien, thus resonating Cosmic Consciousness) beside the lovely K2 mountaineer Robin after exiting his limo. He is wearing Zebra stripes...
    Tunney is called a Zebra (a medical oddity) repeatedly by "House M.D" in the pilot episode of the television show. She can also be seen above with a Zebra, possible green Plesiosaur and lollipop in shot in the film "Cherish". The Zebra 'kisses' her, this is when the sync wink is so strong not only is it in frame, it actually touches the Star's body. The Lollipop has been connected to the hieroglyph for pyramid while dinosaurs are symbols of massive species change or evolution. Dinosaurs popularly either died during asteroid (benben and panspermia resonating) impact or become birds, little Robins perhaps.
    Philip K. Dick (KK) called his cosmic consciousness thingemagick, Zebra, later becoming VALIS.
    See Z is for Zebra for striped horse syncs
    See The K2/Giza Kandy Cane for lollipops as pyramids
    See "What a big fucking lizard Lord!" The 911 Dinosaur Mystery for Dinos

    Tunney is spotted with a Pyramid (the sphere is the pyramid itself while the stick represents the causeway) and candy Stargate resonating Lollipop in "August"
    See Robotut for recent Candy Stargate sync winks.
    Hartnett speeds of in his horseless chariot, over a Zebra Crossing, meanwhile the 911 Stargate Portal sync winks like a bullhorn in the distance. Having a VALIS/Zebra symbol of cosmic consciousness and the doorway of humanities collective Illumination in one shot is infinitely suc'sync't.
    Tunney as Melanie stands by Hartnett's left as the space between two towers is framed through a window grid. I dare not imagine these are 'The Twins', we will have to hang on for the movie...
    David Bowie, an extremely strong alien resonator as Ziggy Stardust and "The Man Who fell to Earth", meets Hartnett and Tunney in "August". Alien like Zebra is equivalent to Cosmic Consciousness or awareness of Being beyond thought or form. We the have our Stargate Zebra Queen, Tunney, meeting our Alien Stargate machine maker, Bowie.
    I say Alien Stargate machine maker, because Bowie as Tesla does just that, building a teleportation device in "The Prestige".
    He doesn't build these machine for just any old Star, no dear friends, this is Tunney's male counterpart, the Stargate King, Hugh Jackman. Composite Character "Bowie Alien Tesla" enjoys teleporting cats and hats. Cat resonates K2 as Kat/K@/K2 (@ and 2 are the same button on your keyboard, nice and wacky)
    The Stargate machine - anything that messes with time and space qualifies as a Stargate resonator - comes in a capstone less pyramidal box.
    The Great Pyramid of Giza, from which this symbolism is derived, is also a Stargate opening machine. It (amongst many others things) functions as a pointer of K2 and thus Cosmic Consciousness. Synchromystically K2 resonates the 2K millennium and connects to both 911 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual on 21 December at exactly 11:11 or K2 (as K is the 11th letter of the alphabet).
    See Following Hugh Jackman Trough The Atlantean Stargate for the Stargate King.
    See K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual for K2 as Cosmic Consciousness and 11:11

    The Millenium (spelled with one n officially for unclear reasons) Hilton Hotel was intentionally built to represent Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A space Odyssey" black monolith. The word Millenuim entrains with the 2K millennium and thusly also K2.
    I'm not a fan of these pictures, but I want to show how close the building was to the Twins during 911. Plus, this is the reality...

    It was flush with the Gemini Towers of 911. During the event the black cuboid (a strong Kaaba resonator) sustained damage yet it still towers at Ground Zero as the octagonal Freedom Tower inches higher.
    A big cat lies near its kill in "2001: A Space Odyssey". The name of the film entrains with the events of 911 as does the presence of the black monolith. Both film and real life saw this shape at key stages in humanities evolution in the year 2001, the start of the 2K millennium. The big cat is also a K2 and the Zebra /VALIS sync wink knowingly. This still, that of Cat and Zebra, following the chronology of the movie, happens during the last day before humanities encounter with the monolith.
    Man is led into space by the cosmic consciousness representing artifacts. Cosmic Consciousness is our own true nature beyond form and time, often mistaken for something separate and distinctly alien to the ego. The monolith is you, the real you...
    To put it more accurately, the monolith is a pointer or doorway of the real SELF
    Freaky forces and strange alignments portent the readiness of man to surrender to his true nature. Jupiter is the setting in the 2001 film for the final collapse of mankind's fictitious identity.
    The Stargate opens! No shit, Kubrick called this sequence the "Star Gate". How appropriate and elegant that our own Stargate, 911, would resonate this same imagery through the Millenium Hilton Hotel.
    Any sensitive representation of the Stargate of Being would by its very nature resonate all others. The force represented is your true essence and having everything becoming self reflective and transcendental of illusionary time/space barriers makes absolute and profound sense.
    The dot-com mentioned earlier is called "Landshark", its logo seen in the still above.
    After a particularly intense ritual "The Craft" girls cause sharks to beach themselves becoming 'Landsharks'. As fish, sharks can represent Pisces, the ending age (and entire Great Year!) as we head into Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius being another cosmic cog ticking over in symmetry with the ascension process instigated by 911 and its intimately related 2012. The dead fish in "The Craft"and the potentially dying dot-com company 'Landshark' in "August" telling us that Pisces is ending.
    Keep two things in mind as context for the next sync. Iconic images of Zeus show him with his lightning wielding facet. Zeus' Roman counterpart thus being synchromosticaly interchangeable, is Jupiter.
    Lightning, resonating Jupiter/Zeus electrifies the strutting Tunney plus coven.
    K2 mountaineer and Zebra/Valis, Robin Tunney, with the sync 'kissing' moons of Earth and Jupiter (plus Jupiter itself!), both locations of ascension monoliths in "2001" and "2010".
    Happy Birthday!

    A Tribute to Robin Tunney




    aferrismoon said...

    Happy bi-RThady too.
    The Gust in August makes me think of the cyclone from Wiz of Oz. Au = Gold
    Golden Wind
    I sill find it odd that August nestles between JULY, the 7th month and SEPTember , the previos 7th month.
    This gives it extra GATE-G8 appeal
    To some extent the post-july numbers have twins
    July&September 7s
    August & October 8s
    September and November 9s
    October and December 10s


    Dedroidify said...

    That blew my mind Jake, I thought from the title this was gonna be a tiny post but holy crap! I never noticed the black monolith building, makes it a lot more interesting for me! (not that it wasn't already)

    Thanks & kudos

    Eugene said...

    Millenium = 1000

    William is the 1000th Knight of the Order of the Garter, in its 660th year. Hey afterall 1000 X .66 = 660, nothing to see here.

    Eiffel Tower, ie the Iron Tower of Mars road is 1000 feet tall. And he does reign with a rod or iron, smashing shit to pieces. The 72 names inscribed here (8/11 or 16/22, etc.) left out one name, Sophia Germain, a woman.

    Kingdom of Christ's return is 1000 years long, not counting Waldo...

    Journey of Aleph as 1 to Aleph as 1000 = transcend the 22, ie the 400, then transcend the finals, begun by the Skidoo (Kaf final) of course, and wallah 1000 ! The 22 are male, the final 5 are female. To transcend the 22 would be to leave the fishy Patriarchal age and enter a cosmic woman.

    That story of Satan is released for a short while at the end of the 1000 years = where did Waldo go? I thought he reigned for 1000 years? Grin. Where did Waldo go? I thought he was supposed to be on the throne dealing out the rules for no deception?

    The result? Lots of deception and "armies as the sand of the seashore". Fire came down from heaven and the sea is no more...all knew. Hey no more tears either, these are also sea waterish and we cant have these...maybe they're too human.

    UN bldg is black monolith as well.

    Eugene said...




    "Falcon and culver on each tower, stood prompt their deadly hail to shower."--Sir W. Scott.

    Modern doves arent so wise to the serpent are they? A Culver Grad who would know says We're Sleeping with the Devil

    Eugene said...

    A Tunney B-day gift from Charles Forte site

    Occult Mosaic said...
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    The Secret Sun said...

    Happy birthday indeed. Love the Bowie syncs! My only question is when are we going to see Robin in her birthday suit?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks folks.

    New hefty post continuing with Hudson Hawk, imminent...


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