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    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    SpiriT Palm In The Sky

    Cosmic Hand Reaches For The Light
    Highlighted SpiriT Palm used as warning sign for High Voltage.
    Robin Tunney electrified (Jupitered) on the poster for "The Craft".

    StarMummy a.k.a Robin Tunney with vivified SpiriT Palm - the CBS network watermark eye/I hits the center of Her open hand - in "The Mentalist" S1 E18 "Russet Potatoes".

    Buddhas and Hindu deities are often depicted this way. It is a mark of SpririT moving into the human form.
    Jupiter/Joy/Being surrendered to the NOW/EON/ZOE/ONE/WON
    StarMummy with words "High Voltage" emitting from her head right after realized SpiriT Palm incident.
    "He was dead... But he got better". The story of Jesus/Phoenix rising. Khrist Konsciousness Being realized.

    "Krank: High Voltage" In theaters April 17 (See Jim's KranK Heart).
    Note the repeating gun and High Voltage elements, as already winked in the Tunney SpiriT palm event.
    The image also unveils N/Z as a lightning bolt resonator.

    Time to get ready for the High Volt Age!


    skrambo said...

    Interesting that the Aeon of Horus began in 1992, the beginning of the leap across the abyss with our soles/souls landing on firm ground in 2012 (I hope, it would sure be a miracle)

    I was thinking of playing the point-and-click classic King's Quest 5 (I have fond memories of watching my brother, who was born the same year you were, play it... We are both Leos making a KK) at the end of the game in your battle against Mordack (Marduk?) you learn how to use alchemy and tranform into a tiger (2010), then he turns into a dragon (2012, making the "twenty twen" jump between 2010 and 2012), then you turn into a rabbit (2011), then he turns into a snake (2013). A little later he turns into a ring of fire (star ring/zodiac?) which you summon a thundercloud (like Harrision Ford in the "Leap of Faith" poster) to extinguish with the cleansing rains of the Age of Aquarius... (I just gave away how to beat the game, btw)

    Nice post time sync, 1:42.

    soundlessdawn said...

    That's so F~ing Psychedelic man ~ On days of optimism, I'd consider myself somewhat of a Gnostic.. Maybe that's an Archon tending to his quadrant of the Cosmic garden.. to experience for the Demiurge. Maybe the Omniverse is just a huge Organism ~ That is both Moving and Stationary..

    Arrowsmith said...

    'The Fool' Steve Martin in a movie called Leap of Faith...brilliant.

    Do you think these electricity syncs suggest that the voltage is being turned up a notch? Is Consciousness being 'Cranked' up to the next level? The Shock-waves in Italy are still rippling out across the planet and it certainly feels like the air is charged with a new kind of energy. Spring has certainly started with a Bang.

    Jake Kotze said...

    "Do you think these electricity syncs suggest that the voltage is being turned up a notch? Is Consciousness being 'Cranked' up to the next level?"

    Yes, totally.

    Later G8or

    Jake Kotze said...

    "The High Volt Age" is here.

    SoapFan said...

    The Hand in the Sky space image seems to have been posted world wide just for you, Jake!

    I had read your SpiriT Palm post but didn't put it with the space image yesterday but it's timing is right on with your post. The heavens seem to agree with you!

    Again, I love your work here because it's so "electrifying-ly" positive and uplifting.

    "Positive" high voltage, indeed! Thanks for keeping us, UP!

    Hey, isn't that an "UP"-coming movie again in 3-D? There is Monsters v. Aliens in 3-D and now a giant "Hand" in space in 3-D, no less. Cool!

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    That is a blue had in the sky as well.

    peace yall

    yes time for a mircale.

    Eunus Noe said...

    Apropos of our "current" moment, there is this:

    -Of course, I've been reading a book, where the author claims that Jesus came not to save us, but to teach us how to die.

    Happy Easter anyway!

    wv: undad (ha!)

    Ed said...

    Hello Jake

    When I first saw that hand, I imediatley thought of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Blue skinned Krona of the Guardians built a machine to witness the beginning of time, what he saw was a giant hand holding a bunch of stars. This was re-shown in the Justice League cartoon where Batman and Green Lantern chased Chronos to the beginning of time.

    Atareye said...

    High volt age. Hi! volt age!

    You got high class Mr Kotze.

    WV in green 'vanchrat'

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    the Red C in winnipeg Crests tomorrow. I was thinking about the act of sandbagging and if there where any synchromystic connections to it and then I happened to watch Indian Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark that was playing on TV. Of course the movie starts with him in South America trying to take a Golden head statue dude by using a sandbag to keep weight on the trigger for the traps.

    There is my sandbag!

    We can bag the sands of time all we want the spirit flood will win.

    wv: hyporat

    David Stewart said...

    Lotsa fun - Thanks Jake!
    When I saw the Blue hand image the other day I thought first of Dr Manhattan
    But then I thought of the Dreadful Flying Glove which was sent by the Blue Meanies to stop the Fab Four(All You Need Is Love)
    But I also discovered a Play called The Giant Blue Hand by Marina Carr at The Ark, A Cultural Centre for ChildrenThis one kidnaps the Time Family!

    earthstar said...

    It appears that a new beings have been born....zoey 101.... pregnant jamie lynn spears....still I'v been musing about the "last mimzy"...alot of info for networks have been pumping out the symbols oz abounds.......thanxx for the blogg.....keiarix