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    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Hair Peace

    Here is Hair Peace Part 1 starring Patricia Arquette.

    The second part will be released soon.

    Happy 10.10.10./XXX/binary42!

    Hair Peace Part 1 from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

    Googled "Hair Peace" yesterday morning before we posted the video and found this image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono doing a peace protest called Bed-Ins in 1969.
    What really baked my noodle is that the internet was alive with people mentioning John Lennon's birthday only the day before 10.9.10.


    Stephen said...

    dont know why but for some reason this made my cry uncontrollable tears of joy i kid you not. just out of the blue thanks man

    Stephen said...

    ive been thinking about this a bit. ok the matrix has an even bigger sync resonance with the rabbit because it came out in the last year of the rabbit.

    *The matrix- 31 March 1999

    *year of the rabbit- 16 February 1999 – 4 February 2000 Earth Rabbit

    And the next year of the rabbit as i think most in sync know is

    *3 February 2011 – 22 January 2012: Metal Rabbit

    interestingly enough these events sync up with carl calleman's "Conscious Convergence" chart seen in this link if you scroll down

    Conscious Convergence

    Bonadea444 said...

    on 10/09, i changed my profile pic to this image to commemorate his powerful presence still in our lives today!

    raffi said...

    excellent work - very well edited/produced! i'm sure the next part will include the "dead rabbits" from 'gangs of new york'. priest valon played by liam neeson; the cameron diaz role of jenny everdeane was turned down by patricia arquette. not exactly how it'd sync, but chewbacca is always an option :)

    Chris said...

    Hey, Jake! I saw your new vid today... just last night I was watching a documentary on "Tibetan Yogis" and there was a part about how they traditionally cut their hair to prepare for death...

    Take care,

    SIBYL HUNTER said...

    Jake you've totally inspired me. I just wrote my first pop sync post about Michael Jackson as a Shiva resonator.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!