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    Monday, March 2, 2009

    Fairuza Balk plays Dorothy in "Return to Oz".
    She picks up a key with the emblem of OZ.
    Tracing the outside ring with her finger and saying "O", then further following the diagonal "Z", "OZ".
    I watched and wrote about this film a year ago in "Rant in Z-Minor".
    Hilarious then that it would take a whole year and a baffling series of syncs involving Jim Sanders before my mind would connect it to the dead ringer for this particular OZ, the ubiquitous NO Symbol.
    The exact nature of these syncs might be explored at a later date.

    Connecting OZ and the NO symbol is so elegant I could cry. As N can rotate to become a Z, NO and OZ are already synchromystically interchangeable and have indeed been synced many times before. This just highlights the amazing, ever more apparent, symphony of ordering happening beyond the scope of the human mind.

    What is of relevance now and maybe Jim will tell us more, is that the most iconic examples of the NO Symbol, the "Ghostbusters" and NO Smoking sign, share an interesting relationship.
    Above is a photo of the room inside which the NO Symbol as OZ came into consciousness, at least for me an Jim. 214 are all elements 'hiding' inside the alchemical symbol of Jupiter.

    In traditional Native North American culture it is customary to offer tobacco to Spirit. I was taught to give tobacco - throwing it into the fire - before entering the Sweat Lodge etc.
    Ghost and Spirit are interchangeable meaning the fact that "Ghostbusters" and No Smoking (Tobacco) are two of the most well known NO Signs becomes intuitively syncnificant.

    I like to imagine that Tobacco was abused and addictive in order for Spirit's message of OZ, as the ubiquitous NO Symbol, to spread all over the planET. Perhaps we can NOw realize a healthier relationship with this substance as we allow Spirit into our lives.
    At "Black Dog Star" post, Things Are Coming Together Mr. Arrowsmith (rather syncnificant name, NO?) highlights "The Core" poster's bisection of the O in CORE. Then he compares it to a vehicle's brand logo in the film "Bolt".
    I have yet to sit down and watch '"The Core" but something about it already sticks out in the context of sync connections already investigated here. Its Star, Aaron Eckhart (I cant help but connect this to SPIRITual teacher, Eckhart Tolle) is famous for another film easily connected back to the bisected circle as NO Sign.
    "Thank You For Smoking's" symbol was a play on the NO/OZ Symbol, in this case removing the diagonal in order to suggest an invitation to smoke. Tobacco - the substance WE/ME offer to Spirit - inside the opened StarG8 Mandala.

    Tobacco undergoes a transformation when we set it on fire. The process of turning the solid material into smoke feels analogous to the spiritual practice of surrender or floW.

    In a way OZ, as the NO Symbol, is a closed G8way or door that implies and invites the potential to be opened.


    Anonymous said...

    No is the first word most kids learn

    ex nihilo ab nemo said...

    The no smoking sign, in particular, the terminus of the cigarette has verisimilitude to two smoldering towers (ironic 9/11 = no-smokin)..the rest of the cigarette being a hollywood wand or phallic ictus towards the towers. Also, the smoldering cigarette end looks like a 'pause' symbol emitting smoke.

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    Hah-hah, Jim, but that wuzz cur-reepy, watt Mr Deadend Nozon Nihilo jus' said. Interesting thatcha should post thissun on the birthday of children's author, Dr Seuss. Strangely enuff that "Return to Oz" replete with the late, great Jim Henson's Creature Shop animatronic & puppetry creations, it is a film that should (k)NOT(work) be considered fare for young children's entertainment, considering its dark undercurrent...

    Always looking on the Brisht Side,
    Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

    PS ~ For some utter paranoid schizophrenic Reborn Xian Funny-mentalist nun-sense about the Oz series & Illuminati mind control, have a gander at this address.

    E. T. Hansen said...

    I, almost, got chills from this Hannigan black eyed thumb.

    I recall you once posting a question regarding the origin of a Spirou cartoon which has the Z (o) as a prime element in the bad-guy lobotomy.
    Zorglub's big female-gorilla goons are talking reverse Zorglub language.

    I still have this twich that the origin of "OZ" is not adequadely explained? The "O" element is obvious, but like we know with pictograms like the hyroglyphs and chinese signs the symbol often has a background


    Uz is apart from "AUStralia" also "US" (we), also "US (and A)" UNITED states, but probably the "N" is something else

    Anonymous said...

    Good post!
    I made some references myself to the 11:11 thing (connected to 14)

    CoRaLAnN said...

    I saw a bumper sticker today that said I Heart (with an actual heart) N.O. as in New Orleans!

    Ezra Sandzer-Bell said...

    No reflected is NO/ON (12) : The diagonal slash itself charges the circle with negative (receptive) energy.

    The word ON as the Egyptian light-god and the symbol associated with lightswitch activation... Is received by the negation (/) and pulled into NO.

    In this sense, No/oN pulls the creative energy of light into the void via (/) and generates 12.

    12 is the duo-decimal unit of measurement (twelve inches in [ON]E foot) and feels at home with the circle, as in the musical Circle of Fifths or the common Clockface.

    NO is 6 ON is 6 OZ is 6

    Lucifer, the light bringer, is 666.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for all the comments.

    I love how they ad personal context and greater depth to the subject.

    I often try and answer some questions or respond to the essence of numerous comments in my posts.


    skrambo said...

    The closed starg8 looks like a tilted reptile eye. Also makes a 10, the number between 9 and 11.

    The alchemical Sun symbol seems to indicate a point within the gate, having opened it (pillar removal.. Hercules/Horus?) and passed through... Synchromystic gold. The "Thank you for smoking" (you're very welcome) logo further indicates a fallen pillar.

    Quite a breakthrough in my eyes linking the NO or STOP (red octagonal sign, in USA at least) to a closed stargate. We "stop" to observe something without missing a detail, and to relax the mind and body.

    WV in fitting red: our "I" typo

    Jake Kotze said...

    NO/ZO Symbol as binary 1 and 0, lovely.

    Editor said...

    Shall we Just Say NO to OZ ?


    Just get to kNOw OZ ?

    Editor said...


    I was sitting in a restaurant today looking at a NO SMOKING sign thinking about syncs. Staring right at the NO pondering what sync might be there. Kinda creepy to come home and have you explain what I was looking at.


    soundlessdawn said...

    Just say On to Drugs.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    That means just about all street signs have got the word OZ in them. No this ON that. Then there is the don't walk. That could even have OZ and the red hand.

    ericswan said...

    John Dee says letters are astronomical in their origin. V is a 45 degree etc L is a 90. The context is compass east, south, west and north. The alphabet is the key to the stars.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    I'm gonna change that egg post with the Ghostbusters Now to include this.... It only makes sense. Knew something was up with that thing. Just couldn't put my finger on it. Almost feel like I blew it.

    Michael said...

    OZ = ON = Old Navy

    A Banana Republic is superficial. It (attempts) to give the illusion of legitimacy, authenticity, wealth and stability, but is actually a corrupt, illegitimate government that steals all it has from its people it supposedly serves.

    A large GAP separates the two.

    Interestingly, all three trade under one parent company with the ticker symbol of GPS, just in case you don’t know where you are. lol

    But seriously,

    upon reading about the “Native North Americans” I had the sudden realization that all sychro-mystics are from the same spiritual lineage (reincarnate maybe) of the medicine man/shaman/spiritual leader-types of the NNAs.

    The medicine man/shaman/spiritual leader-types read messages in the clouds, from animals, from wind and snow as communications from Spirit. Certainly their “book” was nature, but said another way, they were just reading from their surroundings.

    Gone is our culture’s connection with nature. Our surroundings have been replaced with technology. Just as Spirit spoke through nature, it now, with the same effectiveness, speaks through current events and pop culture. And the same “people” that figured out how to “read” then, are figuring it out now.

    veri word: ample, obvious meaning is great, but it also says (I)am PLE (personal learning environment)-we are our own teachers

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Winston - Exactly. For instance as we can not see the stars from the city because of light pollution we have found away to "see" the stars in film and TV. I do see a similarity between the way synchromystics and indigenous shamans see the world. same-same.
    and yes, we have all developed these skills in past lives, only to integrate them into the world we live in now.

    Anadae Effro - funny you mention Dr. Seuss. I keep seeing his name and thinking DR. ZEUS.

    Tobacco is a whole post for me its own right. In the Ashanican worldview Tobacco is the director of the plants. He directs the healing procedures and Juan describes his human form as a man that wears a white suite, white hat and has tobacco coloured skin.

    Arrowsmith said...

    The main inspiration for my 'Coming Together' post came from the Cracked Stone/Egg which I found sitting on my refuse bin one morning. Funnily enough I only noticed it because I went outside to have a smoke!
    The Universe sure has a twisted sense of humour. Love the extra layer you just added to all these syncs. Game ON!

    E. T. Hansen said...

    In regards to the "Z" turning and titling to "N" and even "H", I cant help wondering what part the I Ching plays in this. E.g the sign for heaven/aether Qian (binary 111) is strangely interlinked. Aether is also the fifth element, the top of the pyramid, the void space signifyer etc. The I Ching were supposed to hold the higest cosmic/mathematic expression of the Universe (divided into 8x8, 64), but it's spiritual significance got lots.

    aferrismoon said...

    Jake , re: the photo - There ain't no Friday post.
    Always read the No smoking sign as this guy called NOSMO KING [ Nozmo]

    The word veri = skiers

    aferrismoon said...

    RT - H turns to N , as in Cyrillic the H letter = the latinate N

    E. T. Hansen said...

    --> aferrismoon: man I had no idea, so the one evolved from t other and where can I read a bit more about this

    Anonymous said...

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