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    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Scarlet Dragon

    The inference is that robins navigate by sensitivity to some electromagnetic vibration; the current hypothesis is that it originates in the Milky Way, but this is no more than a guess.
    Colin Wilson "The Occult" p 41

    Much is said in this post about possibilities of the 'future' nature of form reality. This Being in itself form at play. We are always already in the Center, whole and complete. I choose to participate in the drama of life as the totality has brought it about and we honor the forms the Divine takes. If we make future, Galactic Alignment, 2012 and pursuit of enlightenment a goal, thus an attachment, we will suffer. Even our suffering Being delightful form at play.
    August 6 1999's "The Magic Basket" or "The Basket"

    I noticed this circle last year sitting deep inside Crop Circle ('a dirty' Double K) country, staring at hypnotic pictures of these giant mandalas, in Wiltshire's meeting spot for croppies, the Silent Circle Cafe. This CC is famous for having a very unique woven floor and being cut out by the farmer very soon after forming. "The Basket" is often sighted as an example of a CC that couldn't possibly have been faked. I don't believe anything is for certain but the drama of this formation does have the mercurial quality of the true Zen insight. When you have the physical and tangible Holy Grail just ahead of you, like a mirage or rainbow, it will always disappear if you reach out for it. The lesson being that the true Grail or insight, you always already have or are, and by reaching out for another you symbolically reject your true nature. This makes "The Basket" a most beautiful and tragic teacher. The possible physical proof of mystery, almost within reach, taken away before we could investigate.
    Circles with standing central crop, like the '2012 Comment' above, are fascinating as in these cases the outer ring could not have been made while standing in a flattened inner area. The center of the circle would be the most obvious place from which surrounding rings would be constructed using some kind of tool as a a radius marker. The above circle's center judging from the image is standing wheat, of course a tram line (the parallel lines used for irrigation) could be used if it occupies the center of the CC. Either way the 'hoax vs. other' debate is not the central concern of synchromystic CC investigation.

    I got reacquainted with 'The Basket' through a comment made at Crop Circle Connector about the Avebury Manor 22nd July 2008 Circle (lower of the two CC's shown above). The big ring with accompanying squiggles appeared next to a circle that was reported on the 15th of the same month, both practically kissing the ancient giant megalithic stone circle that is Avebury Henge.
    The earlier of the two circles comprises a set of concentric rings and large solar center showing the planets as they will appear on or near the Mayan 2012 calender end date. A farmer seems to have started defacing the 2012 solar system glyph as we can see three harvested tram lines cutting through the image.
    The newer glyph showed up after this move by the farmer, suggesting the possibility that the second circle was a 'response' or 'comment' upon the 'additions' to the 2012 solar system.

    Here is the 'The Basket' reference from Crop Circle Connector about the 22nd Solar System 'Comment'

    For what it's worth, I cannot help but comment on the second recent formation at Avebury Manor, after the original was partly destroyed. It bears a great resemblance to the "comment" on the destruction of "The Basket" in 1999. This time, the circle makers seem to be even more outspoken.
    Koba ter Neuzen

    The 1999 August 22 'Comment' or 'Reply' below the hole left by the harvested "The Basket"

    We type the key words "The Basket 1999" into Google and instead of finding any websites about CC's we are presented with a film featuring Karen Allen, called "The Basket", released in 1999.
    1999 sees the formation of both a Crop Circle and a film called "The Basket". Karen Allen quests for the Lost Ark and Crystal Skull with Dr. Jones, Peter Coyote appears in E.T. - thus Cosmic Consciousness - flavored "The 4400" but all that stuff is another post..

    In IMDB if we click on the "The Basket" director's (Rich Cowan) name we note he has only helmed one other project. When I saw its name I nearly yelped as I had recently purchased this holy object at a local DVD store. Usually I download films from the net (resonating weaving) but this is one of those rare films, spurned and unwanted by the consensus, to obscure and peculiar to have any presence in the torrent world. "Shadow of Fear" featuring the original "Stargate" film protagonist James Spader and Stargate Queen Robin Tunney!
    In the film Tunney's husband is involved in a hit and run which he tries to cover up. He hides his muddied and bloodied clothing in a duffel bag behind a laundry basket.
    SHE is seen exiting a checkerboard floor washroom with a pile of clothing for the laundry basket..
    Upon which she uncovers a clue to the truth...
    Seeing the name Robin Tunney come up only a few degrees separated from 'The Basket' CC mandated a closer look. So we hit play on the "The Basket" DVD to see if anything jumps out, syncing back up to the CC or any other 'sync'nificant Stargate themes. Bam!
    "The Basket" films title shot entrains perfectly with the Crop Circle as it appears over standing wheat!
    This cinematic basket refers to a fictitious German opera "Der Korb" and the game of basketball.
    In my mind this 1999 CC and cinematic "The Basket" reveals a most interesting facet of reality. That themes and patterns emerge unknown to the human minds interacting with the individual aspects of the sync wink, yet end up entraining with each other regardless. This shows consciousness as being non local and prior to mind or human awareness.
    Gerry Anderson's 1960's Supermarionation TV series "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" resonates this area of the sync web with an episode called "The Shadow of Fear". The Shadow of Fear in this episode is referring to Phobos (Greek God, meaning 'fear'), a moon of Mars. I find the, cutting back and forth, between shots of the icy Himalayan Peaks and Mars in this show to resonate with the recent confirmation of water on this planet.
    "Water, in the state of ice, was found by the Phoenix Mars Lander on July 31, 2008"
    Mars Wiki
    Captain Scarlet works for Spectrum who has the above symbol as emblem. It is the Stargate or Mandala of Godhead in its concentric circle or bullseye clothing. This one sees the S inside an O shape, making it resonate OS or OZ/77/Pan. We also see a rainbow design, the spectrum of light, broken into its components. This symbolizes the one infinite self experiencing itself subjectively as individuals. Captain Scarlet wears this above his head near the Crown Chakra.
    We are introduced to Spectrum's Himalayan base K14 (above) where Captain Scarlet and the boys are trying desperately to take photos of Mars, utilizing orbiting probes and landers on its moon Phobos (Fear) in order to map the enemy's territory. Unfortunately the shape shifting Mysteron's Infiltrate K14 rigging explosives on its antenna, causing an avalanche, resulting in the destruction of the facility and killing many of Scarlet's men! The episode ends..
    The most syncnificant mountain in "The Blob's" investigation of the infinite sync web is K2, which resonates with this Himalayan K14 base in "Captain Scarlet".

    The Great Pyramid decodes as a map of the Earth with geodetic markers pointing directly towards K2 according to the Ralph Ellis' book "K2: Quest of The Gods". Further we note K2 is pyramidal, with 8 faces just like the Great Pyramid.

    Image from "K2 Quest of the Gods" showing the 8 faces of both Great Pyramid and K2 (Octagon)

    Mountaineer and Stargate realizer - one who facilitates the growth of Being in mankind - Aleister Crowley, climbed K2.

    The first serious attempt to climb K2 was undertaken in 1902 by Oscar Eckenstein and Aleister Crowley via the Northeast Ridge, but after five serious and costly attempts, the team could only reach up to 6525 meters (21,410 feet)
    Wikipedia- K2: Early Attempts

    He could be found 2 years later engaging in Magick, inside the Great Pyramid , soon after receiving "The Book of the Law".

    Liber AL vel Legis is the central sacred text of Thelema, written (or received) by Aleister Crowley in Cairo, Egypt in the year 1904.
    Wikipedia- The Book of the Law

    I wake up on 2 August, 2 weeks ago, and learned through a comment left by Aferrismoon on my blog article Galactic Center Temple that 9 people had died on the mountain. Making the incident, even at that point, the "worst day for mountaineering on the world's second tallest peak".

    On August 2, 2008, eleven mountaineers from international expeditions died following an avalanche on the Himalayan mountain K2, the second-highest mountain on Earth.[1] Three others were seriously injured. It was the worst single accident in the history of K2 mountaineering.
    Wikipedia - August 2008 K2 Climbing Accident

    Syncromystically this was fascinating as "Galactic Center Temple", published on July 30, had briefly mentioned K2 as a symbolic equivalent of the Winnipeg Legislative Building.

    The twin Greater Pyramids become the Twin Jachin and Boaz Pillars which resonate the World Trade Center. Unorthodox yes, but actually a very easy association to make. If these three systems of symbols - Giza, Solomon's Temple and WTC - share deep resonance, and the giant Manitoba H is also Solomon's Temple, it stands to reason we have a fourth. Then there is the enigmatic K2, the obvious fifth, but lets move ahead for now before this gets out of hand...
    Galactic Center Temple

    1998's "Mulan" with its red Dragon title. 1998 is the year of technical alignment of solstice meridian with galactic equator. The Axes that regulate alignment are symbolic Dragons.

    On this day (Sat Aug 2) I was researching 1998's (note the 8 or infinity which resonates octagon) Disney animated film "Mulan" with Eddie Murphy as the little Dragon Mushu.

    Because there are many technical parameters, even these being further open to interpretation, involved with Galactic Alignment the actual date and timing become hotly disputed. I tend to throw my weight into 2012 as a kind of Omega Point, in alignment with the powerful synchromystic themes it resonates. I believe/feel - beliefs are always by nature and health subject to change - the rapid onset of ascension started with the 2000 Millennium Celebrations or 2K Mega Ritual. Mega Rituals are consciousness focusing events - at(ten)tion being directed at one point in time/space - ever more so as technology vivifies communication/awareness between the seeming 'individuals' of the species.
    The 911 Mega Ritual truly pronounces and ignites this phase creating the "911 (Gemini)-2012 (Sagittarius) Axis".
    2012 was the date picked by the Maya adding the heavyweight sanctification of this syncnificant culture utilizing their partnership in plant consciousness. If 2000 was the start of ascension, 12 years would remain, echoing the great Stargate/Mandala 'Circle Dot' of the clock face or time.
    Note the symmetry between IX X IX, 9 10 11. In roman numerals 9/11 are mirrors IX/XI with the implied Target cross of the Stargate or 10 being conspicuous by its absence. This is also a representation of the sun, galaxy and twelve houses of the Zodiac.

    This is arguably the Strargate shape that gets the most attention everyday, thus affecting consciousness profoundly. 12 then is intimately associated with time and feels fitting as a countdown to eschaton. or end of time.
    Further K2 as the Holy Himalayan Mountain and the 2K Mega Ritual can be expressed as 11:11 (K being the 11th letter of the alphabet). 11:11 is the moment in time on 21 December 2012 when the Solstice Sun Aligns with Galactic Center.
    K2 (Mountain), 2K (Millennium), 911 (Twin Towers (Giant 11) on September 11) and 2012 (11:11) all display some form of intimate relationship through this Double K theme. I imagine this means we are seeing the same 'thing' interpretable as 'Being beyond form', bobbing in and out of collective perception as we allow it to grow inside consensus consciousness. McKenna's object at the end of Space Time playing peek-a-boo with itself in ever increasing intensity as we progress towards Cosmic Consciousness.
    The Jumping Jesus phenomena of Robert Anton Wilson or the similar Time Wave Zero of McKenna suggest an ever increasing rate of change until Eschaton. Time Wave Zero had an implied fractal, holographic and ever concrescent, repeat of the entire process of history as we head for 2012. Meaning the totality of creation plays out in cycles over time, again and again, with increasing speed as we make our way to the infinite. Thinking of it in these terms, perhaps we could view the '911-2012 Axis of Ascension' as one entire quick 'restaging' of the cosmic drama. 2010 (The year we make contact) which resonates with much synchromystic power as 10 dimensions, 10 sephirot and X as Stargate symbol is perhaps, yet again, such an even shorter fractal repeat of the entirety between 2010-2012.

    See the Labyrinth of The Psychonaut's Decapitated Heads, 888, The Serpent Of The Crossing video for Eddie Murphy and 911 clock face syncs.

    Jim Sanders made the revealing Freudian slip once when talking about this stuff saying "Twenty Twen". Mixing ten and twelve neatly together, suggesting in my mind there interchangeability.

    Either way, we are in the era of awakening consciousness, of this there is no doubt, why would you even be here if this were not so?
    John Major Jenkins explains 1998 as the most technically correct date of alignment of 'solstice meridian with galactic equator'.
    This year is syncnificant in my Personal Stargate as the year I woke up to true nature beyond thought or form. It is also the year of "Mulan".
    That would make the period from 1998 , when the solstice meridian hits the exact center of the galaxy, and 2012 its heliacal rising, a sort of field-effect null zone, "much like the calm eye of a hurricane," Jenkins tells us, which "balances the surrounding chaos"
    "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaya" Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges p 348

    Mushu is seen above in shot with a concentric circle plus dot, gong type Stargate Mandala. I thought this was already a portentous sign of a sync rich stew as Galactic Center Temple contained this same gong behind Kurt Russel in "Big Trouble In Little China", both films evoking China and the Dragon .
    The Stargate gong with Kurt Russel sitting in the Merkabah wheelchair and enlightenment resonating Buddhas above. The Dragon of the Black Pool resonating the Dragon Axis and Galactic Center. Both stills are from "Big Trouble in Little China" and echo Mushu the dragon from Mulan with his gong.

    We saw that the "Dragon of the Black Pool" resonates Winnipeg's Legislative Building's "Pool of the Black Star".
    This octogram becoming then part of the Dragon Axis formed by Galactic Center-Galactic Anticentre and a representation of the very heart of our galaxy.
    Movie Star Jack Black resonates Pan and bear in Kung Fu (Pan)da. Both Ursa Major and Minor are northern circumpolar star constellations making bear resonant of the celestial Dragon Axis. Black, a Hollywood Star, pointing towards the Dragon Axis. If we realize that actors, as Stars, are literally 'as below' or Earthly counterparts of the heavenly Stars we can see how synchromysticism can map these pop culture Star's alignment with Cosmic Center. We are all aligning with the center.

    “Every man and woman is a star.”
    Book of the Law - Aleister Crowley
    Dustin Hoffman, Master Shifu, a little bear or symbolic Ursa Minor stairs at the dragon reflected in the pool.

    In the scene above we see the Dragon inside an octagon reflected in a pool. This resonates the celestial Dragon Axis, the dawning Aquarian Waterdoor and the Winnipeg Galactic Center Temple's blazing black star pool.

    In "Mulan" the daughter of a Chinese man, conscripted to fight the White Huns, takes his place pretending to be a man. As having both male and female resonance she/he is a synchromystic hermaphrodite.
    The still above - given the right context - has the power to illuminate synchromysticism, 'the secret teachings of all ages' and bake our noodles. Seriously, its pretty absurd..

    We see Eddie Murphy, as the Dragon Mushu, take a pomegranate and spear it through Mulan's arrow during the song "I'll Make A Man Out Of You".

    Mulan - I'll Make A Man Out Of You"

    Note how right after the Dragon pierces the pomegranate through the tip of the arrow, the song continues "Once you find your center, you are sure to win". The image at this point is of Mulan bearing water on her head, becoming Aquarius. Aquarius and the 911-2012 ascension phase entrain with each other like all the hands of the clock face coming together at 12.

    Also on account of its vast number of seeds the pomegranate was often employed to represent natural fecundity. For the same reason, Jacob Bryant in his
    Ancient Mythology notes that the ancients recognized in this fruit an appropriate emblem of the Ark of the Deluge,
    which contained the seeds of the new human race. Among the ancient Mysteries the pomegranate was also considered to be a divine symbol of such peculiar significance that its true explanation could not be divulged. It was termed by the Cabiri "the forbidden secret." Many Greek gods and goddesses are depicted holding the fruit or flower of the pomegranate in their hands, evidently to signify that they are givers of life and plenty. Pomegranate capitals were placed upon the pillars of Jachin and Boaz standing in front of King Solomon's Temple; and by the order of Jehovah, pomegranate blossoms were embroidered upon the bottom of the High Priest's ephod.
    "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" Manly P. Hall p 299
    The foot of Ophiucus, arrow of Sagittarius and stinger of Scoirpio pointing towards the location of Galactic Center. Galactic Center is the same symbolic circle dot of the clock face mandala, reflected in the macrocosm. Both the macro and micro cosmic centers are pointers of the true center beyond form, your consciousness in this very moment.

    We have just read that pomegranates are emblematic Arks and topped the pillars of Solomon's Temple. These pillars are symbolic of the World Trade Center Towers and greater Pyramids of Giza. Both the N.Y. Pillars and Winnipeg Legislative Building resonate Solomon's Temple massively. The '911-2012 Ascension Axis' has Gemini or the New York Twins attributed to the Anticenter end in 911. Winnipeg's Galactic Center Temple could be conceived of as the Sagittarius and 2012 end in Galactic Center.

    The Dragon Axis as Eddie Murphy is showing us how the cosmic pillar topped by the pomegranate of the fertile galactic womb is aligning with the center, pointed at by Mulan's Sagittarius arrow. As Black Star and Mushu the Dragon, Eddie Murphy connects this process with Winnipeg's Galactic Center Temple.
    Of the second major arcana or Gemini, The High Priestess, the mystic and designer of this version of the card, Arthur Edward Waite writes:

    She is seated between the white and black pillars -J. and B.-of the mystic Temple and the veil of the Temple is behind her : it is embroidered by palms and pomegranates.

    There are some respects in which this card is the highest and holiest of the Greater Arcana.

    Arthur Edward Waite - The Pictoral Key to The Tarot

    Not only then is the pomegranate placed atop the pillar but also across the veil. This makes the pomegranate stunning plant consciousness Stargate fruit and a symbol of the ripe heart of the Milky Way.

    In short the mystery behind all of this symbolism points towards Galactic Center and your already present knowing of Being conscious.
    Seriously it is so simple almost everybody has missed it, until NOW. The very thing which allows you to be here and read this, your knowing, is the Point or Center. The awareness inside you about consciousness. In the past it took extreme ordeals and initiation in order for the adept to get a glimpse of his light of consciousness. Well, there was that sneaky Gautama Buddha who pulled back the veil and just spoke plain, still most minds were not ready...
    Knowing has grown to the point where consciousness can tell itself openly - on ridiculous blogs that seek gnosis in Disney cartoons! - right here and now, YOU ARE IT!

    The Black Star with ice capped Himalayan peaks, echoing his turn as Mushu, over his left shoulder in "The Golden Child".

    Our Black Star and Dragon Axis, Eddie Murphy, shows his resonance with Winnipeg's Golden Boy in "The Golden Child" and Gemini (Galactic Anticenter) in "Beverly Hills Cop" Roman Numeral 2. Both posters show the palm tree plant consciousness that shares the veil on 'The High Priestess'.

    Below Mulan uses Musha (Murphy) to lite the fuse of her disembodied dragon head, rocket weapon. The disembodied head - in this instance with added Dragon Axis flavor! - resonates the center of the galaxy as explained in the post about Winnipeg's Galactic Center Temple and World Trade Galactic (Anti) Center
    A very macabre but amazingly su'sync't local news event, involving both decapitation and Winnipeg, needs to be addressed before we proceed.
    The number of the Greyhound Bus chariot is shown as 1170 displayed twice on the front giving as an 11:11 and 77 sync wink. Dogs (resonating Sirius) are K9's (somewhat resonating K2), K is the 11the letter of the alphabet making K9, 119. 119 is 911 backwards.

    On the evening of July 30, 2008, Tim McLean, a 22-year-old Canadian carnival worker, was stabbed and beheaded while riding a Greyhound Canada bus. The incident took place near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, during a trip from Edmonton to McLean's hometown of Winnipeg.
    Wikipedia - Murder if Tim McLean

    Galactic Center Temple was posted on the same day this happened and also contained the theme of beheadings.

    In the previous post we saw how disembodied heads like the Templar Baphomet and John The Baptist resonate Cosmic Consciousness and Galactic Center. A 'beheaded' Mercury, one of numerous such decapitated deities in the building, enhances the Milky Way affinity of the sacred architectural marvel.
    Galactic Center Temple
    The decapitated head of Medusa in Winnipeg's Legislative Building, located near the geographic center of North America and intentionally designed as a New World Solomon's Temple.

    This was in regards to disembodied heads that decorate Winnipeg's Legislative Building, which I interpret as a Temple in honor of Galactic Center.
    The Kali Yuga is the dark age of mind and form identification, it is also the time just before mankind wakes up, on mass, into cosmic consciousness. Kali is depicted as a deranged Goddess with a garland of disembodied heads and another in one of her many hands.

    Spiritually we can think of it this way: 'In order to wake up we must loose our heads'.
    The head contains the mind, the prison that most believe is who, what and where they are. The removal of the head by Kali signifies the end of the illusion that mind is in control.

    The Kali Yuga entrains with the ascension process represented in the Heavens as Galactic Alignment and on Earth as the 911 (NY) - 2012 (Winnipeg) Axis.

    Tim was on his way to the home of Earthly Galactic Center, then beheaded, on the same day Winnipeg was noted as containing such.

    Eddie Murphy the Black Star and Dragon Axis of the Winnipeg Galactic Center Temple interacting with a disembodied head in "Mulan".
    The candle lighting ceremony held for Tim McLean at Galactic Center Temple, see Konkrete Junkyard. The two Sphinx flanking the pediment and Goldenboy (Thoth-Hermes) loom above the ceremony.

    Apparently Tim's favorite band was "Insane Clown Posse". He had a Joker's Card influenced tattoo on his back (above). The Jokers Cards were six albums expounding the apocalyptic Dark Carnival mythos of the rap outfit, of which "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" was certainly the best, Juggalo bitches! Not that I would know..ahem, moving on...
    If any band can be said to capture the essence of the Kali Yuga, these guys would undoubtedly be a strong contender for first prize.

    Insane Clown Posse - Bowling balls

    See Through The Looking Glass's Jokers Wild Part 3 for info on Tim McClean.

    Of particular syncnificance is the first half of the 6th and final Jokers Card (technically one of two albums forming "The Wraith" along with "Hell's Pit"), which I remember the band insinuating would herald the end of the world, "The Wraith : Shangri-La". Why is Shangri-La relevant to the Kalii yuga and dawning Golden Age? Read on..
    "Furthermore, could global weather changes as well as the intensification of synchronicities and anomalous experiences that many people are increasingly reporting be an effect of alignment with Galactic Center?" John Major Jenkins in the introduction to "Galactic Alignment"

    Two world events -K2 and Time McLean- have synced up with the Winnipeg post, making me wonder if the statement above is true. If we are aligning with Galactic Center and this results in more frequent and intense synchronicity, does uncovering the Earthly representation of Galactic Center share this synchromystic strange attraction? In my opinion, quite simply, yes.
    Mulan's dragon head causes the snow capped Chinese (Himalayan?) peak to avalanche in resonance with the the Captain Scarlet K14 base and the K2 news event also noted earlier that same day.

    Perhaps the acknowledgments of Winnipeg's role as Galactic Center and Earthly Dragon Axis was being answered by its predecessor, K2. More accurately the events were part of a seamless continuum, both 'influencing' each other. A progression in history and space can be noted here tracing K2 evolving into Giza and Solomon's Temple. Continuing further Westward the Galactic Center Temple becomes the World Trade Center and eventually Winnipeg's Legislative Building.

    In Chinese Buddhism, the West represents movement toward the Buddha or enlightenment (see Journey to the West).

    What is beautiful about this is how the Holiest of Holies has evolved from 'natural object' (K2) into the line blurring Giza (a kind of human bee or ant hive) and on into the 'man made' structure of WTC, Solomon's Temple and Galactic Center Temple. All interconected space/time objects form out of infinite depth or Being. What the WTC so elegantly teaches us is that human intent is always superseded and infused by the plan of the Divine. Its function as Holiest of Holies or 'as below' Galactic Center Stargate being entirely beyond human grasp until long after the 911 event, right NOW to be exact. What decoding this pattern of movement and evolution of Earthly Galactic Center Temple clearly points towards is the non-local meta-mind of Being beyond form orchestrating every facet of the 'game'. No secret society or occult network is needed for the explanation of these events and themes, assuredly some fraternities and orders have entrained with the plan of Being but lets place the identity of the Eye/I in the Triangle where it belongs. The center beyond all form and conception, our true infinite nature and that which allows consciousness in this eternal moment.
    The beheading incident was entraining with my "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" viewing already on the day the news broke, Friday August 1. In the episode in question "School Hard" we see two students reanimate the dead, all they need now is Cordiala's head.
    The next evening, the day the K2 news broke, also the day I was watching the "Mulan" avalanche, Buffy ends up at a Greyhound Bus station. In the episode "Inca Mummy Girl" a Peruvian mummy princess sucks the life essence out of an exchange student in front a Greyhound bus, entraining with the Winnipeg beheading news.
    Continuing this particularly pronounced weekend of syncing - which had even seen a total eclipse of the sun - I happened to be on my way (the same evening of viewing the "Inca Mummy Girl" kill at the Greyhound buss) to see "The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor".
    Jim Sanders had decided to come along on this evenings movie adventure, as the radiating M and Dragon theme, entraining with the 08/08/08 Olympics in Beijing (to start the week of the films release), had caught his attention.
    Jim has influenced much of these current words you are reading.
    In Galactic Center Temple we learned about the veiled ark of the covenant on the east facing exterior of the Winnipeg Legislature. Above is the West facing 'war chest' flanked by two lovely ladies, toped with a crown and decorated with a radiating M plus plant motifs. Best logical guess for the meaning of M here is Manitoba or Mary. However, synchromystically the arks M shares resonance with the "Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor", fitting as the ark likely evolved from the pyramid or 'tombs' of Egypt.
    Below are some examples of this amazingly versatile character of singular resourcefulness. I call it the "We3 spinner" as it can become a W, E, 3 and even M! It also, depending on its style, veils up and down pointing triangles/pyramids (Mario, Wii, Monsters Inc etc) or 3 pillars (Spider Man 3, Wall E etc)
    Brenden Fraser is entrusted with a jewel, the Eye of Shangri-La, having to return it to China. The bad guys want to use its powers to resurrect the Mummy, Emperor Han (Jet Li), as well as find the pool of eternal youth in Shangri-La.
    Three distinct Pyramounts, inside the circle, on this copy of Lost Horizon, echoing the Giza/Himalaya connection.

    Shangri-La is based on a 1933 novel by British Author James Hilton, which in its turn is based on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Shambhala. Shambhala is ruled over by the Kulika or Kalki Kings both containing Double K's.
    "In Hinduism, Kalki is the tenth and final Maha Avatara (great incarnation) of Vishnu who will come to end the present age of darkness and destruction known as Kali Yuga."
    Wikipedia Kalki

    One etymological interpretation of the original Sanskrit for Kalki is "White Horse" and the god is often depicted riding a winged version of the same animal. The winged chariot animal resonates the Merkabah and Ark while the horse theme entrains with personal equine (resonating equinox) syncs explored in Gemini.

    Let's attempt to keep this straight, shall we?!
    We are watching a film, released the same weekend as a Kali symbolizing beheading, happening on a bus towards the Galactic Center containing Winnipeg and greatest disaster in K2's history, right? Then the film starts veering into themes that evoke the mountains of the Himalayas, Double K's and the Kali Yuga... is there more?
    The Terracotta Dragon Emperor chases after Fraser and the Eye of Shangri-La on a four horsed 'Chariot of the Gods'. The vehicle of the divine, escorted by four Seraphim, is the Merkhaba and Cube of Space, symbolic variations being the Ark of Noah and Covenant, intimately intertwined and evolved from the Giza Pyramids. Of course this is also the four horses of the Apocalypse, all end time themes synchromystically resonate eschaton or collective Cosmic Consciousness.
    The Three Dragon Axes or Teli on p 97 of "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye" by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges.

    The Cube of Space is formed by the three Dragon Axes of the Celestial Sphere , the Ecliptic pole and the Galactic Center-Galactic Anticentre meridian. Equating any pole or axis to the Dragon or Cosmic Serpent makes profound intuitive sense, yet this is further justified when we learn the unmoving Ecliptic Axis points directly at the constellation Draco.
    Image of the Cosmic Year from p 99 of "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye" by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges

    The four Seraphim (Zoe) or horses of the Cube of Space and Chariot of the Dragon become the 'four ages' such as that of the processional year and the four seasons. In fact any quartered system derived from the motion of bodies around poles or axis (Dragons) would entrain and share the resonance with the creatures that pull the divine chariot.
    Navigational Octagrams in "Sky Captain" (above) and "Hook" (below). Note how the N below Robin Williams as Peter Pan has been tilted unveiling the ZO or OZ/77/Pan. Pan means all, whole or totality.

    The mapping of 3 dimensional space applies just as well, symbolically, to navigation in 2-D space where a great Stargate Mandala, a microcosm of God, is needed to find your way. Quartering one more time, such as seen with the compass rose, allows for more accuracy when charting a course, explaining somewhat the mystery of the recurrent Stargate octagon polygon and octagram star.

    Goro Adachi is the O.G. Octagonal Stargate illuminator.
    Once capturing the Eye of Shangri-La, the Dragon climbs a golden tower in the Himalayan mountains (above) then proceeding to open the gateway with the Eye. This emits a beam of light which points towards the "Pool of Eternal Youth" in Shangri-La.
    Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot Tower card with the blazing Eye of Cosmic Consciousness and Galactic Center atop inside a bolt of lightning.

    Still keeping this straight?
    Synchromystically, the Dragon Axis uses the Eye/I of Illumination opening the Stargate of Cosmic Consciousness, dig? Han (resonating Han Solo) does this atop a 911 resonating pillarmid deep in the K2 resonating Himalayan pyramounts. This tower then points to Shangri-La or Shambalah ruled by Kalki the 10th and final avatar before the end of the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is also the Iron Age, currently segueing into the new Golden Age.
    The Dragon Emperor and Brenden Fraser's Himalayan excursion entrains with Solomon's Prairie Temple. The Golden Boy or Thoth Hermes Trismegistus statue (above) is also called the "Eternal Youth" and he is perched atop a dome directly above "The Pool of the Dark Star".
    In Winnipeg, just like the "Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor" we find a 'Pool of Eternal Youth'.
    Winnipeg's "Pool of the Dark Star" with the "Eternal Youth" residing (or ruling over) it and the buildings Dragon Axis, in image above.
    "The Mummy Tomb of The Dragon Emperor's" "Pool of Eternal Youth" nn Shangri La, image below. A giant sleeping Buddha reveals the scenes affinity with the Stargate of Cosmic Consciousness.
    The Gateway to Shangri-La is protected by Yetis, a creature we have found as clear Thoth resonator time and again. Yet another connection to Winnipeg's Galactic Center Temple and Golden Boy.
    Right after Dragon Emperor Han opens the symbolic Stargate, the battle to thwart his advances cause a most vivid and incredible sync. Yet another cinematic Himalayan peak undergoes an avalanche. Remember that we are watching this on the day the news of K2 broke and that the film has been released the very weekend of the historic event. Stranger still a Himalayan K14 avalanche had also happened a few days before during "Captain Scarlet" and this same day, seeing multiple Mummy viewings ("Buffy" and "The Mummy 3"), saw an ice capped mountain avalanche in "Mulan"!
    I couldn't help but feel the decoding of Winnipeg's Galactic Center Temple, the current Earthly Holiest of Holies, containing references to beheading and K2 was being validated through synchonicity in the mainstream media. I don't see this as strange prophetic powers or anything supernatural. It is a natural result of entraining with synchronicity and will increasingly happen to all of us as we align with the center.
    By the next day (Sunday 3rd of August) the total dead on K2 had grown from 9 to 11 evoking the 911/K2 connection. This connection - not only between 911 and K2, but also Solomon's Temple and Winnipeg's Legislature Building - I increasingly understand as the continually evolving progression of axis mundi or Holiest of Holies, representing 'as below' or the Earthly home of Galactic or Cosmic Center.
    The double K on one of the Twin Towers, the other being partly destroyed in resonance with 911, in the 1993 "Super Mario Bros" movie. The K's are fashioned in the style of lightning bolts. This shows how the K2 theme bleeds into 911 through the mystery magick of capturing the Stars on the silver screen. Also, compare this image with the lightning struck Tarot Towers...
    Brenden Fraser has a recent encounter with 'The Center'. In "Journey To The Center of the Earth" he flees Galactic Center monster mouths of the dinosaur/dragon variety in perfect resonance with "The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor".

    Some musings on Dinosaurs as symbols of evolution and frequent WTC sync wink. This was before the connection of Dinosaur as Dragon Axis was understood, which now heightens the ancient beasts Stargate resonance massively.
    Brendan Fraser, as the Stone Age cave man "Link", with the palm tree on the cover image for "Encino Man". The palm tree was seen on the veil of the Holiest of Holies, allong with the pomegranate, on the High Priestess Tarot card. In countries like South Africa, where I saw this movie as a kid, it was retitled "California Man" because marketers didn't think we would know what Encino was. In may particular case, they were very correct..

    I decided given all this mystery and the fact that his career started in the presence of 'The Stargate Queen' Robin Tunney to give "Encino Man" another spin.
    Right of the bat we notice with our new context that Brendan Fraser or Link (as in 'missing link') is discovered in a pool. He has been frozen underground since the Ice Age. An earthquake and two boys digging a pool for prom night unearths the 'Eternal Youth'.
    Link with the word Pool behind him, while dancing, in a sleazy Bar. As both a young man who has been living for thousands of years and an adventurer seeking the pool of eternal youth in "The Mummy", he becomes our synchromystic Eternal Youth resonating the Golden Boy above the Pool of The Dark Star.
    The rainbow of totality or pan, broken into its component colors winks shortly after the thawing of Brendan Fraser.
    The nuclear or atom flavored Stargate rings plus radiating energy blast emitting from the Stars of "Blast From The Past"

    Fraser repeats and strengthens his role as our "Eternal Youth" or Golden Boy in "Blast From The Past". In this movie, as in "Encino Man", the Star is anachronistic in the modern context of the movie, he and his family having been inside a nuclear fall-out shelter since the 1960's.
    Link gets signed into High School as the boys think he might help them become cool. Robin Tunney attracts his immediate attention and we see the two in frame above. The unconditione (by modern society), Link, takes to drawing pictograms on the glass of an Ice Hockey rink. The ketchup and mustard Stargate target forms a Halo, highlighting the Crown Chakra of the Stargate Queen. We see her symbolically crowned one more time, shortly.

    For more about Robin Tunney and the target symbol see posts like K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual and the Tunney Trilogy Videos.
    The "White Spear" our prehistoric man is holding is topped with a spinal column/back bone making it a Caduceus and Jed pillar resonator, adding even more succynct Thoth resonance.

    Way back when, we were fooling with Thooth as Thoth (both words sharing massive similarity), writing posts like Sweet Thooth:

    Ever perceptive Aferrismoon points out the resonance between Thoth and Tooth in "Identity Chrysalis" (having been inspired by Micheal's "Tooth Fairy" (see also "Thoth's Blue Teeth" at A Kean Eye)In Saber-Thoth we learned that Saber-Tooth tigers are often associated with the Stargate. We see the Pyramids of Giza on the poster for "10 000 BC" and JacK Kirby's "2001: A Space Odyssey" comic, both sharing space with the Thoth Dinosaur Cat (K@/K2) in question. We can now appreciate this amazing Saber-Tooth resonance as coming from both the dinosaur as Galactic Center beast and Thoth/Thooth angle.
    See Wolverine and Sabertooth battle each other atop the Galactic Center representing Statue of Liberty or Isis (image above) in "X-Men" and the post Following Hugh Jackman Through The Atlantean Stargate. Another fantastic example of Saber-Tooth tigers as resonators of Cosmic Consciousness. We see the 'WTC 911 Mega Ritual portal pillars' (Twin Towers) in shot with 'Stargate King' Hugh Jackman and arch nemesis Sabertooth.

    Yet, there is still much more. We also noted that Tunney appears in "The Secret Lives of Dentists" as a dental assistant. She helps fix Dennis Leary's Tooth/Thoth.
    Dennis Leary who just so happens to be a Saber-Tooth Tiger in the Ice Age movies, a new one to be released in 2009 called "Ice Age : Dawn of The Dinosaurs"! Phew..
    Dennis Leary, who has been in a Tooth/Thoth movie with the Stargate Queen, seen above, as a Saber-Tooth Tiger, in alignment with the wide opening mouth of Galactic Center.
    Notice that both "Iron Man" and "Sky Captain" see Paltrow as a PP interacting with humanoid machines.

    In "Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow" we see Gwyneth Paltrow finding Shangri-La in the Karakorum mountain range(of which K2 is the second to be named, hence the K2) with the help of Jude Law as adventuring aviator. She plays Polly Perkins in "Sky Captain" and Pepper Pots in the recent "Iron Man"(partly a JacK Kirby comic creation, no less), with Robert Downey Junior's playboy Tony Stark based, in part, on aviator Howard Hughes. Major twinning here as both films feature giant robots, Paltrow as PP and Howard Hughes (HH) themes. Can't get into Hughes right now, perhaps he deserves his own future post, but let's take note of the symbolic meaning of "Iron Man".
    PP's Shangri La outfit is decorated by hearts. We will go deeper into the heart of it all as we continue...

    The Iron Age is our current age and equivalent to the Kali Yuga, currently moving into the Golden Age or Aquarius through the 911-2012 Ascension Dragon Axis. Thus the "Iron Man" in question is humanity, rapidly becoming the Golden Man, which is indeed stated by Iron Man himself as he explains to Paltrow Pepper near the end of the film:
    "Iron Man, that's kinda catchy, it's got a nice ring to it. I mean it's not technically accurate, the suites a gold-titanium alloy." Thus the Iron Man or Age is, in my current B.S (belief system or bull shit), actually already thoroughly interwoven with the Golden Age since 911's emergency c-section 'kick in the pants'.

    "The alchemical transformation of base metal into gold is also the transformation of the current Iron Age into the Golden Age." Back cover of Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges' "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye"
    The final setting of Sky Captain is a 'Lost Island' type complete with Dinosaurs. We see the skeleton of a giant Saber-Tooth tiger flanking the entrance of the bad guys lair.
    Inside the Manhattan and "Lost" TV series resonating Island, Polly discovers the full horror of the antagonists scheme. A spaceship type, Noah's Ark, filled with animals is about to be launched. From orbit the earth is to be annihilated then repopulated with the animals aboard the Ark.

    The cuboid Ark (both Noah and covenant) resonate (probably also evolve from) the Pyramids of Giza and the three Dragon Axis creating the 'Cube of Space'. The Pyramid and Ark are earthly representations of the parameters involved in Galactic Alignment or dawning Cosmic Consciousness. Following this line of reasoning a Space Ship Ark, like the one Gwyneth Paltrow has boarded in "Sky Captain", is a most vivid and telling progression of the tale of ascension. The as below Noah themed Ark, riding the oceans of Pisces and Aquarius, has started its ascent back into the heavens which inspired it.
    The messy but necessary business of planting the Arc Reactor in the heart chakra of Iron (hu)Man(ity) falls to the capable Pepper Pots, who knows the score having already done this in "Sky Captain". Star Paltrow symbolically places the Ark where it belongs, the heart of man, which allows us to gain untold energy and soar through the sky as symbolic Golden Boys.
    A school day trip to the museum sees Red Robin in frame with Saber-Tooth tigers, long before the fractal repeat of Tunney as dental aid to Saber-Tooth Denis Leary in "Secret Lives of Dentists". We are now back in 1992's "Encino Man".
    At Mega Mountain (MM/K2) Theme Park, Link or Brenden Fraser, our composite 'Tomb Raiding' and 'Himalayan Shangri-La Eternal Youth', harasses a Panda. (Pan)da's resonate the Goat God of the all and totality, and like the Zebra are living black and white checkerboard creatures.
    TaleSpin was a half-our spin-off series from "The Jungle Book" which saw the grey bear Baloo having adventures as a cargo pilot.
    In the episode "Last Horizons" he discovers "Panda-La", clearly "Lost Horizon's" Shangri-La.
    Bear is arktos in Greek and ursus in Latin. This shows up the bears obvious resonance with the northern circumpolar stars of Ursa Minor and Major. These constellations circle the arctic (also named after the these stars and the bear) and are directly adjacent to Draco. This makes the bear interrelated to the Dragon Axes at the Pole of the Ecliptic (centered on Draco) and 'the North/South rotational Axis' of Earth. The same axis that slowly wobbles causing the 26 000 year Procession of the Equinox or Great Year. The Bear resonates Ark as arktos but also through being intimately associated with the Dragon Axis of the Cube of Space (the heavenly Ark or chariot), the parameters of Galactic Alignment.
    Synchromystically we can now decode Shangri-La. It is the once lost but currently returning Golden Age accessed through the Stargate of Alignment and Consciousness. The dawning Golden Gate of Eternal Youth, or life free of Ego and Time as implied by the "911-2012 Dragon Ascension Axis". The Ark/Bear as Holiest of Holies becomes synchromystically interchangeable with the Dragon Axis and Cube of Space, aligning with the Silver Screen Stars (think Jack black as Panda) and Earthly Temples of WTC and Winnipeg.
    Honey questing bear or Ark, Winnie-the-Pooh, was named after 'Pooh Bear' author A.A Milne's (resonating Crowley's A.:A.: and American Airlines) son, Christopher Robin(!) Milne's, toy bear. This teddy bear was named such after Winnipeg the bear who lived in London Zoo which indeed received its moniker from Winnipeg City in Canada, the home of the Twenty Twen Galactic Center Temple. This strengthens Winnipeg's Ark resonance, which it already 'receives' through the West and East facing war chests on the Legislative building.
    The cube of Space, the throne and chariot of God that carries the divine through the Stargate.
    In the still above we view the Eternal Youth (Golden Boy (Brenden Fraser)) along with three out of focus but entirely discernible symbols, extremely relevant to all discussed thus far.
    The bottom of a basketball net (harking back to the Basket crop circle), the octagramic and Templar resonating U.K flag and this "Powell Peralta Skateboards" (modern chariot) brand logo below.
    A dragon with a scarlet background and lightning emitting from his left hand. Lighting resonates the Aquarian energy waves of the new age of Horus or Golden Age. The Dragon holds in its right hand what appears to be a Dorge, the thunderbolt of Indra, a Hindu Jupiter or Zeus.
    The lights dim, the film roles. The studio responsible starts of this particular cinematic sync spectacle.
    Shangri-La greets our eyes, sync winking flirtatiously before we enter the world of Beowulf.
    We see the Dragon - Stargate animal ruling over the Cube of Space - with scarlet background between the twin 'We3 Spinners', E and W as the title announces our Hero/Horus' name.
    King Hrothgar (Anthony Hopkins) and Queen Whealthow (Robin(!) Wright Penn) sits on their 'figure 8 Dragon' backed throne in the mead hall Heorot.
    On the '8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year' this Crop Circle appeared on Milk Hill. This is the same location that witnessed the famed 2001 Milk Hill Mega Julia or Galaxy formation.
    I was celebrating the day by sitting down in the morning to watch Stargate Queen Robin Tunney's newest film "August" (8th month). Many people were scanning the fields expectantly on this symmetrical date as 07/07/07 saw a spectacular CC of its own. I was fortunate enough to visit this site with Ben Fairhall last year. The '777 Aum' circle has aggregated its own set of mysteries and controversy..
    East Field 07/07/07 pt 1

    Before I start "Augusts", I check Crop Circle Connector to see if anything had been reported. It had, I giant figure 8 which immediately made me think 'Dragon'!. I made this connection as I had drawn a figure 8 or infinity with similar spines to the 08/08/08 CC.
    A short while later it would be seen again in "Beowulf" on Robin's (Wright Penn) Throne. Indeed I saw another 'infinity serpent figure 8 just two days ago while walking the streets of Winnipeg.
    The Figure 8 Dragon or Ouroboros drawing was partly inspired by Crowley's Thoth Deck "2 of Discs". The "Change" card, most fitting of the current state of consciousness. Depending on our attitude towards this phase of rapid and unimaginable change, we live in fear or awe of what is transpiring.
    Change is eternal. All that is, is always in constant flux. We are what causes change, not just the limited things that undergo this beautiful process of ebb and flow.

    Something which struck me when I went back to the card was the crown on the snake. The Crown placed atop the Circle M and Ark on the West facing side of the Legislature.
    The very film I am watching, while contemplating these kinds of thoughts, has a Crown tattooed on the neck of Josh Hartnett. In the stills above and below we see him take on the Zebra striped shirt.
    He then moves so that the shirt and Crown fill the space where Robin Tuney was located only seconds earlier. Zebra, as VALIS and Checkerboard, resonates Cosmic Consciousness and Tunney has been strongly associated with the animal in many posts. Both Galactic Center Temple Arks have the Zebra crossing located directly underneath them on the tarmac below.
    The lightning struck "Tower" tarot resonates 911 with its destruction and falling people. The bolt or energy zig-zag has been associated with Jupiter/Zeus and the Aquarius double wave lines. Both systems of understanding the bolt hark back to the current ascension phase as Jupiter resonates the age of Horus, another name for the age of Aquarius. This is also amazingly reflected by the Lightning bolt Double K's of the "Super Mario Bros" destroyed Twin Towers sync wink.
    The crown has also been knocked of this tower, which I interpret as the destabilization of the 911 end of the "911-2012 Ascension Axis". As Tunney is showing us, the Crown is moving back to its rightful place, entraining with the all encompassing centering of the current phase of alignment.
    Tunney opens the Holiest of Holies, peering inside the Ark of the covenant in "Robot Chicken" episode "Slaughterhouse on the Prairie". Remember that the Ark on the West side of the Legislature is topped by the Crown. The Crown, the subtle body Stargate opening to enlightenment, was placed on Tunney's head in "Encino Man" (ketchup and mustard halo) and "August" (Josh Hartnett's tattoo)

    Tunney is, to my knowledge, the fullest embodiment of the cinematic Star that reflects the Heavenly story of Galactic Alignment or opening of the Cosmic Consciousness Stargate. She is the Ark or Cube of Space Being christened with the halo or mandala of Spirit.

    See Galactic Centre Temple for Legislative and Tunney Ark plus Zebra crossing info.
    See Z is for Zebra for Tunney as Zebra and Ark opener.
    Tunney is seen with the Zebra stripes emitting from her Crown Chakra in the pilot episode of "The Mentalist", her latest TV gig. We see the Golden Boy, Pharaoh Tutankhamen, with his striped nemes radiating and vivifying his subtle body. The Ancient Egyptians, it would seem, were an intermediate culture bridging the gap between a Golden Age of realized consciousness and history. In that sense they are much like us, custodians of the shift, only in reverse as we are moving into knowledge of Self, while they were moving out.
    Robin's repeated deep cinematic initiation into the mysteries of Being beyond form have opened her 'silver screen self' to Grace. How this affects her personal life, if at all, is beyond the scope and aim of our current investigation.
    We witness "Encino Man's" prom night. The pool underneath which the composite Eternal Youth, Golden Boy, Link, Earthly Star and Brenden Fraser was found is ready for the after party. Robin Tunney is in attendance and Fraser is about to be crowned 'King of the Prom'.
    Strangely enough his Prom Queen (actress Megan Ward) who is also Tunney's best friend in the film, character is called Robyn. The schools Dinosaur Mammoth Mascot, with the tri-pillared "We3 Spinner" E, inside the circle dot, winks his approval at the proceedings (image above).
    Star Brenden Fraser about to be crowned next to actress Megan Ward, playing the sought after Prom Queen and best friend of Robin Tunney, Robyn Sweeney.
    Hartnett sits in his office with the reptilian monster mouth of the tiny Lacoste crocodile displaying the portal in alignment with the crown on his neck. Below he is still wearing this same shirt while arguing with his brother Adam Scott. A Fed Ex truck drives by, the veiled arrow of Sagittarius (formed by the negative space of the E and X) points at the Star and his crowned neck. Keep in mind that the arrow of Sagittarius points at the center of the mandala of heavenly Stars we float in, the heart of the Milky Way.

    More on Alligators as Mayan Galactic Center symbols in Gemini
    Aferrismoon picked up on Lacoste while this post was gestating see Teli's on the blink
    Below we find illumination on a movie Star T-Shirt, the mascot of this post, the red Dragon.
    This Dragon belongs to the New York Chinese Restaurant Wo Hop. Pretty fitting as the day this was watched, 08/08/08 saw the "Dragon" Crop Circle and the start of the Chinese Olympics.
    A hero! I knew that the sea would bring us a hero! Will you go up to the moors, then, to the cave by the dark pool, and fight the monster in its den?
    Galactic Center Temple's "Pool of the Black Star" containing the Octagramic heart of the Dragon Axis. The arrow of Sagittarius pointing at the wheelchair/Merkabah or Chariot of the Grace.

    Beowulf Spoilers! (I spoil all the time but am a bit more sensitive to newer films..)
    Serpentine Angelina Jolie is Grendel's golden hot mom, who slithers in and out of the dark pool.

    Anthony Hopkins asks the Hero/Horus to journey to the dark pool and kill Grendel. The dark pool resonates the Legislature's "Pool of the Dark Star".
    In a dream Beowulf sees himself become a Golden Boy in the dark pools reflection. The Golden Boy or Thoth-Hermes sits directly above "The Pool of the Black Star's" octagram heart in Galactic Center Temple, the topmost part of the building's axis mundi or Dragon Axis.

    This film then is a perfect synchromystic reflection of the central elements at the Temple. A Golden Boy (Beowulf's Son) sharing a dark pool with the serpent (Grendel's Mother). The snake theme reflecting the Dragon aspect of the axis.
    Monster mouths and giant lizards are symbols of Galactic Center. This could hardly be more sucsynct then when one is dealing with a Golden Dragon wurm variety.

    Slam dunking this sync, we note that the Golden Man/Boy, son (sun) of Hero/Horus Beowulf, becomes a Golden Dragon as the film climaxes. The Golden Dragon resonating Draco and the Dragon Axis of Galactic Center with its function of facilitating the dawning of the Golden Age of Cosmic Consciousness.
    Beowulf attempts to slay the beast by penetrating its heart with a sword. The heart is the center of the Galaxy's Dragon Axis or Milky Way. This mimics the Sagittarian arrow pointed at the heart of the Galaxy and the famous image for love, the pierced heart.
    The Rider-Waite Tarot's "Three of Swords" with the Galactic Center representing heart.

    The symbolic message is that the journey to union (love) with the center of Being must be tempered with the death of the ego (the beast aspect of the Dragon) in order for the successful attainment of the goal. The contradiction is that this isn't something to achieve, it is the ever present reality you only need realize. Non-attachment (not rejection) to transient thought and physical forms. Play with them, enjoy them but don't seek or loose your self in the infinite "stuff" circling around the center of Being (who you already are).

    Please view me and Jim Sander's (Nosis) collaborative effort for the full story of the Heart. "Scarlet Dragon" and STARMUMMY 'grew up' together..


    The weeks following these mysterious events (K2 avalanche, eclipse, Crop Circle, Beheading etc) I find myself sitting at Stella's - a name that resonates the Stars and heavens above - think constellation - having a veggie burger and talking with my dear friend about the local beheading, the Olympics and what not. She informs me of a web comic she is enjoying, called Dinosaur Comics, that uses the same panels in every edition.
    As she is explains the comic someone at an adjacent table interrupts, asking if I am Jake, the synchromystic dude? I soon realize this is Frank Albo the local who unveiled the Winnipeg Legislature as a symbolic Masonic Solomon's Temple. I'm still trying to process the event, how it happened and its syncnificance when he invites me to join a guided tour, through what I had recently decided is Galactic Center Temple, the following day.
    Gathering outside under the columns and pediment of the building I notice this symbol is joining the tour (image above). It's a heart, styled as the Union Jack, the octagram we saw behind Fraser in "Encino Man". I interpreted this as a amazing sync wink, considering I had just started realizing this symbol of love or union as Galactic Center.
    The 'London Heart' inside the rotunda (image above), located above the "Pool of the Black Star". We see the indented tessel and checker pattern, forming a cross-quartered or octagramic mandala, surrounding the Balustrade on this three dimensional Tracing Board. The 'London Heart' brings to mind and resonates the XXX or 30th Olympic games in 2012.
    Perhaps some forces are trying to direct the transformational energies of Galactic Alignment into London, the 'heart of the old ways'. We will see how successful such a course will be.
    When a Masonic candidate is asked, "What are the ornaments in a Lodge?", his response is supposed to be: "The Mosaic Pavement, the Indented Tessel, and the Blazing Star in the center."

    Text and images above and below from Virtual Tour of Frank Albo's mysterious Manitoba Legislative Building

    The mosaic pavement is the inlay pattern of small black squares or diamonds decorating the floor. The indented tessel is an ornamented border which surrounds the mosaic pavement
    The "3D" Indented Tessel is of Greek Key type, resembling 21 or 12, depending on your perspective.

    On the two dimensional tracing board the indented tessel is the zig-zag border framing the three pillars (pillarmids) and mosaic pavement. Note how the "We3 Spinner" or the E of East is the top most element on this symbol system. The blazing eye would be Galactic Center - the heart of our Milky Way - on the 2 dimensional board, while the blazing Black Star is the corresponding element on the 3 dimensional structure of Galactic Center Temple.
    Below we see Robin Tunney in "End of Days" on a New York Subway train type chariot.
    A hefty gentleman's sweater, in frame with the Stargate Queen, sees both "2 and 3D" styles of Tracing Board, indented tessel, design.
    Below we see Frank, between two pillars, explaining the significance of the amazing acoustics afforded by the buildings design. He stands on the Octagonal Stargate and gestures upwards in alignment with the Dragon Axis of the Galactic Center Temple.

    Stargate King Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansen interacting with Crowley's Thoth Tarot cards on the poster of "Scoop".

    "Scarlet Dragon" was a whimsical and temporary 'working title' for this post, based on the Himalayan "Captain Scarlet" episode and the heavy Dragon flavor of the developing post. Towards the end of its creation while following up on some newer leads, for future consideration, I encountered this awesome image in Woody Allen's "Scoop".
    Scarlett Johansen being beckoned by Woody Allen to enter a magick cuboid in order to make her disappear. Distorting time and space, like disappearing, are Stargate resonators. A Dragon with wide open jaws is aimed at the 'Ark' while a crowned King sync kisses her with a winking Double K. Below the K's is the 'Milky Way Heart' and plant consciousness flowers we also saw on the veil of Isis or "The High Priestess" Tarot. Practically all the elements of the post summarized neatly in one shot, including Scarlett and the Dragon...

    Thanks for reading.


    aferrismoon said...

    In the last pic - with the Crowned King and the Jacks -
    The King = a Suicide King as he's hitting himself with the axe.
    When playing cards sometimes Suicide Kings and One-eyed Jacks can be wild.

    Any how a lengthy one this - must don aqualung


    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    And thank you, Professor Kotze, for having written it. Just earlier to-day, I was telling one of the Trinity of bloggers named Ben, the far more esoterically versed one, that those of us who are sensitive enough are, quite literally, tuned in to the hum of our approaching what's-it-all-about-Alfie date with 2012, our own shining star aligning with that of the galactic center.

    Today's hum is much more consistent, a lower, smoother note, not so wavy a clockwork or motorised-seeming pulse. Do you hear it, too? Oh, the rigors of owning wider perceptions than most.

    As for A. Ferris Moon's "Aqualung" reference. I was actually sensitised more to the future, one day, by the Prog Rock outfit Jethro Tull's music. It resulted in a spectacular premonitious dream that reflected a train track fire the following day; why don't you give their "Thick As A Brick" several listenings. Music is a well-known tool for increasing one's awareness, even of things out-of-range.

    Stay strong & keep fighting the Good Fight,
    Anadæ (who's often very far away)

    PS ~ The AE Waite deck oughta be call'd the Pamela Coleman Smith deck, since twas she who rendered it. TARO ORAT TORA ATOR!

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    I'm sorry, Jake, that's Pamela COLMAN Smith, not Coleman. Please resort to Cornelia Steketee Hulst's most excellent archaeologically proficient "Perseus And The Gorgon" (1946) for the REAL significance that evolved into the story of Medusa. Oh, oh, OH! And, I'm not conversant in the exact duration, but the sun actually shines her light through the constellation Ophiucus, the Snake-handler, whose starry configuration you cited herein, an early version of Herakles (Hercules) thus making a significant portion of the population born under his sign, the largely unrecognised 13th & thereby "lost" sign of the zodiac. Check THAT out!

    Occult Mosaic said...

    longest post yet? fascinating read.

    bee well.

    soundlessdawn said...

    Brilliant stuff Jake ~ It pulled a lot of concepts together for me. I'm still working on our 4th Video collaboration ~ This one will certainly have the Jack Black Panda/2001/Dragon Axis stuff ~ As well as many surprises dealing with the "Jericho" theme. I hope you're still down.. It's been great fun thus far ~ I'll probably send you a draft after I'm finished with my Red Ice Interview on Sunday. The nose is healing great ~ Wolverine Style. You find anything interesting revolving around Deadpool? I just found out Ryan Reynolds (RR) 99 ~ was in "Blade Trinity" produced by Wesley Snipe's company "Amen Ra Films" ~ Not only is there some interesting Egyptian symbolism in it ~ But they actually dig up Dracula or "Drake" in a necropolis in the Syrian desert.. and he shape~shifts into a reptile like thing Shang Tsung style. David Icke would be smiling ~ Peace ~ Outro.

    mjorange said...

    In the Dark Knight, the Joker's calling card depicts a clown holding aloft a decapitated head - syncing with Tim Mclean's Joker tattoo.

    Unknown said...

    Great post. A couple of things I'd like to add. The Yellow Power Ranger had a Saber-Toothed Tiger weapon. And the first actress to play that part met a tragic end:

    "Trang died at the age of 27 in a car accident on September 3, 2001" and "Trang was cremated a week later on September 10, 2001"

    Can anyone find any syncs with that?

    I also noticed something which ties in with your alchemy thesis. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment occurred yesterday, 10/09/08 (7 years after the cremation of the Yellow Power Ranger) and it got me thinking. Then on TV that day, on Channel 5 here in the UK, they were showing Hudson Hawk! Lead into Gold! A movie full of so many syncs, you could dedicate an entire blog to it! HH, KK, MM and candy bars! So what are they really doing in Switzerland?

    Thuth said...


    Note that John the Baptist - symbol of breaking open the head - baptised Jesus the Stargate traveler.

    I've pulled Michael Phelps - EIGHT GOLD medals on 8/8/8! - as a Jesus resonating, Watergate/Stargate traveller. He became the Golden Boy by traveling through Watergates in the Watercube stadium at the Olympics.

    Phelps means SON of Phillip. Who else was a son of Phillip? Alexander the Great. He was the son of Phillip of Macedon II. Alexander obviously being a TRUE Grail Quester. Alexander resonating with this other golden boy.

    Phillip of Macedon was also father to Ptolemy. The Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt until appx 30 B.C. - That would be right about when Jesus was born - another trance-formative time in humanities history.

    Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

    Email me when the stargate opens and I'll walk in right after you.

    So much Bliss,


    aferrismoon said...

    Did a post called TOOT AND COME IN, IT'S SHANE GORILLA, featuring Hilton's book.[Dec 10, 2007]
    Also wrote that a man nmaed LUTCHER STARK created his own Shangri-La in ORANGE, Texas, 1937, which got snowstormed to bits in 1958. In 2002 The STARK FOUNDATION built a place dedicated to Lutcher called GARDEN OF THE BLUE MOON.
    Wonder of Lutcher inspired the creators of IronMan


    Michael said...

    OK, enuf already! Honestly, you need to divide these posts up into manageable chapters! Even the bible is divided so.

    That's not to say it ain't all worth reading, quite the contrary. I'm not sayin' I'm lazy, but certainly overloaded. Anyway... great stuff as per. Love the Sky Captain synchs.

    Note: the blogger word verification demanded a KK!

    Jake Kotze said...

    Hi Michael

    Yes it is stupid long... I can only thank the dedicated reader from the bottom of my heart for there commitment.

    Maybe chapters would be appropriate..

    Thanks for all these great comments.

    Christopher Darren Horn said...

    Wow, lots to take in. Loved the post. There are some neat references in an old movie called "The Last Dragon". I enjoyed this movie when I was younger. You can watch a small scene of it on YouTube here:

    Love the blog.

    Anonymous said...

    Bread Basket = B.B. or 22 and gives us population growth

    Pomegranates while not only symbolically related to female fertility are in fact chemically related as well. Pomegranates, Walnuts and Bananas all have a form that follows their function. Bananas will improve male fertility and walnuts improve brain functions. There will be more such foods that are shaped to towards their symbolic metaphor, I've just yet to look for them. I heard of the other three in passing.

    This next comment is in reference to the Indented Tessel of Greek Key type. This is a lock in a chain, later called the Roman Lock. It symbolizes the Labyrinth. When plotting a 3D Helix, 2D L shaped geometries are folded vertically where the short part of the L meets the long part, this unit is copied and rotated to complete the plotting of the Helix. So while you do see 12 : 21, there are also L's, a chain of Labyrinths, and the Helix.

    I really like when you play with various phenotypes of language. I bet this knowledge is the same understanding we lost once and we will hopefully be blessed with again.

    About the length, I don't mind, it's what I live for, that and a few other favorites. I just wonder what someone coming to your website for the first time thinks. You do recap alot, which probably would help a new comer out, and does add to length.

    I'm a little more confused then you about how Hollywood & World Media (mostly tragic) stays at such a close step. For all I know there aren't even any stars, just glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling of my padded bedroom.


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    The personal coincidences in this post have got me flabbergasted....
    I watched Dragon Heart last night... Nuff said. I mean honestly.
    I keep looking at the Tooth Fairy. It is in the new Hellboy also in Transformers and also there has been 2 horror movies with that title in the last.... Lets say 5-6 years. I believe this is of great importance if you take "Candy Star Gate" rants into consideration. Not only is the Tooth Fairy a personal Star Gate that teaches us the difference between fact and fantasy(in the same category as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny(phooka)) but it is also a ritual that sets a material worth to the parts of our physical body that we have become attached to but lose...... Also it should be noted that The Rock will be staring in a new movie called "Tooth Fairy" with in the next year. Also as far as preserving the body, like a mummy, or frozen in ice, or a metallic cocoon (so that the physical body doesn't deteriorate and therefore disperse the ethereal), we should all pay attention to The Avengers in 2011 when Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Wasp, and Antman unfreeze Captain America.
    I've been thinking about the Cube of Space lately because the lower world of the kabbalah tree stands for East, West, North, South, Up and Down. Plus the Stargate scene with James Spader drawing the the cube to illustrate the six loc. needed for space navigation.
    Really this could go on all night, but I hope you get all the points that these random comments allude to.
    Love and Thanks, Give and Take, All and Then Some.....

    Anonymous said...

    Feels like youre taking it to the next level man.... i'm going to read the post a few times and and ill get back at you...

    Mixing Dino comix (my favourite daily read) and the concept of the scarlet dragon alone resonates with me very highly...ha

    i always do a picture scan first so that i can experience the images fully then add the other layers on top and it looks incredible..
    oh and here are some fascinating interviews which resonate on many levels... I HIGHLY RCOMEND ALL THREE to you and anyone reading but especially you jake... they are info packed and thy are (i reckon) rightup your alley.

    nice one man

    Anonymous said...

    One of your best works lately.
    Truly appreci8 this. Perhaps 2 long 4 1 sitting. Chapters?

    Thuth, if you happen to be one named William. Eye would like to get the PDF version of your (now defunkt) site. I still havent been blessed with one. Hit me up in my blog if possible.


    Anonymous said...


    Palisade said...

    Goroadachi recently posted a cryptic prophecy of sorts... "Coming: Ugly Truth About Jake Kotze." Why is Goroadachi engaging in character assassination as if it were prophecy?

    Is Jake guilty of I don't know, acts of perdition? Did he participate in a back alley abortion recently? Did he ingest LSD or marijuana at some point in the past? Egads!! Did Jake fail to properly credit Goroadachi with a particularly wonderful synchro-mystical discovery? I depend on Goroadachi to tell me the truth about such things, and yet he waits. And there is still no word even 24 hours later about the explicit nature of this "Ugly Truth About Jake Kotze" which I can only assume is hideous and disgusting as well as utterly incontrovertible and damning. Perhaps Goroadachi is even now preparing a truly epic manifesto about Jake and his participation in several genocides and other crimes against humanity. Still I am beginning to wonder about the type of person that would instead of simply stating things clearly and openly in the interests of fair play, would instead write "Coming: ugly truth about Jake Kotzke" as if to read the actual details would be too difficult for his audience to bear. And thus he's sort of providing just an open-ended libel, allowing people to just fill in the blanks however they see fit. Providing all the people who visit Etemenanki with just an enticing allusion to scandal. Soon I hope. Soon we will know the complete and utterly abominable depths of Jake's black soul and the Britney Spears'esque nature of all his ugly and truly scandalous behaviors, whatever they might be. Goroadachi will enlighten us shortly so that we are not lead astray and become lost in the endless darkness that is Jake Kotke's hollowed heart. Or maybe Goroadachi's is himself just a bit of an arsehole? Hmm. No Goroadachi is perfect and good. Such is obvious and requires no further proof for it is common knowledge. My guess is that Goroadachi feels that Jake has at some point taken credit for some of Goroadachi's ideas / failed to give proper credit and/or that Jake Kotzke is actually Sarah Palin's secret lover man. Yes. That could very well be true. Goroadachi had to be silent about Jake's secret identity as Sarah Palin's latest secret lover man because Goroadachi feared swift retribution from the likes of Carl Rove and John McCain's despicable mob of lobbyists and political operatives... Scandalous. I understand now why he had no choice but to provide a scandalous heading with no details at all. Bravo Goroadachi. Bravo. My faith in your faultless prophecy is renewed and shines more brightly than e'er before. My dear Goroadachi, honest and truthful prophet. Show us the way now. Show us the full and ecstatic truths of the entire synchro-mystical world. We are waiting. And we are practically shaking in anticipation of this scandalous "ugly truth" of which you speak. Light the path before us. Reveal to us the proof of Jake's spiritual short-comings compared to you.

    Anonymous said...

    ^Amen-ra, amen-ra, brother.

    Goro dont like the New Kid On The Blob?


    Ben said...

    sounds like goro is jealous.
    we need to do a drive by on this fool

    Ben Fairhall said...

    Hi Jake. A lot to take in here; but something which stands out for me is your description of the Manitoba Legislature as the 'current holy of holies.' I am very interested in yours and Frank's research regarding precession; and other esoteric concepts encoded into the building; but to describe it as you have- semi-sarcastically, I expect- is... a little nationalist, perhaps? There are any number of similarly Masonic-inspired structures which could qualify, I expect, as 'Galactic Centre Temples.' Is it merely its proximity to your current domicile; or for any more concrete reason, that you identify this particular building in this way?

    Hope you don't mind this sincere inquiry. Congratulations, anyway, on another excellent post; and, yes, I love the personal synchs.

    Best wishes,

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Palisade I couldn't get in touch with you so I'll write it here.... You should write acceptance speeches, holy shit, that was the best laugh I've had in a minute. Thankyou. But, come on, Goro will find his way back to the CENTER eventually.

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    "The legends worded in
    The ancient tribal hymn
    Lie cradled in
    The seagull's call."

    ~ Lyrics by Ian Anderson from
    "Thick As A Brick"®
    Warner/Reprise Records (1972)

    Hey, Jake! Again, I hope your reception at the pre-Mabon Harvest Moon festivities goes w/o a hitch. I fur Gott to men-shun aboat the Sirius-ley deep (space) research into Galactic Center that head nurse (!) E.J. Clark & her world(s)-traveling compañero, Dr. Brooks Alexander Agnew, have wrought together in their:

    Exquisite rapport have they with that critical turning point year, 2012. Seer id fore your(s)elf, bro. Also, I look forward (!) to seeing how you utilise that Al-chemy-call Master Jofrah painting that I sent, what with the 2 dragons with their telescoping necks inextricably entwined, flanking the Divine Androgyne, floating above Adam & Eve depicted as a giant & a giantess. Stay close.

    Bee very well,

    Occult Mosaic said...

    This disturbing truth about Jake is the most interesting soap opera gossip ive heard in a long time, wonder what it is.

    Jake Kotze said...


    Just got back from the Harvest Moon Fest. My Workshop was canceled due to moral concerns from the festivals insurers. Long story...

    Still, I had a great weekend out there.

    Haven't had net for a while but heard through the grape that Goro was making his concerns public.. Wow, a cluster of concerns about my work. Long story..

    So it goes.

    I just heard my sister gave birth in SA to her first baby boy!

    I am an uncle.


    Jake Kotze said...

    Hi Ben

    It's wonderful to see you commenting here. I am glad you liked StarMummy..

    As far as why I feel the Manitoba Legislature is particularly significant..

    1 - The synchromystic reasons given in the posts Scarlet Dragon and Galactic Center Temple. Certainly I also feel synchronicity has placed me at the right spot at the right time.

    2 - The plans being made public 'as we speak' of Winnipeg as a central node in the superhighway. Suggesting the NWO (connecting with the classic and partly true Pan American conspiracy theories) awareness and entrainment with Galactic Center Temple.

    3. Further upcoming revelations about the history of the Temple and Giza, pending some time and investigation.

    As for nationalist tendencies. He! He! you are a sneaky one...

    Be very well

    Ben Fairhall said...

    Thanks Jake, most informative. Your thoughts regarding the NAFTA 'Super Highway' (wasn't that how Al Gore used to describe the Internet?) are particularly interesting. Yes, I can see why Winnipeg's proposed status within the NAFTA hierarchy could hint at some deeper, esoteric significance. (Sort of like the Louve pyramid; and the rest of that Talisman stuff.) And, yes, I agree you seem to have beamed down in the right place, at the right time.

    I also like your concept of the 911-2012 Ascension Axis. I see clearly how 9/11 can be equated to Gemini, as Galactic Anti-Center; an intuitive truth that resonates on several levels. But again, without wishing to appear confrontational, where is the equally resonant 'Sagittarian' symbolism surrounding the Manitoba Temple? (I may well have missed some of the finer synchs which reveal it.)

    Finally- and this seems to me the most important question of all- what does this resonance with Galactic Alignment actually mean for Winnipeg specifically; and for all the rest of us, in your opinion? And where are you going to be for Winter Solstice, 2012?

    Looking forward to hearing your analysis on this year's crop circles. Wayland's Smithy- where both the Mayan Calendar glyph and the '9/11' formation appeared- was again the venue for a biggie: second in size only to the Milk Hill classic.

    Best wishes,

    Cosmic Ti69er said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Jenn said...

    Wow. Excellent writing. Thanks for sharing!

    FilmNoir23 said...

    YES, YES, YES...Thanks Jake! Nice to see these ideas expanded upon full scale! Well done.

    Chris said...

    Here comes level 4!

    Jake Kotze said...

    Mmmm.. Ben...

    I see the temple as the heart, connected to the arrow and alignment.

    But I know more work is needed here.

    I will have to address those issues with care in future posts.

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    I would put forth that the Manitoba Legislature is merely a marker of Galactic Centre and a pointer to an ancient indigenous sacred site about an 1 1/2 hour drive east of Winnipeg called Manito Ahbee - which means "Where the Creator Sits" in Anishenabe. This site is the most complete set of petraforms on the continent leading many researchers to believe that it is the site of origin for many of the teachings that spread across Turtle Island (Perhaps more than just North America but maybe even as Pangea). Many indigenous Elders consider this site the most sacred throughout the Americas. Don Cardinal a Cree Elder who spent his life traveling throughout North America re-opening the sacred sites ended his journey living near Manito Ahbee. Juan Flores, and Ashanincan Elder and Healer from Peru made his first trek out of the Amazon to visit this site.
    Currently the centre of this many kilometre area is fenced off with a ten acre barbed wire enclosure. Most people from Manitoba do not even know this site exists. The Midewin society, an Anishenabe shamanic society uses it for training as it is considered a portal. This coming weekend I will be taking Jake there with an Elder and Frank Albo. I am sure this site will begin to be reflected in the sync web. Currently I see the Legislature as a Temple to Hermes - our Male solar force, while Manito Ahbee is our Aphrodite - our female force a la Mother Nature. Of course it makes sense that we are aware of the city temple, but it is time to rediscover the Goddess that awaits us. Interestingly, the Anishenabe tell a story of the first person from the descending from the sky on a rope at Manito Ahbee and that it was a woman.

    Jake coming to Winnipeg is him being in the right place at the right time for the work he does. I see him as the first to arrive here. The indigenous people are already ahead of the game and many are aware of what is to come.

    Just thought I would throw some new fuel out there for the synchromystic fire.

    Peace yall.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Ha! Ha!

    Mani(the prophet and founder of Manichaeism, an ancient gnostic religion) To (2 or Gemini) A H Bee

    Let's go!

    Unknown said...

    Wow I'll have to read this epic post another time, but I just wanted to say I love the Boy and His Blob Banner. It's my sister's favorite NES game which she just bought to go with her classic 8-Bit Nintendo. Maybe I'll check the game for synchs later :D Oh if you're not familiar with it, the boy is a treasure hunter and the box for the game looks like a "Indiana Jones" movie poster; the font is the same. The blob can change shape depending on what flavor jelly bean you throw him (apple = a jack ("apple jacks"), ketchup makes him catch up, and so on). I know part of the game is in the underground/world, but I can't remember the boss or what the goal is...

    fshrrex SS said...

    Great Post!
    I just happened to watch the "JACK BLACK" episode on BIOgraphy (note the official logo sometime)last night before reading this post today. To add to his "star" destiny/course( - he was born in HERMOSA Beach ("beautiful" in spanish - part of LOS(t)ANGELES County...and at the 33 degree Long/ of three beach cities/MANHATTAN Beach to the NORTH and REDONDO Beach(spanish/ROUND)to the south...if you blend the pictograms for these two...up/arrow and get the MALE SYMBOL )California (note the state flag/seal ) / Herms were tapered,rectangular based pillars topped by a bust or (decapitaed/disembodied)head of HERMES used as a boundary marker or placed at the conjuction of crossroads, official sign of the CULT OF HERMES
    ( see also... AND
    interesting long sync/wink w/ Syracuse/Sicily (war w/Athens/Greece),William of Orange-SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY event(Catholic/Protestants) and song/band nameU2,Syracuse(OrangeMen)/New York-the CROSSROAD City-Dec. 21 (WINTER SOLSTICE)1988 Flight 103-23 Syracuse students die..other significant happennings on 12/21see (also the day of MY AWAKENING in 1997..., ORANGE the Color-RED(sacred)+ YELLOW (insight/gnosis)...TWO(2) - his MOTHER (surname COHEN - very significant in Ancient JEWISH HISTORY as the highest keepers of the priestly secrets...
    both parents were engineers in the SATELITE industry (she worked on the Hubble satelite),Jack says his fathers name was probably derived from the Scottish name of BLACKSMITH.. VULCAN/HEPHAESTUS god of blacksmith (beneficial and hindering fire)in Greek/Roman Mythology, who lived inside the Mountain (feast day 8/23...Jack's bday 8/28) see divorced when he was 10. THREE(3) - he went to 2 significant alternative education schools...The POSEIDON School ( and THE CROSSROADS School(
    FOUR(4) - his first on-screen appearance was as a BOY TREASURE HUNTER in the original ATARI commercials for the game PITFALL! commercials
    (ATARI-from the game Go,(Checkerd Board) eventually choosing atari, a term which in the context of the game means a state where a stone (greek-HERM) or group of stones is imminently in danger of being taken by one's opponent. In Japanese, atari is the nominalized form of ataru (verb), meaning "to hit the target" or "to receive something fortuitously". The word 'atari' is used in Japanese when a prediction comes true or when someone wins a lottery. ...FIVE(5) - he left UCLA to join Tim ROBBINS acting troupe (THE ACTORS GANG), who also gave him his first screen role in BOB ROBERTS (plays a deranged fan...also appeared in the movie THE FAN / check out movie roles at bottom of wikipedia site listing... aka ORANGE COUNTY also JESUS's SON / DEAD MAN WALKING-Lazuras referrence...thought by some to camoflage a ancient ESSENE/MASONIC/ELUTHSYIAN MYSTERIES(see herm/Syracuse above) ritual of attaining gnosis
    ... AND ...SIX(6) - BASKETBALL referrence, he and his musical partner Kyle Gass let their fans pick the name of their band TENACIUOS D...a tribute to Marvin Albert (sports Commentator and /kinky sex fiend/wig wearing/
    back biter)a term he used to denote someone who played defense ferosiusly(sic?)and gave it their all.
    I'll end it here. I obviously could go on but,I tire even myself at times.
    ONCE AGAIN - GREAT JOB w/the site

    FEEL the Universal SYNC...
    LOVE the Synergistic WINK!


    raven man x said...

    Good stuff jake. Something you probably already know is that in kung fu panda Po(jack black character) was becoming the "dragon warrior". It was also cool to see your take on iron man because i had saw the some off the same syncs when it came out in may. It was interesting because what kicked it off was that i remembered that every dream i had were I was flying there was a a feeling of love and ecstasy flowing from the middle of my chest. I Intuitively felt like it was powering my flight, this out poor of emotion. So as you know the ark reactor in the middle of the iron man's suit powers his flight capabilities. Also interesting was that Pepper Pots gave Tony stark his old power core as a gift which had a ring around it with the phrase "Proof that Tony Stark has a heart" engraved on it. ;)

    Indras Net said...

    Hey Jake, Forgive me if this is my 2nd message. Im not sure if i ever sent my first comment out, but you dont have to approve this one I kinda just wanted to ask if you could shed some light on "goros concerns" I hope im not badgering you if my first comment got through I havent seen it approved yet. Im a big fan of your work and just want to understand what Goros talking about it seems like a harsh statement "disturbing"? I hope hes just jealous of your works attention or something. I hope your doin great man keep up the amazing work, much light and thanks-kev

    el dos said...

    Look! Caetano is the Sphinx.

    Chris said...

    'M' arks the spot.

    POLYMORPH said...

    Great post Jake. And, as synch would have it (S) - I was just reading the bio of a friend of mine who has been a member of the actors gang now for a couple of years... It was cool seeing that jump off the screen... Don't Goro's claims of ownership kind of negate the principles or ideas of synchromysticism in general? As it applies to everything, everywhere and every one... It seems to me that it would be hard not to synch with or quote in various forms the ideas of others when expressing something that is connected to everything... I've never seen anything here I would consider plagiarized. Keep up the brilliant work...

    POLYMORPH said...

    Just noticed that J.B. and I share the same B'day as well 8/28...

    Valhalla Wilderness Society said...

    Jake, how do you tell the difference between true insight into the nature of reality, as strange as it is, and paranoia? The world is much more radical than most of us can imagine, having multiple dimensions, and contact with beings in those dimensions possibly. However, not EVERYTHING is a mystical synchronicity, some things are just plain coincidence. I'm not sure you are doing a service towards a search for truth in accepting every random connection as auspicious. To evolve, we must be discerning in what we accept and reject.

    steet said...

    Hey - nice reference to the Last Horizons episode of Talespin.

    I happen to own a Talespin site : click there for more info on the Talespin episodes

    Don't hesitate to look around!

    Christopher Myers said...

    Kinda just skimmed this but still got the point. I love 'Encino man', my son has been watching it over and over for about 3 years now, so I basically know it by heart. Funny cause I was looking at the Powell Peralta logo on the wall two. I use to skate Powell back in the 80's and when i got back into skating last year I bought a few old school Powl decks, but I just happened to notice the logo like 2 weeks ago when my son was watching the movie.

    You know Brandon Frasier reprises the role of Link [it's always funny cause that's my youngest sons nickname, cause his full is Lincoln] in a few of Pauley Shore movies. He is at the party in son-in-law. In the Army now he is walks by when they are eating. I think he may be in more as (cameo)Link. Might be something you want to check out. Peace C

    Blogger said...

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