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    Wednesday, November 7, 2007


    The Checkerfloor beyond the Portal/Stargate The Concentric Circle/Target/Bullseye/Stargate
    The sacred Cube/Grail/Ark about to be sucked into the Portal

    New game by developer Valve, "Portal". The game sees a first person perspective where you have a ray or gun that opens Stargates or "Portals". The idea is that you can move yourself objects and bad guys through mind bending puzzles involving teleportation in 3-D. Whats really amazing is that the symbols of the stargate so often discussed in the Syncrosphere is replete in the game. The checkerfloor/grid design, the cube (falling through the portal!) concentric circles etc, etc.

    Do I believe the Illuminati are directly influencing game designers and movie studious to hide secret symbolism in there works? No, of course not. These are simply the symbols and codes (magick/science) associated with the evolving consciousness leading to the transcendence of space/time that would naturally be associated with any Stargate theme. If the Freemasons and other groups display these symbols it is again simply because they are involved with these kinds of science/magick which is now spreading through the masses. I see nothing nefarious or dubious about these symbols, no more than I find these letters with which I communicate this message to your consciousness 'bad or good'. They are tools.

    Valve's - Portal

    (Looks pretty groovy!)

    Consciousness is rapidly evolving.

    Fear is the mind killer.


    Thanks to reader/viewer Mark for the heads up.


    Michael said...

    Well put.

    Symbols don't kill people - magicians do. :-)


    JM said...

    Why does that weapon in the video remind me of a scarab beetle?

    Marc said...

    Okay, you're pushing it here Jake. There is absolutely no synchronism in this game. This game started out as which was the senior game project of students attending DigiPen Institute of Technology.

    Seriously though, nice try... I see where you're coming from but these portals have nothing to do with star gates etc.

    Seriously I'm beginning to lose confidence in your studies when you begin to think that everything has some synchronistic value.. You're really starting to stretch things, and trying to find connections where there really are none.

    aferrismoon said...

    Hard to Port , Al
    I thought the Gate was Starboard, Cap'n
    It is , do both and raise the middle pillar
    Avast me hearties , onward, to the Unknown

    Just musing over PORT = a door and a ships left-hand side. Starboard = a corruption of Steer-board. The Middle-mast-pillar-crucifix imagery. The shippy shape of the Tree of Life.

    Synchromystic Librarian said...

    marc, remember don't get bogged down in the modernist's notion of the artist's "intention"

    in our postaltreality the multiverses are our texts

    Jon Kidd said...

    Fear is a mind killer! I heard that in a skate video back in the day! Where did you hear that from Jake?