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    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual

    I read Ralph Ellis' book "K2 Quest of the Gods" - in which he decodes the Great Pyramid as a world map, highlighting coordinates pointing towards K2, the second highest mountain on Earth and as is my habit, tried the theory out on the sync web. The sync web is all the interconnected data in the universe made increasingly visible, vivid and tangible by the internet (web), personal taste and familiarity tends to result in me looking for syncs in media and pop-culture. I've seen allot more movies and read more comics then studied strange occult doctrine and complex metaphysical attributes.
    No doubt there is great sense in using old systems such as Kabbalah, Tarot and Astrology to investigate the resonance of a subject but most of us are far more immersed and versed in entertainment, why fight it? Aren't we practically expert consumers of film and media in this day and age.
    Can we instead of being entranced by pop, turn the medium to our advantage? Can synchromysticism become a system or tool of investigation on par with ancient occult sciences? This method of using synchronicity as investigative tool has indeed been birthed and is in no way shape or form separate from these divine systems of magick.

    The first red flag sync about K2 not mentioned in Ellis' book comes in noting Aleister Crowley was the first person to attempt a serious, albeit doomed to failure, ascent of this most challenging of all Himalayan peaks. Further we take note that Crowley would one year later be meditating inside the Great Pyramid an event intuitively seemingly intimately tied to his receiving of the "The Book of the Law" in Cairo through his wife and an entity called Aiwass an emissary of Horus.
    *Ellis suggests Great Pyramid as map pointing towards K2, Crowley climbed K2, meditated inside Great Pyramid and received "The Book of the Law" . What gives?

    My starting point in synchromystic research for the topic was obvious, the only two Hollywood films about the subject, K2 (1991) and Vertical Limit (2000). "K2" stars Michael Bhien, interesting already as he plays Kyle Reese in "Terminator", Hicks in "Aliens" and Lt. Hiram Coffey in "The Abyss" (indeed a bit of a James Cameron institution, he is). This all starts pointing solidly to heavy Stargate (cosmic consciousness) resonance as Reese is a time traveler (opener of a synchromystic Stargate) and both "Aliens" and "The Abyss" involve E.Ts. Synchromystically aliens as space travelers are symbols of the Stargate, beings from the stars, in reality Being (our true nature) itself.
    Note the pyramidal K2 being most centered over Tunney's head. The helicopter is our flying synchromystic chariot of the gods.

    2000's (resonating 2K already!) "Vertical Limit" gets the synchro juices flowing as we meet and discover the Stargate Queen herself, K2 mountaineer Robin Tunney. Tunney climbs the mountain along side another 'Robin' Chris O'Donnell of "Batman and Robin" fame.
    Because I was looking into Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mr Freeze in "Batman and Robin") at the same point as K2, the fascinating overlap between the Terminator himself and Robin Tunney in 1999's "End of Days", where Tunney is to be the vessel for the Antichrist through Arnold's possessed seed, warranted in my mind a closer look into Tunney's movie career, an event which would lead to three videos on the subject "A Tribute to Robin Tunney". I will briefly highlight the most vivid synchromystic associations found connecting Tunney, in other films rather then the overt "Vertical Limit", back to the K2 mystery.
    Note that the book resides in a grid design type book shelf. Keep this in mind when we view the "Zodiac" poster.

    In "The Craft" Robin enters an occult book store to risk dabbling in the dark arts with her new friends only to be spotted in frame with a Crowley derived Magick titled book (possibly "Magick in Theory and Practice" itself!).
    *Tunney a movie K2 mountaineer, the same mountain first climbed in 'real life' by Crowley, interacting with Magick!

    In "End of Day's" Arnold Schwarzenegger must stop Satan from inseminating his destined vessel of the Antichrist, Robin Tunney. These events transpire coincident with the millennium or 2K celebration.
    The NY2K logo is seen throughout the proceedings notably when Arnold as Jericho Cane (this name is shared by The Rock in "Southland Tales", more on this later) is dangling from a helicopter flying in the direction of the WTC.
    Its is seen again during the first shot of Robin Tunney entering the narrative (above). I have speculated that the 2000 (2K) millennium celebration was part of an awakening process that humanity is experiencing. It was only the warm up to the massive consciousness focusing event of 11 September 2001, the 911 Mega Ritual or the symbolic opening of humanities Stargate of cosmic consciousness. (See "The 911 Stargate" and "Island of Atum" for more context)
    *Robin Tunney interacting with 2K and the WTC Pillarmids in "End of Days".

    Now I ask a major leap in 'original context disassociation'. The same dynamic applies with all esoteric and fringe subjects. The true depth of Being beyond form can be perceived through letting go of attachment to belief systems. It is this sacrifice of point of view and trust in the benevolent groundless freedom of 'no belief', that allows true insight. A show of good faith in the universes consciousness surrendered from the ego allows advancement in understanding.

    Tunney stars in 2005's "The Zodiac", based on the infamous serial killer. The name evokes the celestial realm and suggest the perceivable cosmos itself as the resonating force at play, deep shit. I was looking for all the "Grid Page" elements contained in "The Book of the Law", reasoning that synchromysticism might shed light on this mystery. Crowley believed that there was a coded message from higher consciousness hidden in the 'received' (coming through the Stargate) text.
    *I intuitively assumed if I followed Tunney's films, considering her singular Crowley resonance, I would stumble upon all the elements found on the "Grid Page". On the Zodiac poster we see just that; the grid, target and diagonal line in close proximity with her name.
    The ZO of Zodiac also brings Liber OZ or 77 Pan into play as associated context.
    This in my mind vivifies, solidifies and confirms my belief that by researching Tunney's sync web as connected to Stargate themes the universe is ready to 'spill the beans' on an old mystery.
    Tunney: Gnosis or Neurosis?
    Why in the world this particular actress should be singled out for this process is beyond my discernment.
    I am aware of potential neurosis, taking into account the arguably obsessive nature suggested by this line of inquiry. The personal context of "I am single, 26 years old with no trace of a mate in sight" is taken into consideration and admitted for clarity I might be lacking.
    In defense of my 'character' I would put it to you that I am actually most often quite self aware and humored, finding myself laughing with joy at the outrages nature of what I do. I feel moved to do it beyond personal concerns and can't account for all the facets and levels of complexity discerning between my form identity entanglements and ever increasing awareness of Being moving through me.
    I feel as things progress the process I/we are undergoing will become more clear. I also feel far more alive and vibrant then when I started writing about synchronicity 2 years ago. I hope a few of you who have been following these ramblings closely have undergone a similar process. Beyond Tunney and any concept of the Stargate there is the Being which has no form, if my method if attaining union with this force steps dangerously close to disease I trust you will forgive me until I heal. More than likely however I am just flirting with the idea of being a bit of a 'nutbar' as some form of last ditch effort in retaining identity. This to will pass...
    (Some detailed Tunney in Z is for Zebra and personal Tunney in Jesus and Tunney at Cafe Paparazzi)
    The 1993 "Super Mario Bros" film has a partly destroyed WTC, foreshadowing 911 and displaying the KK or K2 in neon over a Pillarmid. This connects the September 11Th events to the K2 mountain mystery and enriches the theory of WTC as symbolic Giza.
    Below we see a still from Futurama episode "The Deep South" containing the KK. The context here being the underwater city of Atlanta, lampooning and thus resonating Atlantis. I view the Atlantis story as likely obfuscated Giza history and secret knowledge, the pillars of Atlantis resonating Giza's pyramids and the 911 towers. This still also suggests the Atlantis story as connected to the K2 mountain.
    Another way of playing with K2 is to note K as the 11Th letter in the alphabet. K2 is then 11 11, resonating an interesting recurrently noted synchronicity, the constant repeating of running into a clock face displaying 11:11. This has been happening increasingly to me, making me pay more attention to this usually dismissed sync wink, bad form but its not to late to give it its due.
    Simple but powerful sync, Wayne Brady in "30 Rock" above spotted with loudly in frame sync winking 11:11. Briefest of sync web research (i.e browsing his performance log on IMDB) reveals he has stepped through the Stargate itself! Beautiful and suc'sync't.. (See 11:11 Stargate Sync for original post featuring Wayne Brady)
    One last facet already explored by The Blob about K2 is how MM in roman numerals becomes 2000 or 2K.
    This connects musicians Marilyn Manson (logo above) and Eminem (Marshal Mathers/MM) to the phenomena. While also hinting that endless MM's (think MM candy (and Kit Kat chocolate)) like Marilyn Monroe and Mary Magdalene are somewhat resonating with the K2 sync web. (See posts like AHA! for more on these singers and Sweet Thooth for K2 Candy themes, the recent 911 Hip Hop saw Eminem's D12 added to the music mix)

    Fine and well, but thats all old hat, but good context for what is to follow...
    John Major Jenkins unveils the idea that many ancient cultures including the Maya had knowledge and awareness of Galactic Center and our impending 21 December 2012 solstice alignment -apparently precisely at 11:11 - with this area of the milky way.
    This of course is the same date eventually settled on by Terrence McKenna for his eschaton or encounter with the object at the end of space/time, unveiled through patterns in the I-Ching as suggested by entities perceived on entheogenic mushrooms (in my conception this is Stargate communication).
    How intriguing that this exciting topic, on the lips of the majority of esoteric researchers becomes connected with the K2 mystery and synchromysticism.

    "Furthermore, could global weather changes as well as the intensification of synchronicities and anomalous experiences that many people are increasingly reporting be an effect of alignment with Galactic Center?" John Major Jenkins in the introduction to "Galactic Alignment"

    In my world view the eschaton and Galactic Alignment is just another way of understanding the great awakening of consciousness undergoing in the human entity on planet Earth. It makes gorgeous intuitive sense that the elegant universe formed by Being beyond form would reflect its awakening into conscious knowledge of itself in the material realm by significant conjunctions or patterns with key parts of itself, in this case our star and the center of its own galaxy. Even the flamboyant language often used here to express what is simply awareness of awareness, such as 'Being moving into humanity though the Stargate of cosmic illumination' fits snug with this external phenomena of the illuminating sun aligning with the heart of the galaxy. External events in the phenomenal world, the entire perceptual universe, are the thinnest of shell or shadow cast by infinite depth of no-thing.
    'Stuff' (objects in space and thought movements in the mind) reflect directly the state of consciousness, consciousness being the 'format' of the universe. When you watch a movie you are not consciously aware of the format it is running on while taken in by the drama, in this case film passing at 24 frames a second. However the entire experience relies on the format the drama of film is captured on. The universe and all that is also has a 'format', consciousness or awareness. This consciousness is undergoing the process of realizing itself through you and me, right now.

    The 2012 theme has the potencial of becoming, like the 911 Mega Ritual, a massive consciousness focusing event. "Where were you when 911 happened?". In this case however we have foreknowledge of its approach. The 2012 Stargate Mega Ritual has no meaning or import unless understood as an external dance or drama, ritualistically undergone for closure of the beautiful game we are engaged in. 2012 will not to fulfill or complete you. You have always been consciousness, fully fulfilled and whole. 2012 can be the universes way of helping us let this realization - this end of Maya - sync in...
    This half snake dude above is Ketu, from Hindu mythology. In "Galactic Alignment" Ketu is explained as representing the southern lunar node, often also portrayed as a knotted fish or serpent tail, which is in proximity to Sagittarius the Archer. Scorpios' stinger and Sagittarius' arrow points directly at the position in the sky of Galactic Center. The tail represented by Ketu forms part of a visual dragon or serpent imposed by ancient astronomers in the heavens. This image is further associated with what I understand as a Kundalini serpent emanating from the center of the milky way, connecting us with the galaxy's subtle body. (See "Galactic Alignment" Chapter 6 "Islamic Astrology and the Lunar Dragon" for details)
    Our DNA and spinal column, our planets polar pillar or world tree, our solar systems and galaxy's "Cosmic Serpent". All fractal self similar representations of interrelated micro/macrocosm 'as above so below' resonating entrainment systems.
    Ketu which points towards Galactic Center also resonates, in sound, K2.

    Above is the Mayan "Izapa Stela 11", depicting a First Father solar deity (One Hunahpu) being reborn from the mouth of the Cosmic Frog deity. John Major Jenkins explains in "Galactic Alignment" that this stone carving which faces the December solstice sun depicts the 2012 Galactic Alignment. Firsts Father with his outstretched arms is the solstice sun while the Cosmic Frog's mouth represents the dark rift of the Milky Way an area near Galactic Center. (P18 Galactic Alignment)
    In "The Fountain" Rachel Weisz (Izzy) explains to her husband Hugh Jackman (Tommy) a Mayan creation myth where First Father sacrifices himself to create the world. Below we see the world tree growing from his chest or navel. Hugh was connected heavily to Cosmic Consciousness even earning the honorific 'Stargate King' in "Following Hugh Jackman Through the Atlantean Stargate".
    Izzy explains that First Father's head was placed in the heavens becoming Xibalba. Xibalba, portrayed in the film as a Nebula, is also to the Maya the dark rift near Galactic Centre. This dark rift was often envisioned as a road or gateway, thus synonymous with the Stargate.
    In the climax of the film our hero (Horus) looses his ego at the end of 'the road to awe', transcending time and space, achieving cosmic illumination while becoming one with Xibalba and First Father. This personal journey towards the Stargate is exactly the collective process humanity is symbolically undergoing as we head to 2012.
    The symbolism and sync winks have there own life and intelligence apart from the human creative minds who use them and their own personal intent. You would be hard pressed to convince me Darren Aronofsky who made "The Fountain" and the creators of "The Mummy" series have any conscious awareness of how there symbolism both cross reference each other in regards to Galactic Center.
    Izzy (Weisz in The Fountain) on far left and dirigible pilot Izzy (Shaun Parks) on far right. Thanks to my friend Nick for the great lead!

    Our first synchromystic bleed through between "The Fountain" and "The Mummy Returns" (released in 2001 the 911 Mega Ritual year) happens when we learn that the pilot enlisted to transport heroes Branden Fraser (Rick) and Rachel Weisz (Evelyn) is called Izzy (actor Shaun Parks). Weisz is called Izzy in "The Fountain" meaning we have two Izzys flying past Giza (our K2 map) on their way to the Scorpion King in this dirigible below. In the Tunney Tribute part 1 we see Fraser interact with Tunney 'The Stargate Queen' in "Encino Man".
    Weisz character is having strange dreams and flashbacks of a previous life, events Fraser points out as having started on the Egyptian new year symbolized as a Scorpion. Remember that Galactic Center is located right by the arrow of Sagittarius and stinger of Scorpio?
    In the climax of the film the Golden Pyramid capped with a giant scorpion is scaled by Weisz. Lets get this straight, as Izzy in "The Fountain" she explains the journey of cosmic consciousness through the Mayan Galactic Center symbol systems to Stargate King Hugh Jackman, but not before climbing Scorpion topped pyramids while journeying past Giza in 2001?! I might as well leave it there and retire!
    But wait, not as if it needed to get any more suc'sync't but lets note just who exactly she is in her previous life. Nefertiri (see still below), an obvious play on Nefertiti, wife of Hyksos Pharaoh, worlds first monotheist, Chief Architect Mason and probably freakin Moses himself, Akehnaton! Akhenaton was major player in the development of religion and consciousness, thus like Crowley, Jesus and Buddha a key Stargate realizer of the human species. As Moses he enacted the great shift of worship through Aries rather then Taurus, taking into account the procession of the equinox.
    As pointed out earlier Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays Jericho Caine (Boxer Santaros) in "Southland Tales". He also shares screen time with Weisz in "The Mummy Returns" as the Scorpion King, this would spawn "The Scorpion King" film itself.
    Scorpions resonate the Stargate as Scorpios stinger shares the night sky with Galactic Center - including here Weisz amazing Stargate resonance she ads by association in "The Mummy Returns' - "The Rock" becomes a large resonator of cosmic consciousness himself.
    In keeping with this theme we note that Jericho Cane in "Southland Tales" is a time traveler, seen below encountering his double from another time line. Time travel is a Stargate metaphor, giving as then a composite 'Scorpio Galactic Center Signifying King' who travels through Stargates.
    As Jericho Cane is also the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger in "End of Days" we can synchromystically connect our 'Stargate Scorpio King' with Christnegger. (See Tunney Trilogy for Christnegger details)
    Arnold - the time traveling Terminator - as Jericho Cane interacts with 2K and Robin Tunney (above) and is himself one of the strongest cinematic Stargate resonators known. Keeping in mind the Galactic Center and Zodiac (remember Tunney's 'Grid Page' "Zodiac" sync wink?) context we have already found with Jericho Cane in his "The Rock" incarnation, please view the astrological flavored Arnold sync below..
    Arnold becomes Sagittarius (The Archer (also somewhat Orion the hunter)) in "Predator" as he fights back against the iconic chameleon (cloaking) reptilian alien (cosmic consciousness). As mentioned Sagittarius' arrow points towards Galactic Center or the Stargate. Arnold our Stargate Jericho Cane shoots his arrow at the 'alien other' from outer space, a veiled serpent and kundalini echo of Being beyond form.
    Galactic Center as reptillian "Predator" alien reminds us of the Cosmic Frog deity eating or regurgitating First Father (Hugh Jackman in "The Fountain") on "Izapa Stela 11", further even the Ketu/K2 serpent tail.
    In the animated "Flushed Away" Ian McKellan voices the villainous "The Toad" who tries to capture the heroes Hugh Jackman (Roddy) and Rita (Kate Winslet) with his tongue.
    This is absolutely perfect and suc'sync't symbolism of Galactic Center synchromystically bleeding through into film. Hugh Jackman who is First Father in "The Fountain" having to avoid being swallowed by a toad! In the image below we are looking from inside The Toad's mouth (Galactic Center or the Stargate) as the tongue is attempting to capture The Stargate King or First Father. Humanity being swallowed by cosmic consciousness.
    Will Smith was involved with 2K noting his song "Will 2K" and his residence of '11 11 Washington' in "I am Legend" in the last synchromystic video "Midnight on The Island of Atum". We see Will as Agent J (Jay) co-staring with Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K (Kay) in "Men In Black". Agent K (Kay) is exactly how Jones is credited at the Internet Movie Database "Men in Black" page making him somewhat 2K resonant.
    Note the 2 pyramids formed over the New York skyline by the negative space of the two MIB's legs. Someone highlighted this poster and the pyramid sync wink recently, I cant remember where. Thank you, who ever you are...

    This 1997 "Men in Black" poster sees our synchromystic Agent K (K) standing beside the twin Pillarmids of the 911 Mega Ritual.
    Agent K is swallowed during the films final confrontation by a cosmic consciousness or a Stargate resonating bug type alien.
    Thanks Paul for the help with the MIB still.

    This sync occurred to me one morning a few days ago while lying awake in bed. Not 50 minutes later I log on to Michael's great Gosporn site and proceed to read about the cosmic consciousness symbolizing human swallowing antics of alien plant Audrey 2 in 1986's "The Little Shop of Horrors" film. (See "The Little Shop of Miracles" article). He even mentions the Agent K alien swallowing scene I had thought about just minutes earlier.
    Is this due in part to the increasing alignment of our sun with Galactic Center on 21 December 2012, causing in this case synchronicities about Galactic Alignment itself? Are we consciously heading for a 2012 Maya Mega Ritual, 911 plus foreknowledge?

    I hope your mind, as mine does, boggles...


    MarcChain said...

    What's up Jake, I've been following you since The Brave New World Order. Working in Hollywood made me go through a spiritual awakening. You put a lot of the pieces of the puzzle together for me. I wanted to know what you thought of CNN's CC/KK resonator Candy Crowley quite possibly been related to Aleister Crowley. I mean what a strong resemblance.

    kevin lewis said...

    wow...this makes a lot of sense of my as yet strongest mushroom experience which i had last thursday. on 12 hours empty stomach, combining dried mushrooms and an maoi( black currant juice) myself and my girlfriend were very soon both propelled into a series of mostly shared out of body visions. after moving through the typical(to me) realm of ecstacy, realm of the dead, viewing of "self" as constellations, and carnival sideshow; we reached a new place not yet experienced in which we were pure light that "had" to be fed to these buzzing insectile/reptilian creatures who had no heart and begged for our light. undergoing a process only to be described as a "download" which lasted about 2 hours, i felt my kundalini fully activate and rise out of my skull, many times also feeling my right eye turn sideways as if becoming "them" (who were "i" anyways). i was shown all of their cold technology, neo-ancient civilizations and much too much to recall in writing. the "trip" ended very quickly. this cured a flu-like illness ( i felt mucus moving around in me during the experience) i had had for a few days and left both of us (still) rejuvenated. could "their's" be the current alternate reality espousing the most influence on us to some glorious end? was i living out the experience of 2012? the "reptile", the cold black hole of space, eating the sun's pure light? thinking about it now makes it all the more beautiful, as harrowing an experience as it sounds. great post.

    Michael said...

    I sit suitably boggled! Thanks for the shout out, Jake. Even more amazing is that I'm writing about Brendon Fraser for the next post.

    NotABlogger said...

    Jake, awesome!

    On Jericho Cane,

    I believe the word 'can' can mean a lot of things, but in the case of VatiCan, it apparently means Snake (Worship of the Snake). It can also
    mean dog.

    And so, a snake would ride the chariot into the stargate, or a dog. Sirius the dogstar peoples.

    at k2/11:11:
    I knew it! I mean, I thought so too.

    The Secret Sun said...

    This may sound completely unevolved of me but I loved that chick fight in the Mummy Returns, and in my personal version of the movie, well, let's just say they worked out their differences in a different venue. That being said I hated the scenes with the Scorpion King and the dopey Anubis army thing. Fun theme park ride movie, but falls apart on a second viewing.

    On a more serious note, it's worth further study as to why so much scifi is based around arthropodphobia.

    Occult Mosaic said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Hoodanity said...

    Jake, like OMG, nice post but there is something which bothers me, you'll understand it when i give u this link:

    aka Macgregor Mathers (MM) married to Moina Mathers (MM). Both occultists.

    Notice also the Mathers Eminem connection..

    Jake Kotze said...

    Candy Crowley, can you hear the universe laugh loudly?
    Seems everybody is related to Crowley nowadays... Really know nothing about CC to comment.

    This post was a joy. It took little effort, just wrote itself.

    Thanks for all the kind words and insights.

    Be well

    Flying back to Canada on Sunday, after settling we look to HH.

    If I can get that crazy editing to work, maybe we make a vid. Seems like its about time.

    aferrismoon said...

    i see Miss jenna Bush married henry heger last week while on the KK trail Klinton took Kentucky , a big KKK state according to Downard
    2 Ks and a Hill. The 'i' = Building 3 while the Twins = the double L
    Will there be a sting in the tale this election

    Streamlined storytelling , have a great 'flight'

    Newspaceman said...

    Aye but JAKE, you are relying on something that was created for your "entertainment" by the "media" for the source of you optimistic spiritual stargate experience in 2012.

    What about Armistice Day, at 11 on 11/11/18 ? Is that part of the stargate philosophy

    Maybe the bits in the movies are meant to make you think in a certain way.


    p.s. kevin lewis - you talk some shite and your surname reveals all.

    Michael Skaggs said...


    Things are synching/tying up nicely I see! Excellent write up. That 11:11 thing had followed me for months, was really weirding me out. Of course, k2/11:11 makes more sense now...

    Feels like the synchros of Being are flowing smoothly through Consciousness's no wonder these things cannot be seen by those who have had their consciousness stolen or hijacked.

    Thanks for the great insights my friend! Keep up the outstanding works.

    Peace bro.

    aferrismoon said...

    Perhaps the nature of the media will lead to us all becoming initiated 'at once' - through stealth or splendour I know not

    Atareye said...

    Another post that keeps the mind reeling. I used to hate most movies that didn't fit my genres of choice. Now I watch with different eyes. This post spawned old imagery in my mind from childhood. In particular the super Mario bros movie poster. I noticed the Mario brothers legs make an "M" for obvious reasons. The Men in Black posters emulate this."MB"= 'M'ario 'B'ros and 'M'en in 'B'lack. Twin towers destroyed in Mario brothers movie. Twin towers present in the Men in black poster. The syncs between these movies go on and on. Maybe this sync needs a Jake scan for further proper analysis. I will attempt to sync the two myself. Can't wait till the videos flow again. You and soundless not making movies at the same time is the worst sync yet!

    Atareye said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Atareye said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Peggy Carter said...

    Always the last to leave a comment i seems.

    Doesn't it look to y'all that Tunney resembles Jake Kotze? It looks to me such from the pics. The whole "Robin Tunney" issue never made sense to me until the last few pictures of her posted at the top of the blog where I could see she resembled the blog writer/ video maker. Maybe she represents the "Anima" /soul or counterpart to Jake.

    I don't necessarily *believe* in a "soul mate" but in a synchronistical context it might exist. But the external person is not the person in the "dreams." The "dream" person is like a god or spirit IMO. The physical "person" is just a reminder or representation.

    Notable synch occurred for me with a "being" /man who I believe represented for myself some "supernatural" other. He was my lover for several years between my ages of 15 to 17. ("Back in the day" and in the culture when that was no big deal - to have a lover while "so young") I was so in love and out of my mind with it I used to crawl through the cat door of his house to be near him (so his mother wouldn't see in the middle of the night)! I couldn't think of anything but him. He was four years older and my intense attraction/adoration was un-returned.

    Un-fathomably bittersweet - young and so intensely "crazy" "in love." But my friends found it disturbing: "I was so excited to meet him after all you said about him, but when I did 'what's the big deal?' " ;)

    I became friends with him after the affair and sent him several letters and books the themes of which, I only found out later - after ~thirty years, turned up in his own art work. And he reappeared throughout my life as a numinous figure in my dreams.

    I was out in Providence RI doing research on someone named "Pepper" for our 9/11 activism group a few weeks ago and while driving around suddenly had the desire to hear and sing the song "Bells of Rhymnie" - when I went online to my new subscription vids of youtube, back at the motel, I found the man in question had *just* posted that song. It's an extremely obscure song IMO and we had never shared it or anything like it back then. In fact, I didn't know he was interested in folk music. When I first "discovered" him on Youtube last year, I felt, for a few days, as though I was still "in love" with him - AFTER 35 FRIKKEN YEARS. And imagined palatably how nice it would have been to actually share a life with someone and STILL BE 'IN LOVE' AFTER AEONS. Then I woke-up and realized I don't even know the person, nor do I want to. Just a weird Universe Hiccough.

    Peggy Carter said...

    So We've got" "Dr. Pepper" (see above) and "Mountain Dew" :)

    Here's "Bells of Rhmney"

    I've changed the line:

    "throw the vandels in court.
    Say the bells of Newport"


    "Say the bells of New York"


    Yea, I don't much see the false-flag "exercise" creation of "war on Terrorism", exotic weaponry test, media hoax "9/11" as the great gateway to a fabulous tomorrow.

    "De Nile" is not just a river in Egypt? Something like that. :)

    Maybe the "occultist" who did it think it was very cool. ? !

    But I don't.

    I also spent enough time in an Ashram, and got burned by enough scams there, to be suspicious when someone dictates:

    1. It's all in your mind - your perception.
    2. the problem is "just" your own "negativity."
    3. The pain and suffering is for your own good/ a result of your own (bad) karma.

    I consider all such things as authoritarian hypnotic hoo-haa. And definitely a good cover for crime (method to keep "sheeple" under control)

    All the best.

    Phenom said...

    I am studying Scorpio & am trying to identify veiled Scorpio symbols synchromystically. I read that Judas is supposed to be symbolic of Scorpio in the New Testament.
    This December 1997 PPV (which was the highest selling WCW ppv of all time) pitted the leader of the New World Order Hollywood Hogan against the Crow flavored Sting character who is draped in Scorpio symbolism who is in the story the sole individual whom the NWO organization collectively fears. Sting wins the title but then it is taken away until Superbrawl "8" a few months later wear he wins it once again from Hollywood Hulk Hogan. The Sting storyline follows the path of Judas Iscariot in that WCW accuses Sting of defecting to the NWO but Sting is innocent just as the Gnostic Gospel of Judas portrays Judas as innocent. Joseph Campbell wrote in "Thou Art That" years prior to the unearthing of this gospel that Judas represents the counterplayer or Shadow of Christ whom is given a mission because he understands Christ better than all the other disciples which Campbell asserts is a story that can be found in many Jain legends as well. I found an article comparing Judas to Severus Snape in Harry Potter who the Christ-like Dumbledore tells to kill him. Harry is unaware of Snapes innocence until the 7th book. In the episode of Star Trek Voyager "SCORPION" the word "Scorpion" is uttered when 7 of 9 is in there words SEVERed from the hive mind borg cocoon which in my mind can be linked with SEVERus Snape who kills Dumbledore releasing him. The Borg, the New World Order group in WCW, & Harry Potters Death Eaters are 2 me equivalent symbols. Mordred in King Arthur is also considered Scorpio. I also speculate Phoenix from X3 might be scorpio being that she kills Xavier & he resurrects at the end but I am not sure. Famke Janssen who plays Jean Grey is a Scorpio in real life as is Hilary Clinton who wears the phoenix. I've read that the Phoenix can be viewed as a symbol of Scorpio like the eagle, dove, ect. Michael Tsarion says that Scorpio is the symbol of Rebellion and is ruled by Pluto which is related to the Holy Spirit or "the Self" which is why I speculate that the Sting character that battles the NWO in WCW, Phoenix, Snape ect. might symbolize "the Self/Holy Spirit/Siva ect."

    Peggy Carter said...

    Just as a quibble/note. The "Rahu" and "Ketu" nodes, which are the places where the moon's orbit intersect the "plane of the elyptic" i.e. the Zodiac, move. I believe, in a "retrograde" motion, as does the precession of the equinox. I thought I read someone say "the tail of the dragon" i.e. the south node of the moon, was always pointed toward the galatic center, which would not be true. I'm not sure the number of days/years in one cycle.

    Phenom said...

    This episode of the Octagonal Morpher Sporting Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has the rangers fighting a monster called the "Terror Toad" that just extends his tongue and swallows each of the rangers with the exception of the female pink ranger who uses her bow to fire an arrow into it's weak spot, I believe it's throat and destroy the creature. Obviously this is symbolic of Sagittarius firing an arrow into galactic center.

    rivers grow skulls said...

    you might be interested in the 2002 videogame called jedi outcast (jedi knight 2). the main character's name is Kyle Katarn. Kyle who had previously renounced his force powers regains his lightsaber (traveling thru many octagonal shapes along the way) from the top of an 8-sided pillarmid that looks almost exactly like the so-called freedom tower. i'm skeptical of some the connectios you make. while others are very interesting. but playing this videogame almost directly after watching your youtube vids made my jaw drop. cheers!

    Inca said...

    Jake....have you seen West Bank Story:
    "A musical comedy about David, an Israeli soldier, and Fatima, a Palestinian fast food cashier - an unlikely couple who fall in love amidst the animosity of their families' dueling falafel stands in the West Bank.

    Tensions mount when the Kosher King's new pastry machine juts onto Hummus Hut property. The Palestinians ruin the machine and the Israelis respond by building a wall between the two eating establishments.

    The couple professes their love for each other, triggering a chain of events that destroys both restaurants and forces all to find common ground in an effort to rebuild, planting a seed of hope."

    Kosher King.....Hummus Hut!

    aferrismoon said...

    The header pic - I got a shot almost exactly the same , 'cept for the wall on the right. Its at post MAIZE OF DEATH. I think its exactly the same shot , though the wall I cropped.
    There seems to be something in the ' similar screenshots' phenom when 'big' films or serials get snapped for the blogs


    yogi blogger said...

    Yesterday I was reading your post and today I have seen the "news" with "Bin Laden and K2".
    The news is a hoax, bin laden was murdered some years ago, but probably someone wants to give a ocult message.

    Paxtibi said...
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    Anonymous said...

    Immortel said...

    Google got something new (to me), and I made a Synch-search engine that searches a lot of the synch blogs out there, if anyone wants to add sites, send them to me.
    I know, the format is crappy, but it works.

    You can also try this HTML code (put it on your blogs somewhere):

    Anonymous said...


    the SimpSonS


    etc etc


    Anonymous said...

    What they should do with stargates, is use them to send* all those that use powered garden machinery (& the likes) to offworld colonies, with only barrenness. That would be a practical thing to do that also would vastly improve the quality of life on Earth.

    *one-way journey

    Anonymous said...

    The other Zodiac film that was released around the same time: mentioned Hurdy Gurdy Man as being the Zodiacs favourite song. Played it in the credits; I'd never heard it in a film before (not sure if it's been used elsewhere) so I was kinda surprised to see it appear later (at least, I think this film was made later, it certainly was released later) in Man of the Year.

    Great tune, I'm not saying it's unusual that anyone would like it enough to include it in a soundtrack.

    Anonymous said...

    That second comment is really interesting, it sounds just like shrooms just from reading it.

    I always think that when people experience negative things that seem to be about alien-animal type of beings (eg - there's so many of those accounts around), that it's really coming from those animals on this planet; cause people have ruined their habitats so much. It makes sense that they would contact humans about it on a soul level.

    (there was always an advert in UFO Reality magazine for an animal charity, that read something like 'there are millions of non-human lifeforms on this planet...' which I always thought was a nice touch)

    (the 'weirder' experiences - how about plant souls and minerals? I actually met someone in real-life once (ie - not online!) that agreed that aliens seem exactly like plants, in terms of their consciousness (their 'singing' (resonating) sounds the same too). I never said it first! But all my trips and much else had confirmed that to me many years previously.
    And I saw subatomic alien civilisations inside an elestial crystal, but that's another story.)

    Newspaceman said...

    zupo, you do have a lot in common with commentator no 2, that I grant you.

    "It makes sense that they would contact humans about it on a soul level."

    "And I saw subatomic alien civilisations inside an elestial crystal, but that's another story."

    Would love to hear it.


    Newspaceman said...

    ps, I have cultivated a whack of plants - and felt guilty about harvesting them - but aliens. no.

    you are having a laugh.

    MarcChain said...

    Was watching the Casino Royale remake, and noticed LeChiffre was played by an actor named Mads Mikkelsen. MM flavor

    Anonymous said...
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    Per Referral said...

    I couldn't decide which blog to post this comment to, but I couldn't believe this when I saw it. Your work is seeping into the general consciousness:

    In case the link doesn't work, it was a Yahoo photo slideshow for a fashion design brand named Moonspoon Saloon out of Denmark, for their collection called "09/10". The thumbnail that caught my eye was of two male figures wearing pillar-type headwear with a woman standing in front of a pyramid. Remarkable!!

    Unknown said...

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