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    Sunday, November 30, 2008

    Opening The StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Stars and Stripes

    Opening title sequence for 1995's "Higher Learning"

    The StarRing... The ZOdiac, Mandala and StarG8 of the Earthly Star/Goddesses that live through Your KKonsciousness interacting with the silver screen.
    The stripes of the American flag interact with Jennifer CONnelly and Kristy Swanson in "Higher Learning". JC is initiating Kriston into the ultra feminist "Students For A Non Sexist Society".
    The stripes radiate from her profile, unveiling the Aureola subtle body.
    The Stars of Orion, the hunter (sometimes a bowman (Sagittarius Resonating)), detach from there 'fixed' position.
    The form a circle and start to spin.
    A bright O or StarRing appears in the heavens!
    The Rion or Noir (D(ark)) is added. Orion is often associated with Osiris. Fitting as Jesus Christ is a Horus (rising sun/son) resonator.
    We are watching 1990's Dennis Hopper (King Kupa in "Super Mario Bros") directed "The Hot Spot". Above the target, circle dot, of a stylized wall clock has moved into halo position. The circle dot of the StarG8 can be seen as the alchemical symbol for gold or astrological symbol for sun/star.
    JC and Don Johnson court while a Japanese Rising Sun Flag - echoing her Horus/Jesus Christ resonance - moves into Aureola position.
    The colorless mirror, symbol of KKconsciousness, reflects our Star/Goddess in the John Hughes written 1991 "Career Opportunities". Infinite and eternal KKonsciousness, who WE really are, by its very nature has to be completely Void to allow the totality of existence to be reflected in Itself.
    She falls for Jim, the "Target" (StarG8) department store janitor, after surreptitiously staying after hours.

    The StarG8 in its various incarnations follows the Goddess JC like a duck to water, as Jim's uniform sees the syncnificant store logo. Jim sports a white halo with the radiating black demarcations of an egg timer. Shell pieces lie on either side of his head symbolizing the freshly unleashed awareness of the alignment with the Black Star of KKonsciousness.

    See Jim's Galactic Black StarG8 Garden for more insight
    She touches the center of KKonsciousness and the galaxy as the love/union is solidified with a sync kiss.
    The image of a tape spool on a cardboard store standee crowns JC, as Josie, with her own Black Star.
    The three stars of Orion are evoked again by the "Tri Star Pictures" logo. This is further connected with the triangular pyramid shape and the flying pale horse of the "end of days". The end of the world is the end of the mind made self.
    The film is 1986's "Labyrinth"
    JC again reflected in the 'colorless, all-color' of the mirror, plopping her baby brothers red and white striped hat on her dome.

    Stripes emanating from the body are a feature of the movies stars and Pharaohs of Egypt.
    I have a feeling these 'Zebra stripes' are all intimately related, telling the same story of the energy field surrounding the body being visible in the perceivable realm.
    Betty Ross, Bruce Banner a.k.a The Hulk's love/union interest is played by JC in Ang Lee's 2003 "The Hulk". Below she is in shot with the stars of her father, Thunderbolt Ross's uniform.
    As the Hulk is The Green Man, Osiris and Saint Patrick he resonates the resurrection theme entraining with Jennifer Connelly as Jesus Christ.
    Below the stripes radiate from her head as she moves through the waters and the skyline of San Francisco. The Pisces 'Jesus Fish'/JC is at home in this element but that deserves its own post.
    We see palm trees, also visible on the veil covering the holiest of holies on the A. E Waite "High Priestess" Tarot card. The Transamerica Pyramid pans through her profile.. Pyramids and stars are intimately related and in intimate resonance thus attracting each other powerfully. Just keep watching movies to see this happening, I imagine, with ever increasing frequency.
    The Jakes show up at Kathy's "House of Sand And Fog" (2003).
    The seven pointed star, The StarG8way to the City of Pyramids, sync winks through the door.
    HER twin green mandalas note the authority of the Star, peering through the diamond shaped window pane, granting passage (above).
    The symbolic 7 rayed Star whirls in and out of focus, dancing around its human counterpart.
    Another dramatic bursting star explodes onto screen while Kathy/JC cleans.
    It bobs playfully in and out of her physical aspect as she sways......

    This scene cuts directly to the setting of the O.G Star.
    In 2005's "Dark Water" as Dahlia she sits inside the ambulance type chariot.
    Seconds later, while addressing Tim Roth, the blue rayed Staff of Hermes medical type star sync kisses JC's head. N.Y (O.Z. one letter ahead in the alphabet) is present while we can note that Roth is the 'Non Human Thoth Primate' Thade in "Planet Of the Apes" heightening the Hermes rez of the scene.
    The coiling serpent represents the aligned pillar of Kosmic and Spiritual alignment, synonymous with Khrist Konsciousness. Indeed some traditions view the snake as crucified on the cross.
    Below we see the lightning bolt of Zeus or energy wave of Aquarius associated to Hermes - "Faster then a streak of lightning in the sky..." - as the original Flash.
    The bleeding diamond twinkles in the void, like a Star in the sky, on the poster for 2006's "Blood Diamond".
    JC as Maddy Bowen (Archer/Sagittarius) interacts with the Star constellation Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer (Bowman/Sagittarius).
    She wants to help the black people of Sierra Leone ('Lion Mountains'), he wants twinkling earthly diamond Stars. Star-Crossed Lovers ready to stoke the alchemical furnace of transformation.
    As always, we are told the story of Galactic and Spiritual alignment through the silver screen...

    Indignant Maddy with a lovely, tilting 2 dimensional, star or stars on her chest.
    Bonus: Planets!
    JC and actress Camryn Manheim (best know as Ellenor Frutt in "The Practice") in "Dark Water". Camryn has been spotted in a few key places, mayhap we will note these down one fine day.

    Seen from Earth the planets look just like Stars, needles to say that are in intimate relationship. Above is Saturn planet of Death and its companion Time. The ego is kept alive by the fiction of time, time dissolves with realization of Khrist Konsciousness.
    Below, probably to small to appreciate in this image, JC stairs at her daughter through the transparent glass medium in the door - yet another emerging theme - while Jupiter and other planetoids decorate the classroom walls.
    Jupiter is named Lucifer after becoming the second sun in "2010 The Year We Make Contact". This is Horus the Starchild if you want to be occult or the emerging new state of KKonsciousness if your feeling esoteric. If, however, you would rather be Plain Jane it is simply but no less profoundly the acknowledged experience of the present moment in what ever form you may find it, or it may find you...
    You The Experience being inseparable and the same.

    2008's Alex Grey wall calendar displays the Kosmic Khrist/JC as its cover.

    HEART of the KOSMIC KHRIST with Alex Grey

    Above is a clip from an interview done with Alex Grey by Jim and Nosis. Alex talks about the Hearts relationship to the Kosmic Khrist/JC. Heart is an anagram for Earth...

    See E.T Ipsissimus of the A.:A.: for a previous reference to this painting.
    December's image is one and the same, this very month that also sees the release of "The Day The Earth Stood Still" on the 12th StarRing Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves (Neo/One, yet another Khrist rez).
    A close up reveals the painting contains a scene - Gort exiting the galaxy shaped craft while Klaatu waves, greetings! - from the original classic 1951 version.
    The Day The Earth/Heart Stood Still With JC and Kosmic Khrist resonators Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves.

    A nice sync entraining with the new films release month. Further we spot Ghandi, resonating India and bringing to mind the recent events in Mumbai.
    Jennifer Connelly (our synchromystic Kosmic Khrist) shares the cracked glass poster of "House of Sand and Fog" with Ben Kingsley, famed for his Oscar winning portrayal of the Mahatma (Great Soul).
    I like how the cracked effect of the "HOSAF" poster forms part of a related series of images.
    2003's "HOSAF" cracked glass gives way to the impact design of 2007's "Fracture".
    2009's "Watchmen" shatters the glass completely...

    POE (Peace On Earth (Why not?))


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Honestly anyone and everyone can now call me crazy.... Jake I promise I can tell you the meaning of the broke egg timer! But I think someones gonna beat me to it...

    PS Klaatu in 1951 was called Mr. Carpenter through out the film.
    Love Thanks

    Jenn said...

    Lovely Jake, and thank you for exploring JC--it's a treasured mirror to me <3 I'm almost embarrassed to admit i haven't seen any movie with Jennifer Connelly in it yet, but there it is and you've illuminated this just in time for me to break that streak on 12-12. Cheers!

    Chris said...

    In the screenshot of JC and KS interacting with the flag you might notice 'ALL' peeking in from the left edge.

    Did you say 'poe'?

    Why not? ;)

    Chris said...

    Walk it out?

    Atareye said...

    Orion logo has 8 stars a spinnin'.

    Blackstars spinning in octagonal form creating stargate.
    Wowwy MoMMy.

    peace JK 'H'appy 'H'olidays
    Mary 'X'maz

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    HAHAHAHAHAHA..... Woke up and started watching videos with my family... Kids were dancing to Katy Perry. I couldn't figure out why the hell she had a Zebra! No more than 2 minutes latter I hit the Blob!

    aferrismoon said...

    Between Flash and Robin the word HAND from mohanda joins the outstretched hands of the 2 modelettes.
    Often Gandi gets spelt GHANDI , so there would have been a double hand-job
    Mo' hand !
    Hands = v.important for humans, as they apparently set us on from les animaux, thumbs and all the fiddly stuff that can be done by and with them

    Anyhow lots of 3s around = TriNITY, triDENT, triPLE steps, triSTAR ---- triPEE


    Chris said...