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    Monday, February 16, 2009

    1 Paw 2 Pentagrams

    For all context see Black Dog Star's amazing "Paw Prints and Pentagrams" Part 1 and 2.
    The blog mentions Mr Arrowsmith's recurrent sync pattern of running into a paw print and 2 pentagrams...
    Just saw a paw print on an Iams (I AM/Self/Being) ad...
    If you click on and enlarge this image you can see both the paw and 2 pentagrams in one shot. The time display on the microwave oven reads 7:11, the biggest chain store on the planet and ratio of the great pyramids base to its height (See Scarlet Dragon 2 fo mo).

    O.K., so where's the two pentagrams?
    Oh, right over there!
    Pretty sure this means we have 2 suns.

    Whether we interpret this second sun as Sirius, Polaris, Galactic Center, Jupiter or Conscious Consciousness, all seems fair play to me.

    Peace Out

    (This was post 142...)


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Case Closed.

    word veri tomysic



    R Arrowsmith said...

    It's begun Mr. Kotze....there may be no turning back! :)
    Nice timing to leave your comment A Few Shots to Shaman...11:11.
    Hope the Paws lead you somewhere interesting Jake. In the words of the Shaman: Let it floW!

    aferrismoon said...

    Using Sepher Yetsira inspired Tarot order it gives K the 11th letter as the Sun, the 11th card.
    Wolf = ZAB [10] via Hebrew [ Twins-Fool-World]. Some kind of Binary Unit[twins] merging into one [ the fool] contained by the World/Universe.
    I Guess its pronounced Zeb, or Zev or Zeev
    A page of wolf names:

    tommy said...

    Good old Newcastle... A friend of mine had memorized the facts on the back of the bottle.

    I am currently thinking that Galactic Center is the major "second sun".

    Word verification: relly?

    Abe said...

    Has anyone come up with any solid conclusions as to why this is all happening? Have any absolute unquestionable conclusions been drawn? Are we all trying to find the same thing? Are we all swimming in circles around the synchromstic sphere? Does anybody ever look for the Strawman and the Scarecrow connection? Or the TIN-man and the "Tax Identification Number" connection? Am I not reading enough Blogs? Who's in charge around here? Is there really a wizard behind a curtain somewhere? What was in that special book of Crowley's? Do any of you realize that America is just a corporation of the Brits? And that we are products of that corporation? Is anybody even coming close to finding the solution to the problem of the coming NWO? IS it coming or is it here? Is it a matter of gripping more tightly as time goes on? Does it matter? Does having synchromystic knowledge give us the keys to unlocking our future? Where are we going with this? What the hell is a stargate? Why does it seem deathly important to know these things? Is synchromistcism our new porn? If it is, can you explain what the climax would be?

    I'm all outta questions for now. I'm frustrated and exhausted.


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Hey Abe.... Answer;


    R Arrowsmith said...

    LOL! So many questions, so few answers. I'd say this is all foreplay at the moment. Once we begin to penetrate deeper into the mysteries of Synchronicity, the climax won't be too far away. Can't wait to see what we conceive.....

    Word Verification:
    (add a 'G' between the 'o' and 'i')

    Jim said...

    nice questions abe.

    my answer = world peace and the birth of a new civilization within two years = 42

    keep the questions flowing my friend.

    Abe said...

    Pentagram observation:

    According to The 'Oxford English Dictionary', the word 'money' comes from the goddess Moneta. Pronounced Moe-nee-ta. There also happens to be another spelling of Moneta that escapes me now. Moneta, happens to be the same as the goddess Juno. I believe she is the goddess of marriage and birth.

    Tin the Sky God is husband to Juno, right?. Tin is associated with money. In 'The Wizard of Oz' The tin-man represents 'Tax Identification Number' in economics.

    There are places on the net to confirm that association.

    Also, if you read the first chapter of Dorothy in the land of OZ, you'll find our hero Dorothy Gale, DG resonating 47.(dont ask me about 47, I just stumbled on that one.) DG falls through a dark crack in the earth only lit by 6 glowing orbs in rainbow colors in the formation of a pentagram. The brightest sphere is in the center and I do believe it is the color of venus. And as we know the pentagam is an astrological diagram of Venus visiting planet earth in 5 phases.

    The pentagram is associated with the great seal on the back of the dollar bill after you draw the lines connecting the m.a.s.o.n. letters. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

    Have you played 'Dark Side of The Moon' while watching 'The Wizard of Oz'? It does sych up. There is a song called 'Money' which happens to be track #5.

    What is on the cover of the album? A pyramid and a rainbow in darkness. Darkness just like the crack in the earth DG fell down in.

    Another associating link is the color pink. DG's cat turns pink after falling down the hole. Pink like Floyd.

    (Just for fun, I found a site that rearranges words into other words.

    Pink Floyd becomes Dinky flop.)

    I have so much more but I must go.

    Jim said...

    nice stuff abe. i noticed that moneta was juno
    and i also noticed that the roman royal mint was near the temple to juno as she overlooked finances. in canada, the royal mint, which makes money for many countries around the world, is situated in winnipeg. it looks like a capstoneless pyramid.

    thanks for the info!


    Abe said...

    This is a sea of endless connections. I just found some Back to the Future synchs. I will have more on that later. I'm actually supposed to be cleaning house today.

    Abe said...

    Just before Marty gets to the finish line in 'Back to the future', we see the dashboard indicators...

    33051 miles driven
    076.3 miles driven after the reset button was pushed.

    these numbers have masonic resonance.

    and 3.

    Next we see...

    33044 miles driven and the lower numbers are hidden in shadow. I'm not sure what they are.

    33 still resonates but I don't know how 44 does. It's difficult to say if ALL of these numbers mean anything. Aren't movies carefully crafted to the smallest detail? Why wouldn't it have some kind of logic? Is there a synchromystic chart describing all number resonances out there? If someone has one, please share.

    Anyway, let's get back...

    The movie theater Marty almost crashes into is called 'Town'. The 'T' is obscured by the blue lights behind it with the remaining 'OWN' illuminated.

    OWN is NWO backwards. New World Order resonates. Also 'The Atomic Kid' is playing there.

    An arrow and a target is to the left. This is Stargate imagery.

    After Marty travels through the stargate, Doc looks up at a light pole with a fire burning on top which is across the street from another (intact) light pole.Does this reflect the masonic tracing board?

    Next scene, in the future,...why the heck is a helicopter flying over the church? 9-11 resonance?

    Next we find Marty in his Chariot crashing into the Town theater with unlit letters. The Marquee reads 'Assembly of Christ'. The only neon is behind the 'T'. Now the letter 'T' is stands out.

    There are two crosses on the theater which reflect the outstanding 'T'.

    Note: as I am going on about this, you should know that I am not understanding much of what this means. I just know BTTF has always been a mystery to me and I havent studied it this close before. It just happens to have all the synchs peppered throughout it.

    Getting back.

    Marty gets out of the car and looks at a BofA window front and sees a digital clock reading 1:23 reflecting back at him a message saying ES or E5. The clock changes to 1:24 reflecting an upside down lowercase h and a 5 or an S.

    This movie has an overwhelming amout of symbolism it. I could go on and on with the tedious minute details but for what? every other frame has more symbols and I have to have a life!

    This sychro-business is overwhelming and too new to know which way is up.

    Without looking at every single frame of BTTF, I can say for sure it is worth studying further.

    By the way, has anyone thought about this concept with older movies. Are there sychroactors from old hollywood linking up with others? I think it is worthy of study because I think it is possible that everyfew decades a new Mega-ritual might be played out.

    What if a group of movies before WW2 has synchromystic magic leading up to the war?

    Once again I have become tired of typing. One day I will have my own blog.