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    Monday, February 2, 2009

    Penguin: "You must journey to ThompsON..."

    Jim Sanders has left Winnipeg to do some work in Thompson, the G8way to the North.

    See his Area Code 204

    He said I should stop by for a visit and work on our new video.
    The day I contemplated whether to make this 9 hour trip North of Winnipeg, I ran into the above magazine ad. Penguins, an animal guide of mine, with a brand called "Thompson".

    See One By One The Penguins Steal My Sanity

    Thus I have it on good faith from the spirits to go to Thompson.
    This was the lovely cover of the magazine.
    Plant KKonsciousness growing out of North America.
    I take this as an indication of likely fertile interaction with the plant-human-planE.T. meta mind (Ayahuasca) up North...

    Will keep you updated of syncnificant developments.


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    aferrismoon said...

    Also the Thompson Twins from TinTin.

    Jake Kotze said...

    I was just debating about whether to ad a little about those Twins Moon.

    Siriusly I was just looking for an image...

    I'm gonna hang on as I am a TinTin fan and would prefer to introduce it with more grace..


    Jim said...

    TinTin - JupiterJupiter - of course!

    its fucking cold up here jake.
    but a good experience nonetheless.
    the people are warm.

    ray said...

    penguin "guides" are like the moon they inhabit: white in falsefront, black where ya cant see

    makes it harder to aim when theyre runnin' away!