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    Sunday, November 4, 2007

    Jumping Jesus!

    New film Jumper, I just saw the trailer. It has the Stargate (as teleportation/jumping) theme directly connected to Giza and the Sphinx. The trailer opens with twinned black buildings and has the pyramids of Giza, thus the entire pillarmid/stargate idea in one film. In one scene it seems Hayden Christensen (Darth Vader) has opened a stargate (teleported) to sunbath (worship the sun?) on the top of the Sphinx. I'm sure quite a few of us will keep our beady little eyes on this thing....
    Goro Adachi frequently points out that Jedis (like our teleporting Anakin or Hayden Christensen) are representations of the Knights Templar and that the Great Pyramids' causeway points at the cross-quarter or half solstice and the Sphinx. So we have here a Knights Templar resonant dude opening a Stargate on the cross-quarter (thus octagonal like the Templar cross and Dome of the Rock, again see Goro's work!) aligned Sphinx. Wow, the mind truly boggles...

    What am I talking about?
    Get up to speed with these videos.

    The Pillarmid theme introduction video
    Thoth-Duck and the Pillarmid Gate (Comic Book Cycle Part 2)

    The 911 as Stargate 'Standard Text' video
    The 911 Stargate

    Latest video with Goro's octagonal cross-quarter observations connected to Giza, Noah, The Freedom Tower and the Moon.
    Al Noah and the Committee of 9/11 Moon Men
    All synchromystic videos here


    soundlessdawn said...

    What in the damn hell.. "Brain explodes."

    Jake Kotze said...

    The only thing a brain is good for...

    aferrismoon said...

    I daren't look beyond the photos.
    Bob Anton Wilson's Jumping Jesus phenomenon has all information doubling every second in 2012, which seems like a wholly humanly-informed stargate consciousness opening no messiah deity free lip smacking opportunity to evolve .
    Listening to Mahmoud Ahmed - 70s Ethiopian Music, while checking the Jumper, or is that a sweater. go eswell with that desert imagery